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You Are the Light of the World

You Are the Light of the World

The universe thinks and acts through you. You are not the result of physical forces that have driven all of creation, with human intelligence being a late-stage byproduct. Rather, a universal intelligence is experience itself through countless forms. You are one form of this intelligence, and yet you are also the whole. Just as a cell in the body is expressing the body’s wholeness, you are expressing the wholeness of creation at this very minute.

Ordinary perception cannot see the whole, which is why Jesus spoke so much about making the blind to see. He asked his followers to develop what has been called “second attention,” or divine sight, the ability to know yourself as pure Being, beyond boundaries.

To be the light of the world, you must understand that the world itself is lightóthat is, pure awareness manifesting in physical form.

To develop second attention, you must attune yourself to it. First attention focuses on the material word; it dwells on appearance rather than essence. The light that Jesus referred to is invisible to the eye but apparent to the soul. When you think, say, or do anything, you are manipulating consciousness, or to put it another way, you are using the stuff of awareness to create something. Just as jet fuel disappears in order to make a plane fly, consciousness disappears when it is used. Its potential turns into some sensation, thought, object, or event. As you read that last sentence you were transforming consciousness without being aware that it is flowing through you.

Jesus asks us to see through this disappearing act. Through second attention, you can perceive yourself as awareness itself, not as one of its products and creations. There are many ways to catch such glimpses.

  • Meditating to reach inner silence.
  • Sensing the purity of Nature.
  • Sudden flashes of innocence.
  • An impulse of love.
  • An intuitive connection to your muse.
  • Sensing inner guidance, a source of wisdom.
  • A feeling that you belong in the larger scheme of life.

Whenever you have a flash of love, inspiration, awe, wonder, or joy, remind yourself: This is the real me. Don’t let such moments simply pass you by. Stop and appreciate them, and ask that you receive more in the future. In this way you open a feedback loop between first and second attention. Light starts to enter the world, until the world is eventually seen as made of light and nothing else.

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Adapted from The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).

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Deepak Chopra

Acknowledged as one of the world's greatest leaders in the field of mind body medicine, Deepak Chopra, M.D. continues to transform our understanding of the meaning of health. Chopra is known as a prolific author of over 49 books with 12 best sellers on mind-body health, quantum mechanics, spirituality, and peace. A global force in the field of human empowerment, Dr. Chopra's books have been published in more than 35 languages with more than 20 million copies in print.

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4:11AM PDT on Sep 1, 2012

thank you Deepak!!

2:55AM PDT on Aug 29, 2012

Thank you Deepak. It is wonderful to enjoy that bliss that you describe so perfectly.

12:08PM PDT on Aug 22, 2012

Dear Geoff............haven't you ever experienced joy and awe....looking at a particular wonder of creation such as a sunset, or a young animal playing with abandonment, or the quiet trees of spring with new leaves "blowing in the wind"?
How about a particular piece of music that moves your body into that 'other state' of being, one in which your mind is actually IN the music? Yes?
Have you ever felt that tug on your insides when holding a brand new life in your hands....a human baby or a puppy or kitten? What do you think these emotions are composed of in order to make you 'feel'?
Do you consider it nothing but a chemical reaction to an outside stimulant? If so, what exactly is that outside stimulant doing to your insides? What are your feelings composed of, what is that moral core made of that makes you speak out?
This is what Deepak is talking about....just be open to those moments. In so doing, you may feel the light, which really is everywhere in the universe, come softly into your being.

8:09AM PDT on Aug 22, 2012

To be the light of the world, you must understand that the world itself is light—that is, pure awareness manifesting in physical form........awesome

4:47AM PDT on Aug 22, 2012

Thank you for the article.

10:53PM PDT on Aug 21, 2012

If some people would be more open to these pearls of wisdom they would be delighted with the experience. It is not all about been passive, but delighting in wonderment of our life!

1:36PM PDT on Aug 21, 2012

thank you

12:54PM PDT on Aug 21, 2012

Obviously, this isn't for everybody~ The vocabulary used by Deepak is not for the scientifically minded. So the readers who prefer 'scientific measurements' will probably just read this and go: "Whaaaaaaaaa?" If you don't like it here, the rest of the universe is waiting,.... Enjoy!

12:54PM PDT on Aug 21, 2012

Obviously, this isn't for everybody~ The vocabulary used by Deepak is not for the scientifically minded. So the readers who prefer 'scientific measurements' will probably just read this and go: "Whaaaaaaaaa?" If you don't like it here, the rest of the universe is waiting,.... Enjoy!

8:35AM PDT on Aug 21, 2012


If you actually learned to read in school and were not goofing off, you will see that not a single sentence in the above makes any sense at all.

The 'universe" does not think or act, rather it is inert, specifically with regard to consciousness or will. No evidence to the contrary has ever been found.

"universal intelligence is experience itself" - more gibberish. Intelligence is just a variable we use to measure competence in living creatures, nothing universal about it.

A cell does not express anything.Nor does awareness manifest itself, being by definition non-material.

Jet fuel does not disappear, that would violate the first law of thermodynamics - that "energy/matter cannot be created nor destroyed but merely changes state." Jet fuel combines with oxygen when it burns and becomes soot and other waste gases. Consciousness does not flow, nor does it become anything else, it being merely a mental state. When it disappears we say you are dead. Period.

..scheme of life" - pretty images devoid of content. Try to have your writing make sense.

I cringe at the thought of people reading the above nonsense and actually allowing it to have some influence on their lives. Get a grip people, sometimes pretty words are empty of meaning or relevance. This is such a case.

When you see injustice being done in the world you have a moral obligation to speak out - which Care2 Causes does. When I see this kind of mind-destroying g

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7 out of 8, its not bad.

Oh, yippee. One more "annoyance" to look forward to. Just hope I don't sound like my 88 year old mom…

Would have been nice iof this article had continued with more information, but thanks for what was s…


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