Herbivores Outwit Carnivores (video)

In this clip from the BBC/Discovery Life series you’ll see stunning footage of supposedly helpless herbivores beat the carnivores who are hunting for dinner.

Sometimes numbers bring safety. Sometimes powerful hind legs enable animals like the North American Pronghorn to outrun any predator. Sometimes horns do the trick. Sometimes they just out-maneuver their enemies. Watch the shots of zebras, gazelles, and buffalo being pursued by cheetahs, lions, and even baboons and coming out the winners.

Photo credit: Just a Prairie Boy

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Wov what a video. i love all Sir David Attenborough's documentary. he has taught the world so much. Bless him.

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Thanks for this interesting article and video. Wow those buffalo can make a stand! This is nature in it's purest form.

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thanks for sharing..nice to see the 'underdog' win once in a while :o) though I know and understand they all have to eat.

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