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The Mass Cruel Killing of Homeless Pets in Russia ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

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- 2277 days ago -
Doghunters appear in each city of Russia. They find place where live stray dogs and then they kill dogs, cats slowly.

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mar l ene dinkins (264)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 3:56 pm
i had never see what i had see it today in this n fotos from turkey and russia this ia barbaric!!!!!!!!! this is the biggest crime and animal cruelty that i never would like to see again!!!!!! tody it been a bad day i saw too much around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder what is this?????????????????? what can we do???????????? why animals dogs and all suffer in the hands of humanes like this??????????????? OMG !!!!! iam in shock!!!!!!!!! would anybody doing something?????????????????????? please somebody tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Past Member (0)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 4:13 pm
690, thanks Cher...this picture makes me sick

Esther Z (94)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 4:31 pm
Noted and signed. The people that do this are worst than animals....

brittany h (16)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 4:51 pm
Signed and noted. There is just no need or explanation for this.

Olga S (160)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 8:22 pm
Russian people are the first who are against it.
Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of over 50 Russian cities to protest against cruelty to stray animals as part of the “Russia without cruelty” campaign.

Eternal Gardener (745)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 8:25 pm

Carol H (229)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 9:25 pm
signede and noted

Michelle S (462)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 10:06 pm
This needs to be taken more seriously. The so-called "democratic" soviet republic is still living in the dark ages regarding animal welfare. You have to share and cross post this. You must do more than just sign. Share in groups, post at social media sites and Tweet. THIS MUST BE STOPPED AND PUTIN NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR VOICES.


Please spread this information in organization which can helps homeless pets in Russia! We're addressing you as our last hope. We hope that this petition will help us to stop sadists doghunters in Russia.

Doghunters appear in each city of Russia. They find place where live stray dogs and then they kill dogs, cats slowly.

In Russia has been created forum, that talks about acts of cruelty towards animals, the killing of dogs, cats and other animals. Doghunters spread in the Internet gruesome photos and videos

For example,
and other sites.

The Government of Russian Federation know about this , but they don't do nothing. Because our government don't want to spend money for sterilize, shelters, and other help. Animals have no rights here.

!!!!! Please help very ask!!!!

Genoveva M M (328)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 10:42 pm
Signed and posted in groups. Thanks Michelle for forwarding and Cher for posting.

P A (117)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 10:52 pm
Utterly unspeakable - signed; thanks Michelle.

naomi cohen (55)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 10:58 pm
signed again, posted again, sick again.

Henriette Matthijssen (154)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 11:07 pm
Oh Good God, I am literally having my stomach turning over that photograph! Only some humans can be just so evil to disrespect life for others. I signed, Thanks Cher.

Kathy Chadwell (354)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 11:30 pm
Signed, commented, posted to facebook, myspace and twitters
This sickness is global and I'm going ballistic:(

Kathy Chadwell (354)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 11:31 pm
Everybody needs to take a moment and comment, anything that will hit a nerve.

You want the world to recognize Russia as civilized, as a powerful nation. The only thing I am seeing is a sickness.

Catherine Turley (192)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 11:46 pm
thanks for the forward michelle. my notes aren't showing up, so letting you know i got it.ty cher as always.

Dawn Marie (24)
Saturday January 28, 2012, 11:48 pm
Signed & noted. Thank you, Cher.

It seems that there are more sadistic psychopaths, than ever before, in the world today.

Thank you, Olga for letting us know that Russian citizens are uniting against these barbaric and heinous acts of violence.

Michael C (217)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:02 am
Noted, and signed...Seeing this picture, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach...I only hope and pray the people who do this will pay when their karma catches up with them...i wish they burn in hell...God Bless the poor Animals...Just horrifying...

Jane Parker (70)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:33 am

Yvonne F (181)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:02 am
Gladly signed! What is wrong with those countries? Why do they suddenly start murdering animals? If they want to be as in the West, they should starting behaving like it. Not because animals aren't suffering in the Western countries, God knows they do! Thanks for posting this great petitions so I could sign!

Virginia Esquer (10)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:09 am
what is wrong with these murderers that kill innocent animals for their own pleasure, only insane and cold, cruel bastars mother fuckers do this to our fuzzy friends no compasion for life, i hope somebody castrates their balls for a change.

Danuta W (1248)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:12 am

Veronique L (209)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:18 am
Oh my God..I think I'm going to be sick

Kathy Chadwell (354)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:54 am
They have the Animal Liberation Front in Russia, so not all are this sickness,, criticize the government since this petition is to the prez,,, hit a nerve. GodSpeed to ALF around the globe

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:54 am
pigs, just like dogs, are intelligent, social, affectionate creatures, who love a tummy rub and will greet their people with wagging tails. cows sorrowfully mourn the loss of their young, and can bellow for days after their babies are taken from them to be killed and eaten as veal. turkeys can experience deep emotional connections with people, and chickens can be psychologically traumatized for life after being released from an egg production facility. all of these animals are shut out of our general circle of compassion or empathy, for no reason. cultural prejudices kick in to hear about a dog being killed, I can't help but feel that there is a certain hypocrisy being displayed by the general reaction to this incident, as though there is some sort of significant difference between the value of the life of a dog and the value of the life of a pig, a cow, or a chicken, animals who are killed collectively by the billions every year.
life has value beyond measure
Peace and Love

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 3:02 am
TY for the alert. Signed on January 29, 2012.

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 4:31 am
Signed, TY.
OMG ...

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 4:58 am

Michele Wilkinson (106)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 5:37 am
Noted and signed.

Stelizan L (258)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 5:58 am
Barbaric? Most definitely!! 2-legged filth that should be eliminated from Planet Earth? YES!!!!! May Karma make them pay 'for ever more' for their vile deeds! Will sign right now.

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:07 am
horrible I hope they suffer by God's punishment the highest authority there his, and if they get it here too good! for they have heart they are pure evil to do this.

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:08 am
meant to put NO heart in my comment above

Dawn Harvey (23)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:13 am

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:39 am
The mass cruel killing of homeless pets in Russia!
Your signature has been delivered to: D.A. Medvedev and V.V. Putin
1.186, TU Cher

Despina Vekris (9)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:42 am
Goodness what next,noted and sickened

Danny M (83)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:43 am
Noted and signed! Thank you Cher!

Vallee R (280)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:58 am
Noted, signed and posted.

Michela M (3964)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:59 am
SIGNED & Noted

Lisa N (206)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 7:24 am
Signed, thank you for posting Cher.

Teresa Cowley (274)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 7:38 am
Sorry b*****ds!!
Noted and signed.
Thanks Cher.

Vivien Green (153)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 7:45 am
Noted,signed and shared on FB.
Thank you Cher for this heartbreaking story.

lori c (29)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 7:52 am
What kind of sick, twisted, SADISTIC people are these?

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 7:55 am
So sick. Noted and signed.

Eve L (57)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:03 am
Those people should be killed. Seriously what kind of people are you when you do this???? Personaly I don't think we need that kind of person on earth. They are mentally ill. This has to be stopped it's disgusting, I'm about to throw up. .

Ruth C (87)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:11 am

What these Bastards need is someone like Ivan the terrible to rule Russia again, then they will live in such a state of fear that they will not go and harm any animal!!

Anne P (174)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:41 am
So awful, I just cannot stand it. Noted and signed. Thanks, dear Cher.

TERRY R (353)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:41 am

penny C (85)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:48 am
Signed & noted.So blooming horrific & terrible.

Elsie Au (259)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:52 am
Done. No word to describe what I feel. Thanks for posting.

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:11 am
I would love to hunt these people down! Signed and noted.

Valerie H (133)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:11 am
Thank you, signed....


Penelope Ryan (178)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:12 am
I thought Putin was an animal lover.

Vicynthia Tjahjadi (57)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:14 am
Noted and signed. Thanks.

Sue McGuey (106)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:26 am
Noted & signed!~ Posted to Facebook!~

Jason Green (235)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:41 am
Your signature has been delivered to:
D.A. Medvedev and V.V. Putin

Lydia S (155)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:45 am
Already signed.

divergent r (309)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:54 am
plus what a horrid picture,I think I'm gonna hurl

Patricia E G (54)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:09 am
Noted & Signed
Thank you Cher
and Thank you Michelle
These are getting hard to take

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:18 am
this is so evil and cruel,s/sharing,xxx

Elaine Al Meqdad (283)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:18 am
Signed ! And for certain there is a nice warm spot in hell for these demonic peices of trash!

Kay M (347)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:29 am
done, thx.

Sheila D (28)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:31 am
Noted and signed.

MmAway M (505)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 11:19 am
Thank you Cher! Signed with extreme Sorrow!

aj E (164)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 11:36 am
horrible. signed.

Alicia V (181)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 11:37 am
Brutes and vicious scum. I hope they get theirs very very soon.
Signed and Noted.

Sunday January 29, 2012, 12:02 pm
Signed and noted, thanks.

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 12:03 pm
Dianne, You signed on January 29, 2012.
Your signature has been delivered to:
D.A. Medvedev and V.V. Putin

Annie Cowling (116)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 12:04 pm
signed, thank-you

Knut F (41)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 12:21 pm
It's time to get rid of that superfluous scum!

They will suffer later, but then even more so!

Alexis L (1)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 12:34 pm
Noted and Signed.

Gudrun D (447)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:00 pm
Signed - thanks Cher

michelle t (41)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:20 pm
Signed.This is horrific

. (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:23 pm

Dany Strakova (123)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:25 pm
Dany, You signed on January 28, 2012.
Your signature has been delivered to:
D.A. Medvedev and V.V. Putin

Emma S (239)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 1:59 pm
Signed earlier. Thanks for posting.

Ann L (15)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:19 pm
Signed and shared. What goes around, comes around. Can not bellieve there are people in the world like this!

Lynne Buckley (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:45 pm

Irene Leggett (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 2:46 pm
These people truly are the devil's spawn. Russia and Turkey want to join the EU, NO, NO, NO, a million times NO. These countries along with other Eastern European countries are still living in the dark ages, they have no animal welfare laws, no compassion, no empathy, and after this article, certainly no moral ethics whatsoever. They are not fit to live and breathe the same air as decent, caring people.

Mary T (178)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 3:15 pm
Signed and shared, Thanks Cher.

Dustin Larmore (1)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 3:33 pm
A terrible story. Signed.

Cheryl B (64)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 4:12 pm

M B (62)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 4:16 pm
Signed and noted.

Lisa Zarafonetis (168)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 4:30 pm
Signed & Shared on Facebook!!! :(

Evelyn B (79)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 4:39 pm
Noted And Signed Tks Cher...OMG, my thoughts of what I'd do to these sick Bastards are just not printable..May Karma come and get these Barbaric People for they should be in HELL shoveling hot hot coal...

liz c (827)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 5:17 pm
disgusting--done--I could have done without the graphic picture.

Sylvie Bermannova (42)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 5:54 pm
Sickening. Noted, signed.

Mike H (252)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 5:59 pm

Michael, You signed on January 29, 2012.
Your signature has been delivered to:
D.A. Medvedev and V.V. Putin .

Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:30 pm
This story really sickened me signed with pleasure anything we can do to stop this atricity

Intan Surya Dawood (3)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:48 pm
Noted and signed.

Nicole W (646)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:55 pm
noted, signed and shared, thank you Cher, mankind is beyond inhumane - pure evil :-(

Gary C (5)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:56 pm
Noted and Signed , Thankyou and sickened through , I hope Medvedev or Putin or at least somebody in power over there finally takes notice and decides to do something about these evil mongrels , a shoot on sight policy would be to lenient for these scum ....

Shirley S (187)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 6:59 pm
Noted & signed with a ANGRY comment.

Kim O (396)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 7:30 pm
Noted and signed!! Sick!!!! Thanks Cher and to Michelle for sending!

Joy M (169)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:00 pm

Erin R (181)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:04 pm

Janice S (133)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 8:57 pm
This is horrible and must be stopped!! I am signing and forwarding!

Shelly Peterson (213)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 9:49 pm
Signed with spit and fire!!

Hugh M. (0)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:00 pm
awesome article. thanks!

Olivia C. (53)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:39 pm

Dominic Delarmente (33)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:43 pm
Signed and shared in support against Animal Cruelty.thanks Cher!

W. C (7)
Sunday January 29, 2012, 10:46 pm
Sad, thank you.

Heather P (16)
Monday January 30, 2012, 1:08 am

Linda M (1748)
Monday January 30, 2012, 3:22 am
No shortage of garbage people out there.

Maria p (151)
Monday January 30, 2012, 4:33 am
it is horrible!!!!!!! signed and noted, thanks

Joe R (190)
Monday January 30, 2012, 5:05 am
Sined and noted.

Sarah G (109)
Monday January 30, 2012, 5:26 am
signed, thanks for posting

Past Member (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 6:12 am
How could I not note and sign?

Sandi C (99)
Monday January 30, 2012, 6:25 am

Patricia Cannell (852)
Monday January 30, 2012, 6:50 am
Signed, noted and posted to facebook. Hopefully we can get a lot more signatures.

Kimberly B (89)
Monday January 30, 2012, 6:50 am
Signed & noted, thank you Cher.

Unnikrishnan Sasidharan (44)
Monday January 30, 2012, 6:53 am

. (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 7:38 am

Jana Repova (65)
Monday January 30, 2012, 8:22 am
Horrible!!!! I am sick! For what are those bastards? It is hell on the Earth.

Past Member (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 8:24 am
OMG, this is horrific and disgusting!!

Claire B (4)
Monday January 30, 2012, 9:50 am
Noted and signed. Thanks for pointing out such horrific cruelty and for taking action about it!

tammy B (52)
Monday January 30, 2012, 11:01 am
Noted and signed. Too sad for words

Past Member (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 11:04 am
My computer crashed. I'm searchng for the icons and names of my friends. If you haven't received my
friend request, delight me with yours?

Together, we can exorcise these demons from the Earth.


Past Member (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 12:28 pm
Signed and noted

Jennifer V (341)
Monday January 30, 2012, 12:47 pm

. (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 1:25 pm
N&s with disguist. Maybe those evil people should be killed slowly

Alison A (244)
Monday January 30, 2012, 1:38 pm
Signed and noted, thanks Cher.

Jordan Ayres (5)
Monday January 30, 2012, 1:58 pm
This is so sad!

Patt Tashjian (45)
Monday January 30, 2012, 2:28 pm
Just the fact that "they kill dogs and cats slowly" is 40degrees below horrendous!!!

Yolani M (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 2:59 pm
how horrific i signed

Diana Casoliba (0)
Monday January 30, 2012, 3:34 pm
how can this be possible??

Rebel Wolf (13)
Monday January 30, 2012, 6:52 pm
Signed, shared and noted

Susan S (187)
Monday January 30, 2012, 8:19 pm

Dallas W (57)
Monday January 30, 2012, 10:33 pm
Signed, noted, and feeling sick to my stomach!!!

Ilmira Abdrafikova (0)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 1:08 am
terrible!!!!! people are worse than animals! they hurt those who are weak or helpless.. animals kill when they need to eat or when they protect themselves..not like human beings! shame on us!!

Arild Gone for now (174)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 2:18 am
Signed,TY Cher.

Katherine H (37)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 5:17 am
Done, thanks!

Elize Labuschagne (181)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 7:34 am
These murderers!! Hope they rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie Disle (66)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 7:42 am
Signed very sadly. Posted on facebook. Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukrainia, Serbia, and so on and so on... all killers, all murderers. When will they be judge???

mar l ene dinkins (264)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 10:56 am
iam sick!!!!!!!!!!of my mind and soul to see this images. all htis countries should desapear of the face of the eart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the destruction of the animal kindon is to much!!!!!!!!!!!!the humane kind is not worth anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kari Knabe (14)
Tuesday January 31, 2012, 1:38 pm

Lindsey Williams (234)
Wednesday February 1, 2012, 7:53 am
Horrific, signed, thanks.

michael sullivan (1022)
Wednesday February 1, 2012, 2:33 pm
signed and noted -- these sadistic animal killers need to be held accountable!

Ravi K (245)
Friday February 3, 2012, 12:36 am
Signed Thanks

Margaret B (88)
Saturday February 4, 2012, 8:41 am

Shanie Mangulin (12)
Saturday February 4, 2012, 3:19 pm
I have tried & tried to sign the petition...but, UNFORTUNATELY, FedEx has set up firewalls which will not allow its computer customer-users to access the petition. FedEx has a firewall to prevent we customers from even viewing the petition, let alone signing it.

Nelu Dumitriu (14)
Saturday February 4, 2012, 11:16 pm
Noted and signed

amelie L (51)
Wednesday February 8, 2012, 4:23 am
Noted and signed, thank you.

Frank Pickens (126)
Friday February 10, 2012, 12:24 am
Every country on this Planet is savagely killing, torturing, and abusing Earth's Animals. There must be a way to make people in power care, but many of them are th culprits. One can monly Pray that God hands out redemption for our animal brothers and sisters who are dying and suffering at the hands of the INFERIOR SPECIES, man.

Harshita Sharma (137)
Friday February 10, 2012, 5:02 am
this is pure evil!!! must be stopped at all costs!
noted and signed.

Tracey E (87)
Friday February 10, 2012, 1:45 pm

Simon Validzic (244)
Sunday February 12, 2012, 10:02 am
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