Don’t Forget This Essential Part of Being Human

Anyone who has faced the prospects of leaving one’s words for posterity for real instead of a theoretical exercise and survives is blessed beyond words. Sharing the following words becomes a privilege and yes, even a responsibility.

There is nothing more certain in my mind than we are all members of the family of Humankind. Over the years it has become commonplace for leaders all over the globe to obscure the light represented by acknowledging that our family, while at times dysfunctional should be guided by love and never hate.

The legacy I would like to survive me is that anyone reading begins with a plea to please pay attention to any political or religious leader who seeks to divide our family. They speak not from the light but a darkness born from impulses designed to tear our family apart for personal gain. Think of your own nuclear family. Would you ever encourage a brother to fight his brother or sister?

There are forces that try to divide our family and divert us from our reason to celebrate our common roots. We should celebrate our differences without elevating them to being a source of separation. When a leader, political or religious attempts to paint “the other” as something to be feared, take pause and know the darkness beckons by following those impulses.

Each and every one of you carries a light within that when shared can eliminate the darkness around you. Let your light guide you. Let your light conquer the darkness of fear in which so many wish to shroud our family. Remember Timothy Ferris’ words:

“Each human mind is a galaxy of intelligences, wherein shines the light of a billion galaxies.”

As a member in the family of Man, we have an obligation to each and every family member we meet along our journey while walking on this Earth. And what does this obligation entail? We must not just stop at recognizing that each family member is precious. This preciousness needs to be nurtured. We must confront the darkness in our midst. How?

Together, we can overcome those wishing to interfere with the flowering of our growing family. We must move beyond simply cursing the darkness and light the proverbial candle. Remember that sharing the light from your candle does not diminish yours. Let others light their candles from yours.

All those who offer fear instead of faith are not your friends. Speak up and let your words inspire others to speak. Let your spirit encourage other voices to proclaim that the family of Humankind should not be violated.

Jaffer Ali is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of the media company Vidsense. To further explore the idea of our global, interconnected family, please visit Inspire Me Today.


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