Travel Between Dimensions

In Jesusís teaching, the communication between different dimensions was completely openófaith performed miracles because being open to God was enough to create a living connection to his limitless power. You can create this connection by going inward and acting on the subtle level by using visualization. Sit with eyes closed and see yourself walking through a familiar place, such as a park or your neighborhood. In your mindís eye, see every detail around you, smell the air, let everything in the environment come to you. Donít force yourself to see, just be open to what is around you.

What surprises people when they perform this exercise is that they often see entirely new and unexpected things. They find a lost object or notice something they never realized was there. This is just a first step. People can visualize events from a great distance or go into rooms they havenít visited before. What they come to realize is that in fact this isnít an exercise in imagination. Itís an exercise in merging the material world with the subtle world. They find themselves actually going to another place without having to travel there physically.

You can take the exercise as far as you would like. I have asked people to go on guided tours of Heaven and Hell, as they imagine such places to be. They come back with intense experiences.

Adapted from The Third Jesus, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


Ji H.
Jean H.5 years ago

It sure saves airfare! Seriously, it is like a guided meditation. One time I was with a group in which a woman met her grandchild to be and enjoyed the experience of getting to know her before she was born. Regrettably, it didn't happen to me.

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim5 years ago

Sounds fun!

Ana O.
Ana O.5 years ago

Will certainly give it a try... Thanks for a beautiful article...

Norse King
Norse King5 years ago

Kirsten B., thanks for the reply. You display knowing the plight of humanity, which is rather terrible for the blinded masses. Empathy is admirable, though no one can save another. Each must be found worthy on their own merits. The best we can do is never stop seeking, always pursue the best knowledge we currently have, and only share when asked. Don't cast your "Pearls" before swine and take care of your own by taking care of yourself first. Like putting on an oxygen mask in an emergency before trying to help someone else. Otherwise you're the one who will perish. True seekers strive to do their best, but they must yet overcome their own obstacles, which is usually themselves in their personal baggage. Complete open-mindedness and third party perspective is an absolute pre-requisite. There is no other choice if one wishes to spiritually survive...

Kirsten B.
Past Member 5 years ago

Norse King -
I totally agree. But unfortunately only the tiniest sliver of the world's population has got that far. The overwhelming majority still live in a state of painful unconsciousness. That's what prompted my second comment with the reflection.

heather g.
heather g.5 years ago

One of the meditation groups I belonged to years ago used to commence with a brief guided meditation and then allow us to explore other dimensions within our own longer meditation. Discussions following these sessions were always interesting, often spontaneously answering a question one had that needed to be resolved.....

Norse King
Norse King5 years ago

Kirsten B. > The concept of exploring our current reality is what wakes us up, because then we can see all the lies exposed for what they are. Thus, the beginning of true enlightenment. If we can understand this better we become far more empowered in further studies of what Deepak Chopra speaks about. It's all in preparation for our personal transition, when we will be forced to face those things we're not prepared for. That's the test of whether we're ready to go beyond, rather than stay stuck in the Matrix controlled by someone else...

Kirsten B.
Past Member 5 years ago

I've been thinking about this over the past 24 hours. Maybe rather than spending time and energy exploring other dimensions we could use more to explore our own reality now - really feel and live our lives now.
Just a thought.

Joanne Pons
Joanne Pons5 years ago

Thank you, Deepak, for this enlightening article. This particular exercise comes to me unconsciously; I have been doing it since early childhood. Being partially deaf (80% loss) since birth, this exercise helped me visualize all my decisions and, actions, hopes and fears. Visualization is an excellent complement to intuition.

Beverly C.
Beverly C.5 years ago

This Is Interesting. I enjoy Sylvia Brown's work on "The Other Side" and Traveling from one dimension to another. I find it all very interesting, but I have not been able to quiet my mind enough and concentrate for enough of a period of time to be successful in doing such things.