Women Prefer the Scent of a Man Who Eats This Diet

What makes a man a good catch? Most people would probably agree on a good sense of humor, treating people with respect, sharing similar hobbies and having his stuff together. All of these more cerebral things matter in a partner, but we humans also operate on a primal level. Our five senses can tell us a lot about attraction and compatibility. For instance, good looks can easily draw us in… but so can good smells.

Recent research from Macquarie University of Sydney, Australia found that ladies found the sweaty aroma of dudes who ate their fruits and veggies most attractive. That’s right! A nose can tell if you’re eating your daily servings of produce. But how in the world did they find this out?

Easy. Male participants recorded what they ate in their daily diets. The first round of testing included the use of a spectrometer, a device that flashes light on someone’s skin to determine if they have a diet rich in carotenoids (which produces a yellower hue). Eating lots of fruits and vegetables produces this effect, which the researchers also determined that ladies find more visually attractive, as well. The second round of testing required the men to get their sweat on at the gym and then hand their t-shirts over to the researchers, who then gave them to women to give a good sniff. The women picked out the best-smelling guys, who happened to be those who ate the rainbow.

“We’ve known for a while that odor is an important component of attractiveness, especially for women,” Ian Stephen, one of the study’s authors, told NPR. “Women basically found that men who ate more vegetables smelled nicer.”

It will be interesting to see what future research discovers about this phenomenon. Could there be an evolutionary advantage to choosing mates who include lots of healthy foods in their diets? Either way, eating lots of fruits and veggies every day boosts our longevity, overall health and attractiveness—so it’s a win-win.

If you’re wondering how to easily include more of these vibrant foods into your meals every day, you aren’t alone. There are several different ways to boost your veggie intake—for both kids and adults. And many techniques aren’t super complicated either, such as sneaking them into sauces, swapping out chips for crunchy carrots, or doubling the amount of veggies in your already veg-friendly meal.

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I love smoothies- so sweet, refreshing, and wholesome!

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As reported by spectrophotometry.

" Self-reported dietary data revealed that fat, meat, egg and tofu intake was associated with more pleasant smelling sweat, and greater carbohydrate intake with stronger smelling less pleasant sweat.*

Read the entire text....

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Thank you.

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I have enjoyed variety eaters of every kind. The hook seems to be a bit and I mean like one drink of wine or scotch on the breath. Beer is a turn off and too much liquor or wine is a turn off. I'll kiss a Carnivore or a Vegan. If he tastes okay - umm

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