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Why Random Acts of Kindness are So Important

What stops us from acting this way? Invariably it is our insecurities, lack of self-esteem and self-love, doubts and inadequacies. And the same qualities also stop us from being able to freely receive. If we feel unworthy then we believe we have nothing to give; if we don’t love ourselves then we don’t trust why someone would be kind to us. We may fear that if someone gives without reason that they actually want something from us, or that they have an ulterior motive.

When we feel uncomfortable with generosity it can make us get stuck in ourselves and our issues. When we can appreciate the beauty of spontaneity it takes us out of such self-centeredness; it enables us to let go of focusing on self and to reach out to each other. We can both give and receive. Such egoless moments are exquisite!

Giving spontaneously can also have a remarkable affect on all those who come in contact with both the act and the players. For instance, Huffington Post blogger Arthur Rosenfield was in the drive-thru line at Starbucks. The man in line behind him was getting impatient and angry, leaning on his horn and shouting insults at both Arthur and the Starbucks workers. Beginning to get angry himself, Arthur chose to keep his cool and change the negativity into something positive. He paid for the man’s coffee and drove away. When he got home at the end of the day, he discovered that he had created a chain of giving that had not only continued all that day but had been highlighted on NBC News and within twenty-four hours had spread around the world on the Internet.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. –Scott Adams

Can you imagine a world where no one gave to each other? Where we all just looked after our own needs and ignored everyone else’s? This would surely be a miserable place to live, for ultimately, whether spontaneous or planned, we cannot be happy without being kind, by giving and caring for each other.

Random acts of kindness are essential to our well-being, as they liberate us from self-obsession, selfishness, and isolation; they are the effect of an open and loving nature. True generosity is giving without expectation, with no need to be repaid in any form. This is the most powerful act of generosity, as it is unconditional, unattached, and free to land wherever it will. Whether we give to our family, friends, or to strangers, it is the same.

We may feel we have little to offer, but whether it is a few pennies or a whole bankroll, a cup of tea or a banquet is irrelevant–it is the act of giving itself that is important. As Mahatma Gandhi said, Almost anything we do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that we do it.

Do you have a story of a random act of kindness? Do comment below.


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Ed and Deb Shapiro

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2:04AM PDT on Aug 22, 2014

Random acts of kindness, sweet soul medicine indeed. I give out hugs to strangers, smiles, words of wisdom when I sense something has to be said and my heart leaps with joy at the smiles of appreciation from the receiver.

Giving out green stars...awesome!

Thank you. :-)


6:05AM PST on Dec 7, 2013

Yeah don't do it for the brownie points do it to feel good about yourself and to help make the world a better place. I like the feeling that I get when I do random acts of kindness. Even though you have no idea how many lives will be affected by your kindness. Your kindness will always be returned either by that source or another source. You can not cheat the universe. Kindness is energy. What goes out must come back. Read up more about the law of attraction. And watch the movie on youtube called "The Secret".

5:19PM PST on Nov 16, 2013

I enjoy "randomly" giving out green stars to members doing good deeds and contributing to the Care2 community:)

5:18PM PDT on Oct 13, 2013

It's the small acts of kindness that make the world a beautiful place worth living in. Whether you pay for someone's coffee, offer a few words of encouragement for a friend, allow someone to take your seat on the bus, open a door for someone juggling a stroller and a toddler and three shopping bags, send a green star or two, or compliment a stranger on those cool boots, it all adds to the pool of decency in the world.

These small good deeds really are their own reward. But if you need another, you'll often get it in the form of a smile or a thank you.

Honestly, though, I don't do it to get brownie points from someone else. Even if I don't get any thanks, I have the satisfaction of knowing I did something with good intentions to benefit someone else, and my actions are the only ones I can control.

4:49PM PDT on Oct 13, 2013

i do random acts of kindness on care2 by sending green stars to as many people in the community as possible. i encourage everyone to send green stars to as many random community members as possible it helps build up butterfly credits to donate to the cause of their choice.

4:46PM PDT on Oct 13, 2013

when i used to live and visit new york city alot, there were beggars everywhere asking for handouts. i gave what i could but i can't save everyone. i even gave food but some homeless rejected it and asked if i had money instead.

11:45PM PDT on Jun 18, 2013


9:07AM PDT on Jun 28, 2012


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7:29AM PDT on May 3, 2012

One must remember that the whole idea of giving was obliterated inside the corporate culture of the United States of America. Inside that paradigm of thinking it is considered "wasteful" and "inefficient". You are considered "silly" if you give to someone else just out of a desire to show love to a fellow human being. This is one of the reasons artists, like me, were considered "childish" for wanting to give of ourselves even though it would not return a "profit". You are not applauded for that act. You are ridiculed. The perspective in corporate culture is that if your effort doesn't directly benefit you than you shouldn't make it. This is still a prevalent belief inside the world of business and needs to be confronted and challenged.

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