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Our e-mail provides several features that allow you to customize and maintain your account so that it will work most efficiently for you. These are called Preferences and can be accessed by clicking on Options in the left navigation bar.


Updating Mailbox Settings

Name & Title
Enter your Name & Title as you would like them to appear in the From field of your outgoing messages. Filling this field will help the recipient better identify you, the message sender.

Return E-mail Address
Enter the E-mail address to which your mail recipients will reply. The default value, if not specified, is your Care2 E-mail address.

Enter your ICQ number in order to use ICQ message and chat facilities with other ICQ members.

Notification of New Messages
You can specify how you want to be notified of incoming messages to your address:

  • Via ICQ - ICQ will notify you when you receive an incoming message.

  • Via E-mail address - Enter the E-mail address (a non-Care2 E-mail address) at which you would like to be notified of new messages in your Care2 E-mail account. Note: This service allows you to be alerted that new messages are waiting for you at Care2, but does not allow messages to be downloaded to your offline E-mail account.

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Defining a Signature

How to Define a Signature
Preventing Illegal Entry Via Links

How to Define a Signature

Here you may create or modify a signature for your outgoing mail. A signature is a block of text that may be included at the end of your outgoing messages.

Enter your signature in the text area provided. You can use this space to include your name, E-mail address, a company logo or any other text you desire. Try to keep your signature short, no more than a few lines, as this signature may be appended to your outgoing messages, adding overhead to the transfer time of the message. Here is an example of a signature:

	"I love Wolves!"
	My First & Last Name

Click OK to confirm your signature and mailbox setting changes. The next time you write a message, your Name & Title will appear on your outgoing messages. Also, you will be able to have your signature appended to the end of your message by marking the Add My Signature checkbox in the Compose window.

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Preventing Illegal Entry Via Links

Click the I would like to view my HTML messages in safe mode option to help prevent illegal entry via links. (Some versions of Internet Explorer may be vulnerable to illegal entry if you do not use safe mode.) When you receive an HTML message in safe mode, click the message header to display the message in a new browser window.

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Retrieving E-mail from Other Accounts

How to Retrieve E-mail from Other Accounts

If you would like to retrieve E-mail remotely from other E-mail accounts, click on the Other Mail button at the top of the Options page and fill in the following information for each E-mail account you would like to retrieve:

  • Login Name: This is usually the name appearing to the left of the '@' sign in the E-mail address (example:
  • Password: Enter the POP Mail password you would normally use, not your Care2 password. Your POP Mail password is held in strict confidence by Care2.
  • POP Server: This is usually the name appearing to the right of the '@' sign in the E-mail address (example:
  • Port: The communications port used when connecting to the POP server. The default for most servers is 110. Usually, you do not need to change it.
  • Retain Mail on Host: Check the box if you do not wish messages to be deleted from the POP server after they have been retrieved.
  • Max # of Messages: Enter the maximum number of messages to be downloaded at a time.

Press the OK button to submit the information.

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Helpful Hints for Retrieving E-mail from Other Accounts

Here are some tips on how to configure your Other Mail settings, if you are not absolutely sure of what to specify in each field:

  1. Call or write your System Administrator or Help Desk.
  2. Check your ISP's web site for a page which supplies "configuration information".
  3. If you have another mail program already configured, copy the settings that are used there into the appropriate Other Mail fields.
  4. Take an educated guess, using a common convention: Many ISP's will use "mail" as the first node of their mail handling DNS (Domain Name Server - a storage area which contains a list of Internet addresses and their alphanumeric equivalent). For example, a Service Provider by the name of might use as the POP Mail Server Name. An example using this "guessing" routine: the user, John Doe, has an account, John might try putting "" in the POP Server field and "john" in the Login Name field.

Note: You can retrieve mail from up to three other E-mail accounts. If you have opened several Care2 E-mail accounts, you can not use them as Other Mail accounts, as Care2 E-mail accounts must be managed separately.

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