Wisdom from Mark Petruzzi

Begin with self-value…

Value yourself. Value your Self. Your value never changes. You can’t increase it and you can’t diminish it. Sure, the value of your actions can vary, but the value of who you are never, ever will.

Never confuse your actions, possessions and connections with who you are. If you don’t yet know the difference between who you are, and all the things you do and own, it’s time to get started on getting to know yourself in a new way.

Imagine yourself as a song. What is your personal “tone”, your personal “sound”? Make it part of everything you do. Put more YOU in your life.

To deny your worth is to deny the worth of the Divine spark in us all. Value who you are.

Value yourself enough to dare not to compare…

When used in a way to make your ego feel either superior or inferior to someone else, comparison is a happiness-killer.

You will never get your best answers through comparison, and you’re better off playfully, purposefully exploring your own capacities regardless of what others are thinking or doing.

Don’t let comparison or another person’s opinion of you disconnect you from your own inner-guidance.

Everyone is on their own journey. Replace comparison with taking inspiration from accomplishments and breakthroughs of others. Dare not to compare….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Mark is the founder of Success Waypoint, LLC, a performance consultant, a life coach and a facilitator.

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Mark P.
Mark P.4 years ago

Sandi C., you are very welcome. Thank you for reading!

Sandi C.
Sandi C.4 years ago


Mark P.
Mark P.4 years ago

Ann, Irma... sorry that I haven't been around for a bit! I thank you both for your kind responses, and of course am uplifted that by your appreciation here. Irma, there are at least two other places I write:


I'm a bit late in updating both blogs, but plan to catch up soon!

All the best...


Ann B.
Ann B.4 years ago

Thank you for your article Mark. It really hit home with me.

Irma Paulme
Irma Paulme5 years ago

I just love the wisdom you shared Mark, thank you! Hope to read more of your inspirations.

Zee Kallah
Past Member 5 years ago

Kristine, you said as above in Mark's column, "It's not easy being me."

Well, Kristine, there isn't anyone who can fill in for you.

Since that position is essential, you can not be allowed to resign.

We need you.


Zee Kallah
Past Member 5 years ago

Mark, what you said unto me was, "appreciate, appreciate, appreciate... :)"

So, instead of trying to erase my traumas, I am to embrace them gratefully?

I have ears to hear.

Hey! It works.

My greatest blessings emanated from my traumas.

Thank you.

I am grateful.

Zee Kallah
Past Member 5 years ago

My Higher Power told me, "Pride is not the appreciation of the self. It is the comparison of self with others."

Mark P.
Mark P.5 years ago

@Catherine C~ Thank you! Glad that you found value here!
@Zee~Thank you for your contribution here. And what would I say to thee? LOL... Why, my 500 words of course, and to appreciate, appreciate, appreciate... :)

Zee Kallah
Past Member 5 years ago

Mark P, what wouldest thou say unto me?


What fun!