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Clitoral Hood Removal: New Ways of Heightening Arousal

Society & Culture  (tags: Female Genital Cutting (FGC), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Clitoral, women, society, humans, crime, children, abuse, violence )

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Most professionals characterize any form of genital alteration as Female Genital Cutting (FGC). A few professionals make a distinction between Female Genital Cutting and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). What's all the fuss about? Is there a difference bet

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Madalena Lobaotello (448)
Thursday April 3, 2008, 7:49 am
Clitoral Hood Removal: New Ways of Heightening Arousal
A Brief Explanation
Plastic Surgery has largely become culturally acceptable. Western culture and, specifically, North American culture has accepted the ideals of beauty and functionality. In order to achieve desired appearances and performance, plastic surgery has gone the distance, exploring the various ways to improve oneís self image and performance. One of the least understood, and often misunderstood, plastic surgeries is female circumcision, also known as a clitoridotomy. Hopefully, after reading this short explanation our readers will have a better idea of what female circumcision is and is not. I have undergone the female circumcision procedure, and I could not be pleased more. Before offering my personal experience on this topic, itís necessary to discuss many of the misconceptions that arise, when this subject is approached.

Most professionals characterize any form of genital alteration as Female Genital Cutting (FGC). A few professionals make a distinction between Female Genital Cutting and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Whatís all the fuss about? Is there a difference between the two classifications? There is a solid case that suggests that a significant difference in procedure and motivation for the procedure exists; therefore, two separate categories or classifications are essential for a logical discussion.

In the past, female circumcision would have been labeled FGM: Any alteration of female genitalia, regardless of motivation and the actual procedure, was combined with other more barbaric and oppressive procedures, which are appropriately designated to the FGM classification. Clarification, please? Sure, many African and some Middle Eastern cultures practice excision and infibulation, though the practice has been introduced by some cultures into the West. explains infibulation:

"This procedure involves performing a clitorectomy, including the removal of the labia. The tissues are then sewn together, leaving only a small hole for the flow of urine and menstrual blood. In many cases, a second procedure is necessary later to allow for sexual intercourse."
Basically, due to cultural beliefs and the corresponding practices to uphold those beliefs, FGM practices prevent or limit women and men from sexual activity. Using this surgical procedure to extinguish or limit sexual pleasure is the objective. People all over the world scream, "Oppression! Oppression! Sexual pleasure is a natural right of all humans." While I do agree that women should have the right to express themselves sexually, I do not want to digress into a diatribe of cultural errors. My main objective is to identify a significant difference in motivation and procedure between the two classifications, FGM and FGC.

Female Circumcision, in contrast to clitoral excision and infibulation, is a procedure used to increase sexual pleasure. While FGM procedures are aimed at limiting or extinguishing female sexuality, female circumcision (also known as clitoridotomy or hoodectomy) is a procedure that surgically removes the clitoral hood, leaving the clitoral glans exposed, which provides greater sexual stimulation. While FGM is oppressive in nature, female circumcision (a form of FGC) is liberating. I should know!

I had my clitoridotomy (female circumcision) procedure five months ago. I have been sexually active since the age of 16, and my clitoris worked fine before the operation. I did not consent to this simple procedure because of an inability to have a clitoral orgasm. I've had wonderful orgasms since I became sexually active; however, my desire for more intense orgasms led me to have this operation. Compared to breast augmentation and other plastic surgeries, clitoridotomies are less invasive, and the recovery period is shorter and less painful.

Since having my clitoral hood removed, allowing greater clitoral exposure, my orgasms are much more powerful. Each clitoral orgasm I have is more intense and feels more personal. I have also found new pleasure in oral sex. Before the operation, I enjoyed oral sex; however, I only did so for brief periods of time. Now, as a result of my surgery, I invite my husband to rent a room for the night! Clitoral vibrators, as you can imagine, have a new place in my life. With all the cosmetic surgery ó facial, breast, stomach, etc ó plastic surgery has found a place in our culture. I was less interested in the cosmetic aspect, but supremely interested in the functionality, or improved sexual performance. To me, that was the selling point.

If you or someone you love is interested in this procedure, please contact a health professional for all the information needed to make an informed decision. It has been my personal experience that the surgery is extremely successful. I am not, however, a doctor. For a detailed discussion of this topic, please schedule an appointment with the appropriate professional that you feel comfortable with.

Lauren Stone (586)
Thursday April 3, 2008, 8:44 am
The fact that is conspicuously not mentioned here is the long term result. Yes, initially there would be heighten sensitivity due to the fact that the clitoris, an organ that is primarily internal is now exposed to the elements.

However, in the long term what happens is the clitoris, just like the glans of the circumcised penis becomes keratinized, thickened and desensitized. Leaving the clitoris with LESS sensitivity than it had in it's natural state.

Imagine if you had a finger nail surgically removed. The tissue of the nail bed, that is usually protected, once exposed would be highly sensitive at first. After a time however, the tissue of the nail bed would thicken, harden somewhat and become far less sensitive, if not without feeling altogether.

There are many ways to naturally heighten sexual pleasure without altering or damaging the body.


Past Member (0)
Thursday April 3, 2008, 8:49 am

Madalena Lobaotello (448)
Monday April 14, 2008, 9:32 am

Rachel B. (0)
Sunday May 4, 2008, 7:17 pm
Yup it's true. We have a hood for a reason. An exposed clitoris that is stimulated due to friction from clothing result's in discomfort and pain . You will lose all that heightened sensitivity as a result of the new exposure. I can't see how going an un-natural route to better orgasms could be liberating. Why isn't the act of orgasm alone liberating ? We're given the gift of orgasm and then some women decide it's just not enough. . I'm sorry. This really bugs me.

BM Not (0)
Sunday August 3, 2008, 1:55 pm
Rachel - what do you feel is a "natural" route to orgasm? Some might argue that masturbation is unnatural. Same for vibrators. How about keeping your bush trimmed? That increases sensitivity and might be considered unnatural, but it's common almost to the point of being standard.

David Harmon (8)
Wednesday July 8, 2009, 12:01 pm
I have a problem with individuals who always seem to find something wrong with change. Rather your body, attitude whatever. My wife is having problems with libido. We tried every natural thing out there. NOTHING WORKS. It is now to the point of effecting our relationship. Our best friends(couple) are reverse, He has not had sex with her for 2 years and she is having a real bad time as well. I am sick and tired of all these individuals trying to make out like sex is some big dark taboo. Anything that helps anyone have better sex should be discussed and be an alternative. Rather it be removal, addition or watever. Not everyone responds to this hiped up Natural junk out there on the markets. Ladies should enjoy sex, not go back in time and hide from it. The groups of today would have us all fearing sexual acts and afraid to even think about it. Talk about a backward jump... Anything and everything we do has a GOOD and a BAD side. Rather it's running, jumping, eating, sleeping, working, drainking WATER or of course SEX!!! I say do what it takes to enjoy your life, THE WAY YOU SEE FIT. Not how society dictates.

Past Member (0)
Sunday October 25, 2009, 7:32 pm
I totally agree, too many people like to behave like sex is something bad, when God him self made us sexual beings. Even angels have sex in the bible... lol. I am a professional sex therapist and a Dr of Psychology. If you want honest caring open minded articles and advice pls contact me

Robert Wagner (1)
Monday March 8, 2010, 9:30 am
My name is Rob, I am 27

My mother and father mutilated my body by circumcising me. I don't know what they were thinking but I think that didn't think much. I must Indore the pane, lose and betrayal of what they did to me. If they believed they helping me by removing a body part that they believed to be dirty, I only perceive that to be irresponsible. Washing with soap and water works good.

My mother's answer to my asking her why I was circumcised was, with sarcasm "What was I supposed to do, ask you". So my answer to her was "yes!, you do ask me. When I'm old enough to answer. My father's answer was that he wanted to which.

I am left with too large scars on my penis and a mutilated urethra. Because the skin of my urethra has bin cut I don't have the ability to urinate in a strait line.

Make this mutilation stop!

Aria Of The Sidhe (8)
Friday August 27, 2010, 2:56 pm
I am so sorry to hear that, Rob....

That is absolutely tragic! I've seen baby-male circumcision and it is absolutely inhuman! The baby is literally strapped with his hands and legs to his sides and he literally drowns in his tears against his will -- most doctors don't even use anesthesia since it is thought that "babies don't feel." And even when they do use anesthesia, the baby is still very much conscious during the operation. I guess it goes fully well that what is happening is BRUTAL and absolutely UNNATURAL!

When you're a baby, you turn to your parents to keep your vulnerability safe from harm.. and what do they do? They mutilate your most private and intimate area during a time where you're too small to even say "NO!"

Circumcision doesn't even have ANY health-benefits. In fact, it has caused MORE problems than it has "solved." Circumcision should NOT be done to minors.. and if a FULLY grown adult male/female wants it done that should be THEIR choice. It is THEIR sacred body and it should be THEIR sacred say-so.

My condolences upon you. But please try not to be ashamed. Your body is still unique and your own.

Warm regards,
~ Aria

Shelly S. (0)
Saturday January 29, 2011, 1:57 pm
I had what I thought was a minor procedure of reducing my labia minora because it was causing a lot of hygeine issues and getting caught in zippers. I was only supposed to have that done. My gynecologist told me it was a simple little trim. He said he was to do it. I came out of surgery with my entire clitoral hood removed with my clitoris sewn into my labia.. I also had the entire lower half of my labia minora completely amputated (nothing is there) he then also cut into what I only now realize is my labia majora.

I had never even heard of removal of clitoral hood before (didn't even know that is what it was called). i'm devastated and want to know if anyone can give me some feedback-hope of what my life will be like. I am in EXTREME pain and am extremely DEPRESSED. Like a major part of me being a woman is gone. I look like the poor victims of radiation from cancer or the girls who are mutilated.

I'm middle America-who really didn't have the minora reduction for stimulation. I am in full despair. My labiaplasty was covered by insurance. The Dr. and I NEVER discussed this procedure/it was never medically needed! I looked at my paperwork from the hospital.... he added the procedure after I signed the form!!! I never had even heard of this procedure or talked about it. hellp me with some feedback.

Sharbard S. (0)
Sunday June 10, 2012, 7:20 am
Male circumcision is definitely mutilation - psychologically and physically. It can leave men with lifelong premature ejaculation or insensitivity problems. It may even fundamentally change sexuality by making ejaculation, rather than the pleasure of contact, the focus of intercourse. Some go so far as to say that this has ramifications for the behaviour of entire societies and may partly explain militarism. I would not necessarily go that far, but I would definitely argue for the prohibition of involuntary circumcision - male or female.

Kdi J. (0)
Saturday November 3, 2012, 12:03 pm
Ladies, please I beg you, do not have labia reduction. To me (58 year old man) there is no greater turn on visually than a woman's clitoris & labia, and the bigger the better. When the labia is large and protudes from the vagina it really turns me on. It's not gross, but beautiful.

Caitlyn DILLON (0)
Wednesday May 1, 2013, 2:28 pm
I can't sit here and read your comments without adding a few things... First Male circumcision maybe mutilation to some yes but to others it is not! You can't sit here and make that call for ever male out there... I will say that if that's mutilation that the things my husband been through must have just been something worse! But you know what I think he is beautiful just the way he is scars and all!!! There are a lot of positive reasons to have your hood removed and if you aren't wearing pants or underwear then there would be no reason to worry about what some of you have mentioned! If you are a biblical person and your truly understand why these things are there then there should be no reason to sit here and say something is worse then something else... Tell me a person who went through a major abusive relationship, not knowing everyday if I was going to make it to see the next that removing the scar tissue off the hood wouldn't be better then leaving it there... I get more from life then just being sexually stimulated by my clit and really if you need all the stimulation there to get you wet in the first place maybe you should look at yourself, cause your partner should do more for you then that! I would rather no have a hood then know what happened to mine and that it was basically off at one point anyways... I'm not defending it and I'm not promoting it, to each their own! But you can't say that something is mutilation to everyone just because it is to yourself!

Dr. E D (3)
Thursday July 10, 2014, 11:34 pm
Female circumcision is a term for a number of practices that go under the BE-HEADING "Female Genital Mutilation" or FGM.
Female circumcision in the United States began to be advocated in the early 19th century as a way to control masturbation and to relieve women of those pesky sexual urges. Both clitoridotomy and clitoridectomy were practiced.
There were several groups advocating clitoridectomy and they lasted until 1925. It is not know precisely when the practice ended in the United States but this form of female circumcision was covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield until 1977. The last clitoridotomy performed to reduce sexually activity was probably the surgery performed in 1958 to stop a 5 year old girl from masturbating. All through the fifties some United States doctors recommend the clitoridotomy form of female circumcision for hygienic reasons and to reduce masturbation.
United States doctors performed an extreme form of female circumcision, the neurectomy, at the turn of the 20th century on institutionalized girls and women. As late as 1950 a very extreme form of female circumcision, electrical cauterization, was performed in the United States on mental patients to stop masturbation.


TYPE I This is the most common form of Female Genital Mutilation. The clitoris is held between the thumb and index finger and then pulled out and amputated with one stroke of a sharp object. The bleeding is stopped by packing the wound with gauze. A pressure bandage is then applied. Modern trained practitioners may insert one or two stitches around the clitoral artery to stop bleeding.

TYPE II The degree of severity varies a lot in this type. The clitoris is amputated as in Type I. The Labia Minora are partially or totally removed, often with the same stroke. The bleeding is stopped with packing and bandages or by circular stitches that may or may not cover the urethra and part of the vaginal opening. Types I and II account for 85% of all Female Genital Mutilation.

TYPE III An extensive amount of tissue is removed. This is the most extreme form. It involves a complete removal of the clitoris and labia minor along with the inner surface of the labia majora. The raw edges of the labia majora are brought together to fuse. Thorns, poultices or stitching are used to hold them together for two to six weeks. The healed scar creates a hood of skin that covers the urethra and part or most of the vagina. This acts as a physical barrier to intercourse. A small opening is left at the back to allow the flow of urine and menstrual blood. The opening is surrounded by skin and scar tissue. It is usually 2 to 3cm in diameter and may be as small as the head of a matchstick.

TYPE IV This type is unclassified and deals with a variety of procedures. (1) Pricking, piercing, stretching or an incision of the clitoris and/or the labia. (2) Cauterization by burning the clitoris and surrounding tissues. (3) An incision is made to the vaginal wall. (4) Scraping or cutting of the the vagina. (5) An introduction of corrosive substances or herbs into the vagina. Some of these procedures often result in vesicovaginal fistulae and damage to the anal sphincter.

Read, The Great Cosmic Mother & The Horn Gate for more information on the how and why's of this practice.
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