You Are the Source of Passion

Although most of us consider ourselves fortunate if we can still feel passion about anything as we grow older, feeling passion for your work or politics or even sex is not the same as having a passion for life.

It is not just that life is bigger than work, politics, or sex. Shakti is life itself; it is present in every rhythmic pulse of existence. A passion for life implies that you are passion; it is in your very being. Therefore the most natural way to be is passionate; the slow ebbing of passion is unnatural.

If you mourn the fading of passion, realize that nothing endures on the surface of life, where change is the only constant. Things come and go, people come and go, and although they once stoked the fires of enthusiasm, eventually the temperature cools.

The greatest waste is to extend passion on needs and drives that are selfish and without spirit. Among these wastes would be material accumulation, greed, love of money and power for their own sake, loveless sexual activity, and obsession. Shakti is the raw ore of life, waiting to be refined and shaped.

Insights about passion, therefore, all have to do with sustaining divine love in yourself and transmuting it in your relationship to love and union.

The source of passion is within yourself. When passion wanes it must be rekindled at its source.

Adapted from The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).


Judith Shafer
Judith Shafer2 years ago

Lizzy the only way Dr. Lawrence could seem to do this is because you gave over your own power to him in an act of faith hoping that he would give it back to you in the form of your desire.That's the only way these things happen. There are many reasons why people don't care to claim responsibility but the result is that their own spiritual connection with their divine source is wounded. Every time our prayers are seemingly granted through an outside agent we take a backwards step from our evolution towards conscious co-creation of our world. Our souls cry out in sorrow because we deny their divine connection . Every soul is equally close to "God" , equally loved by the Great Mystery, and equally able to effect changes in this world. By reaching up to unity with our own angel high selves . We come to this world to grow spiritually. We do that through choice, accepting responsibility, and choosing again. That is our immortal selves purpose in incarnation. All the rest of the dramatic events of our daily lives are only the means through which we create the opportunity to do that. In giving over our personal power to an outside agent not only do we take that step away from growth, waste all that suffering, but there is always the possibility that it will not be given back the way we hope and be used to glut the power appetite of what is only another mortal being. Turn to your own soul for miracles.

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola3 years ago

very intersting

Anna Ballinger
Anna Ballinger3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam3 years ago


Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago

thanks for posting

Daniel E.
Past Member 3 years ago

Grief and depression are very big obstacles to defeat in order to be able to hold this in your hands once again. Thank you for this article.

Angie B.
Angela B3 years ago

Passion comes from within, for without our enthusiastic stirring, passion remains flat and unmoved.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer3 years ago

Ann you have inspired me to comment.TY. Finding myself somewhat in the mentioned position I have learned that the fearsome sense of waning passion, fear that one will just disappear in the face of mortality comes from associating passion with the external stimuli that usually evoke it. As I move towards the end of time I realize the things of this world that don't exist elsewhere and they become constantly more and more precious to me. As I move towards that ending I see that my passion is my approach, rather than dependent on what may be around me it is my aggressive holding close all that I deem precious, that will never be again. As tactile awareness is only part of this material density, whether sensation is pain or pleasure, I am moved to hold it to get that last sensory drop. Loss of independence from age depends on the self since in whatever ambulatory position we find ourselves in our response is always of our own choosing. For instance if I am paralyzed I still have awareness of myself and can determine what in my experience is of my self or exterior to it and how I will react to it. I think that the more helpless one becomes physically the greater the challenge to master the self becomes. Loneliness and depression are responses to a sense of alienation, which is about how we define ourselves.People with blessed physical energy and potency, surrounded by all material goodness and love, are still subject to those states so they don't come about because of our positi

Anne Moran
Anne Moran3 years ago


Chris Hanlon
Chrissie H3 years ago

.It is too easy to get stuck in a boring rut if you're not careful ,but it is my passion for life which keeps me going.Enjoy every day as it comes,that's my motto.