Your 5 Favorite Green Things

What are your five favorite things you do for the health of the planet and all its living beings? Please write them in the comments below so everyone can see.

Five green things I do are:

1. Don’t eat meat from large animals and birds, because livestock agriculture generates 51% of climate change emissions, damages habitat and causes untold suffering. Climate change is also causing acidification of the oceans which is damaging coral reefs. Tens of billions of animals are killed every year just for meat consumption.

2. Drive a car that runs on biodiesel, which is recycled, used vegetable oil. Transportation is one of the top generators of climate change emissions. The EPA has a personal climate change calculator to determine one’s contribution to the global trend.

3. Donate money to for the planting of seedling trees. So far my donations have planted over 6,000 seedlings. Trees pull carbon out of the air and provide erosion control, food, shelter and dwelling places to animals. They also can last well over one hundred years, which is a great return on the small amount required for a donation.

4. Walk instead of drive, or ride public transportation when available. Exercise is better for our health, and you take the time to see things around you instead of sitting in a large moving machine.

5. Eat organic food.

Organic food production doesn’t use toxic chemicals, so it reduces soil and water pollution. It also supports small, local farmers.

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I do not drive a car, but walk and bike wherever I go, I recycle wherever possible, I refuse to use air-conditioning and use electricity sparingly.

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Thanks for the info.

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