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Sharon Sleighter

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  • Deanna Terrell
  • 2220 days, 17 hours ago
  • Kathy Struve
  • 2216 days, 13 hours ago
Because she is our fearless leader and she heads up an organization that has saved many hundreds of boxers who are now in loving, happy homes.
  • Andrea Westerfeld
  • 2220 days, 17 hours ago
Sharon does amazing work every day to help boxers in need, and with only doggie kisses as a thank you. She's helped save the lives of over a thousand dogs and enrich the lives of all their new owners.
  • Mariah laughlin
  • 2220 days, 8 hours ago
Without Sharon, my little boxer babies wouldn't be alive, not to mention hundreds of other abandoned and forgotten boxers. She is a tough son of a gun with the heart of an angel. She commit countless hours to our cause and never gives up.
  • Shannon Stewart
  • 2220 days, 10 hours ago
Sharon gives nothing but 110% of her time, energy and love to this cause. Everyone in her eyes makes a difference she just leads the charge. This group does amazing things every day for our beloved Boxers! Sharon is a true angel for these beautiful creatures that would not have a voice without her! I am proud to have adopted and be affialited with this great group at Legacy Boxer Rescue and their fearless leader, Sharon Sleighter!

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  • Anonymous
  • 2178 days, 29 minutes ago
  • Grace Nemo
  • 2178 days, 33 minutes ago
Animal shelters across America are becoming more and more over crowded. Sharon founded Legacy Boxer Rescue five years ago, and since then has been able to help hundreds of dogs that would have died alone and friendless. She is the president of Legacy Boxer Rescue, a group that consists of more than 200 close volunteers. The rescue group concentrates on the Boxer dog breed because of the dog's pure love and their intelligence. Every week, there are at least forty Boxers waiting in Dallas area shelters with little time before they are euthanized. Legacy Boxer Rescue rescues and adopts out between 200 and 300 Boxers each year and marked their 1,000th adoption in 2008. The dogs are placed in foster homes, where they receive whatever medical care and behavioral training they need and then eventually are adopted into the forever homes they so deserve. All the volunteers give their heart and soul for this rescue, but Sharon Sleighter gives her life to a cause that only pays in dog kisses and happy homes. Despite having a full-time job and a family of her own, she dedicates countless hours to Legacy Boxer Rescue and the dogs. From transporting, fostering, and vaccinating, to paperwork, decision-making, and delivering supplies, Sharon never stops! She's always there when anyone needs help, and she cares about every single dog in the program.
  • Anonymous
  • 2178 days, 34 minutes ago
  • stan rucker
  • 2178 days, 36 minutes ago
Glad I got my vote in just in time....go sharon!
  • Anonymous
  • 2178 days, 42 minutes ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2178 days, 45 minutes ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2178 days, 48 minutes ago
  • lc cole
  • 2178 days, 52 minutes ago
  • Cody Bradley
  • 2178 days, 56 minutes ago
For Dottie and Hans, who aren't boxers, but still dogs.
  • Terri Ski
  • 2178 days, 58 minutes ago
She loves and saves Boxers!
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