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How to Get Everything You Want

How to Get Everything You Want

A wave of awakening is finally breaking into the mass consciousness that has been building for decades. As a planet, we are awakening from the dream of separation and learning to let go of victim consciousness as we take greater responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and how they create what we experience as our “reality.”

Within the last few years, the Law of Attraction has reached the attention of millions of people with the advent of the book and movie phenomenon, The Secret. More recently, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle has brought forward a large and growing interest in awakening from the dream of the ego. But how do we bridge the gap between getting what we want through the Law of Attraction while not creating greater attachment to the ego? The Sedona Method is that bridge.

Most often, when we try to create what we want, we use external action, forcing or cajoling our conscious thinking to align with our intent using the force of personal will (ego). We affirm, or visualize what we want without letting go of the thoughts and feelings to the contrary, so we end up sometimes succeeding, and sometimes succeeding only in creating more suffering for ourselves and those around us.

One of the cornerstones of The Sedona Method is that it can free you to attract all that you desire. We have always done this in a very unique way by helping people to manifest their goals through dissolving rather than strengthening the ego. Rather than trying to want our goals more and force ourselves to think and feel a certain way, with The Sedona Method, we create what we want by letting go of our imaginary sense of limitation, our incessant need for more, our desire for the goal, and our attachments and aversions to the goal – in short, ego itself.

By creating through letting go of every goal, we also support ourselves in awakening.

Manifesting in this manner has a surprisingly wonderful result. Not only do we tip the scales in the direction of creating what we choose, but also we feel better and better along the way as we become less and less attached. As we let go, our mind naturally gets quieter and the remaining thoughts naturally get more positive without effort. This is because we are being motivated from our own intuitive knowingness instead of surface ego desires. We also uncover and feel a greater sense of aliveness, presence and spaciousness inside.

As we continue to let go, our goals may naturally change, evolving from goals we feel we “must” or “should” achieve – goals we have based on what we believe our parents, spouse, peers, friends, coworkers, boss or society want from us – to ones that are actually a part of our true life purpose. We also naturally gravitate from win-lose to win-win.

As we continue to let go, we are attracted to the goals and actions that are for our own highest and best good, and for the highest and best good for everyone.

Hale Dwoskin is one of the teachers from The Secret and the author of The Sedona Method. For more essays on the Law of Attraction, please visit Inspire Me Today.

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9:13AM PDT on Aug 20, 2014


10:42AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

You don't take anything from anyone else by attaining your goals.
Energy is universal, we all have it's full power at all times, it can't be divided and diminished.
If you get all you want, the same amount is still there for everyone else.
I believe we do in fact get what we focus on, many of us focus too much on our losses and disappointments etc.

10:00AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Thank you.

9:41AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Interesting, thank you.

6:49AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Before getting, make sure there's giving

4:09AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Thanks for sharing.

1:59AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

I have everything I want :)

1:54AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Thank you for sharing :)

1:06AM PDT on Aug 18, 2014

Thank you!

7:11PM PDT on Aug 17, 2014

Don't plump up yr "passionate attachments ego" by buying into an entire $/time ego dissolving course, method, workshop or book/set of dvd's. Pyramid sales; Scientology circles.
It is much simpler. Stop & practice in that moment appreciation, (count your blessings, or do compassion or giving.)
Bless the author, but re - packaging Tolle ' s (or anyone else's) life long practice, wisdom & discoveries as a way to make $ or have followers?!
We are all connected. If you are in such pain you need a program or method or guru to save you... no worries: If you have enough life to draw a breathe, you have enough time to meditate. The Care2 Community is a good place, a good base, an effective healthy place for good "mental hygiene" (H.H. Dalai Lama's phrase.) And the most effective positive affirmation or prayer is the one in your own words, from your own heart. Eventually you are doing everything including sleeping, working, playing in a meditative state. Every sentient being has all the power of the universe at all times.

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Thank you.

I have been an organic girl for forever. I will rearely if ever by non-organic, items such as aspara…

So one needs to be 'an experienced business consultant and executive coach' to come up with this.

Lol I do the same thing when I get Cat butt.

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