Your Daily Chill Out


Chillout: Are you a stress junkie? Sometimes to stop and just be still may be the most difficult thing you could imagine but it will enrich your whole life.



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Jane H.
Jane H.2 years ago

so true--I always need to be reminded--TY

Ana R2 years ago

True...Thank you!

Robert O.
Robert O.2 years ago

Thanks very much!

Chris Ray
Chris R.4 years ago


Mac C.
mac C.4 years ago

Yes, to be still--- it is nice. It would solve a lot of problems in our wonderful world if we all learned to be still each day. Thank you for the post.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T.4 years ago

Thank you..

Morgan Becker
Morgan Becker4 years ago

Sometimes, and in my case as well, people find it hard to keep their mind still, and that stops their bodies from being still. Have you ever stopped to watch a bird, squirrel, or chipmunk? Sat near an animal grazing. That quiets my mind.

Sue H.
Sue H.4 years ago

I find it amazing how many people can not just be still for
any amount of time. It's so refreshing.

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams4 years ago


Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson4 years ago

yes. thanks.