Why is My Joint Clicking?

Find out what might be behind your clicking joint. Watch this video!

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Rhianna Martin
Rhianna Martin3 years ago

a lot of my joints click, and because i'm 19 my parents say it's fine. although they don't hurt yet i am considering going to the doctors to see if it could be arthritis

Maggie Carmel
Maggie Carmel3 years ago

It can be a combination of so many things.
What's odd to me is that I had a fall a couple of years ago and hit my shoulder and it "clicks" sometimes but it hurts like crazy every day no matter what position I'm in and all MRI's etc, are fine...
but ready for this...the one that is doing all this is the other shoulder not the one I hit!
When I fell, some drs. told me that the pain was because the other shoulder was making up for the one that was hurt but that as soon as I start using the "hurt"one again, I should be ok. Well, it's been a few years and I'm definitely "using" both of my shoulders so why does it hurt so much??
Have no idea...no answers!

Joanna Mechlinski
Joanna M.3 years ago

Those of us with lupus tend to have a lot of joint issues, so unfortunately I'm all too familiar...

I've been trying to get signatures on a petition here to help promote the cause -- please take a moment to sign! Every signature helps.


Sue H.
Sue H.3 years ago

Underwhelmed by the lack of scope in this video.

Kamryn M.
Kay M.3 years ago

always figured it was getting old :(

Janet C.
Janet C.3 years ago

In Ayurveda applying organic sesame oil (not toasted sesame oil) in a circular motion on the joints which helps to re-lubricate the joints. Sesame oil is the most deeply penetrating oil according to Ayurveda...as we age the synovial fluid in the joints starts to dry up causing clicking and sesame oil helps to replenish that moisture in the joints.

Jane H.
Jane H.3 years ago

As a child, my left knee always clicked when I went to sit down on the floor or bent it quite alot. Now I have arthritis in that knee.

Marianne B.
marianne B.3 years ago

Thanks for the video/article. But, common sense would tell you, if there is pain associated with anything, have your doctor check it out.

Carol P.
Carol P.3 years ago

I'm very disappointed in this video. If overlooks one of the more common causes of clicking and jumps from least to most problematic causes. Clicking can be caused by muscle weakness or atrophy - easily solved by strengthening or stretching muscles.

Imagine that your normal gait or the way you sit is causing all of the muscles on one side are getting used, while the other side gets progressively weak. This is going to cause the pressure on one side of your joint to increase but into the side that is less fortified. Click, click, click.

Knee and hip pain can often be alleviated by strengthening the muscles on the insides of the legs that are used less and stretching the muscles in the backs of the legs, especially for those of us who sit at desks all day or wear heals regularly. Best is to work to combat both of these very common problems.

Almost every online forum for runners has a discussion going about clicking joints (mainly knees and hips), and this is the most common cause. Fortunately, the solution is also the least expensive and least invasive, requiring you to see a doctor or get any tests.

I'm not saying not to discuss it with a doctor if you have a problem, especially if you are older or have had a previous injury, but in my experience, they aren't trained to look for the simple solutions and can just end up costing you quite a bit of money without ever finding a cause. Plus they are likely to order tests or prescribe anti-inflammatory medications that

Angela N.
Angela N.3 years ago