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Note to spammers:

• Care2 is 100% against SPAM (commercial bulk e-mail).

• If you send spam using one of our accounts, you are breaking our Terms of Service - read it - the terms are strict!

• As of January 1, 1999 sending spam using one of our e-mail addresses is a Criminal Offense!

Note to recipients of spam:

• Junk mail with a "reply-to" or "from" address of one of our accounts was probably not sent from our servers - we have sophisticated anti-spamming software to prevent this. Spammers simply use the e-mail address name but send the spam from a different server....they could use anyone's address, including your own! They sometimes target addresses like ours to take advantage of our quality image.

• If you have received spam that appears to be from one of our customers, please forward the ENTIRE message to our support team using our Help Form...the "header" information in the message will help us track down the sender.

We thank you for your help!

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