Working With Your Inner Healer: A How-To Exercise

Meeting your own Inner Healer can be a very powerful exercise leading to deep healing on both physical and/or emotional levels. The exercise is an invaluable tool for you to have at your fingertips for help in time of need and even emergency.

Print out this method of meeting and working with your Inner Healer, to use next time you get sick!

1. Get in a comfortable position and breathe in a relaxed fashion.

2. Engage whatever techniques work for you to help you fully relax, including listening to specific music, if that will help.

3. Visualize yourself in a beautiful meadow, or temple. Imagine everything about the meadow, or temple, including the smells in the air, the temperature, and the sounds.

4. You are going to find your Inner Healer behind you. It may be an animal, a person, a being.

5. Turn around and meet your Inner Healer. Bask in the profound relationship between the two of you.

6. Ask the Inner Healer to heal you from whatever ailment drew you to this exercise to begin with.

7. Allow your Inner Healer to give you a healing.

8. Once the healing is complete, thank the Inner Healer for helping you.

Note that you can return to this meadow and your Inner Healer any time you wish.

Inspired by Brain States, by Tom Kenyon (New Leaf, 2001).


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Self-talk may help

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Thank you :)

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good one - saving.

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