Trying to Heal? Be Honest With Yourself

Often people get sick because they stress, push and abuse themselves. Most people are not taught how to love themselves. In fact, they are taught that to listen, care for and honor themselves is selfish.

Many people spend their time trying to please others and eventually hurt themselves, which causes resentment, stress and sickness.

Often, until you really get angry, discover the cause of your sickness and let it go, you cannot heal. That is exactly what happened in my case, I got angry because nobody could help me and then I discovered that I had the power to tune into my own body and heal myself from debilitating back pain, psoriasis, digestive problems and anxiety.

How liberating it is to realize that your anger can be a catalyst for change, a teacher that inspires you to act rather than an emotion which is an inconvenience. I believe that pain is a messenger to show you what is not working in your body. It is a way to get your attention. When you really understand and discover what your pain is about, you can heal.

From my experience, the first step towards a healing journey is a clear decision that you are ready to heal. This means that you are willing to examine what has not worked in your life and begin to transform….Get Inna’s 6 Steps for Healing at

Inna is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing and the bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body.

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Cheryl Mallon-Bond

Very true!!!!!

Cynthia Blais
cynthia l3 years ago

There are many people not taught to love themselves. Consider yourself very lucky if you were, Finding that path is quite difficult, however enlightening and rewarding. Anger held in becomes devasting both physically and emotionally. Anger has to be first recognized to be dealt with. So yes find a way to open that window and let in divine light.
Sickness happens to us all some worse than others but how you deal with it emotionally is the defining answer.
I find EFT to be very helpful for issues and EMDR therepy. Where you will Where you have held onto trauma in your body. A little hope never hurts

Mary B.
Mary B3 years ago

Hillery, after reading your posts several times I have to reply. First of all, I'm sorry that what I said triggered you into your very standard set of assumptions, [victim blameing, magical thinking, not grounded in reality, ect ] The assertion that mental,emotional states affect the chemistry of the body did not originate with me. You'd have to go back a few thousand years for that.The idea that hope for change contains the understanding that there must be faith in a better outcome before any evidence appears. That's useing imagination to bridge the gap between current reality and the better future. My AGENDA is to encourage those who are ill to do pretty much what you've said you're doing, so what is the problem? My issue with Brian is that he posts on several spiritual type articals and always trashes the writer and their ideas, and I don't think it's helpful to victims when he insists they have no power in the face of their present reality because science doesn't support it. Yet every day people all over trigger a healing mechanism in the body that sets off positive results, but it's a very personal journy and it would be hard to replicate.So why discourage people from at least doing what they can do by lableing it magical thinking, unrealistic and dangerous?

Ana Marija Rumbak
ANA MARIJA R3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.:)

Marian A.
Marian Austin3 years ago


Hillary B.
HG B3 years ago

Yes, yes, my third (and hopefully last) post. There is a clear, underlying idea that is incorrect that this whole argument is predicated on. The argument is that your mental/spiritual state causes disease, and therefore disease can be healed if you heal your mental/spiritual self. The underlying idea is that you are empowered. That empowerment is equated with physical healing. The confusion and mistake is made in concluding that there is no difference between emotional healing and physical healing. I just feel very bad for all the sick people out there who will not understand what is truly empowering b/c this pseudo spiritual stuff is propagated. I am open minded (I have followed an alternative religion for many years), but alternative things should still make sense. I have found empowerment through continuing to fight to take care of myself every day, explore and try new treatments, accomplish as much as I can in my life, trying to deepen spiritually via reading etc.. True empowerment is knowing that illness can make you truly grateful for living. Empowerment is knowing what you can do and doing it. Empowerment is deepening of understanding of oneself through illness. Empowerment is knowing that as illness wrecks your body, it may make your soul wiser, kinder and more understanding of others weaknesses. Real empowerment means acceptance of reality so you can effectively deal with it. Real empowerment often is hard; not an easy, feel good placebo. However, it is that it is do

Christine W.
Christine W3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Hillary B.
HG B3 years ago

To Mary: Your train of thought is illogical b/c it is assumptive. You assume that if someone like Brian or myself disagrees with you then we are "scared witless" by the power to change through hope. Whatever that means. I believe in change. I believe in hope. I believe these are important things to believe in. But you take it a step further and argue that these things in and of themselves can be physically transformative. They can only be transformative if combined with thoughtful understanding, which seems to be missing here. There are genes, environmental toxins, intrauterine exposure that we scientifically know cause disease. This type of thinking is dangerous, because people will feel responsible for their diseases causation. Others will think it is OK to blame the victim too. I have had that happen. Magical thinking is not "having faith". Hope, change and action should all be grounded in reality. Believe it or not, I have deep faith, and I believe in the soul's ability to heal; but I don't believe in faulty science replaced by pseudo spiritual detachment from reality. Tend to the soul, yes; believe a free, happy soul can undo all of my faulty genetic expression? That does not make scientific or logical sense. Mary, I think that you have the agenda. I think that you are so afraid of mortality that you need to believe you have control. Ultimately, you will probably get sick, and you will die, just like the rest of us. That's not an agenda. It's just a fact of life.

Hillary B.
HG B3 years ago

Thank you Brian for your common sense. I have many chronic illnesses and it isn't because I don't have a strong will to live. In fact I believe those that have to struggle every day to survive shows the strongest will to live. It angers me to hear this fantastical thinking. Of course hope is necessary, but so is understanding the real physical causes of painful diseases. I have diabetes, and it is not my mental state that causes my pancreas not to make enough insulin. I also have endometriosis, and it is not my mental state that caused my uterine lining to transplant to other areas of my body. It is offensive that people here are talking about letting go of blame. Yet they blame the victim. And we are victims of disease. It would be nice to think that we could think our way out of illness and restore a sense of control. However, I have found that you go through all stages of grief until you get to the final one: acceptance. By no means am I saying I've given up. I work on improving my health all the time. I am one of the most proactive people you will meet. But as Kahlil Gibran says, I stopped suffering over my suffering.

Val D.
Val D3 years ago

Women especially must take care of themselves first and foremost. Traditionally, we are forced to care for everyone - but ourselves. Thank goodness the times, they are a'changin'! :)