Turning Methane into Clean Energy

Future360 travels to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to uncover a remarkable new technology. FlexEnergy converts harmful greenhouse gases, like methane, into clean continuous energy.


Warren Webber
Warren Webber1 years ago

Live long and prosper!

KS Goh
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Thanks for the article.

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Chris R.4 years ago

Thanks Sarah

Sarah B.
Sarah Backhouse4 years ago

Thanks for watching! It really is an exciting technology -- turning a negative commodity into a positive resource is the direction we need to be heading in.

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Dave C.
David C.4 years ago

this is a great technology that will need to be spread.....a) garbage dumps all over the world tend to make methane that can be harnessed and b) when the arctic permafrost begins to melt methane will be the big GHG emitted....and its a lot more powerful than CO2 .....