What Are Chakras?

The first time I really understood the chakra was when every time I got into a specific yoga pose I always felt grief for my father. I realized that I “held” the energy of that grief in one place in my body. Since then I have come to know that chakras are emotional and spiritual vortex-like energy centers in our bodies where we hold memories of trauma and beliefs.

There are seven main chakras, and each one holds a special focus for your emotional health, healing, and spiritual growth. Read about each one, here:

Note that visualizing the color associated with each chakra can bring healing.

The First Chakra
Located at the bottom of the spine
Place of survival, safety, connection to the earth
Associated color: Red.

The Second Chakra
Located a few inches below the belly button
The dwelling place of the self, and place of emotions, feelings, needs, and sexuality
Associated color: Orange

The Third Chakra
Located in the solar plexus
The place of self-esteem, personal power, and self-knowledge
Associated color: Yellow

The Fourth Chakra
Located in the center of the chest, and known as the heart chakra
The seat of love, the heart, and nurturance
Associated color: Green

The Fifth Chakra
Located at the throat
Communication, self-expression
Associated color: Blue

The Sixth Chakra
Known as the “third eye,” located in the brow
The center of wisdom, seeing truth, thought, seeing the light
Associated color: Indigo

The Seventh Chakra
At the crown of the head
The place of knowing, bliss, divinity
Associated color: Violet

By Annie B. Bond


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Chakras are simply energy points in the body. That are extremely powerful

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