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What?! I Can’t Believe YOU are Sick!

What?! I Can’t Believe YOU are Sick!

“It’s impossible,” they say. “You are the healthiest person I know. How can this be?”

That’s what I hear from folks when they discover I have a cold or flu, or more recently, a virus that can cause laryngitis.

It’s almost as if people think I’m some sort of superhuman who is immune to disease. The truth is, I get sick just like any other person on this planet. I don’t live in a pristine bubble. On a daily basis, I am exposed to toxins, pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

And, sometimes they get in! Especially, when I’m overworked or tired. But, they don’t stay long. That’s the difference between my well-cared-for body today, and the body I used to abuse.

When I neglected the self-care and nourishment my body needed, if I caught a flu or other illness, I was completely debilitated and it took weeks or sometimes months to heal!

Today, when I get sick, my body heals much quicker, especially when I assist the healing process.

The human body is an amazing creation and is perfectly designed. When an illness occurs, it immediately starts the process of protection and repair.

Some immune systems are so strong, in fact, that illness won’t take root in the first place. Unfortunately, other folks, like myself, may have a tendency toward lower immunity. And, there are many reasons for that; antibiotics, poor diet and lifestyle, environmental toxins, overwork and stress, and one of the biggest contributors to poor immunity, not being breast-fed.

In the 1960’s, when I was born, nutritional science advised women to NOT breast-feed their babies. They told moms that human breast milk was inferior to baby formula.

That was a BIG mistake. Breast milk is essential to a baby’s immune system.

When a mother breast-feeds, she is directly implanting into that child the immunity and antibodies from every generation that lived before her. She is giving the little human exactly what it needs for its “internal” survival and protection.

Modern science has confirmed this HUGE blunder and now tells us that formula-fed babies have higher rates of ALL diseases; poor immunity, diabetes, thyroid disease, SIDS, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, cancer… you name it, we’ve got it.

If you were one of the unlucky formula-fed babies like me, your immune system was compromised as soon as you slid out of the birth canal and into this world where we don’t follow the laws of nature and how we are designed.

Laboratory science cannot surpass the wisdom of the universe. Although, I’m sure we’ll keep trying. We’re silly ego-driven creatures.

Having weaker immunity doesn’t mean you are doomed to get sick and stay sick. There are ways to assist the body’s natural healing process.

This is especially important right now as we have at least three flu viruses running amok and wreaking havoc across the United States.

To aid our beautiful bodies, we need to understand their perfect design. It’s imperative that we go with them, rather than against them. That means do NOT suppress symptoms.

Tips for Healing Flu, Cold and other Viruses


When the body catches a flu virus or cold it naturally heats up with fever to destroy the invading pathogens. This is the perfect time to get under the covers, rest, sleep, sweat and let the body do its work. This is not the time to take symptom-suppressing medication and continue running around at warp speed. Think of this as a short vacation in the comfort of your own home. Relax and read a good book.


Large amounts of mucus will begin developing as your body begins to “cleanse.” Excess mucus shows that white blood cells are stepping up into action to fight. First, it will be runny and clear. As the disease progresses, mucus can turn yellow and then green. White blood cells cause this change in color as they flood into an area, fight the invader, die and pile-up in the process. Assist your body in cleansing the dead heroes and invaders by using a Neti Pot.

Neti Pot: ½ tsp sea salt to 1 cup luke warm water. Flush your sinuses 1-2x daily.

It’s also helpful to simply gargle with warm water mixed with sea salt. If you have any anti-viral oils on hand like oregano or tarragon, put one drop into warm salt water and gargle 2-3x per day.

If invaders make it beyond the nasal passages (and many do), help the body cleanse the lungs and bronchial passageways by using an expectorant. Coughing and sneezing is your body’s way of forcefully expelling invaders (just try not to expel them onto people you love).

Put boiling water into a bowl, and add 1-2 drops of tea-tree, peppermint, pine, rosemary or eucalyptus oil. Hang your head over the bowl and breathe deeply. Have tissues on hand because you may begin coughing, sneezing and expelling. Remember to empty the garbage pail as it fills with your crumpled balls of tissue.

For those suffering with stomach flu, the body is expelling toxins, bacteria and pathogens through your intestines. Don’t stop that process! This means have LOTS of toilet paper on hand. Take a couple of days off of work to literally poop your brains out.


It takes energy to digest food. Don’t burden the digestive system with heavy meals. Eat lightly so most of your energy can go toward protection and healing.

Sip on homemade bone-stocks and warm soups with fresh herbs (oregano, parsley, thyme, garlic). Bone-stocks support your body with easily-absorbable liquid nutrients that refuel your body with minerals, collagen and amino acids needed to stay strong and keep your internal army fighting.

Keep yourself well hydrated with plenty of water.


Hire a practitioner that understands natural healing. I use an acupuncturist in NYC who utilizes many facets of natural healing in his practice. He works with my body and its systems to help it heal.

The flu doesn’t stand a fighting chance when you align with your body and use it’s self-healing abilities to your advantage. Now, get in there and kick some butt!

And, if you are a health coach or wellness practitioner that wants to understand how to heal the body on many levels, join my New Healer’s Master Coaching Program, for the information to help you work more effectively with your own health and with clients. Don’t delay… classes begin this week!


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Written by Andrea Beaman, HHC, Contributor to Holistic Nutrition on

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3:20PM PST on Mar 3, 2013

thnx for this

9:48AM PST on Mar 3, 2013

Thank you Dr. Neala Peake, for Sharing this!

5:22AM PST on Mar 1, 2013

OMG! i will never use a neti pot!! i'm not saying it doesn't work, because it does. it works for everyone i know and everyone who has purchased them at the health food store i used to work at. and they all swear by it. i am just a squeamish coward! i admit it. Fortunately for me, i haven't gotten sick in about 6 years. thank you raw food diet!!!

2:23AM PST on Mar 1, 2013

Mark S. -
Thanks for your feedback on my comment. It was not meant to be scientific at all. I was merely comparing myself and my contemporaries (almost all of us were bottle fed) with the health of our children and the amount of breast/ bottle feeding they had - along with the surprising correlation (which I've heard confirmed by doctors over here) with the use of pacifiers.

2:23AM PST on Mar 1, 2013

Mark S. -
Thanks for your feedback on my comment. It was not meant to be scientific at all. I was merely comparing myself and my contemporaries (almost all of us were bottle fed) with the health of our children and the amount of breast/ bottle feeding they had - along with the surprising correlation (which I've heard confirmed by doctors over here) with the use of pacifiers.

9:36PM PST on Feb 27, 2013


2:38AM PST on Feb 27, 2013

Kirsten B,
I have had three or four colds every year all my life, regular bronchitis, nearly died of pneumonia and bronchitis when I was a baby, and my immune system broke down so that I had ME (or CFS) for 15 years. I still get very tired and easily stressed unless I get a lot of sleep.
My brother almost never gets colds, never had bronchitis or flu and has always had plenty of energy and a good immune system.
We were both breast-fed, so I suspect this is anecdotal rather than backed up by scientific studies.

1:58AM PST on Feb 27, 2013

Very enjoyable article. How much of the " nutritional science that advised women to NOT breast-feed their babies. They told moms that human breast milk was inferior to baby formula." was financed by Nestlé and other manufacturers? They are still pushing this stuff and these lies, especially in developing countries. All that matters to them are their profits.

12:06AM PST on Feb 27, 2013

Thanks for the tips.

I was bottle fed - have had lingering colds, bronchitis, and everything else most of my life, including lots of ear infections and tonsilitis as a child. My husband was also bottle fed. Ditto, including lots of allergies for him too.

My daughter was breast fed (11 months) and gets regular colds, but has never had tonsil problems, ear infections, gut problems or anything like that - she is now 7. A lot of her friends who were only breast fed for 4-5 months and who used pacifiers (she never had one) have been regular antibiotic users and a number have even had hospital stay overs.

I wouldn't have believed it all if I didn't have the living proof with me every day.

11:10PM PST on Feb 26, 2013


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