Watch This Kitten Attack a (Ceramic) Kitten

Have you ever fought with your shadow, your reflection … an art piece of yourself? Intruders come in all shapes, sizes and art forms. Watch this very cute kitten go nuts when he glimpses another kitty in the house.

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Christine J.
Christine Jabout a year ago

What a sweetiepie.

Jayme T.
Jayme T3 years ago

If this kitty can make a friend out of something not real, he will never be alone. haha.

Michele B.
Michele B3 years ago

I was cracking up at the cat he is having fun just to cute!

Susan R.
.3 years ago

That was cute!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie C3 years ago

Oh my gosh - I am laughing so hard at this sweet baby! We now have a 4 month old kitten and he did this to a ceramic cat we have. He would attack and then do that crazy dance and roll and meow at it. I asked him what that kitty did to him, and he'd stop and look at me and then go right back to attacking. Then, he'd get bored and attack one of our older cats, who would actually interact with him, which was way more fun!!
He is so entertaining! I love him to pieces!!

Janelle Kennedy
Janelle Kennedy3 years ago

My neighbor has a ceramic cat in her yard and I always see a live cat laying next to it.

Andrea H.
Andrea H3 years ago

Love it.

Donna F.
Donna F3 years ago


Debbie S.
Past Member 3 years ago

The suspense is great!

.3 years ago