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The American Vote: A View From the North

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: americans, u.s., usa, republicans, government, democrats, elections )

- 1902 days ago -
Freedom is something that should never be taken from a free man without a fight.

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Cam V (417)
Monday November 5, 2012, 12:09 pm
This Canadian was drawn into a fight for your American Republic the likes I thought I would never see. It was my wife's idea. She started getting involved in it and dragged me with her. I had just retired after years of working and knew nothing about computers. The first year the most I could managed as far as this machine was concerned was the on and off button. Even that scared the hell out of me. But what scared me more was what I saw taking place across the border from me.

It has been four long years and much has changed. My wife of more than twenty years passed away and took my heart with her but I have stayed the course in this fight for your freedom. That is in clear English EXACTLY what this has been all about. A fight for your REPUBLIC and your PERSONAL FREEDOMS. Something we gave up without so much as a protest sign here in Canada more years ago than I can count.

If Obama is not defeated on Tuesday, your Republic will be over. If Obama is not defeated on Tuesday, your freedom of choice will be terminated. It begins with having the government takeover of your health care system and ends with them demanding your guns. They will not ask for them outright but will rule and regulate you to death. Tax the decisions you were freely able to make in the past to the point where you will surrender your ability to defend yourself, make decisions for yourself because they gain the upper hand.

I know. I lived it. I, like many Democrats will on Tuesday voted to accept it here in Canada in the late 1960's when our Obama showed up only then his name was Trudeau. By the time I realized what I had to give up it was too late. People became so used to the freebies it was political suicide for politicians to even suggest they had to take them away because they would be the fiscal undoing of a nation. THAT is what they do not tell you as they promise you the moon and the stars. It all sounds good to start with but it has a terrible economic outcome.

What we have in free nations is equal opportunities. If Obama is an example of anything in America, he is a good example that anyone can become anything he wants, regardless of colour, upbringing or station in life. It is no longer an excuse anyone can use in your country for being a non-achiever. While that in itself is a great statement he also represents the biggest danger to America ideology and all it stands for - today.

Freedom is something that should never be taken from a free man without a fight.

Independence and self-reliance is what makes us the most successful in life. Here in Canada I was successful by ignoring the hand out society my nation became. I stood on my own, made my own way and accepted help from no one. I am a self-made man and proud of it. What I am not proud of is the fact that while I continued to vote against the social programs that were failing, I never became an active participant in objecting to them and demanding change. It was not because I did not want to – I did not know how to.

When socialism started taking over my Canadian system I thought that I was being patriotic by continuing to vote and live independent of my government. We lost so many things here. The list is one I have gone into many times over these past four and some years and yes, free speech is at the top of it. The final straw for me was the day my insurance agent told me I might want to consider taking out extra insurance in case I said something to someone that insulted them and they sued me for it. Well that was the day I stood up and said something insulting all right. Changed insurance companies and started my own Tea Party Group here in Canada. That was the day when enough was finally enough for me.

Every American I have had contact with over the years I have learned something from no matter which party they represent. Democratic or Republican. I have come to detest the angst and hatred that is propagated between the two groups and always have to ask why? Why the hate? Why the anger? Political choices are nothing more than differences in opinions. It did not take long for me to realize that it is usually one side inciting the other. The Progressive who have taken over the Democratic Party are not a very nice bunch of people. They think that divisiveness and personal attacks is the way to win an argument because they can never base things on actual truth and facts.

It began in America with something as innocent looking as the Black Caucus that is present in your congress and Senate. That MUST be outlawed if the division among people is to be stopped. Your elected officials are elected in America to represent you no matter what colour they or you happen to be. When groups like that are allowed to take root in a political arena it is the first step towards division among people. If they want to be a separate and special group then you should be demanding they do it OUTSIDE of your political arena. If a black official is my representative then I expect him to represent me as equally as my black neighbour. I expect us to be treated as equals and that any vote he or she makes on my behalf is done in a colour blind manner, as it should be in politics. Keep that in mind as a directive to give to your elected rep when this election cycle is over.

The American Tea Party Movement showed this Canadian the way real change can happen in a nation. It can be said without a doubt that I became an American political activist in order to learn how to become a Canadian one. Something I can only be grateful to every American for who took me under their wing and with their words and their actions demonstrated what real freedom is and what one needs to do to get it back. Stand up. Speak out and never stop.

I will be sweating it out with my group of American patriots as the votes get counted. No matter what happens, I hope you know that this Canadians heart and soul is with you all.

Your Northern Neighbour,

Cam Vallee

Jae A (320)
Monday November 5, 2012, 12:59 pm
Kind of weird coming from a Socialist society but whatever...I think the opinion of all of Europe trumps this articles opinion .. but none the less ...fear not as the majority of us in the U.S are fighting against Romney and his new world Corporate order concept for leading the nation that would take away our freedoms in the process...

After whoever else might read the article I hope they will join us in our fight against the Romney concept/beliefs aka agenda.... if he were to be president.:

The ten guiding principles of Romneyism are:

1. Corporations are the basic units of society. Corporations are people, and the overriding purpose of an economy is to maximize corporate profits. When profits are maximized, the economy grows fastest. This growth benefits everyone in the form greater output, better products and services, and higher share prices.

2. Workers are a means to the goal of maximizing corporate profits. If workers do not contribute to that goal, they should be fired. If they cannot then find other work that helps maximize profits in another company, their wages must be too high, and they must therefore accept steadily lower wages until they find a job.

3. All factors of production – capital, physical plant and equipment, workers – are fungible and should be treated the same. Any that fail to deliver high competitive returns should be replaced or discarded. This keeps an economy efficient. Fairness is and should be irrelevant.

4. Pollution, unsafe products, unsafe working conditions, financial fraud, and other negative side effects of the pursuit of profits are the price society pays for profit-driven growth. They should not be used as excuses to constrain the pursuit of profits through regulation.

5. Individual worth depends on net worth — how much money one has made, and the value of the assets that money has been invested in. Any person with enough intelligence and ambition can make a fortune. Failure to do so is sign of moral and intellectual inferiority.

6. People who fail in the economy should not be coddled. They should not receive food stamps, Medicaid, or any other form of social subsidy. Coddling leads to a weaker society and a weaker economy.

7. Taxes are inherently bad because they constrain profit-making. It is the right and responsibility of individuals and corporations to exploit every tax loophole they (and their tax attorneys) can find in order to pay the lowest taxes possible.

8. Politics is a game whose only purpose is to win. Any means used to win the game is legitimate even if it involves lying and cheating, as long as it gains more supporters than it loses.

9. Democracy is dangerous because it is forever vulnerable to the votes of a majority intent on capturing the wealth of the successful minority, on whom the economy depends. The rich must therefore do whatever is necessary to prevent the majority from exercising its will, including spending large sums of money on lobbyists and political campaigns. The most virtuous among the rich will go a step further and run for president.

10. The three most important aspects of life are family, religion, and money. Patriotism is a matter of guarding our economy from unfair traders and undocumented immigrants, rather than joining together for the common good. We owe nothing to one another as citizens of the same society.
That being posted... I see this thread as having a fair and balanced opinion range to it.

Thanks for the opportunity for others to share their opposing views to the article by posting this article on care2 Cam. Mighty gentlemanly of ya ........

Maui Gal (68)
Monday November 5, 2012, 1:20 pm
STANDING OVATION MY DEAR CAM!!! Your Linda was one of the best supporters here on C2 and I am so thankful she dragged you into this....we have been at this for such a long time....way before 2008 on another website and then ended up here on our voices are being heard and we will win this election tomorrow and a new love for Our Country will come into play!!!! Romney/Ryan will get us back on track and repair all the damage and division that the obama administration has done to us these last four years. obama was the great divider and liar in we can oust him and move onward as a nation of ONE!!!! We will no longer be divided.....we will no longer look weak....we will never again apologize for America.....Thank GOD for the USA and those who love their country more than anything else in the world!!!! We are winning.....tomorrow will be a great day for sure!!!! A new vision......obama had it's not for Romney said....IT"S FOR LOVE OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we have proved that to be so true....again....GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

Judy Desh (1)
Monday November 5, 2012, 2:43 pm
Cam, it has truly been an honor for my husband and I to get to know you over this last couple of years. You have been uplifting to many of us and believe me when I say we learned much more from your wise words over this time than you will ever know. Thank you from us to you.

I know you are not a Christian but God bless you dear Cam and God Bless these United States of America.

Cam V (417)
Monday November 5, 2012, 7:23 pm
Who you going to follow around when this is all over Jae?

What is happening right now in New York is a prime example of why big government does not work. Once again Fema has failed. Romney is right to change it. Argue away. You are entitled to your views even though I think they are wrong.

Carol D (346)
Monday November 5, 2012, 7:58 pm
All I can say Cam is WOW!!!!!! That was a awesome and inspiring message that you added on here...forget Jae...he will never get any message unless it is slobbering with the name of Obama but Obama will be gone tomorrow and Jae will be lost so he will have to come up with something else to complain about!!

Judy you are so right on Cam being an awesome person!! Cam is one of those people you meet that the first sentence that comes out of his mouth you are in awe over! We've known each other since before the 08 election and we were both constantly on the same page! Linda his wife was another awesome person...she said what she meant and meant what she said! I only wish I could have known her longer than I did! No doubt she will be right here with us tomorrow cheering Romney and Ryan on and celebrating with us when Romney and Ryan win!! I am a firm believer in the fact that positive energy feeds positive energy and we have a LOT of positive energy here for Romney and Ryan!! I mean POSITIVE ENERGY!!!! Our country has gone so far down hill with negative from the left that it's past time to bring it all back up and that is what we intend to do tomorrow!!

Maui...Awesome opinion piece my Dear!! We "WILL" be voting for Love of Country tomorrow and not revenge.....revenge takes too much wasted energy that only ends up making a person feel totally worthless and destitute!! What a negative way to be!!!!!!!!!! POSITIVE is where it's at!!!!!!!!!

Carol D (346)
Monday November 5, 2012, 8:10 pm
Thanks for the opportunity for others to share their opposing views to the article by posting this article on care2 Cam. Mighty gentlemanly of ya ........

Jae...Out of all you said above I detect a note of respect towards Cam...maybe I am wrong!? If not I Thank You for trying to be civil about what you said. Americans only have one country and if that goes...we all go! God Help us if America goes!!

Cam V (417)
Monday November 5, 2012, 8:25 pm
I like Jae actually. Like you too Nyack though we are political opposites to some extent. I am friends with Carol and that has never been a secret here at Care 2. In fact she was the first person to ever 'friend' me here and taught me how to get around. Her and I disagree as much as we agree but she earned my respect long ago.

Carol D (346)
Tuesday November 6, 2012, 9:31 am
Thanks Cam!! Much appreciated and even though we don't agree on everything we can show the disagreement with respect to one another!

Nyack..If you think I am sucking up to Cam...even though it has nothing to do with be it! Happy Election to you too! There is nothing wrong with America that a good old fashioned Republican take back can't fix!!


Patrice M (84)
Tuesday November 27, 2012, 5:08 pm
It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from the government."


Dandelion G (367)
Friday January 4, 2013, 11:29 am
I have learned that Cam, the one who posted this, is now in the Spirit World. Although I seldom did agree on Cam's take on things, I do appreciate that he at least cared. His first comment was that he cared, he cared to try. I may not agree with how he thought we should fix things but at least he tried, which is more than what a lot of our own citizens fail to do, even try. He wasn't even an American but he felt the need to help in some way. I wish that more Americans would stand up and start becoming more active in their Country rather than sit back and complain, turn on the TV, watch the football game, Dance with The Stars, or know more about their favorite soap opera and forget about things for another day until they complain again.

Cam mentioned that he had lost his wife of 20 years and took his heart with her, I can relate to that one having lost my husband of 22 years. So with that knowledge I will smile as the two of you are together once again, hearts now rejoined. Gentle journey Cam, the worldly issues no longer a concern for you, enjoy the freedom of being in Spirit.

Maui Gal (68)
Friday January 4, 2013, 2:01 pm
This was just one of many of Cam's finest post.....yes....he is dancing in Heaven with his beautiful wife Linda....they both are missed so much. Linda was a very beautiful woman and for those who never got to know her on C2, you missed out on so much....her and Cam were a very special pair and now they are together forever......after losing Linda, Cam was never the same....even though he put up a good front! We will all miss Cam and Linda.....Care2 will never be the same. Please go to Cam's profile and leave a comment or just a green star will do.......I hope he has his laptop in Heaven......

Dandelion G (367)
Friday January 4, 2013, 2:09 pm
I had before you left this, given him a green star, on the comment he left where he said, "I like Jae actually. Like you too Nyack though we are political opposites to some extent. I am friends with Carol and that has never been a secret here at Care 2. In fact she was the first person to ever 'friend' me here and taught me how to get around. Her and I disagree as much as we agree but she earned my respect long ago."

To me it shows he left the earth with no ill will in his heart, that is a lesson we all need to learn. We may not be in agreement on all things, but we need to rise above that and have no malice towards each other. So this I gave him a green star for. I also thank you Maui for the green star given to me, and my condolences to your loss of friend.

Süheyla C (234)
Sunday January 6, 2013, 12:55 pm
Thanks, noted
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