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Your Cat’s Five Senses (Quiz!)











11.  It is not uncommon for a mother cat to:

a. chew her kittens’ whiskers off and;

c. lick her kitten’s abdomens to get them to defecate

An over-zealous mama cat can groom the whiskers right off her kitten’s face! Fortunately, they grow back. A mama cat will also lick her newborn kitten’s abdomen’s to prompt defecation. Without this stimulation the very young kitten will unlikely relieve itself. If you foster an orphaned newborn kitten, you will have to take on this role — but fortunately you can use your fingers instead of your tongue!


12. The scientific name for whiskers is:

d. vibrissae


13. Humans have about 9,000 tastebuds, while your picky-eater feline has about:

b. 475

Cats have tastebuds that are sensitive to salty, sour and bitter, with little, if any, comprehension of  sweet flavors.


12. A cat has a much keener sense of taste than a dog. True or False?


Dogs have better noses, but cats have a more discretionary sense of taste. This would explain why dogs will eat cat poop, but cats wouldn’t dream of dining from the waste pile of a dog.


13. As any cat owner knows, a cat has a rough tongue thanks to thousands of mini hooks called papillae. What are papillae made of?

b. keratin

The hooks on a cat’s tongue are made of the same building material as your fingernails.


14. The cat’s range of hearing is the broadest of any mammal. True or False?


A cat’s hearing ranges from 48 hertz to 85 kilohertz as compared to a human’s hearing which ranges from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. No wonder most cats greatly dislike the vacuum cleaner!


15.  A cat’s ear has how many separate muscles:

c. 32

A human ear boasts a paltry 6 muscles as compared to the super sonic cat ear with its 32 muscles. This impressive array of muscles allows a cat to move their outer ear 180 degrees and hone in on the source of any interesting sound without moving their heads.


I hope you enjoyed this quiz highlighting so many of the attributes that make our feline companions so interesting and unique. Now test yourself with these other animal quizzes!

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Cherise Udell

Cherise Udell is a mom, clean air advocate, anthropologist and feline aficionado with the nomadic habit of taking spontaneous sojourns to unusual destinations. Before her adventures in motherhood, she was an intrepid Amazon jungle guide equipped with a pair of sturdy wellingtons and a 24-inch machete, as well as a volunteer at a rainforest animal rescue center.


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12:21PM PDT on May 8, 2013

cats are incredible critters. My cat is second only to my child (and a very close second at that) She is quite stunning, with her jet black fur, her white mittens and long white whiskers. The best cat on Earth :)

12:40PM PST on Mar 5, 2013

I've rescued cats for over 25 years, and was unaware of most of the facts in this column. Thanks, the answers to a lot of my questions were found her for the first time for me, today.

3:33AM PST on Feb 27, 2013

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

7:40AM PST on Feb 6, 2013

Actually interesting,thanks for sharing

4:58AM PST on Feb 4, 2013

thanks for sharing :)

7:15AM PST on Feb 2, 2013

Molto interessante,grazie.

4:15PM PST on Feb 1, 2013

What fun! Thank you.

2:42PM PST on Feb 1, 2013

Interesting. Thanks.

3:29PM PST on Jan 31, 2013


2:49PM PST on Jan 30, 2013


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Great tips.


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