Love and Dreams: Wisdom from Leonard Farber

Before my daughter goes to bed at night, I reaffirm to her what I believe are some of the most important thoughts and beliefs that I have used to guide me, my closest family, my friends, and my patients as well. These are the principles that I share with her:

One, believe in your dreams and desires and know that there is absolutely no limitation for any of them. It is not our job to ask as to how they will be provided by the universe, but simply to trust that you will achieve them and receive them. It is this deeply rooted knowing that feeds the vibrational frequency of the dreams and desires existing and, in turn, draws them to you.

Coupled with that is the second premise of love. Love is the universal magnet of all things. Love is the ultimate power from which to draw everything to you. Love yourself for everything you are. Love your family, your friends, your dog and your cat, all the people you walk by and smile. Love the music you listen to, the drawings you create, the toys that entertain you. Give attention to all the things you love and do not focus on the things you do not love. They are there to serve as reminders for you to give more attention to what you desire and love most. And as you practice this more and more, you will draw more of the things you love to you….Continue reading at

Leonard is the founder and director of The Farber Center for Radiation Oncology.

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Laure P.
Loreley P.4 years ago

Believe, Love... I would add to cherish words, as words have tremendous power.

-- -.4 years ago


Olga Lustosa
Olga Lustosa4 years ago

Beautiful insight in love. I really aprreciated it.

Brian M.
Past Member 4 years ago

Leonard Farber is a leech. People need to throw eggs at him every time they see him in public.

Richard dodson
Richard dodson4 years ago

What a truly wonderful thing to do for our children, inspiring them and giving them high aspirations. Thanks for the post, most uplifting. ;-))

Debbie W.
Past Member 4 years ago

LOVE is not second but the first cornerstone of life. If it doesn't flow in, through and out of you, all remaining progress is stunted. All buildings/people need cornerstones to begin.

angela whatley
angela whatley4 years ago

love it

angela whatley
angela whatley4 years ago

love it

Susan N.
Susan N.4 years ago

Good post.