Two Simple Tricks to Make Calling Your Representatives Easier

Protecting our health is about more than what we eat and drink. We need to be advocates for policies that protect our air, water and land, and that means getting on the phone with our representatives in Congress.

The new administration poses serious threats to our health, and we owe it to ourselves and to our children to move past our fears and pick up the phone for important issues like protecting the EPA and defending clean drinking water.

I don’t know about you guys, but until about a month ago, I had maybe called my Representatives in Congress once or twice. Total. Now, I’m making one to two calls per day. Talking on the phone is not my favorite thing, and these two simple tricks really helped lower the barrier to entry for me.

1. Save their numbers in your phone.

Look up your Congresspeople, and save their D.C. and local numbers in your phone. Those phone calls really do make a difference, and having the numbers you need at your fingertips makes it so much easier to place the call. You can look them up online, or send a text with your zip code to the number (520) 200-2223. They’ll reply with a list—how handy is that?

If you’d like to look them up online, it’s easy. Here’s how:

While you’re at it, you can look up a few more numbers. I live in Atlanta, so I also have Mayor Reed’s and Governor Deal’s numbers saved. To find those, I just googled their names, went to their web pages and looked for a contact page.

2. Write yourself a script to read.

Do you get nervous on the phone like I do? Write yourself a 1-2 sentence script! Your script should be short enough to work as a voicemail message. You also want to keep it short because Congress’s phone lines are swamped right now—get to the point, then free up the line, so someone else can get through.

Here’s a general sample script that I use:

“Hello. I am a registered voter living in zip code ______, and I would like my (Senator/Representative) to ______.”

No need to memorize your script—have it in front of you when you call, so you can just read it right back when you get a person or voicemail box.

Bonus Tips!

Are you feeling empowered and ready to call? Here are a few extra tips to help you out!

  • If you’re not sure what issues to call about, Daily Action is a great place to start. Just sign up on their site, and they will text you each morning with an issue. They don’t provide phone numbers, so having those numbers saved helps.
  • Try not to yell. I am totally guilty of losing my cool occasionally, especially when calling my Senators, but it doesn’t help. The aides answering the phones are not deciding policy, they’re just passing on your message.
  • If you have phone anxiety, try to go to your happy place. Having a script really helps with this. Don’t think about the person on the other end of the phone. Just read the lines while you’re thinking about a beautiful day at the beach, say thank you, and get back to your day.
  • Feeling discouraged? It can feel like these calls don’t matter, but our elected officials really are hearing us, and they are scared. There are always a lot of calls when a new administration comes in, and keeping those phone lines lit up long-term is what’s going to really send a message that we are paying attention. Several congressional aides told Real Clear Politics that high call volumes at this point aren’t that unusual,  but “if the volume continued into the spring and summer months, they said, the trend would be more troubling.”
  • It gets easier. It really does. Every call you make is practice for the next one. You can do this!

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Talking on the phone is not my favorite thing, and these two simple tricks really helped lower the barrier to entry for me.

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Marija M
Marija M22 days ago

Good advice, tks for sharing.

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Marie W24 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

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Jim Ven1 months ago

thanks for sharing.

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Patrice Z1 months ago

Good suggestions. Love that speed dial.

Debbi -
Debbi -3 months ago

I don't believe is a matter of simply resisting, we must stand strong for our values and speak out. Our Oregon senators have been fighting to block Trumps nominees confirmation hearing confirmations. Unfortunately, the republican senators seem afraid to stand up against Trump, Bannon, Ryan and McConnell, who are determined to demolish our government. This is the party that __claimed__ to be constitution party. That's a sick joke. They only time they stand by the constitution is when it can be used in THEIR FAVOR. And, if Trump's advisor are doing any advising, he's ignoring them.

Trump and his cronies are selling out. We have a democracy, NOT a oligarchy or fascist state or a dictatorship. But, if we are not diligent, we will loose our democracy. CALL Republican senators address every issue you have. Call as many senators as often as you like. Most have toll free numbers.

Yesterday Putin signed a law or whatever it was stating spousal abuse was not to be punished very harshly. One idiot actually told women to be proud of her bruises! I don't care how much our laws deteriorate, if any man tries to strike me, I'll fight back. The only bruises I'll be proud of will be on the other idiot who was so thoughtless as to try to hit me. No woman should ever makes excuses for or tolerate abuse. Any lame excuse of "I'm sorry, so sorry. I'll never hit you again." or " I can't live without you." Are only to pacify you, and if you tolerate

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Winn A
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What a timely article. Excellent. Thanks for the information- it will help many, I'm sure.