Want the Dakota Access Pipeline in Your Backyard?

Just imagine that you own your own home (in case you don’t) and have an awesome back yard. You have  raised your children there and have invested your heart into this property. But one day, the “authorities” show up and say, sorry, but we’re going to drill here to extract some oil that we need.

Without your approval, they just start taking over your yard and suddenly your water is poisonous and lights on fire. You appeal to anyone for help, but everyone in charge says, “sorry, this is for the greater good.” And you’re like, the greater good of who, and why do I have to suck it up? Why does my family have to get sick? Oh, and by the way, you won’t get any benefit from this toxic operation…

Then, we’re going to build this pipeline to send it to those that might benefit from this sludge, and run through that graveyard near the church where your family members are buried.

If these seems like unimaginable horror and it couldn’t happen to you, think again. It is happening in North Dakota and it is far uglier than you think.

I recently had a chance to speak to Kandi Mossett (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara – North Dakota) of Indigenous Rising, a project of the Indigenous Environmental Network about her lengthy battle for her home, family, community, the water, the land and more. She is literally on the front lines of an environmental battle that we all need to pay attention to.

According to Kandi and thousands of social media videos and images, despite a federal court-ordered halt to construction the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, digging and construction continue.

Aside from the assault on important sacred Native American tribal sites, which should be reason enough to stop this pipeline’s current path, there are massive environmental implications. As Kandi stated, “As we know with all pipelines—they do leak. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.”

Kandi’s community has been devastated by the extraction of the oil intended to flow through this pipeline—environmentally and socially. She talks about how people just don’t realize the social impact it’s having, especially on women. Domestic violence and violence against women have increased, and rape against women has increased 168%! Because the oil business has brought new money and workers to the community, it has also attracted an increased heroin problem, drug trafficking and organized crime.

Kandi Mossett quote on 50 shades of green divas on #noDAPL

There is a lot going on out in North Dakota and things are changing rapidly. I’m hoping you will be inspired to dig in and learn more, get connected and keep updated as news comes in, and find ways to support Kandi and the many people who are standing up to the bullying of big oil. It’s not just about indigenous rights—they are standing for all of us, because we all need to stop the willful destruction of the environment, precious resources and carefully consider how it impacts people, planet and wildlife.

If you feel like I do, you’ll want to find out what you can do (see below), but first Neil Young has something to say about this…

  1. Learn more…

    Democracy Now
    Indigenous Rising
    Sacred Stone Camp
    Rezpect Our Water
    Indigenous Environmental Network

  2. Donate…

    Legal Defense Fund
    Indigenous Rising
    Sacred Stone Camp
    Various GoFundMe’s for Sacred Stone Camp #NoDAPL

    photo: Sacred Stone Camp Kids

    photo: Sacred Stone Camp Kids

  3. Sign Petitions…

    Earth Justice

  4. Go There or Send Supplies…

    Sacred Stone Camp

  5. Stay Connected…

    Indigenous Environmental Network on Facebook
    Indigenous Environmental Network on Twitter
    Red Warrior Camp on Facebook

    RezpectOurWater on Facebook
    RezpectOurWater on Twitter
    Sacred Stone Camp on FaceBook
    Sacres Stone Camp on Twitter


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thanks for sharing.

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thanks for sharing.

Jim Ven
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thanks for sharing.

NA N11 months ago

Please get your organization and protesters out of North Dakota. They are breaking the law. I don't go to your home and chain myself to your equipment in the driveway, start fires on your roads, burn down your property, or fly drones over your home. Take your SUV's, cell phones, and just about everything else you own that is made out of petroleum products and go back to California or Washington DC. The money trial has been traced, do something worthy like fight public corruption in your supporters public offices. You owe the citizens, including the Native Americans in ND, an apology and about $10 million for destruction of State property.

Trish K.
Trish K11 months ago

It is criminal what they are doing at Standing Rock. Moratoriums on pipelines, fracking and other fossil head destruction. Solar and Wind must be our # 1 source of energy. It's free, creates jobs.

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Elaine W11 months ago

Water supply safety is at risk.

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Supporting them all the way!!

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In solidarity with y'all!

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thanks for sharing.