What is the Manchester Procedure?

The Manchester procedure was introduced in 1888 to preserve fertility in young women by correcting prolapse without removing the uterus and ovaries. Find out what it involves and why it’s still around today.

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Amy Stotler
Amy Stotler3 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Roberta M.
Roberta M.3 years ago

Someone is a bit late here, I had a uterine suspension in 1959 at an Air Force Base Hospital. A hysterectomy was required 5 years later because of cervical cancer. Gwendolyn S. haven't you figured out yet that doctors as well as the rest of the medical world is "required" to do less so more can be charged?

Magyar Girl
Past Member 3 years ago

Thanx for explaining the procedure.

Elaya Raja
Elaya Raja3 years ago

Thank you

Giana Peranio-paz


Marie W.
Marie W.3 years ago

Another surprise.

Antiope K.
Antiope K.3 years ago

Interesting!Thank you!

Mrs M.
Mrs M.3 years ago

Sometimes organs have to be removed to save our lives. It's getting WORSE!!!

Nicole Weber
Nicole W.3 years ago

thank you

Charlotte A.
Charlotte A.3 years ago

Good info, thanks.