Want a Low Carbon Footprint HumanCar? (video)

Tired of supporting the big oil companies? Canít wait for an all-electric car? Maybe this is your answer: a 4 hp (humanpower) vehicle to do your grocery shopping. Itís called the HumanCar.

The inventor says there are 30 million people in the United States that could use a car like this. Youíll get plenty of fresh air, plenty of exercise, and certainly plenty of stares. Itís actually a hybrid, with a small electric motor. And they say it will be on the market in 2011.

Watch the video and let us know if this appeals to you.

Photo credit: HumanCar

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gerlinde p.
gerlinde p.5 years ago

love the idea, needs a solution for rainy days though.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.5 years ago

great idea... thanks

Deborah Latter
Deborah Latter5 years ago

Love the idea.

Nuke P.
Nuke P.5 years ago

haha great article,thanks :)

Vedrana M.
Vedrana M.5 years ago

Hehe, it looks cool, but what I really miss is the "bad weather" solution. It's the same problem I have with my bike - I bike around for 5 months of the year, but need a solution for those 7 months of rain and snow!

Clemente V.
Clemente V.5 years ago


Iris S.
Iris S.5 years ago

I love the concept, and in long commutes, you could stay in shape when your workout time is cut or omitted from your routine because of commuting. I am curious about the safety issues, and options for bad weather use...otherwise great!

Anita W.
Anita Walsh5 years ago

For bad weather it needs a lid. I do like it !

Beverly L.
Beverly L.5 years ago

I am always amazed at how people think ~ I love the car! Genius!

Sheridan C.
Sheridan Cass5 years ago

Obviously this is a early prototype and would need all the safety features ect...but I would definetly be into one. I think it's awesome. I live on a small island and this is perfect. I'd like a steering wheel though...and a roof. It rains alot here. I love inventors who aren't afraid of big wigs.