Seven Keys for Unlocking the Power of Belief

What are the keys to unveiling your true wisdom? Are they things that are mysterious and beyond ordinary understanding? No. The seven secrets keys for unlocking the remarkable power of belief are not really secrets at all. There is nothing contained in them that you didnít already know.

Learn the seven keys of belief and cast a fresh light on what holds you back from the life you desire:

The First Key: You are Living Your Dream
Take full responsibility for your life-dream, and a world of enormous possibility will open right before your eyes.

The Second Key: Open the Gates of Lucid Living
When you notice that everyday consciousness is awake-dreaming modified by the filter of all your agreements, the extraordinary magic of what you choose to believe will be fully revealed.

The Third Key: Balance the Four Elements of Belief
The totality of who you are created the beliefs you are living, not just what you think is true. Balance those elements and the dream of your life will become your carefully crafted masterpiece. Air: intellect and perception. Water: emotions in the moment and emotions in memory. Fire: intention and intent. Earth: the dream and the dreamer–all the potential, all the possibility of belief is within reach.

The Fourth Key: Design a New Framework of Agreements
Everything you do is based on all the agreements you have made with yourself. To support the beliefs you would like to have, design a new framework of agreements.

The Fifth Key: Be the Prize Youíve Been Seeking
Instead of looking for the prize, be the prize. Being the prize makes you compelling, drawing tremendous opportunity, and spawns beliefs that will take you exactly where you want to go.

The Sixth Key: Build an Engine Fueled with Love
Fueling your engine with love simply means you choose compassion, discovery, and desire, counseled by the way you feel, as a way to embrace and welcome change.

The Seventh Key: The Prime Directive is Not-Fear
The prime directive of not-fear is a lighthouse, a beacon in the fog that can always guide you home. Use the prime directive of not-fear to clarify and cleanse every action, every decision you make. Before you make any decision, speak, or take action, ask yourself this one simple yet powerful question: Is this fear or is it not-fear?

Adapted from BeliefWorks, by Ray Dodd (Hampton Roads, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Ray Dodd. Reprinted by permission of Hampton Roads.
Adapted from BeliefWorks, by Ray Dodd (Hampton Roads, 2006).


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