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Sarah Palin's Shocking Animal Cruelty

Animals  (tags: animals, wildlife, palin, cruelty, killing, wolves, suffering, hunting, endangered, environment, politics )

- 3532 days ago -
Voters of both political parties who care about the humane treatment of animals must unite to make sure that the governor with the nation's worst record on animal welfare doesn't end up just a heartbeat away from the nation's most important job.

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Tom M (814)
Friday September 19, 2008, 7:09 pm
Please also visit the website at the bottom of the picture for more information.

Bronwyn H (228)
Friday September 19, 2008, 7:37 pm
Noted with real concern for America and all the animals. What a grizzly looking bunch they are in the above photo wearing some poor animals fur; they have no respect or compassion for the animals. Shame on them all!

catherine g (120)
Friday September 19, 2008, 7:42 pm
i wish a bear would eat sarah palin. well on second thought maybe not. probably it would kill the bear ~

catherine g (120)
Friday September 19, 2008, 7:54 pm
my message was truncated. here is the whole thing ~

"must have hidden the beer cans and pickup truck ~

i wish a bear would eat sarah palin. well on second thought maybe not. probably it would kill the bear ~

i wish a bus . . . ~ "

Juliette Calderone (91)
Friday September 19, 2008, 9:10 pm
Excellent article . This woman is not fit for office . She has no heart she has no soul .

If she was running for her life with bullets hailing down on her how would she feel ? Terrified ,that is how an animal feels .

Dreadful business .She needs more humanity

Mary Cook (518)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 3:05 am
American Voters need to remember that the Presidential election is not just another reality show...they are not voting for the newest 'American Idol"! Animal cruelty alone is enough for me to vote against her, but then she is against a Woman's right to choose, doesn't take Global Warming seriously, and doesn't believe in evolution... Good Grief! Wake up voters!!!

Mari 's (1356)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 8:48 am

Exactly mary cook Please vote against her! We do want a woman but NOT this woman!

I am a woman & I vote for animals, the environment & economy.

If she gets into that white house we are all doomed


Ginger Geronimo (438)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 8:58 am
This "woman" & I use that term loosely, makes me sick in SO many ways. Don't even get me started!

Sheila Pollastrini (10)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 9:00 am
Whoever this new Mother of of 5 is,? we have never heard of her nor do we want a woman that wears animals for a President. It would be horrible for a woman that looks like a movie star to step in all of a sudden and become our Vice President...what happens if McCain gets ill,do we want her running the country?, I think not! MC. doesn't look well enough to run the country... we cannot elect McCain...........

Helen Beasley (30)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 9:01 am
Mary .... you are so very right
to me she is a monster from hell on all living animals

Brenda H (29)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 10:28 am

Past Member (0)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 11:32 am
The latest CNN polls show that now that the Sarah Palin fad has died down a little, Obama is slightly back ahead in the poles. Which does make me breath a little easier. But still, we need to keep the pressure on and make sure it stays that way. This election is one of the most important in our country's history when it comes to the environment and to wildlife.

Palin is not the first female VP candidate. The first barbarian candidate we have seen since Theodore Roosevelt maybe. But no t the first female candidate.

Morgan Griffith (225)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 1:47 pm
If this election were a horror flick I could just turn it off and walk away--unfortunately it is real, SHE is real (a real what I won't say) and SHE is most of all a real danger. SHE cannot get elected. And what the hell is wrong with those idiots in that picture? Aren't they just a proud bunch of lunatics!!! Animals were slaughtered so they could play dress-up????!!!!!

Maureen S (35)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 2:16 pm
SHE HAS NO HEART. How she treats animals is how she will treat people.

Past Member (0)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 2:33 pm
I have already pondered the pros and cons of palin. Because my eyes are wide open, I am now certain she is pure evil...
If you really want to know the truth about palin, her evil self, here are some facts from the other 'side of the barricades':
If you want to know how the rest of the world will see America if the 2 evil soul mates ('maccalin') win, then check this out:
If you really don't care about what the rest of the world thinks of the USA, maybe next time your (hopefully not) future republican government (God/Goddess/Allah/Buddha forbids) invades another country, there will be no one to back you up. Then I would like to know how you will maintain your position in the world (which is already damaged beyond your wildest imagination) if you are completely alone!
Europe, Australia, South America for sure, the Middle East needless to say, probably even Russia, support Obama…! Are we all wrong?
Maybe you want to be alone in the world, isolated… Yeah, the USA against the world… ’cause that’s what will happen if the 2 evil soul mates ‘maccalin’ win!
MacCain - a decrepit, rich man, who doesn't know how many houses he has - this should be an insult to the average American, who doesn't think for himself and who supported bush's decisions most of the time. And he uses the POW excuse to say he is the best man for the job...
- she is a creationist - God created us about +/- 6000 years ago? Right… and all the existing scientific data of human settlements way before that are just illusions… What I don’t understand is that there are actually women who believe in that crap. If that was true, then Adam and Eve were also true, which means Eve would have been made from one of Adam’s ribs - so, that would mean women were just a by-product!!! And as such, they would be inferior beings… And why is God male and not female? What are you, blind? This is one of the arguments used by radical Muslims to keep ‘their’ women literally locked in the house and their bodies all covered with burkas!!! Maybe the American women who support palin would love to be treated like that!!! Unbelievable… the middle ages are long gone… or so I thought!
Women must have the right to abort if they don’t want to have a child! It’s their body! If the so called pro-life people are so worried about embryos who are no even human beings yet, maybe they should offer themselves to adopt the children of women who don’t want to or can’t have that future baby! Why should someone be forced to have a baby if she is not prepared for it? What, it’s better to have a child and then beat it up or abandon it? I can’t stand hypocrisy!
- she is a hunter. She enjoys killing… as simple as that. She approved the slaughter of wolves because it brings huge bucks to her pockets from rich hunters! And as far as I know they don’t eat wolves!!! Their argument is to control their population… Nature controls itself. Humans are the ones who disrupt Nature’s equilibrium! She wants to remove polar bears and beluga whales from the endangered species list so they can be hunted!
- she wants to drill in the offshore - do you think you start drilling overnight? It takes years... meanwhile the money and time spent on that could have been quickly used to invest in the renewable sources of energy and expand them!
- she has less political experience than Senator Obama! Alaska compared to Obama’s state? Come on!!!
- She trashed Obama, and what did he tell the reporters regarding Palin’s teenager pregnant daughter? Back off, family is off limits! This says a lot about someone’s character… Oh and isn't she in favour of sexual abstinence until the wedding? What a great example. 'Do as I say, don't do as I do'!
- the climate change isn't happening? When category 5 hurricanes become a constant in the American territory, maybe you will 'wake up and smell the coffee'!!
And I could go on...
If the 2 evil soul mates win, trust me, it will be the end, once and for all, of the USA as we know it!! And you Americans will be despised by the rest of the world! You will lose your allies and no one will be there to support you when terrorists attack! And they will, because they will know the people of your allies will not allow their governments to help you!! Thank you ...

Thelma Sumpter (30)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 4:04 pm
Noted Thank you...
SHE Has No Heart and is pure Evil. How she treats animals is how she will treat people if in office. Right= now you are seeing her acting, with a 2 face and forked tongue. If put in office we All may regret it....

Dori butterick (48)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 4:59 pm
she said it right shes a pit bull trained to kill that is

Nora J (229)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 5:18 pm
Another horrible party pic from Sarah Palin's shameful family photo album. While others celebrate life, she celebrates death - the death of the unfortunate animals who (try) to live anywhere near her and her disgraceful family. She has the gall to display the fur of poor, defenceless animals around her neck as though she is some kind of hero for having shot them. I would like to see a noose around her neck instead.

Delliana Ofthesea (241)
Saturday September 20, 2008, 8:29 pm
Again, Eye For An Eye...

Saturday September 20, 2008, 9:22 pm

Natasha V (4)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 12:26 am

Donn M (56)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 12:30 am
She will never have all the power Natasha. Not even as president.

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 3:15 am
what a bunch heartless sick rednecks idiots.If PALIN become V.P and Mc-cain your president after G.W Bush I fill sorry for the world. Lots of love to people of care2

Lynnzie S (40)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 6:41 am

Ben O (171)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 8:13 am
Sarah Palin spent $400,000 of state money to "educate" Alaskans about aerial hunting of wolves and bears. State tax money was used to directly influence the outcome of proposition 2 which would have limited aerial shooting of predators. Since Alaskans had previously voted twice to ban aerial shooting of predators, Palin used state tax money to buy support for aerial shooting. Buying votes with tax money worked - proposition two was voted down on 8/26/08.

Ben O (171)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 8:15 am
This year the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game will exterminate 1,400 bears out of a population of 2,000 in an area west of Anchorage. The Alaskan Board of Game even approved the hunting of black bear mothers and cubs with the goal of killing 60 percent of the black bear population. Although biologists have known since the 60's that predators actually keep prey populations healthy, Alaskan wolves and bears are being exterminated (using cruel practices such as baiting, trapping, and aerial shooting) to boost dwindling moose populations. Do You really want a vice president who doesn't believe in science?

Marcla G (108)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 10:24 am
Why are my comments showing up on the wrong news stories? The above comment was meant for the witch video news that Tom had posted. Anyone getting the same thing happening?

Marcla G (108)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 10:25 am
And now it's gone. Something wierd is happening.

Richelle R (62)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 1:04 pm
Palin scares me. She seems to want to kill everything but unwanted fetuses.

Blue B (855)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 1:17 pm
There is something about Sarah ...

Going For The Gut

by digby

I can't honestly say that I'm prescient about much of anything, but
I have said from the day she was nominated that her attitude toward animals was a serious weak point for Palin. It wasn't about regular All American hunting. This was about her not caring if the polar bears drown and supporting aerial wolf hunting, which takes her way into the outer boundaries of the anti-environmental and gun culture. She
is far from being mainstream on a whole host of issues, but this is one that creates a visceral, emotional reaction and shows just how extreme she really is.

It looks like that disturbing wolf hunting ad moves voters:

A new national focus group among 312 self-reported Democrats, Republicans and Independents, revealed that after viewing a new ad by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund regarding "Palin's Wildlife Record", there was moderate movement among all parties toward Barack Obama.

The study was conducted by HCD Research and the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion (MCIPO) on September 15, to obtain Americans' perceptions of a new ad which questions Governor Sarah Palin's record in regard to wildlife in Alaska.

"The ad which focuses on Governor Palin's record regarding the treatment of wildlife in Alaska seemed to strike a chord with voters," commented Glenn Kessler, president and CEO, HCD Research. "The recent ads from both parties have had little impact among voters. This is the first ad in over a month that seems to have broken through," he added.

Among the study findings:

The ad earned Barack Obama a Political Communications Impact Score (PCI of 29.4 and John McCain received a score of 5.9, resulting in a net score of 23.5 for Barack Obama. The scores can be compared to a mean score of 9.3 for previously tested Obama ads and 7.5 for previously tested McCain ads. To date, the total mean score for all previously tested ads is 8.3

The most prevalent emotional responses reported from voters were "angry" and "disturbed" after viewing the ad. Click here:

It's one thing to be a frontier gal who hunts moose in Alaska for food. But most people instinctively get that there's something fundamentally wrong with this:

Sandy v (91)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 2:14 pm
Besides murdering animals , she looks so proud and is having so much fun. Sickening

Ramona S (9)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 2:28 pm
noted - We DO NOT want a person like this in office!

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Sunday September 21, 2008, 9:29 pm
If only we could arm the least they could have a fighting chance. Howling is disgust and tired of the apathetic attitudes of the elitest who frankly have the mistaken notion that they are the only ones lvivng on this planet....everytime I see and add of her in any Alaskan media I just want to scream...ENOUGH ALREADY....

Gwen M (236)
Monday September 22, 2008, 9:34 am
And this is a woman who is proud of the suffering she inflicts. A person like this does not belong in office, especially not one of the highest offices there is in the US. She must be stopped and it is up to all of us to keep her out. If she gets in the whole world is in trouble. She is even more dangerous than McCain.

ROBIN M (312)
Monday September 22, 2008, 10:07 am
Shes been up north too long she has to have a frost bit brain and heart is the only reason I can think of for some one to be this cruel and inhumane its as if she thrives on killing. I just hope the people of the U.S. arn't her next victims.

Suzanne D (3)
Tuesday September 23, 2008, 8:00 pm
This is so sad. It shows that Karl Rove is really cynical. Putting Palin up thinking that women will vote for another woman just because have the same chromosomes. It's quite hypocritical to call herself pro-choice. Shame on the right! Shame on the RNC!

Patty S (9)
Tuesday September 23, 2008, 8:11 pm
Thank you for this insight into Sarah Palin's history on animal atrocities. I wasn't really in tune on what she is all about until recently, but had this feeling inside me that she wasn't someone to be trusted - one of those gut instincts I guess.
I have been on the fence on the upcoming election, but now know for certain I WILL Not vote Republican.
Thanks for posting

Ernesto Daniel (82)
Tuesday September 23, 2008, 10:15 pm
Sarah Palin calls herself a devout Christian, but her actions make her absolutely hypocritical. Palin is a Dick Cheney clone, personally I feel she's an outright Nazi.

Jennifer E (40)
Tuesday October 28, 2008, 7:21 pm
She is dangerous. In so many ways.

Cam V (417)
Wednesday January 6, 2010, 1:55 pm
Went right to the source to ask about Palin and the wolves .... not sure who started the rumour but there was much ado over a lie? misinformation? a smear campaign?

Dear Cam :

Director Larsen asked me to respond to your inquiry on his behalf.

The first of the wolf control programs now under way was approved in the late 1990s under a Democratic governor. No wolves were killed until 2003. We have had two different governors (both Republican) since then. There currently are six control programs in existence.

To clarify one point: helicopters are not, and have not, been used in by private pilots permitted to participate. In only two programs have helicopters been used, and then only by ADF& G employees. In the two programs where helicopters were used, the efforts took place after the most recent electoral cycle. So, if someone in the last election cycle chose to make an issue of using helicopters, it was premature.

Bruce Bartley
Public Information Officer

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Wednesday January 6, 2010, 4:34 pm
Sad to inform you Northern, but you obviously haven't lived here nor researched her actions against wildlife here.
I live here.
Just for a start follow the urls on the link...

The Truth About Sarah Palin & Wildlife in Alaska

All facts about Sarah Palin are backed up by links to credible news sources.

This page was created by Alaskans and has been online since 2007- with updates.

1) Palin offered a bounty click here of $150 for each left front leg of freshly killed wolves

2) Palin promotes aerial hunting of wolves even though Alaskans voted twice to ban it (VIDEO)click here


Cam V (417)
Wednesday January 6, 2010, 5:46 pm
Democrats I assume? How do you get a fair and balanced story from anyone in America anymore Wolf? I went right to the fish and game authorities up there and what you are saying is false. What a crew of folk I know who live in Alaska are saying the same thing and actually a couple of them are dems .... It must be awful to hate such a good person so much you live to destroy their good character ....

Dewey Whetsell is a longtime commercial fisherman, veteran fire fighter, fire chief, jazz musician and poet from Alaska penned a very nice retort to all of those who would say Sarah Palin isn't the real deal, a true leader.

Those who follow Alaska politics know these stories well, but the rest of America should understand this as well.

You can check out Dewey Whetsell's website here, the man has a very interesting life's story.

Here is Dewey's letter:

The last 45 of my 66 years I've spent in a commercial fishing town in Alaska . I understand Alaska politics but never understood national politics well until this last year. Here's the breaking point: Neither side of the Palin controversy gets it. It's not about persona, style, rhetoric, it's about doing things. Even Palin supporters never mention the things that I'm about to mention here.

1. Democrats forget when Palin was the Darling of the Democrats, because as soon as Palin took the Governor's office away from a fellow Republican and tough SOB, Frank Murkowski, she tore into the Republican's "Corrupt Bastards Club" (CBC) and sent them packing. Many of them are now residing in State housing and wearing orange jump suits. The Democrats reacted by skipping around the yard, throwing confetti and singing, "la la la la" (well, you know how they are). Name another governor in this country that has ever done anything similar.

2. Now with the CBC gone, there were fewer Alaskan politicians to protect the huge, giant oil companies here. So she constructed and enacted a new system of splitting the oil profits called "ACES." Exxon (the biggest corporation in the world) protested and Sarah told them, "don't let the door hit you in the stern on your way out." They stayed, and Alaska residents went from being merely wealthy to being filthy rich. Of course, the other huge international oil companies meekly fell in line. Again, give me the name of any other governor in the country that has done anything similar.

3. The other thing she did when she walked into the governor's office is she got the list of State requests for federal funding for projects, known as "pork." She went through the list, took 85% of them and placed them in the "when-hell-freezes-over" stack. She let locals know that if we need something built, we'll pay for it ourselves. Maybe she figured she could use the money she got from selling the previous governor's jet because it was extravagant. Maybe she could use the money she saved by dismissing the governor's cook (remarking that she could cook for her own family), giving back the State vehicle issued to her, maintaining that she already had a car, and dismissing her State provided security force (never mentioning - I imagine - that she's packing heat herself). I'm still waiting to hear the names of those other governors.

4. Now, even with her much-ridiculed "gosh and golly" mannerism, she also managed to put together a totally new approach to getting a natural gas pipeline built which will be the biggest private construction project in the history of North America. No one else could do it although they tried. If that doesn't impress you, then you're trying too hard to be unimpressed while watching her do things like this while baking up a batch of brownies with her other hand.

5. For 30 years, Exxon held a lease to do exploratory drilling at a place called Point Thompson. They made excuses the entire time why they couldn't start drilling. In truth they were holding it like an investment. No governor for 30 years could make them get started. Then, she told them she was revoking their lease and kicking them out. They protested and threatened court action. She shrugged and reminded them that she knew the way to the court house. Alaska won again.

6. President Obama wants the nation to be on 25% renewable resources for electricity by 2025. Sarah went to the legislature and submitted her plan for Alaska to be at 50% renewables by 2025. We are already at 25%. I can give you more specifics about things done, as opposed to style and persona Everybody wants to be cool, sound cool, look cool. But that's just a cover-up. I'm still waiting to hear from liberals the names of other governors who can match what mine has done in two and a half years. I won't be holding my breath.

By the way, she was content to return to AK after the national election and go to work, but the haters wouldn't let her. Now these adolescent screechers are obviously not scuba divers. And no one ever told them what happens when you continually jab and pester a barracuda. Without warning, it will spin around and tear your face off. Shoulda known better.

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Wednesday January 6, 2010, 7:10 pm

You over look the quitter's nature. GEt what you want and flee.
Seriously, if you like her so much take her. ..please.
She'll never hold another office in Alaska as she has burnt her bridges.


Cam V (417)
Wednesday January 6, 2010, 11:25 pm
Oh I don't know about that Wolf. She may not want to but you forget to mention she left because of the constant attacks from the Dems that cost your state over a million dollars and her personally over five hundred thousand. She was not intending to run again and could not stand to see the money wasted when it should be going to the people in the state of Alaska. Plus as we all do financial responsibility to our own families have to be foremost in everything we do. We have to take care of ourselves personally or we are of no use to anyone!

I waste no time 'hating' anyone wolf but you drip contempt and hatred of this woman. I cannot understand why? It is such a waste of our own lives to carry such feelings about anyone and eats away at us as individuals. It is not healthy. Unless of course there is an agenda to the hatred .... and then that is a game. I think in my lifetime I have seen more ugly political game playing than most. It is not helpful to a country and in fact can do it the greatest harm. So I hate no one and I hope everyone can say at some point in their lives that they do not hate either.

Cam V (417)
Wednesday January 6, 2010, 11:29 pm
Oh, I forgot to ad that I did a search on the source of this information and it is a pretty liberal leaning site. So I would take with a grain of salt what I read here folks ..... check your sources .... do your homework .....

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Thursday January 7, 2010, 8:04 pm
Right back at you dude. Your using you Palin brigade does not have a slant?
Your rich. Your have a right to post your leanings, but I don't?
Sorry but you and Bruce need to take your passion to Palins boars if thats the case.
You have a hankering for Palin, and I live here in the United States, Alaska, and know her deeds first hand. Do you? You live in Canada. What is your point?
Take her, I'm sure you and your group would love her views and beliefs.

Sorry but you haven't a clue about what she's done to our wildlife here.
Let her take her blood thristy habits to her own private hunting grounds wsith her hunting buddies. Because this was never about the wolves killing off the moose or caribou. It's about money, and out of state hunters getting a "Promise KIll", when they get here for their hunting trip, and not being disappointed whent hey don't get their moose. Your facts will never jive with the truth. IT'S ABOUT THE OIL MONEY AND THE TOURIST HUNTS.

Brutal: Sarah Palin's Record on Aerial Wolf Hunting

Sarah Palin Champions Barbaric Aerial Hunting of Wolves

Cam V (417)
Thursday January 7, 2010, 8:08 pm
It is fortunate or unfortunate that we are here at the same time Wolf. All your links are nothing more than mere propaganda. I will say again get over your hate and keep fighting to change your state laws. What you are doing is not helping Alaska or America for that matter because you are spewing hatred instead of facts. Fiction instead of reality. I live in British Columiba. You know - we SHARE a border with your state? Work hand in hand on many things past, present and future because of our many ties to each other. You are tied more to my Province than you are to your country.

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Thursday January 7, 2010, 8:11 pm
Palin Responds to Defenders of Wildlife.

OK, now make sure you’re sitting down, and take a big deep cleansing breath. Inhale……..and…….exhale…….

You are now as ready as you’ll ever be for what’s coming.

February 3, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin released the following statement today in response to attacks by the Defenders of Wildlife:

“It is reprehensible and hypocritical that the Defenders of Wildlife would use Alaska and my administration as a fundraising tool to deceive Americans into parting with their hard-earned money.

“The ad campaign by this extreme fringe group, as Alaskans have witnessed over the last several years, distorts the facts about Alaska’s wildlife management programs. Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can’t be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations. Our predator control programs are scientific and successful at protecting vulnerable wildlife. These audacious fundraising attempts misrepresent what goes on in Alaska, and I encourage people to learn the facts about Alaska’s positive record of managing wildlife for abundance.

“Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

Yes, folks. This is all a giant ploy to RIP YOU OFF! That video of those guys gunning down a wolf from the air? That’s “protecting vulnerable wildlife”. It’s “scientific.”

“Shame.” Not on the state, not on her, shame on Defenders of Wildlife. How dare they, in these times of woe and want, try to part you from your hard-earned money. Money, which, Sarah Palin would like you and all those other “innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times” to donate to her new political action committee, SarahPAC!

And let’s take a moment to review the vitriol, shall we? Reprehensible. Hypocritical. Extreme fringe group. Audacious. Twisting the truth. Shame. Does the use of this venemous vocabulary remind you of anyone from any particular….squad? If this isn’t from the pen of Meg Stapleton, then someone’s doing an impressive imitation.

And it never ceases to amaze me with what speed the Governor’s office seems to address matters of great importance. And it also never ceases to amaze me what their definition of “great importance” seems to be. Have we heard anything from the Governor about how destitute Alaskans in rural villages are going cold and hungry because of the fishery collapse in Bristol Bay? No. Not one word in 23 days. But we’ve had official press releases on state letterhead with titles like “Governor Palin Says to Media, “There You Go Again” and “Governor Palin Releases Statement on Defenders of Wildlife Campaign“.

Has Palin actually flown out to Emmonak, or Nunam Iqua, or any other village on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta? Or any other village in Alaska where parents are silently deciding whether their children and their elders should get food or heat? What about an entire village where all the residents have to pack up and leave their collective home because the price of energy has overwhelmed them? No. But she did have time to jet off to Washington D.C. and dine on filet mignon and lobster tails at the Alfalfa Club Dinner.

And where exactly is Sarah Palin right now? Does anyone know? She’s not in Juneau, although Alaska’s Legislators are all there, working long hours trying to do the business of the state and get things accomplished; things that will actually help people. They’d probably like to be talking to her. You know, about Alaska and the people who live here, and what’s important to us.

We know where she is not. And we know what she is not doing. And we know what she is not thinking about. The question is, when will Alaskans and their legislators have had enough?


Cam V (417)
Thursday January 7, 2010, 8:46 pm
This is nothing more than a mere partisan attack. Politics as usual as seems to be the trend in America today. We are going to have to agree to disagree Wolf and perhaps we could call a truce? I do not mean to be disrespectful of what you believe is your truth just as I do not expect you to believe mine. We here in British Columiba cull our wolves as they do in almost every state in your country. They have no natural preditors and were actually decimation the populations of our other wildlife (with the exception of the grizzlies of course.) We have come a long way and still have far to go here in our care of our animals and enviroment and I do my part by helping to re-create spawning channels etc in the spring. It was our British Columbia wolf packs that were used to reintroduced wolves to some parts of America where they had once been and were wiped out. I am very proud of that. Again the law regarding your wolves came in when you had a democrat in office .... Palins job was not to change the law in fact I do not think even the President has the ability to do that. Could be wrong. You also fail to mention in any of your posts the fact that her husband Todd is an Alaskan native Inuit ..... they have their traditions that have to be given due respect ....

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Thursday January 7, 2010, 8:48 pm

Yours is propaganda from you and your gruop.
I have seen the slaughter.
Have you?
You live in Canada.
When you can move your body up here and actually be a in alaska, and see these beautiful animals bodies off loaded thr planes,k THENYOU HAVE A RIGHT TO TO STATE AN OPNION ON THIS FACT.
This is what makes me angry, when you call me a liar when I have seen the results of her blatant disregard for wildlife here, and you call people liars for that bold fact. It is a documented fact, and you can't change that becuae you believe your own propaganda.

Cam V (417)
Thursday January 7, 2010, 8:52 pm
I question the truth in the articles you post because I trust no news source in America today. They have proven that their only agenda is to control the minds of the American people and they should be ashamed of themselves. When we do not question everything we hear and research it for ourselves we become part of the herd mentality. That is not for me. I have been to your great state. Came up once by ferry. Long trip and lousy service. Liked the cruise better. But even above that was the times I have driven up there! Stunning!
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