Water for Weight Loss?

Q: Can drinking water really help you lose weight?

A: If you are overweight because you eat too fast, drinking water before you sit down to eat can help you feel fuller sooner and may help you reduce the amount of food you eat. If you are a mindless eater, constantly reaching for anything because you are bored or nervous, keeping those things out of reach and your water at arms length can definitely help cut your caloric intake.

Is water a magic potion that is going to rev up your metabolism and melt calories away? Unfortunately, it’s not.

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Gordana Roljic
Gordana Roljic5 years ago

useful article...

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Grace M.
Grace M.6 years ago

Drinking water for weight loss can be counted as one of the easiest way to lose weight, as the drinking of water can help your body to detox by its natural circulation. Also does the way to the toilet somehow helps your body to keep in move.

Vural K.
Past Member 7 years ago



Eric Dean
Eric Dean7 years ago

Here's what I have found works best: In lieu of drinking water before a meal -- in case it does wash away necessary digestive enzymes -- begin each meal with a large salad which both provides high water content but also precludes overindulging the rest of the heavier meal. Be sure to include high water content veggies throughout the rest of the meal such as steamed broccoli. I have been told drinking a full glass of tepid water one hour AFTER the meal (allowing time for digestive enzymes to permeate the meal) helps wash fats and calories out of the body before being absorbed. Staying hydrated also helps the body from maintaining water (puffiness). (unless you have a health condition that causes your body to retain water then you would not want to consume more) In summary drink lots of water, stay hydrated and your body does what it does best, keeps us healthy.

khalid q.
khalid q.7 years ago

well definitely anything in excess is bad. Depending on your body type and other circumstances you should drink water. Your body has built in system which let you know, if you are paying attention how much is too much or too little. Drink water based on that. But drinking water before you eat will definitely help you control weight. It’s not some kind of magic, you have to be active and eat right but just doing that and drinking green tea instead of coffee or tea can greatly help

rose w.
rose w.7 years ago

I drank sparkling water on a regular basis, as I found it more appetising than plain water, and I hate sugar and sweetners - both other evils - so, working in a dry, hot environment drank approx 1 and a half litres- daily. This was making me puffy eyed and fingered on a morning, and lethargic too, yawning all day after 9 hours of good sleep, sometimes still by evening. I found this out by drinking no water while off work for a week, just tea, so when the symptoms went away, worked it out. I had fibroids too, thankfully operated and cured of, thank god,so was previously thinking that this was all the work of pms, and so all being part of being a woman. I'm vegan too, so any lager - being fizzy - or wine which by the way being allergic to alcohol as well , I need to take care of which brands I have as a vegan and suffer the consequences, and enjoying a drink is another problem! One spray of perfume brings me out in a rash, but alcohol on a regular basis over a prolonged amout of time has this and worse effect eventually! what is happening inside of me, I don't know. P.s Lots of plain water can make you ill as you can flush all the sodium out of your system. The effect is dramatic! Sparkling water also leaches calcium from your system.

rose w.
rose w.7 years ago

Beware sparkling water!

Amy W.
Past Member 7 years ago

I can definitely affirm that drinking water helps alleviate headaches. Can you imagine that when I was a little girl I actually knew this instinctively? Yeah, a little kid had this figured out. Can you imagine that when I was still too short to reach the sink myself and asked for water, my mother insisted on giving me "juice" or kool-aid when I really just wanted plain old water? I'm thinking even now about all those parents who set their kids up by being a bad example by drinking a lot of sodas and sports drinks and giving a lot of this stuff to their kids. Why would a mother want to argue with a kid who really just wanted plain clear water? I can only imagine that some parents probably wish they could get their kids to drink good old fashioned unadultrated water--what we were meant to drink all along.

khalid q.
khalid q.7 years ago

we were told 1400 years ago by prophet Muhammad, drink water before your meal, make three equal parts of your stomach
3.empty (stop eating before you are full upto your neck) leave some room
also eat with your hands and lick your fingers after you finish, if any one follow these steps he could eliminate lots of digestive problems and can maintain proper weight