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Not Receiving Email?

There are 2 standard reasons:

1) Sender made a typo in your email address. Sounds silly, but this is the number one reason messages aren't delivered.

Check that addresses include two "i"s (it's animail).

Also, check to make sure the last three letters are correct as in ".com" or ".net" or ".org" and that they include hyphens where appropriate. Addresses must be EXACT to be delivered. Care2 email addresses include:

2) Your mailbox trash bin is full and messages are bouncing. This is frequently the problem.

Your account comes with 3MB of disk space. When you reach your quota, the system will automatically send you a warning that you have reached the limit. You will continue to receive messages until you reach 6MB. After that point all messages will bounce.

To avoid this problem, the best solution is to have your trash bin automatically empty when you log out. Click on the "Options" link in the left-side menu. Check the box titled "Empty wastebasket on logout". Click "Save changes". Then logout and log back in. Your trash box should be emptied, and you should once again be able to receive messages.

You may also check and delete individual messages in your trash box. To view your trash folder, click on the "Folders" link in the left-side menu. Then click the trash can to view the messages stored in that folder. Check and delete individual messages to erase them from the system.

While the above two solutions are the answer 99% of the time, if neither one of those works, please contact our support desk and make sure to note that you have tried both of these solutions. Thank you!

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