World’s Most Obedient Dog (Video)

Although dogs are some of the best friends we have in the animal kingdom, their excitement over seeing us (or a toy!) can often cause them to become deaf to our commands.

Not so with the dog in this video.

Known as The Amazing Skidboot, this dog demonstrates an amazing connection with his owner, enabling him to restrain himself even when his precious ball was only inches from his nose!

Skidboot gained worldwide fame with his tricks, but had to give up performing once he started going blind. He passed away in 2007, but the legacy of his intelligence and gentle personality will live on forever in his talented offspring.

If you’ve got a few more minutes, you can see more of his amazing tricks in the longer video below.

Image Credit: Flickr – CRYOLIFE

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Chloe Moll
Past Member 4 years ago

what an incredible trainer.

Rose N.
Rose N.4 years ago

Thank you for posting.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers4 years ago

If only one could train husbands the same way!!

Livia P.
Livia Pena4 years ago

so cute....sad to know he passed away...

Tom Mccurry
Tom McCurry4 years ago

Well, I've seen a video about this dog before, but these two really take the cake. What a fine dog and a fine partnership. Good loving and living, that's what that is!

ivana p.
ivana prpic4 years ago

simply great dog but also a great human

Cindy B.
Cindy Black4 years ago

My own dog, Wizer, used to do a lot of what Skidboot does... just the TONE of my voice, not the words, was all he needed. What a wonderful dog. How I miss him! Thanks 4 the video.

John Jones
John Jones4 years ago

So not my dog!

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman4 years ago

Great post, thanx

Nuno Correia
Nuno Correia4 years ago

it's just wonderful