True Love, No Matter Who You Are (3 videos)

Is there any limit to love between species? Judging from these three videos there doesnít seem to be any. First up, a cat and a Boston terrier. Next a cat and a crow. And finally a monkey and a human baby.

Donít miss these three sweet, cute videos.

Cat and Boston Terrier

We take the love between us and our pets for granted. It’s more surprising when a cat and a dog show a similar fondness for each other.

Here is a great example: Hermione the cat and Polly the Boston Terrier couldnít be more loving. Watch their expressions as each licks the other. Then see them hug.

And then turn to page 2 to see a cat and a crow who are best friends.

Photo credit: Petteri Sulonen

A Cat and a Crow Become Best of Friends

Admittedly this is pretty unusual. Usually a cat thinks a crow would make a nice dinner. In this case a stray kitten named Cassie was adopted by Moses, a wild crow, and they soon became the best of friends.

Watch and see what they do together and how they relate to the humans in the story.

The go to page 3 to see a monkey who’s caring for a human baby boy.

Photo credit: Helmuts

Monkey Babysitting a Human Baby

We take it for granted that we humans can adopt and love any kind of animal as our pets. Arenít we supposed to dominate the earth? But what if itís the other way around?

This monkey thinks this tiny baby boy is just what she needs to love and care for, and care for it she does.

Photo credit: travelinman43


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