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Syrian Rebels Behead Christian & Feed Him to Dogs as Fear Grows Over Islamist Atrocities

World  (tags: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Muslim Brotherhood, Atrocities, Beheading, Christian, Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide, Dogs, humanrights, middle-east, violence, war, UnitedNations, usa, terrorism, death )

- 1994 days ago -
according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamist 'rebels' & has condemned the West for supporting the rebels despite growing evidence of human rights abuses. Murder, kidnapping, rape & robbery are becoming commonplace

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Jay S (116)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 7:49 am
Here's the article:

'Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.
The nun said taxi driver Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped after his brother was heard complaining that fighters against the ruling regime behaved like bandits.
She said his headless corpse was found by the side of the road, surrounded by hungry dogs. He had recently married and was soon to be a father.

Volatile fighting: The news of the kidnapping and beheading of Mr Arbashe came as pro-government forces celebrated their victory against rebels at the Air Defence Base in Tal Hassil near Aleppo Airport last night
Sister Agnes-Mariam de la Croix said: ‘His only crime was his brother criticised the rebels, accused them of acting like bandits, which is what they are.’
There have been a growing number of accounts of atrocities carried out by rogue elements of the Syrian Free Army, which opposes dictator Bashar al-Assad and is recognised by Britain and the West as the legitimate leadership.

Assad's highest ranking military police officer defects Syrian regime and flees to Turkey
It's the end of the world as we know it... But David Miliband believes Britain can halt the descent into chaos
More than 60 people killed by an airstrike in Syria as they queue for bread at a bakery in a rebel stronghold
Sister Agnes-Miriam, mother superior of the Monastery of St James the Mutilated, has condemned Britain and the west for supporting the rebels despite growing evidence of human rights abuses. Murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery are becoming commonplace, she says.
‘The free and democratic world is supporting extremists,’ Sister Agnes-Miriam said from her sanctuary in Lebanon. ‘They want to impose Sharia Law and create an Islamic state in Syria.’

Fatal opinion: The man's brother had criticised the behaviour of members of the Free Syrian Army, seen here during heavy clashes with government forces north of Aleppo earlier this month
The 60-year-old Carmelite nun claims the west has turned a blind eye to growing evidence of a ‘fifth column’ of fanatics within the rag-tag ranks that make up the Free Syrian Army that they back to oust Assad.
One of the most effective fighting forces is the Jabat Al-Nusra, which has an ideology similar to Al Qaeda.
‘The uprising has been hijacked by Islamist mercenaries who are more interested in fighting a holy war than in changing the government,’ she said.
‘It has turned into a sectarian conflict. One in which Christians are paying a high price.’
The rebel attacked the northern town of Ras Al-Ayn, on the Turkish border, last month. The fighters entered the Christian quarter, ordering civilians to leave and leaving their homes.
‘More than 200 families were driven out in the night,’ Sister Agnes-Miriam says. ‘People are afraid. Everywhere the deaths squads stop civilians, abduct them and ask for ransom, sometimes they kill them.’

Threat: Sister Agnes-Mariam said that rebel fighters, pictured, are targeting Christians in Syria in a bid to make it a Muslim state. Militants wearing black bandanas of Al Qaeda recently laid siege to the Monastery of St James the Mutilated, located between Damascus and Homs, for two days in an attempt to prevent Christmas celebrations, the nun claims.

An estimated 300,000 Christians have been displaced in the conflict, with 80,000 forced out of the Homs region alone, she claims.
Many have fled abroad raising fears that Syria’s Christian community may vanish - like others across Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity.
Al Assad, a member of the Alawite Muslim sect, claims only his regime can protect Syria’s minorities from domination from the Sunni Muslims majority.
Meanwhile the fighting continues to rage with government forces retaking control of a key district in the city of Homs yesterday.
The latest violence comes after United Nations peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi warned of ‘hell’ for Syria if no political solution could be found.
Russia has stated the conflict is becoming increasingly militarised and sectarian and risks bringing chaos to the whole region.
Some 44,000 people have been killed since the uprising against the Al Assad regime began in March 2011.'

Read more:

Carola May (20)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 7:56 am
Where is the outrage? Why is it that Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims can be threatened, abused and murdered daily as the Muslim ruled lands increase their aim to ethnically cleanse them all from the lands those peoples once claimed before Islam's violent conquests conquered them all and forced the native peoples into the status of inferior, oppressed people, and no one in the West - leaders or media - makes a peep?

But let some goofball try to burn a Qur'an and it is frontpage in all the mainstream media, including Care2, and all our cowardly 'leaders' bow to Meccah in humble apology. Something is very wrong here.

Where is Obama? He is so 'in' with the Muslim Brotherhood and has been so supportive of their taking over of all the so-called 'Arab Spring' countries to create new barbaric Sharia States, and he's backing the Saudi-Muslim Brotherhood-backed 'rebels' now in Syria which are already committing terrible atrocities against Christians and other minorities.

Where is their outrage? Where is Care2's outrage? They couldn't care less unless some Muslim is having a bad day. Just look at their story history, and they claim to be so concerned about 'human rights'.

. (0)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 9:02 am
we know where Obama is , and where he apparently stands. Where is the World Court? Where is the (more often) usless UN?
Regardless of political party, I can not think of one 2oth Century President that would let this continue - even Carter would have taken a proactive approach long ago. Over 40,000 dead, and nothing from the White House.

Gillian M (218)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 9:02 am
Carola, the outrage is where it always is when talking about Christians being murdered, absolutely nowhere. The anti-Semites and Muslims on care2 are silent and so are the governments. After all, we can't upset Muslims by criticizing their behaviour.....

Beth S (330)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 9:23 am
Islam COMMANDS Muslims to hate Christians and Jews. As for people of other religions and atheists, Islam commands that they either convert to Islam or die.

Such institutionalized Islamic hatred, found in the very primary "holy" literature of the Quran and Hadiths, propel this type of subhuman behavior. Islam needs to be actively resisted.

This article reminds of another not too long ago where Taliban entered a house where a woman was nursing her baby and had some female friends there. The Taliban cut off the woman's breast, cut it up and offered it to her friends to eat.

Anyone who has read of the compulsion to violence in Islamic texts understands that the violent, murderous, pedophilic, sex-slaving exploits of Muhammad and his thug followers is what drives this animalistic behavior that we see today.

It is greatly ironic that Islam refers to Christians and Jews as pigs and apes, when so many of the followers of Islam are reptilian.

SĂĽheyla C (234)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 9:27 am

Jay S (116)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 9:28 am
These Saudi/Muslim Brotherhood backed 'rebels' have driven 90% of the Christians out of Homs already and they have made it clear they will ethnically cleanse the whole country of non-Sunni Muslims. It's ironic that Syria was a Christian country, as most Muslim occupied lands now once were. Most Muslim conquered countries now are virtually free of Jews and all are now terrorizing, persecuting, murdering and driving out the few Christians that remain in their own homelands. The Muslims are the invaders and occupiers but where is the outrage indeed?

Carol D (346)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 2:01 pm
To read something like this makes one sick to their stomach!!! And to think Obama supports these bastards is so very telling of his intent for America and his real concern for the human race! He cares not!!!!!!!!!!! I can only hope anyone who does something like or supports it as Obama does... rots in the fires of HELL for eternity!!!

Roger G (154)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 4:03 pm
noted, thanks !

Hilary S (65)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 4:13 pm
i wonder if the west finds all this so utterly terrifying - all these religious based massacres of people in islamic countries - that it feels safer and easier to turn a blind eye?

you know, if you hope for a benign leadership, leading a pluralistic society in an islamic country, you're living in la-la land

pam w (139)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 6:09 pm

These are NOT the actions of CIVILIZED people!

Nancy Black (308)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 6:32 pm
Noted, tweeted, tweeted, shared. Sad that this is happening; it only makes more prejudices and hurts the reputation of Muslims.

Jay S (116)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 10:51 pm
Nancy Black, Muslims have been hurting their own 'reputation' for 1400 years beginning with Mohammed's many verses of hate and violence preached against all non-Muslims ("kill disbelievers wherever you find them" Qur'an 9:5, the Verse of the Sword abrogates/cancels 113 earlier more tolerant verses alone).

Islam was spread by the sword conquering countries, mostly Christian, and destroying their cultures and taking their inventions as their own. It is estimated that in 1400 years of Islam's conquests that 270 million people have been slaughtered.

Islam is the only religion that doesn't teach the Golden Rule, except to fellow Muslims. Non-Muslims have no worth whatsoever and under Sharia Law there is NO penalty for murdering non-Muslims. When their deity Allah says over and over how much he hates non-Muslims and that they should be killed it is amazing that Muslims aren't even more brutal to others than they already are.

There is no freedom of religion, conscience, speech or press in any Muslim occupied land and there can't be because Allah the 'merciful' forbids it.

Giana Peranio-paz (398)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 10:53 pm
Noted, and this is going on right on my front door! It's absolutely crazy!

berny p (23)
Wednesday January 2, 2013, 10:17 am
it is greatly ironic that Islam refers to Christians and Jews as pigs and apes, when so many of the followers of Islam are reptilian.


bob m (32)
Wednesday January 2, 2013, 1:11 pm

it IS reptilian.

Ann P (17)
Wednesday January 2, 2013, 1:44 pm
Noted. People have been killing people in the middle east since the 1st sunrise. They're not going to stop now. They can't want peace. The religion of peace. What a joke. L♥ve ☮ Peace.

Russell R (2)
Wednesday January 2, 2013, 5:15 pm
The religion of pieces! Lets just get the "Hell out of there!" and start nation building here at home. Let the UN take care of World Affairs. Will match whatever Britain brings to the table, like the two thousands soldiers it has in Afghan, Lets just get out and take anyone that wants to leave that rat-hole with us. We can return in twenty years after they kill each other. If we can't do that then lets say every pig we can gather and drop they off, by land, sea and air all over their sacred dust-bowl. Spray dust the air with pigs-blood until everything is red. Let them all eat pork, or, let the pork chow down on them!

Donna Hamilton (159)
Thursday January 3, 2013, 7:18 am
The same scum my government wants to arm.....

Note that this rabble are described as 'rebels'; if a group were trying to overthrow a western government they would classed as terrorists!

jan b (5)
Thursday January 3, 2013, 7:36 am
Question. Has the USA fixed Afghanistan or Iraq ? The last thing we need is to get into another war because the middle east doesn't want our much more plain can that be. They have been at war with each other for centuries.
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR--- Oil speculators and defense contractors are some of the groups looking to make a killing on another war. While the nations goes further in debt, funds are cut for the poor and needy, public education is defunded, and our society collapses due to the expense of war, the greedy and wealthy will be lining their pockets laughing at our stupidity. War makes money for many, which is certainly one of the main reasons, some would argue the only reason, that war is even waged.

It becomes even more disturbing when you realize that those who are going to become even filthier rich in the next war are buying out congress.

Alexander Werner (53)
Thursday January 3, 2013, 8:13 am
Janice, don't forget that US came to Afganistan after 9/11, which was an act of war.

Everyone agrees, that we are dealing with militant and extremist barbarians over there, and it would be much nice to be far away and spend money in a better way.

The problem is, when you don't go after those Jihadists, Jihadists come after you. The quesion is, who do you prefer to fight this battle, and where: by soldiers in Afganistan mountains, or by civilians in New York subway.

mar l ene dinkins (264)
Saturday January 5, 2013, 2:48 pm
noted, i just hope the dogs do not got sick!!!! the humanes are so bad!!!!! grazie,

Rahman Qureshi (76)
Wednesday January 9, 2013, 6:11 am
The "religion of peace" keeps showing its true ugly face. It is all based on the false prophet Muhammad who had people murdered left and right who didn't agree with him. I hope everyone understands this isn't about civil war or foreign policies or anything like that. This is Islam doing what it does best - terrorizing and murdering in the most horrible ways.

Cousin It Addams (8)
Wednesday January 9, 2013, 2:00 pm
first the saturday people, then the sunday people. this shouldn't suprise anyone who pays attention.

while i do worry about obama "backing the Saudi-Muslim Brotherhood-backed 'rebels' now in Syria"

i'm more worried about obama "backing the Saudi-Muslim Brotherhood-backed 'rebels' now in" America. the word "treason" pops into my head again and again........
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