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OP-ED: Let's Protest the Real Apartheid State--Saudi Arabia

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- 1921 days ago -
Women's rights are virtually non-existent throughout the Arab world, but the situation in Saudi Arabia may be the worst. For example, Saudi women may not marry non-Saudis without government permission (which is rarely given); are forbidden to drive motor

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pam w (139)
Thursday February 21, 2013, 3:56 pm
Right. Well.

Good luck on this. I'm not holding MY breath while waiting for things to change....are you?

Jaime Alves (52)
Thursday February 21, 2013, 11:37 pm
The only way the Saudi's will change is if you blow them off this planet Earth.!!
Thet are too Primitive but they think they are grand and lions, more like cowards that sponser terror and hide behind America's protection because of their oil, may they all rot in hell and die like the pigs that they arel, poor woman have no rights nor will they ever have.!!

Stan B (123)
Friday February 22, 2013, 2:14 am
You nailed them Cal. If it wasn't for their oil wealth no one would give these 9th century despots the time of day.

Jay S (116)
Friday February 22, 2013, 2:15 am
'Discrimination against women is just the tip of the human rights abuse iceberg in Saudi Arabia. This is a country known for its bigotry toward Jews and Christians (actually all non-Muslims), as well as Shia Muslims, blacks, and gays.

If students were really serious about human rights violators in the Middle East, they'd be holding Saudi Apartheid weeks or Abuse of Arab Women Awareness weeks rather than bashing Israel, a country that Palestinians say is the country they most admire, and where Israeli Arabs say they prefer to live over any future Palestinian state.'

It is so frustrating to hear all these Israel haters here on C2 who never ever mention the brutal Hamas dictatorship in Gaza, the repression, oppression of Christians and non-Sunni Muslims, the torture, imprisonment and lynching of gay people, the corruption and the forcing of even non-Muslim women to wear the ugly Islamic veil or risk beatings or acid in the face OR any of the daily atrocities committed by Orthodox Muslims around the world in obedience to Islam's teachings and commands of hate. Where is the outrage over this?

Israel is the only free democracy surrounded by darkness - hate, violence, intolerance and yes, real Apartheid states. No Muslim occupied land has freedom of religion, speech, conscience or press, yet Israel has them all, and Tel Aviv, Israel was voted as the world's most gay friendly city in 2011. Where is a Muslim ruled land that can come close to Israel's freedom? One third of Israel is Arab!

Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims have been driven out of all Muslim countries and the ethnic cleansing of them is going on right now from Northern Nigeria (genocide against Christians) to Egypt to Iraq, Iran to so-called 'moderate' Indonesia where over 300 churches and untold numbers of Buddhist temples have been closed of destroyed.

Israel has freedom of religion even for Muslims who invaded, conquered and ruled Jerusalem for centuries, and desecrated the Jews' holiest site, the Temple Mount, and built their Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque on it deliberately to offend and hurt Jews, and they won't even let the Jews stand on it to pray!

Where is the Liberal outrage over these hateful human rights abuses? Such hypocrisy!

thanks Cal

Carola May (20)
Friday February 22, 2013, 2:23 am
Thank you Cal. Where are all the usual Jew-hating Israelophobes? Israel, despite its faults (which every country has) is a real light to the world and its scientists have contributed more to the world than their small numbers would intimate.

Jews with only 14 million in the world have earned 185 Nobel Prizes. Compare that to the 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world who have only earned a paltry 10. Just look at all the technological, medical and scientific advances that the Jews have given to the world and compare those to what the Muslim world has contributed - pretty much nothing as Islam strangles and represses the imagination and allows for no freedom of expression.

Spain translates more books each year than ALL of the Arab world has translated in the past 1000 years! If it weren't for western and Israeli technology and science the whole Arab/Muslim world would be riding donkeys and living in tents without electricity, cars, computers, internet, brain surgery, life-saving drugs etc.

Who is the Apartheid State, indeed.

Gillian M (218)
Friday February 22, 2013, 5:15 am
I note that the article commented that Arabs are fleeing the Muslim controlled countries to get away from the authoritarian states. However, I note that the West, whilst kowtowing and pandering Muslims, allows this barbaric religion to grow in their countries. No-one has a problem with the majority who come in and want to be part of the community, they have problems with home grown terrorists and those seeking to enforce Sharia law within the countries that they have chosen to live in (that is so that they can live off the benefit system - in the UK 50% of men and 75% of women do so). They riot against anything or anyone they disagree with and rape the women of their chosen country. In the UK they have set up grooming and paedophile rings and are only now being brought to justice. Any other religion (regardless of ethnic origin) would have been prosecuted well before.

Israel is terrifically apartheid. There are Arabs in the government as MPs, they are senior members of the military and have the same rights for medical treatment (in fact all Palestinians from Gaza who ask for such treatment receive it) as any other citizen, access to law, education etc. In fact, the majority of the over 1.5 million Arabs (approx 20% of the population) want to stay Israeli and not become Palestinians. If South Africa has suffered such a form of apartheid no-one would have said anything. It is only because of rampant anti-Semitism and the desire to ensure that Arab oil flows that other countries say anything. As for the students, I had always thought that the idea of going to uni was to encourage independent thought, not to follow the lies and hatred of Muslim terrorists. Hey, what else does one expect these days especially from American unis?

Beth S (330)
Friday February 22, 2013, 7:05 am
Bravo/a for the articles as well as the comments here that are just as good as the articles. I was going to make some of the same points, but everyone beat me to it.

Islam, a fascist ideology/political system/with some religion thrown in, is a very, very dangerous, hateful, violent and insidious ideology, and with countries like the Saudis and other oil states who sit atop huge reserves of oil, making them some of the richest countries in the world, they have bought influence in myriads of places, including votes in the UN against Israel, as well as hundreds of Islamic studies departments at most of the elite universities in the world, thereby directly influencing the policies of many countries.

Another appalling fact is that Saudi influence has even extended into the contents of text books of public schools in the U.S., where they have written revisionist, deceptive chapters not only on Islam, Islamic history, but even Jewish history.

I'd like to point out, too, that not only are the Saudis bigoted/racist against all those groups listed, but they also consider Pakistani Sunni Muslims below them, too. The Saudis and their version of Wahabi Islam is a bane to the world. It has funded numerous virulently violent Islamist terrorist groups.

It would be bad enough if the only victims of the Saudis were Saudi women, but the alarming fact is that Saudis have their venomous tentacles in a million places poisoning everything they touch.

Lee Hampton (15)
Friday February 22, 2013, 9:14 am
One wonders if the catastrophic hypocrisy of the Israel-haters here on C2NN might make their little heads explode to admit to this.

paul m (93)
Friday February 22, 2013, 9:15 am


. (0)
Friday February 22, 2013, 9:33 am
Anyone who doesn't think there is racism even among the Muslims themselves; Sunni and Shia aside needs to take their head out of the sand. The Saudis are at the top, especially if they are of the Wahhabi or Salafi version of Islam. Net to Pakistan they're the major backers for the extremists.
Here's a nation that has a well funded military. When Saddam invaded their cousin's territory in Kuwait they sat back and did nothing. Why should they risk their lives or their assets when us dumb Dhimmis will do it for them? What cheap oil; what weapons of mass destruction? I guess Bush et al needed some excuse to help the Boss. After all one wouldn't want to ruffle the Saudi feathers now would they?
Saudis may have the money along with the others but it is Western creativity and ingenuity that builds those fancy theme parks and buildings in the middle of the desert. What they should be doing is making the desert bloom like a rose. It can be done. Just ask the Israeils.

Alexander Werner (53)
Friday February 22, 2013, 2:15 pm
When I first read, that some Afganis kidnapped Arab fighters, kept them in cages and ransomed them back to their rich families, I was quite surprised.

Now, after seeing the attitude of Saudis toward all others, including Muslims, I am not becoming surprised anymore.

mar l ene dinkins (264)
Friday February 22, 2013, 3:12 pm
noted Cal!!!!! grazie for the article!!!!! i htink is horrific live in a country with this problems against womens. its absolutely bizarre!!!!!! ciao Cal!!!!

Mary Donnelly (47)
Friday February 22, 2013, 8:00 pm
Thanks Cal. It's difficult to change things in a nation state run as extended family with no written constitution.

Tommy S (11)
Saturday February 23, 2013, 5:30 am
Never forget that in order to spread their tentacles they opened

The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID)

and why did they not open it at home
because they execute people for witchcraft,they condone slavery and they let schoolchildren burn to death because they were not properly dressed ,no churches are allowed,no bibles etc.,no Jews ---- and they have the gall to talk about dialogue.
Their idea of dialogue is "We talk-you listen"

If it were not for the west they would still live as 1400 years ago

Alexander Werner (53)
Saturday February 23, 2013, 7:19 pm
Tommy, "If it were not for the OIL they would still live as 1400 years ago".

And eventually they will be. Call it Back to Basics.

. (0)
Monday February 25, 2013, 2:13 pm
I found the last paragraph to be very interesting.
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