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Why Are Dozens Of High Ranking Officers Being Purged From The U.S. Military?

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P. L.
- 1549 days ago -
'Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions ... So why is this happening? ... Is there a deliberate attempt to "reshape" the military ... after a "military purge" is never good.'

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P. L. Neola (21)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 4:29 am
Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented. Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the “purge” of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place. As you will see below, dozens of highly decorated military leaders have been dismissed from their positions over the past few years. So why is this happening? When I was growing up, my father was an officer in the U.S. Navy. And what is going on right now is absolutely crazy – especially during a time of peace. Is there a deliberate attempt to “reshape” the military and remove those that don’t adhere to the proper “viewpoints”? Does someone out there feel a need to get officers that won’t “cooperate” out of the way? Throughout world history, whatever comes next after a “military purge” is never good. If this continues, what is the U.S. military going to look like in a few years?

Perhaps you are reading this and you think that “purge” is too strong a word for what is taking place. Well, just consider the following quotes from some very highly decorated retired officers…

-Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely: “The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

-Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady: “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.”

-Retired Army Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin: “Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause.”

-Retired Navy Captain Joseph John: “I believe there are more than 137 officers who have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make Flag (officer), because of their failure to comply to certain views.”

According to the Blaze, one anonymous Pentagon official has said that even young officers have been told “not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House”…

A Pentagon official who asked to remain nameless because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said even “young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job — just keep your mouth shut.”

Now this trend appears to be accelerating. We have seen a whole bunch of news stories about military officers being dismissed lately.

Almost always, a “legitimate reason” is given for the dismissal. And without a doubt, if a military officer is actually behaving unethically, that officer should be held accountable.

However, the reality is that everyone has “skeletons in the closet”, and if you really want to get rid of someone it is usually not too hard to find a way to justify your decision.

The following are excerpts from three news stories about military officers in trouble that have come out so far in 2014…

#1 The Air Force Times: A group of former Air Force majors, forced out this summer by a noncontinuation board, plans to file a lawsuit claiming the service had no right to separate them simply to meet end-strength numbers set by Congress.

More than 10 of the 157 dismissed majors are banding together to challenge the move in court, seeking either reinstatement or early retirement pay. All 157 had been twice passed over for promotion and were within six years of retirement.

#2 Defense News: Acting US Navy Undersecretary Robert Martinage, the department’s No. 2, has resigned under pressure, sources confirmed for Defense News.

The resignation, which Martinage announced to his staff Tuesday morning, came after allegations were made of inappropriate conduct with a subordinate woman, the sources confirmed.

#3 Huffington Post: The Air Force says 34 nuclear missile launch officers have been implicated in a cheating scandal and have been stripped of their certification in what is believed to be the largest such breach of integrity in the nuclear force.

Some of the officers apparently texted to each other the answers to a monthly test on their knowledge of how to operate the missiles. Others may have known about it but did not report it.

The cheating was discovered during a drug investigation that involves 11 Air Force officers across six bases in the U.S. and England.


Taken alone, it would be easy to dismiss those stories as “coincidences”. But when you put them together with the stories of dozens of other high ranking military officers that have been purged from the U.S. military in recent years, a very disturbing pattern emerges.

The following is a list of high ranking military officers that have been dismissed over the past few years that has been circulating all over the Internet. I think that you will agree that this list is quite stunning…
Commanding Generals fired:

General John R. Allen-U.S. Marines Commander International Security Assistance Force [ISAF] (Nov 2012)
Major General Ralph Baker (2 Star)-U.S. Army Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force Horn in Africa (April 2013)
Major General Michael Carey (2 Star)-U.S. Air Force Commander of the 20th US Air Force in charge of 9,600 people and 450 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Oct 2013)
Colonel James Christmas-U.S. Marines Commander 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit & Commander Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response Unit (July 2013)
Major General Peter Fuller-U.S. Army Commander in Afghanistan (May 2011)
Major General Charles M.M. Gurganus-U.S. Marine Corps Regional Commander of SW and I Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan (Oct 2013)
General Carter F. Ham-U.S. Army African Command (Oct 2013)
Lieutenant General David H. Huntoon (3 Star), Jr.-U.S. Army 58th Superintendent of the US Military Academy at West Point, NY (2013)
Command Sergeant Major Don B Jordan-U.S. Army 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (suspended Oct 2013)
General James Mattis-U.S. Marines Chief of CentCom (May 2013)
Colonel Daren Margolin-U.S. Marine in charge of Quantico’s Security Battalion (Oct 2013)
General Stanley McChrystal-U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (June 2010)
General David D. McKiernan-U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (2009)
General David Petraeus-Director of CIA from September 2011 to November 2012 & U.S. Army Commander International Security Assistance Force [ISAF] and Commander U.S. Forces Afghanistan [USFOR-A] (Nov 2012)
Brigadier General Bryan Roberts-U.S. Army Commander 2nd Brigade (May 2013)
Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant-U.S. Marine Corps Director of Strategic Planning and Policy for the U.S. Pacific Command & Commander of Aviation Wing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan (Sept 2013)
Colonel Eric Tilley-U.S. Army Commander of Garrison Japan (Nov 2013)
Brigadier General Bryan Wampler-U.S. Army Commanding General of 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command [TSC] (suspended Oct 2013)

Commanding Admirals fired:

Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette-U.S. Navy Commander John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Three (Oct 2012)
Vice Admiral Tim Giardina(3 Star, demoted to 2 Star)-U.S. Navy Deputy Commander of the US Strategic Command, Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10 (Oct 2013)

Naval Officers fired: (All in 2011)

Captain David Geisler-U.S. Navy Commander Task Force 53 in Bahrain (Oct 2011)
Commander Laredo Bell-U.S. Navy Commander Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs, NY (Aug 2011)
Lieutenant Commander Kurt Boenisch-Executive Officer amphibious transport dock Ponce (Apr 2011)
Commander Nathan Borchers-U.S. Navy Commander destroyer Stout (Mar 2011)
Commander Robert Brown-U.S. Navy Commander Beachmaster Unit 2 Fort Story, VA (Aug 2011)
Commander Andrew Crowe-Executive Officer Navy Region Center Singapore (Apr 2011)
Captain Robert Gamberg-Executive Officer carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower (Jun 2011)
Captain Rex Guinn-U.S. Navy Commander Navy Legal Service office Japan (Feb 2011)
Commander Kevin Harms- U.S. Navy Commander Strike Fighter Squadron 137 aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln (Mar 2011)
Lieutenant Commander Martin Holguin-U.S. Navy Commander mine countermeasures Fearless (Oct 2011)
Captain Owen Honors-U.S. Navy Commander aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (Jan 2011)
Captain Donald Hornbeck-U.S. Navy Commander Destroyer Squadron 1 San Diego (Apr 2011)
Rear Admiral Ron Horton-U.S. Navy Commander Logistics Group, Western Pacific (Mar 2011)
Commander Etta Jones-U.S. Navy Commander amphibious transport dock Ponce (Apr 2011)
Commander Ralph Jones-Executive Officer amphibious transport dock Green Bay (Jul 2011)
Commander Jonathan Jackson-U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 134, deployed aboard carrier Carl Vinson (Dec 2011)
Captain Eric Merrill-U.S. Navy Commander submarine Emory S. Land (Jul 2011)
Captain William Mosk-U.S. Navy Commander Naval Station Rota, U.S. Navy Commander Naval Activities Spain (Apr 2011)
Commander Timothy Murphy-U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 129 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA (Apr 2011)
Commander Joseph Nosse-U.S. Navy Commander ballistic-missile submarine Kentucky (Oct 2011)
Commander Mark Olson-U.S. Navy Commander destroyer The Sullivans FL (Sep 2011)
Commander John Pethel-Executive Officer amphibious transport dock New York (Dec 2011)
Commander Karl Pugh-U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 141 Whidbey Island, WA (Jul 2011)
Commander Jason Strength-U.S. Navy Commander of Navy Recruiting District Nashville, TN (Jul 2011)
Captain Greg Thomas-U.S. Navy Commander Norfolk Naval Shipyard (May 2011)
Commander Mike Varney-U.S. Navy Commander attack submarine Connecticut (Jun 2011)
Commander Jay Wylie-U.S. Navy Commander destroyer Momsen (Apr 2011)

Naval Officers fired: (All in 2012):

Commander Alan C. Aber-Executive Officer Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 71 (July 2012)
Commander Derick Armstrong- U.S. Navy Commander missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (May 2012)
Commander Martin Arriola- U.S. Navy Commander destroyer USS Porter (Aug 2012)
Captain Antonio Cardoso- U.S. Navy Commander Training Support Center San Diego (Sep 2012)
Captain James CoBell- U.S. Navy Commander Oceana Naval Air Station’s Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic (Sep 2012)
Captain Joseph E. Darlak- U.S. Navy Commander frigate USS Vandegrift (Nov 2012)
Captain Daniel Dusek-U.S. Navy Commander USS Bonhomme
Commander David Faught-Executive Officer destroyer Chung-Hoon (Sep 2012)
Commander Franklin Fernandez- U.S. Navy Commander Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24 (Aug 2012)
Commander Ray Hartman- U.S. Navy Commander Amphibious dock-landing ship Fort McHenry (Nov 2012)
Commander Shelly Hakspiel-Executive Officer Navy Drug Screening Lab San Diego (May 2012)
Commander Jon Haydel- U.S. Navy Commander USS San Diego (Mar 2012)
Commander Diego Hernandez- U.S. Navy Commander ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming (Feb 2012)
Commander Lee Hoey- U.S. Navy Commander Drug Screening Laboratory, San Diego (May 2012)
Commander Ivan Jimenez-Executive Officer frigate Vandegrift (Nov 2012)
Commander Dennis Klein- U.S. Navy Commander submarine USS Columbia (May 2012)
Captain Chuck Litchfield- U.S. Navy Commander assault ship USS Essex (Jun 2012)
Captain Marcia Kim Lyons- U.S. Navy Commander Naval Health Clinic New England (Apr 2012)
Captain Robert Marin- U.S. Navy Commander cruiser USS Cowpens (Feb 2012)
Captain Sean McDonell- U.S. Navy Commander Seabee reserve unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14 FL (Nov 2012)
Commander Corrine Parker- U.S. Navy Commander Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1 (Apr 2012)
Captain Liza Raimondo- U.S. Navy Commander Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River, MD (Jun 2012)
Captain Jeffrey Riedel- Program manager, Littoral Combat Ship program (Jan 2012)
Commander Sara Santoski- U.S. Navy Commander Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 (Sep 2012)
Commander Kyle G. Strudthoff-Executive Officer Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 (Sep 2012)
Commander Sheryl Tannahill- U.S. Navy Commander Navy Operational Support Center [NOSC] Nashville, TN (Sep 2012)
Commander Michael Ward- U.S. Navy Commander submarine USS Pittsburgh (Aug 2012)
Captain Michael Wiegand- U.S. Navy Commander Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (Nov 2012)
Captain Ted Williams- U.S. Navy Commander amphibious command ship Mount Whitney (Nov 2012)
Commander Jeffrey Wissel- U.S. Navy Commander of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1 (Feb 2012)

Naval Officers fired: (All in 2013):

Lieutenant Commander Lauren Allen-Executive Officer submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013)
Reserve Captain Jay Bowman-U.S. Navy Commander Navy Operational Support Center [NOSC] Fort Dix, NJ (Mar 2013)
Captain William Cogar-U.S. Navy Commander hospital ship Mercy’s medical treatment facility (Sept 2013)
Commander Steve Fuller-Executive Officer frigate Kauffman (Mar 2013)
Captain Shawn Hendricks-Program Manager for naval enterprise IT networks (June 2013)
Captain David Hunter-U.S. Navy Commander of Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 12 & Coastal Riverine Group 2 (Feb 2013)
Captain Eric Johnson-U.S. Navy Chief of Military Entrance Processing Command at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, IL (2013)
Captain Devon Jones-U.S. Navy Commander Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA (July 2013)
Captain Kevin Knoop-U.S. Navy Commander hospital ship Comfort’s medical treatment facility (Aug 2013)
Lieutenant Commander Jack O’Neill-U.S. Navy Commander Operational Support Center Rock Island, IL (Mar 2013)
Commander Allen Maestas-Executive Officer Beachmaster Unit 1 (May 2013)
Commander Luis Molina-U.S. Navy Commander submarine Pasadena (Jan 2013)
Commander James Pickens-Executive Officer frigate Gary (Feb 2013)
Lieutenant Commander Mark Rice-U.S. Navy Commander Mine Countermeasures ship Guardian (Apr 2013)
Commander Michael Runkle-U.S. Navy Commander of Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 (May 2013)
Commander Jason Stapleton-Executive Office Patrol Squadron 4 in Hawaii (Mar 2013)
Commander Nathan Sukols-U.S. Navy Commander submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013)
Lieutenant Daniel Tyler-Executive Officer Mine Countermeasures ship Guardian (Apr 2013)
Commander Edward White-U.S. Navy Commander Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (Aug 2013)
Captain Jeffrey Winter-U.S. Navy Commander of Carrier Air Wing 17 (Sept 2013)
Commander Thomas Winter-U.S. Navy Commander submarine Montpelier (Jan 2013)
Commander Corey Wofford- U.S. Navy Commander frigate Kauffman (Feb 2013)

So what do you think about all of this?

P. L. Neola (21)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 4:32 am
This is my second attempt at submitting this article. I must have used a few keywords, because the first attempt was pulled as soon as it was submitted. Out of pure belligerence and for the love of my country, I submitted it again with less tags.

Arielle S (313)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 6:44 am
I think it might be a good thing - every profession has people who become so comfortable in their ruts that they are no longer useful or productive. A purging may mean more money for veterans and veteran benefits, rather than just letting officers draw big salaries. And yes, everyone has skeletons in their closet, but our military officers are and should be held to a higher standard.

Apolonia Pl (393)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 7:13 am
I've red about it some months ago already...

Apolonia Pl (393)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 7:17 am
There's older article about it;

Carol Dreeszen (346)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 12:46 pm
There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is on a roll to get rid of anyone who refuses to do his dirty works! This is going to backfire on him!! He is hell bent on destroying this country!!

Arielle...So you actually believe that there are this many incompetent leading men in our Military!? I agree when a person is not doing the job they need to be removed and replaced and it's quite obvious that Obama is not increasing more benefits for out Military men and women..if anything he is decreasing them!

P. L. Neola (21)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 2:02 pm
I do not know, Carol. I believe a “silent coup d état” is in progress.

Last year, someone leaked out that Obama ordered and paid for an extremely large quantity of 9 mm hollow-point rounds of ammunition for Homeland Security. The number was so great that it was estimated that the ammunition could last twenty years. Yes, twenty years.

Last year, it was also leaked out that Obama ordered and paid for a large quantity of body bags for FEMA. Yes, it was for FEMA.

Both agencies are “only held accountable to the president and only to the president.” Both agencies were started up because of 9/11. However, both agencies are being directed do operate for someone’s wicked agenda—for Obama’s wicked agenda.

Obama is not leaving the White House. He already acts like a royal Sheikh. Right now, he and his family, especially his mother-in-law, are embarrassing the United States in China. The people catering to their whims are already weary of them. They cannot wait for them to LEAVE their country!!!

He is a bad president internationally. He been a "thorn in our sides" ever since he has been in office!!!

Helen Porter (39)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 4:09 pm
We have an enemy in the land who may also be operating under threat......and maybe not.


Helen Porter (39)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 4:20 pm
A fox guarding the chickens.....

For those interested in end of days prophesy, the Old Testament gives the prophesies of war that every nation will come against Israel. The at that time names of the nations are the present time countries that are banding against Israel.

In other words, the present day nations against Israel, who stands alone in prophesy, are named by the names they had at the time of prophesy. They are identified. If you want... look up Nations at the End of Days.

HOWEVER, United States of America is not in these end of days prophesies, according to the most reputable scholars.

I think the U.S. of America is in as much danger as our beloved Israel.

Rahman Qureshi (76)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 5:37 pm
This information is so overwhelmingly shocking that no doubt it causes people's minds to shut down; feelings of powerlessness abound as the level of traitorship becomes evident.

However, the mind needs to get over this in order to take action. We can still turn this around by informing others. There will be those who deny this is occurring, no different than those who denied what Hitler was setting up to do. There are those who think traitorship is a concept and can't actually occur, thinking the "domestic" part of "against all enemies foreign and domestic" can never exist. Obama's charm is no different than that of Hitler's. The good thing is more and more people are seeing past his smile and seeing him for what he is.

Thank you Portland for sharing this, and about the ammo and body bags. Obama's alignment with Bill Ayers is not a secret. All we need to understand what Obama is setting up to do is read Ayers' chilling words exposed by an FBI informant:

I asked, "well what is going to happen to those people we can't reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?" and the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.

And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers.

And when I say "eliminate," I mean "kill."

Twenty-five million people.


People think this "can never happen" but such atrocities don't happen overnight. They are gradual. Who'd ever think men like Hitler, Marx, Stalin would murder millions upon millions of people, many of their own citizens. What "can never happen", does. Their victims also thought "our country is different, such things could never happen here." We are no different. It can happen, and what fuels it is a refusal of the masses to speak out to stop it.

Obama's train is building momentum, and it will soon level our country on its train tracks. Time to speak out to stop it. Everyone, please note and share this article!


Rahman Qureshi (76)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 6:06 pm
Portland, I'd like to share this important piece of information that will show a bigger picture of what's going on for people like Arielle, who chose to comment but not note this story:

In February 2014 in Norfolk, Virginia, Obama ordered the 5 first-line US nuclear carriers docked together in one place. Knowledgeable Sources stated that this breached a long standing military protocol in the Navy meant to avoid a massive enemy strike on major US forces. Our carriers were sitting ducks, just like Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

Obama claimed his ordered into harbor was for "routine" inspections.

Heads of the Navy were flabbergasted by the directive but had to comply as it was a direct order from their Commander-in-Chief.

This is the first time since WWII that five nuclear powered aircraft carriers were docked together. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) are all in port at Naval Station Norfolk , Va. , the world’s largest naval station.

The carriers were all pulled out from the MIDDLE EAST and the Afghanistan support role leaving U.S. land forces naked and exposed!

Obama is in no way acting like Commander-in-Chief, except for our enemies.

Simultaneously, Obama wants to reduce our military to low levels not seen in decades. This while nuclear Iran has millions chanting Death to America and Iranian leadership gives us these words:

On Iranian Revolution Day 2014, Commander of IRGC Navy said: "The Americans will understand when their warships with over 5,000 crew aboard sink to the depths of the sea, and they have to search for their bodies."

Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said:

‘Why are we ready for a fight’ is the question whose answer will make the US and Israeli presidents realize that our preparedness for battle is not a bluff, but is a reality with deep roots in our religious tenets, which has grown into our culture as Iranians. The Prophet of Islam has said, “Whoever has not fought for his Imam or does not wish for Jihad, he will die a hypocrite." “We are ready for the big fight with the United States”.

Add this up and it is clear to see that pro-Islam "the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam" Obama is stripping our military of high-ranking officials, reducing our military overall, all the while he is facilitating a nuclear Iran which makes it clear they want to destroy us because Islam teaches so.

Beth S (330)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 6:10 pm
I wish I can remember where I read it a year ago or so, but the Obama administration firing high ranking military officers was already well underway. It seemed that the common thread was that these officers were asked if they would fire on Americans if ordered by this President. Those who said "no" were fired. Those who said "yes" were safe in their careers.

What is this administration planning that it needs to fire high ranking, experienced military leaders who refuse to fire on/shoot-to-kill fellow Americans.

What is Obama planning? This should be a primary question in everyone's mind.

I agree with Rahman Q above. Everyone, please note and share this article!

Beth S (330)
Saturday March 22, 2014, 8:36 pm
Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans
Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warns that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order troops to fire on Americans.


Obama Escalates Military Purge — Nine High Ranking Military Officers Fired By Obama, 1st Time In US History?

America : Obama is purging the U.S. Military by firing 200 Top Mili

Sources Confirm Obama Purging Military Commanders

and much more

Stan B (123)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:16 am
This is the kind of military purge you expect in Egypt or Turkey: not in the U.S. Worrying times ahead.

Past Member (0)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:25 am
Agreed Stan. Worrying times ahead indeed.

Jordan G (37)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 3:51 am

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 4:23 am
Obama will soon be shut down when the American people vote in November. My guess is that once he faces a republican congress AND the American people his anti-American Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" mentality will be squashed. History will NOT be good to Barack Hussein Obama. Firing high level military personnel is part of Obama's "putting America in her place" exercise. He has weakened our presence around the world and at home.

One the American people elect a moderate republican in 2016 our economy will soar and we will once again rebuild the strongest military in the world.

Obama: a total waste of 8 years for America ~ weakened military ~ very little growth in our economy ~ and massive food stamps funded by the taxpayers ~ the list goes on.

I believe the voters have learned a valuable lesson on who NOT to vote for in the future.

. (0)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 9:21 am
Perhaps it isn't so much what Obama is planning but what his controllers such Brzezinski and Rockefeller are up to. Even Putin takes orders from his controller just as Harper or any elected politician does. Party and ideology matter not as long as it dovetails with the Plan.

Debra Tate (17)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 10:31 am
Stunning? More like absolutely shocking! This has got to stop before we have no military at the rate Obama is going! Or worse, one that can not defend us against attacks because it is not strong enough!
Obama HATES FOX News because it is Republican owned and they speak out more than the MSM cronies, who by the way runs everything by the W.H. press office before it's released.
As far as the Admin., they are his puppets because he has "dirt" on everyone! He lifted all restrictions on the NSA in 2011 so he could get this "dirt" before elections in 2012!
His "litmus" test was asking if they would fire upon the US citizens. If they answered "No" he got rid of them! And the NSA is complicit, as they provided all the "dirt" to remove them, even under stupid reasons and trumped up charges with "paid" witnesses!
Obama needs to be removed!

Freya H (357)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 11:01 am
Yes, I know that this sounds like shades of Stalin and his infamous purges - which bit him in the arse when he lacked competent military leaders to stop Hitler's forces from penetrating so far into Russia. However, there may be another side to this. Could it be that Obama is getting rid of truly incompetent leaders? I'm not saying he is, I'm not defending him - maybe this is indeed a case of cronyism. However, let us consider all sides of this before jumping to conclusions.

Whatever, this purge could easily defang our military and hamstring our ability to fight.

Lloyd H (46)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 11:55 am
Portland I know facts are really anathema to your conspiratorial mind set, but you could learn to read and not just parrot. What you are so phobic about has a name, actually two, the cost Officer Bloat the E:O ratio of enlisted to officers, and little law called DOPMA, Defense Officer Personnel Management Act, that specifies by law the absolute maximum number of Flag Officers(Generals and Admirals) and the number of Field Grade Officers(Colonels and Majors) as a percentage of total military numbers. Iraq is ended, Afghanistan is ending and the sequester cut the DOD budget fewer enlisted by law get you fewer officers period. Then particularly under Bush/Cheney many enlisted jobs, other than cannon fodder, were contracted again fewer enlisted. Having checked some of the sources you 'used' you really should try not to quote from those fired or forced to resign because of criminal acts or conduct unbecoming particularly when the pay scale for a Four Star General/ Admiral equivalent begins $235,000 per year plus personal plane plus personal staff totals out at just over $1Million per year, they do get their choice of Gulf Stream V jets or C-40's equivalent to a Boeing 737 with bed rooms and professional kitchen. Bush et alia increased the General/Admiral count by 100 that is $100 Million Plus per year every year.
So to be blunt two fewer wars, a Repug demanded Sequestration cut to the DOD budget and an E:O that is totally out of whack: for the Army there is 1 Flag or Field for every 7 enlisted member, the Marines it is 1 Officer to 8 enlisted, the Navy is 1 Officer to 6 enlisted, the Air force is 1 to 4 and the Coast Guard is also 1 to 4. Sorry but while we may be less than 100 Flag and Field under the Absolute limit allowed by Law there is no sane way to justify One General, Admiral, Colonel, or Major for between 4 and 8 enlisted personnel. And the cost of the current 963 Generals and Admirals is about HALF A BILLION DOLLARS for just their salaries and about half that for their planes, cars, and entourages. One Dour Star General in retirement for 20 years costs $3.8 Million there are currently 46 Four Star Generals with pension cost of $174.8 Million. We can do with 100 fewer.

Thomas B (1)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 1:22 pm
Because the military is too damn big and these are the incompetent imbeciles who followed the Cheney regime into two disastrous endless wars, all paid for with tax cuts!

Carol Dreeszen (346)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 1:24 pm
Freya says: Could it be that Obama is getting rid of truly incompetent leaders?

Not the case at all! If it was he would have 3/4 of those in his administration in jail right now for the corruption and illegal activities they have done and continue to do besides the fact he is right in their with him!!

John Gregorie: If you truly believe this then I suspect you are a part of the problem in this country and no way will I respect this so called President for all of the horrible traitorous acts this man has done! I will respect the office..yes..but not a traitor from within! It is our DUTY to make sure this criminal is taken down..before we ALL are!

Birgit W (160)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:12 pm

Robert K (31)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:18 pm
Mostly for dereliction of duty and sex scandals.

Robert K (31)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:24 pm
For the record, the Reagan administration had the most convicted criminals in the White House. There wasn't a single honest person in the entire Bush administration, and except forgetting incompetents elected through dirty tricks, not a single competent person. Did you complain about that? Have you complained about the IRS and Benghazi crap that has zero actual scandal? The IRS which had hundreds of right wing applications that were in violation approved anyway while the only one rejected was a Left wing one that wasn't in violation. And the problem in Benghazi was a direct result of the Republicans cutting funds for the defense of embassies and consulates to pay for their tax breaks for the already bloated rich wo pai a lower % of their income than the poor do.

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:25 pm
Here's the WHOLE STORY:

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans to shrink the United States Army to its smallest force since before the World War II buildup and eliminate an entire class of Air Force attack jets in a new spending proposal that officials describe as the first Pentagon budget to aggressively push the military off the war footing adopted after the terror attacks of 2001.

The proposal, released on Monday, takes into account the fiscal reality of government austerity and the political reality of a president who pledged to end two costly and exhausting land wars. A result, the officials argue, will be a military capable of defeating any adversary, but too small for protracted foreign occupations.

Officials who saw an early draft of the announcement acknowledge that budget cuts will impose greater risk on the armed forces if they are again ordered to carry out two large-scale military actions at the same time: Success would take longer, they say, and there would be a larger number of casualties. Officials also say that a smaller military could invite adventurism by adversaries.


A spending plan that will be released Monday will be the first sweeping initiative set forth by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Credit Susan Walsh/Associated Press

“You have to always keep your institution prepared, but you can’t carry a large land-war Defense Department when there is no large land war,” a senior Pentagon official said.

Outlines of some of the budget initiatives, which are subject to congressional approval, have surfaced, an indication that even in advance of its release the budget is certain to come under political attack.

For example, some members of Congress, given advance notice of plans to retire air wings, have vowed legislative action to block the move, and the National Guard Association, an advocacy group for those part-time military personnel, is circulating talking points urging Congress to reject anticipated cuts. State governors are certain to weigh in, as well. And defense-industry officials and members of Congress in those port communities can be expected to oppose any initiatives to slow Navy shipbuilding.

Even so, officials said that despite budget reductions, the military would have the money to remain the most capable in the world and that Mr. Hagel’s proposals have the endorsement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Money saved by reducing the number of personnel, they said, would assure that those remaining in uniform would be well trained and supplied with the best weaponry.

The new American way of war will be underscored in Mr. Hagel’s budget, which protects money for Special Operations forces and cyberwarfare. And in an indication of the priority given to overseas military presence that does not require a land force, the proposal will — at least for one year — maintain the current number of aircraft carriers at 11.

Over all, Mr. Hagel’s proposal, the officials said, is designed to allow the American military to fulfill President Obama’s national security directives: to defend American territory and the nation’s interests overseas and to deter aggression — and to win decisively if again ordered to war.

“We’re still going to have a very significant-sized Army,” the official said. “But it’s going to be agile. It will be capable. It will be modern. It will be trained.”

Mr. Hagel’s plan would most significantly reshape America’s land forces — active-duty soldiers as well as those in the National Guard and Reserve.

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The well-equipped pet

Sectional sofas: Legos you can sit on
Yankees who speak Cantonese


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The Army, which took on the brunt of the fighting and the casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, already was scheduled to drop to 490,000 troops from a post-9/11 peak of 570,000. Under Mr. Hagel’s proposals, the Army would drop over the coming years to between 440,000 and 450,000.

That would be the smallest United States Army since 1940. For years, and especially during the Cold War, the Pentagon argued that it needed a military large enough to fight two wars simultaneously — say, in Europe and Asia. In more recent budget and strategy documents, the military has been ordered to be prepared to decisively win one conflict while holding off an adversary’s aspirations in a second until sufficient forces could be mobilized and redeployed to win there.

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Downsizing Defense

Cuts proposed by the Obama administration would result in the smallest Army since just before the World War II buildup.


Active duty military personnel, U.S. Army


1945, World War II

6.0 million


1952, Korean War

1.6 million

1968, Vietnam War

1.6 million


Proposed for the future













Source: Department of Defense

The Guard and Reserves, which proved capable in their wartime deployments although costly to train to meet the standards of their full-time counterparts, would face smaller reductions. But the Guard would see its arsenal reshaped.

The Guard’s Apache attack helicopters would be transferred to the active-duty Army, which would transfer its Black Hawk helicopters to the Guard. The rationale is that Guard units have less peacetime need for the bristling array of weapons on the Apache and would put the Black Hawk — a workhorse transport helicopter — to use in domestic disaster relief.

The cuts proposed by Mr. Hagel fit the Bipartisan Budget Act reached by Mr. Obama and Congress in December to impose a military spending cap of about $496 billion for fiscal year 2015. If steeper spending reductions kick in again in 2016 under the sequestration law, however, then even more significant cuts would be required in later years.

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Recent Comments

26 days ago
About time. The US Military has been a cancer eating our economy and wealth alive, while providing nothing good in return, for 40-50 years...

26 days ago
I agree that we can change our thinking to match the real world threats we face. If we accept the notion that future major ground conflicts...

rosy dahodi
26 days ago
After down sizing the military, Chuck Hegel should be made our Finance minister, where he can cut our budget to our size of the pockets...

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The budget is the first sweeping initiative that bears Mr. Hagel’s full imprint. Although Mr. Hagel has been in office one year, most of his efforts in that time have focused on initiatives and problems that he inherited. In many ways his budget provides an opportunity for him to begin anew.

The proposals are certain to face resistance from interest groups like veterans’ organizations, which oppose efforts to rein in personnel costs; arms manufacturers that want to reverse weapons cuts; and some members of Congress who will seek to block base closings in their districts.

Mr. Hagel will take some first steps to deal with the controversial issue of pay and compensation, as the proposed budget would impose a one-year salary freeze for general and flag officers; basic pay for military personnel would rise by 1 percent. After the 2015 fiscal year, raises in pay will be similarly restrained, Pentagon officials say.

The fiscal 2015 budget also calls for slowing the growth of tax-free housing allowances for military personnel and would reduce the $1.4 billion direct subsidy provided to military commissaries, which would most likely make goods purchased at those commissaries more expensive for soldiers.

The budget also proposes an increase in health insurance deductibles and some co-pays for some military retirees and for some family members of active servicemen. But Mr. Hagel’s proposals do not include any changes to retirement benefits for those currently serving.

Under Mr. Hagel’s proposals, the entire fleet of Air Force A-10 attack aircraft would be eliminated. The aircraft was designed to destroy Soviet tanks in case of an invasion of Western Europe, and the capabilities are deemed less relevant today. The budget plan does sustain money for the controversial F-35 warplane, which has been extremely expensive and has run into costly delays.

In addition, the budget proposal calls for retiring the famed U-2 spy plane in favor of the remotely piloted Global Hawk.

The Navy would be allowed to purchase two destroyers and two attack submarines every year. But 11 cruisers will be ordered into reduced operating status during modernization.

Although consideration was given to retiring an aircraft carrier, the Navy will keep its fleet of 11 — for now. The George Washington would be brought in for overhaul and nuclear refueling — a lengthy process that could be terminated in future years under tighter budgets.

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:28 pm
I apologize for the bad editing...didn't appear that way in the article but it doesn't in any way alter the military budget cuts.

This is very bad for America. In the meantime, Obama is throwing nerf balls at Putin.

Robert K (31)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:28 pm
"John Gregorie: If you truly believe this then I suspect you are a part of the problem in this country and no way will I respect this so called President for all of the horrible traitorous acts this man has done! I will respect the office..yes..but not a traitor from within! It is our DUTY to make sure this criminal is taken down..before we ALL are! "

Apparently you aren't familiar with John. He's a dedicated extreme right winger who detests Obama, so when you see him saying this isn't about Obama you can be sure he knows the truth. I've never seen him n hundreds of previous posts admit that Obama is less than the AntiChrist.

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:29 pm

If you are interested, please visit the link provided to see the graph in its entirety.

Robert K (31)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:34 pm
God Diane, still stupid. If you want to fight Putin in a war, which is pretty much what you morons are saying, then I sat all retired naval officers should be recalled, put in the Army and put on the battlefront in first contact positions.

Oh, I see, you want other people's kids killed, not your family.

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:37 pm
John, as you know, my husband is a 30 year retired navy06 and works at The Pentagon. After you read the article I just posted above (excuse the "poor" copy presentation) please share with me how you feel about the budget cuts.

David C (129)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:38 pm
maybe this is the start of stopping the US from being a military industrial complex.......

Sheri Schongold (7)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:40 pm
They are being "purged" because Obama has no intentions of letting our military stand strong as it always has. The sooner he weakens the military the sooner he can put into plan his policy of the US becoming a Muslim state. There is no reason for the purge except to get rid of the people who won't go down on their knees to him. If you are a Yes-Man, you can stay, if not, he will get rid of you. There has to be a conspiracy that is helping this idiot, because he isn't smart enough to do it alone.

Lois Jordan (63)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:41 pm
When I saw the article headline, I figured I'd be reading that the answer was the Sequester---which Lloyd H. (above) commented on. This isn't "personal." Ending two wars means we don't need a big, sprawling, pork-filled military.....which is a good thing. Right now our military is larger than the largest 11 other countries' militaries COMBINED. Weeding out the criminals is absolutely necessary, too. Of course those who cheated must be let go. The sequestration has hurt many people and families, and it's now finally cutting unnecessary and bloated war expenditures. I hope the savings will be spent on education, our crumbling infrastructure and jobs.....which I rarely hear discussed on the majority side of the aisle in the House.

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 2:45 pm
Put the beer can down, you aren't making any sense. I didn't say anything about wanting a war. Your comments tell me who you are not. Obama doesn't have a sliver of a leadership skill in his entire body...THAT was my point.

For you to make the comment, "Oh, I see, you want other people's kids killed, not your family" is extraordinary. Then, of course, you personally attack by calling me a moron. I guess an" intelligent liberal" is an oxymoron....sharing first place with jumbo shrimp.

Robert K (31)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 3:15 pm
And you don't have a single ounce of rationality in you. The entire Republican party has been claiming this is a result of Obama's weakness and a large part of it is pushing for war. Now you, a reliable member of the hate Obama wing of the stupid party are saying you don't want war? I call BS. And judging by your entire posting history are either a very stupid person or an extreme right wing ideologue. You making a rational post is as likely as Fukushima repairing itself without human intervention.

And FYI, I don't drink. Another stupidity from a person whose absence from this board would be a blessing. There are plenty of right wing nut job places where lies and stupidity are held in high regard. You would be a queen there instead of a perfect example of a laughing stock. However I do like pointing out how wrong you are, so don't feel like leaving.

You may wonder why I'm so mean to you. It's because I was a Republican for 50 years and I learned from the best, nut when the Republicans purged everyone with the ability to think for themselves rather follow in line like lemmings over the cliff, I left. Since than you guys have only gotten more anti American and ignorant.

Robert K (31)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 3:16 pm
Intelligent liberal isn't an oxymoron, it's just saying the same thing twice, which you would know if you were the least nit conscious of truth.

Diane O (194)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 3:22 pm
Robert, you have the floor....keep talking and typing. Let's see how far you will go with personally attacking me. Your "man" is now down in the 30's in his popularity rating. I don't need to say another word.

Hartson Doak (39)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 6:10 pm
With fewer indians there needs to be few chiefs. This list may look like a lot of people, but consider the size of the bloated military. Then, this is actually a small number. Looks like fear mongering to me.

Louise D (44)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 6:13 pm
This has been kicking around for a while that Obama is purging the ranks for a political agenda to destroy the American military. Which goes that Obama is planning a take over of the U.S by purging those that had the temerity to not go along with his cover up of the nefarious deeds of his underlings, Hillary and the US rep to the UN, who repeated the myth that a renegade, low budget anti Muslim Movie was responsible for the spontaneous rioting. and others who made false and misleading statements relating to Benghazi, having nothing to do with 9/11 repercussions by Al Qaeda. Actually this so called purge is actually a major shakeout of military leaders owing to ethic policy violations or lack of leadership rather than for a political agenda as if it was political it would of been followed through far swifter than 197 officers in 5 years and he would of got Darth Vader to do the job for him doing that force choke thing which would result in the American army getting bitch slapped by Ewoks at the end of the day. Of course the Ewoks are like Shaft compared to Jar Jar Binks
Of course this has been spread by General Paul Vallely who is the same man who wanted to use the army to start a coup to arrest the President using 250,000 marines to overthrow what he thinks is a corrupt government, and turn it over to the Tea Party's corporate masters, essentially taking a Constitutional Republic and letting it become a Christian Plutocracy, with no rights what-so-ever for the people. So he might be sort of distorting the situation a lot.

Arielle S (313)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 6:19 pm
Great fear mongering and hate spewing which snopes says has no validity. Of course, GOP fans will say snopes is wrong, too, because it's just so much more fun to hate Obama.

Rosa Caldwell (384)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 8:32 pm
I think we all deserve a truthful answer to this.

Deb E (63)
Sunday March 23, 2014, 10:19 pm
Where are the "facts" (not just news stories) to back up that Obama is doing this for any other reason than it is needed? I didn't see any. I just saw a bunch of opinions. Every one is entitled to them, but it doesn't mean they are correct or based on facts. Given the facts, those who can think for themselves can come to their own conclusions. Those who cannot, or are unwilling to find them for themselves, just keep believing and repeating garbage.

Diane O (194)
Monday March 24, 2014, 2:59 am
If you are staying current with the news you will find that the military and The Pentagon are experiencing deep cuts right now. Read Hagel's words above and their plans to cut and where.

I believe some cuts need to be made because there is definitely wasteful spending in Washington. However, to weaken our military's ability to perform and to put solder's in harm's way because they are understaffed and do not have the proper equipment to do their jobs is very bad, indeed.

Alan Lambert (91)
Monday March 24, 2014, 4:45 am
The facts are simple.

Officers retire every day. Only an absolute paranoid or a Republican would call it anything but attrition. But saying the first part of that sentence, I'm repeating myself.

Lloyd H (46)
Monday March 24, 2014, 5:17 am
While it is always fun to watch the Arm Chair Neo-cons go nuts when presented with fact like, the Bush/Cheney golden Boy Gates is the one that initiated the Flag Officer cuts. Or the fact that Flag Officers cost more than $1.3 Million each year with perks, staff and household servants. Or the fact that post two war, both of which Bush/Cheney and the Repugs put the TRILLIONS in cost directly onto the deficit by never paying for them, draw downs are exacerbated by the Sequester but that still leaves the cuts to the DOD budget less than the Post Vietnam or Post Cold War DOD budget reductions. AND even after all of the cutting done or to be done the USA has a DOD budget that is larger than Russia by 6X, China by 4X . FACT is that the USA spends more per year on the Military than all of the next Top 13 Military spending Nations on Earth.. Remember that Liberal Commie Republican President Eisenhower warned about giving the Military Industrial Complex and its Neoconservative pimps too much power in 1961 well Bush not only brought them into full bloom but filled both of his Administrations with them. And just like Diane O. et alia they have never meet a problem that they would not prefer to solve with war and war level spending. There is only one thing more intentionally ignorant or fiscally irresponsible than a Neocon and that is a Neocon with Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Louise D (44)
Monday March 24, 2014, 5:29 am
Actually this is a non story there is no evidence of any especial acceleration of retirements, much less any “purge.” There has been situations that the U.S. armed forces are often found wanting in the test of battle, not because of lack of bravery but because of disorganization and deficient competence. Put simply the American officer has become more of a military bureaucrat than a combat leader. These people are obviously either retiring or due to misconduct being dismissed, this doesn't suggest anything other than normal military behavior. To try and bring a political angle to it is really to start pulling at straws, during the early British Empire it was not unheard of for senior Admirals to be executed for incompetence that would of been ignored by other nations.

Winnie A (179)
Monday March 24, 2014, 7:17 am

Diane O (194)
Monday March 24, 2014, 8:34 am
Selective research will render one uninformed.

Our country needs a strong military. Right now we look like weenies to the world thanks to the lack of leadership skills of Obama. It will only get worse until Obama is finally and completely packed and out of Washington DC. Once that is done, the world will once again look to America as a strong economic nation with the strongest military in the world.

"omg" is right, Winn.

Joanne Dixon (38)
Monday March 24, 2014, 9:41 am
Speaking as a veteran, calling this article and most of the comments "pure BS" lends them a dignity they don't deserve. "Paranoia" comes closer. The US defense budget not just the biggest in the world, it is bigger than the budgets of the next ten biggest spending nations put together. If we don't have a strong enough military with that, we are truly idiots and deserving of anything we get. Incidentally, that does not include the black budget. Of course everyone thinks their own belief is the majority belief, but polls suggest that the American people do NOT want to be spending so much on the military. Just two little things - since when is it astonishing to hold military RIFs during peacetime? And why are commenters here holding up Putin as a bad guy when conservative politicians would trade Obama for Putin in a heartbeat? .


Jamie Clemons (282)
Monday March 24, 2014, 9:57 am
I have no idea if it is true but one rumor says any officer who will not obey orders to fire upon american citizens is to be fired. Portland Neola your wrong about one thing this is not peace time. We still have troops in Afganistan and Iraq only they call them "contractors" now and we are trying to destablize every country we can and we were a main player in the overthrow of the Ukraine elected government using violent neo-nazis and hired snipers to shoot into the crowds. I love my country, but I am not so sure about my government.

Louise D (44)
Monday March 24, 2014, 11:57 am
I checked a few names just to see if it was politically motivated, no the large number of senior military officers had been investigated or fired for poor judgment, malfeasance, sexual improprieties or sexual violence.Of all the services, the Navy has been the most aggressive in holding its commanders to strict standards of professional conduct. According to statistics gathered by The Navy Times newspaper, more than 20 Navy commanding officers were fired in 2012 for inappropriate behavior and misconduct. This has been the result of a commitment to values-based ethical conduct by the Pentagon than a purge.This is less a story and more misrepresenting the facts for a political agenda.

Thomas M. (0)
Monday March 24, 2014, 1:01 pm
I agree with this purge and it is about time. I see Boykin's name on the list - this guy is dangerous and is a dominionist. Do you want our soldiers to represent the right wing evangelists or the American people? The military needs a shakeup to move into 21st Century military style. We simply have many incompetents in the trenches and it is time they were cleaned out. Simply take a look at how many of these "soldiers" treated women, LGBT folks and on and on goes the list. The future military is going to become lean and mean and will focus on very specific tasks. Spit your venom all you want, but we are in transition from a boots on the ground old style military to one of supreme professionals who will get the job done - hit and run if you will. Why should we keep thousands of officers around that don't buy into the new military? Why should we continue to pay trillions of dollars a year for a bloated system of personnel when they are not supremely trained for the future. I, for one and maybe the only one, support the President and Mr. Hagel. Transition time.

Sharon F (0)
Monday March 24, 2014, 1:30 pm
The military budget is totally bloooooated. It is certainly time to 'clean house.'

Diane O (194)
Monday March 24, 2014, 2:53 pm
There IS waste that can be cut such as political appointees in The Pentagon. Presidents appoint a "friend" he owes to a Pentagon post and they have no earthly idea why they are there and what they are suppose to be doing...and they are given a staff. I believe that should be cut to the bone. When it comes to start of the art equipment for our troops to keep them alive in combat it is our responsibility to fund that equipment.

Our country will soon be to the point where we will not have young Americans joining the military. Why? Let's start with our returning wounded veterans who aren't receiving the benefits they were promised in a timely manner and then we can go out to the threat of commissaries and exchanges being closed across the country. When we cut the very benefits that lure them into our military financially and the knowledge that the equipment they need to keep them safe in war time what does that say and how does that affect our country?

We should start "cleaning house" with the election in November IMO. We need to elect those who believe in keeping our country strong and ready for whatever comes our way. We live in a dangerous world today.

Kamia T (89)
Monday March 24, 2014, 3:40 pm
Every government, every managerial staff, every new owner of a company wants to get rid of the other person's independent-thinking staff and replace it with their own in order to bolster the willingness to do what they want to have them done. Not to mention that too much of the military has kept secret too many incidents that would be treated criminally outside it's hallowed walls. All us little people can do is to prepare as best we can for a difficult future.

Ronald Johnson (0)
Monday March 24, 2014, 4:57 pm
This so called purge has been to long in coming It seems that today's officers are ignorant of both the UCMJ and the Constitution. Military officers have no business making political statements or commenting on Administration policies. The Constitution provides that the military is under civilian control and that is the way it should be. General Stanley McChrystal-U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (June 2010) should not only have been kicked out but court martialed. He was allowed to retire with full privileges--This was wrong. I am retired military,USAFR, and I am tired of unelected military trying to influence elections and putting down our President..

Leanne B (46)
Monday March 24, 2014, 5:05 pm
I appreciate reading most of the comments here. Think house cleaning is a good thing.

P. L. Neola (21)
Tuesday March 25, 2014, 12:34 am
@ Robert K. and Others

Not all of us are just anti-Obama.

I love my country and my Civil and Human Rights.

I am also a VETERAN! I also was present during a REAL Coup d etat where MANY lives were lost during and even six months after. So, it is nothing new to me.

I am a good Christian lady who has had a lot of history and geography courses. I also have been reading a lot of recently published books on the warmongering ideology.

I am anti-Islam and anti-Islamization. And, I—like many of our Founding Fathers—took the time to study up on it. Our Founding Fathers opposed Islam and advice that we keep the ideology out of the United States!

“We know that bin Laden’s terrorists had been planning their outrages for years,” former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wrote in her book Statecraft. “The propagation of their mad, bad ideology—decency forbids calling it a religion—had been taking place before our eyes. We were just too blind to see it. In short, the world had never ceased to be dangerous. But the West had ceased to be vigilant. Surely that is the most important lesson of this tragedy, and we must learn it if our civilization [Western society with its civil and human rights] is to survive.”
—Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

“But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you want to secure the blessing.”
—Andrew Jackson

“The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God.”
—John Quincy Adams

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!”
—Winston Churchill

"Wherever the Christians have been unable to resist [the Mohammedans] by the sword, Christianity has ultimately disappeared."
—Teddy Roosevelt
“To preserve our freedoms from the encroachment of Islam, we must do four things: defend freedom of speech, reject cultural relativism, counter Islamization, and cherish our national identity.”
—Geert Wilders, author of Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me
“Many Muslim advisors to the U.S. government are Muslim Brothers or sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood cause,” Guandolo says. They are “advising the U.S. national leadership and our national security apparatus on how to respond to the events in Egypt and elsewhere.”
—John Guandolo, a former FBI agent and author of Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America
"Life is beautiful, extremely beautiful. And when you are old you appreciate it more. When you are older you think, you remember, you care and you appreciate. You are thankful for everything. For everything."
—Alice Herz-Sommer, Was the Oldest Living Holocaust Survivor


P. L. Neola (21)
Tuesday March 25, 2014, 12:41 am
“Allah is our goal; the Prophet is our guide; the Quran is our constitution; Jihad is our way; and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition.”
—Muslim Brotherhood creed
“I’m no longer the bachelor Muslim socialist I once was …”
—Barack Hussein Obama II
(This was recorded by the media at a university when Obama was speaking and was aired on the Mark Levin show!!! Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. He was born into the Muslim ideology because his father was a Muslim when he was born. His wife was born into the Muslim ideology because her father was a Muslim when she was born.
This is the Islamic way according to the Quran. Even when you are born into the faith, you cannot leave it, because it is an act of apostasy to everyone of Islam. Apostasy requires a death sentence. This is basic Islamic law according to the Quran!!!)
“The Koran does not distinguish between the concepts of “force” and “power.” It confuses the two in an odd manner, and God’s power manifests itself only as an ability to use force. What is the real difference between the two concepts? A person has power when he can do what needs to be done in a peaceable manner appropriate to the circumstances. He will resort to force only when he is powerless. In other words, power represents peace, while force represents violence.”
—Wafa Sultan, author of A God Who Hates

“How fortunate for leaders,” Hitler said to his inner circle, “that men do not think. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

—How Do You Kill 11 Million People?, Why The Truth Matters More Than You Think, written by Andy Andrews, Pg. 32


Past Member (0)
Tuesday March 25, 2014, 3:39 am
Right or wrong, there is a proper way to introduce change into any organization and to obtain buy in from all "stakeholders", and this does not appear to be the way. It's also likely to backfire when you don''t have a complete buy-in.

Jae A (316)
Tuesday March 25, 2014, 5:32 pm
Downsizing is standard within the Corporate world today ..

Besides that, this article makes for some great Rightwing fear mongering if nothing it's easy to see from most of the comments from above...i.m.o. Yep, the Bush/Cheney administration picked the right ,all but endless, war to one face,no one nation, to put as that of the enemy .. just a title...Terrorist.

That being said, perhaps with less seasoned war hawks within their ranks we'll see less senseless wars for the profits of a few......

To sad that Rumfeld and the rest of the Bush/Cheney administration didn't followed that thought "When it comes to start of the art equipment for our troops to keep them alive in combat it is our responsibility to fund that equipment" of yours Diane O. Sending our troops, the way they did, ill equipped way too many ways , into Iraq... that resulted in sending a lot of soldiers to their deaths needlessly.

"Our country will soon be to the point where we will not have young Americans joining the military. Why? "..I'd say that one big reason is that the youth today aren't all that willing to risk their lives for the profits of Halliburton and other 'no bid' and other military contractors ... nor for the profits of the military industrial complex in general Diane O. As for vet should take that up with the GOP who keep cut'n those...from as far back as the Dubya / Cheney administration. Good luck on that .....

I agree...come Nov. we should start 'cleaning house'...Get rid of the Corporate War Hawks..that are also anti-veteran politicians period. . aka...the GOP'ers in office. Time to get rid of them all, thus I agree with that statement of yours, Diane O, also.

Geez Portland Neola...Bush and Cheney took over a million lives with their wars for profits..,from which it does appear was based on the same inner circle rhetoric as that of Hitlers,.... but fortunately their [Duby administrations] lies , though repeated by the GOP all but daily to this day, will not cause the majority of people to believe them any longer. The truth about their war [s] for profits along with the Corporate Coup that they enabled is out of the bag, so ta say. That was proven in the last two elections and from all indications the same will be shown to be true in the next Fed. election.

Charlene Rush (79)
Tuesday March 25, 2014, 7:56 pm
One can only guess the reason.

Diane O (194)
Wednesday March 26, 2014, 3:01 am
Jae, it appears you are still stuck on George W. Bush. Pay attention to the last six years. You are missing "the Obama show."

Jae A (316)
Wednesday March 26, 2014, 3:15 pm
I haven't missed anything Diane O...and I have a memory that helps recall the reasons why we are where we are today as a nation....and that took recalling of the past to define properly. I pay attention to the present also but you are the one who apparently hasn't been paying attention, then or now in my opinion ..otherwise you'd address the issues I pointed out that aren't in line with your fantasy versions...such as properly equipment for benefits...the Corporate Coup that Dubya and Cheney enabled / ushered in.....their wars for profits know the things you ignored until Obama became President but now seem to want to pass off as his fault, not those who's fault they really were/are.

It is a shame that you and others on this thread who apparently don't recall that it was a Bush/Cheney administration member by the name of Donald Rumsfeld probably don't recall him as he was pre Obama...but it was he who was behind the deal to train, supply and finance al Qaeda and what evolved into the Taliban so they could fight a proxy war for the US with Russia, the same al Qaeda that launched an attack on America on 9/11. More to the 'Obama Show" that was brought on/began by the Horror Flick of Dubya and Cheny that you and other GOP'ers don't want to think about / remember...obviously, i.m.o. Easier to just go 'fear mongering' as in the past two Fed elections.....By the'd all that Corporate fear/war/racist/hate mongering work out for ye GOP'ers during and by the end of those ? I think the 'Obama Show' tells us the answer to that one. If the GOP and many of those on this thread would recall/remember the past then perhaps they'd not make the same mistakes again as the GOP gears up for another Federal election....Just say'n.

P. L. Neola (21)
Wednesday March 26, 2014, 7:15 pm
Islam is a warmongering ideology established by Muhammad, a warmonger. We take it for granted in Western societies. However, in non-Western and in barbarian societies, the one who controls the military is IN CONTROL! In Muslim societies, this ideology still rules. Obama is a Muslim, and he was given years—however, how unintentional it was with “We the People”—to transform our militaries for his Islamic Agenda.

One day we could very possibly being standing right next to Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine and all the other Arab nations against tiny, little Israel.

In the military, I was sincerely thought to see twenty-two steps ahead (in reference to a desired skill for playing chess). “We the People” need to take time out from our immediate lives for viewing and grasping the “entire picture” before it engulfs and overcomes us!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday March 26, 2014, 10:40 pm

Jae A (316)
Thursday March 27, 2014, 12:38 pm
"Obama is a Muslim" you said Ms Noting....Perhaps you need to change your screen name to Misinformation Noting Commentator if you believe that B.S. That 'statement' is a great example of just how out of touch, misinformed as well as racist/war mongering for profits/haters that way too many rightwing extremist...tea baggers/white supremest / kkk / evangelic / skin heads are.....i.m.o. well as demonstrating why it is that the GOP are in serious denial about reality in politics as a whole. How so many people can be so blinded by their own ignorance/hate is beyond shocking but that is the fact that I see you bringing to this 'discussion' Msiformation Noting Commentator.

P. L. Neola (21)
Thursday March 27, 2014, 1:37 pm
@ Jae A:

You are very incorrect. Even Michelle claims the new school lunch program "is what Allah would want." It was recorded during a speech two weeks ago, and the entire speech was aired on talk-radio.

The Obamas have been bolder in revealing their Muslim heritage since Obama's reelection!!!

Diane O (194)
Thursday March 27, 2014, 3:13 pm
Obama supported an election that led to the ouster of Mubarak which led to the election of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm referring to Egypt and I say this because I KNOW you do not stay up with current events. You are too involved in the Bush/Cheney years and beyond that you have no talking points.

Ms Noting Commentator, it's a rough road to decipher what Jae is saying. He is on Bush/Cheney auto-pilot and hasn't been keeping up with The Obama Show over the past 6 years.

Today, Obama has turned to the Pope. Tomorrow he may seek support from Beyoncé.


Charlene Rush (79)
Thursday March 27, 2014, 11:30 pm
Ms. Noting Commentator:
If you labor under the delusion that many of our generals don't need discarded and replaced you, obviously, you have no idea what is going on our military.
If in fact, you actually were a member of our military, it's no wonder why our military is so 'screwed up'.

I could give a crap what religion anyone believes in, as long as their actions do not hurt our citizens. The Obamas are not Muslims, they are Christians, not that makes them any better than the average Muslim.
The extreme activists are our problem. They always have been. Your comments speak of pro-act8ve aggression, which makes me wonder if you are a KKK member. The fact that you speak with a _racist_ attitude is more disturbing.
HATRED is the enemy of us all.

Charlene Rush (79)
Thursday March 27, 2014, 11:43 pm
Hey Diane O.:
I would love to have you explain to me, why any of our middle or lower class citizens should join the military. In the event you have not noticed, the poor and nearly poor do all the fighting for the wealthy. Every time there is a war, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.
If this fact eludes you, start paying attention.
Actually, what is happening, is the majority of our youth are becoming educated to the fact that they are being used.
Do you have any idea how much money Dick Cheney, through Halliburton, made due to the war? How uninformed are you?
The Bush Administration will go down in history as the worst, if not one of the worst.

Charlene Rush (79)
Thursday March 27, 2014, 11:52 pm
To Ms. Noting Commentator and Ms.Diane O.:
How can you support the Teapublicans, who show such 'low' respect for women?
You both could be fantastic supporters for a cause that is just.
Do you not like women, in general?
Who did what to you, to make you so self-destructive?

Diane O (194)
Friday March 28, 2014, 2:37 am
Charlene, after reading your comments it is obvious that we disagree with each other on many issues our country faces today. You have your freedom of speech and I have mine. Best we leave it there.

P. L. Neola (21)
Friday March 28, 2014, 11:15 am
@ Charlene R. and Diane O.:

I am quite confused. I posted an infograph pertaining to Iran and the time period necessary for making a nuclear bomb with an article covering the Iranian people’s desire for some of the sanctions being lifted.

Unfortunately, no one wants to study the infograph or read the article. The posting is being ignored.

I was hoping people would get involved in this serious issue; however, everyone is avoiding it.

Unfortunately, the estimated timing for a nuclear bomb is something to be very concerned about and observant in finding a resolve of some sort before a major loss of lives.

Nuclear Iran: How Quickly Can Iran Make The Bomb?

Diane O (194)
Friday March 28, 2014, 4:28 pm
The link you provided in the Care 2 email brought me to this thread.

P. L. Neola (21)
Saturday March 29, 2014, 1:34 am
I am so sorry. I did not realize that I messed up. I was probably trying to juggle too much at the time. Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane O (194)
Saturday March 29, 2014, 2:14 am
That's okay!

Jaime Alves (52)
Monday March 31, 2014, 3:02 am

Jonathan Harper (0)
Tuesday April 1, 2014, 3:32 am

Deborah W (6)
Tuesday June 17, 2014, 3:04 pm
The enemy's within ... no need to fear outsiders. Further, if you don't stand behind our military, please, feel free to stand in front of them!
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