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Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Heroes, Capitan, The German Shepherd Who Watches Vigil Ov )

- 2066 days ago -
A German Shepherd from the Cordoba province of Argentina is setting a new bar for eternal loyalty: he's kept vigil at his owner's grave every day, lying down in front of the tombstone at night. The dog, named Capitan, keeps a steady watch over his owner.

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Kelly Rogers (303)
Saturday September 22, 2012, 10:09 pm
How sweet is this

Past Member (0)
Saturday September 22, 2012, 11:01 pm
Boy, this really tugs at the heartstrings, doesn't it?

Michael Carney (217)
Saturday September 22, 2012, 11:08 pm
Noted, with sadness for Captain, but also much love and admiration for this wonderful dog...

Esther Z (94)
Saturday September 22, 2012, 11:57 pm
Aww...what a heart breaking story....

Danuta W (1249)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 12:09 am

irene davis (74)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 12:18 am
tau ke! awesome dog!

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 12:35 am
This really is heartwarming and heart breaking at the same time. Bless this wonderful dog.

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:08 am
"A German Shepherd from the Cordoba province of Argentina is setting a new bar for eternal loyalty -- he's kept vigil at his owner's grave every day, lying down in front of the tombstone at night. The dog, named Capitan, keeps a steady watch, never veering far from his duty as man's best friend.

He's done it for six years.

“During the day he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave,” said Hector Baccega, the cemetery’s director, according to CBS Seattle. “And every day, at [6 p.m.] sharp, he lies down on top of the grave and stays there all night.” [...] "

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 2:17 am
Thanks, noted.

P A (117)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 2:28 am
Oh the angel! Thanks so much for this Michelle - and for the other story about a male rescued dog rescuing and adopting four darling kittens! Wonderful!

Anneke A (279)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 4:05 am
thanks again

Vallee R (280)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 4:47 am
Noted and posted - thanks so much!

Ruth C (87)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 4:50 am
That is a true friend, like they say "a dog is a man's best friend."

Rock H (254)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 6:06 am
Thanks for sharing this Michelle.!

Nicole W (646)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 6:32 am
a companion animals unconditional love and loyalty, such devotion!

David C (131)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 6:50 am
this is one beautiful and special dog...should we all treat our friends so well as they would want to love us back like Cordoba

Laurie S (73)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 7:28 am
Just amazing!! Love these kinds of stories :)

Kathleen G (118)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 7:57 am
Tears make it so hard to type.The love and loyalty of a dog knows no bounds.Thanks for the info Maggie about sweet Capitan being taken care of by his family and the cemetery workers.Now I don't have to worry about him laying on his beloved owners grave and starving.What a remarkable wonderful dog.Many blessings to Capitan and his family.We humans should learn a lesson on love and devotion from this wonderful dog.

Robyn M (123)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 8:06 am
German Shepherds are all about loyalty...and this one is no exception! What a dog! What a relationship he must have had with his dog. Noted.

Sue McGuey (106)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 8:24 am
Noted!~ Previously posted to Facebook!~

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 8:37 am
OMG, what a beautiful story. Another expample of our companion animals offering unconditional Love.

Evelyn B (79)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 8:53 am
Noted Tks. Michelle... What a beautiful story of loyalty.. what a handsome dog he is...

Michela M (3964)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 10:08 am
Animals are more reliable than MEN, sometmes..... often!!!

Michele Wilkinson (106)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 10:20 am
The love and loyalty of animals is beautiful.

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 10:35 am
Thanks Michelle.. Im familiar with this wonerful story of love !!! I posted it to fb it moved me so mucch

Veronique L (209)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 10:59 am
Such a sad story...

James Merit (144)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 11:00 am
Thank you!

Sarah G (109)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 11:20 am
beautiful story

Kim O (396)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 11:26 am
Amazing how devoted some animals are! Thanks Michelle! Hopefully noted!! Notes not working, loaded notes not working below AND my mailbox won't show my contact list. Totally getting crippled on here again. GRRRRRRRR

Lisa N (206)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 11:58 am
Animals could teach humans a thing or two about loyalty! Thanks Michelle.

Muriel Servaege (53)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:22 pm
What a heartbreaking story!

Iveta cer (41)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:33 pm
I feel sooo sorry for this beautiful dog how sad he looks . He missed his owner very much .

Iveta cer (41)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:39 pm
At least Capitan is safe and everybody looks after him including his family !

Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:42 pm
Great story, but so sad, wish he could find someone else to turn his affections too, hope he has someone around who shows him lots of love. Thanks Michelle

mar l ene dinkins (264)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:44 pm
what an angel!!!!! what a beautiful dog!!!!!!!!!!!! its sad, it bring tears to my eyes!!!! but is also one of the most beautiful stories i had ever heard!!!! i"am sure he will die in this place!!!! dogs!!!!! DOG!!!!! are my life!!!!!!!! i feel sorrow in my heart, he most be suffering !!!! and i hope he be save for ever in this place!!!

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 1:46 pm
Noted thanks

Laurie H (817)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 2:00 pm
What an amazing dog, filled with love and devotion---so heartbreaking though, that he's so sad!!! I'm thankful that he is being cared for, but wish he had someone else to share hugs and kisses with!~ Thanks Michelle, so much!!!~

Christine Stewart (134)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 2:24 pm
May we all be worthy of the love of a loyal animal friend.

michelle t (41)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 2:31 pm
Lovely dog.He looks so depressed

valda p (13)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 3:29 pm
So sad -he must have loved his owner so much,German Shephers are a beautiful breed ,I have been lucky to have had 2 and they are wonderful friends and companions-Daisee went blind when she was 5and died from a stroke when she was 12 and 4months -she went everywhere with me -beautiful girl -Boss was -king dog always walked with-attitude -so protective -loved and missed so much.

Dianne D (490)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 3:34 pm
Heartbreaking. I hope someone is watching over this faithful dog. I wonder if the owner is communicating to this dog from beyond. My cats can see the spirits in my house. Especially whenn one is sick or getting really old and is getting ready for death. My vet says several people have told him about the spirits just before the pet is to pass.

Aletta Kraan (146)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 3:38 pm
Noted , thanks !

Cindy Richardson (80)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 3:41 pm
Noted, What Love and Loyalty!! I feel so badly for Captain who does not understand the loss of the love of his life!!!!!!

christine s (340)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 4:04 pm
Sad and happy ,bless him and keep him safe.

MarietteAWAY G (175)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 4:27 pm
Amazing story! Unbelievable! So much love and loyalty. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Michelle!

Joe R (190)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 5:04 pm
Reminds me of Hachiko. Thanks Michelle.

bev g (128)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 5:39 pm
oh this one a lovely dog so loyal. such a shame he waits for his master to return. sad

bev g (128)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 5:40 pm
so sad it makes me cry.....

janet f (29)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 6:42 pm
Try finding a human that mourns anyone like this.

Lydia S (155)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 6:53 pm
Thanks Michelle .

Nimue Michelle Pendragon Gaze (339)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 7:10 pm

Bianca D (87)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 8:08 pm
Love transcends space and time. Tx Michelle!

Marie W (67)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 8:50 pm
Amazing Captain was not at funeral, yet found cemetery and correct grave site. I pray he finds another one to love and home.

Linda P (0)
Sunday September 23, 2012, 9:33 pm
So amazing and so loyal. People can learn so much from animals, it would make for a better world.

Gloria picchetti (304)
Monday September 24, 2012, 2:52 am
What love!

Michael O (176)
Monday September 24, 2012, 4:17 am
A dog's loyalty has no limit. :-)

Lisa Sears (150)
Monday September 24, 2012, 4:46 am
What a touching tale of devotion! Grateful the local folks know about him, and are taking care of him in this vigil.

paula eaton (30)
Monday September 24, 2012, 5:12 am
Such a sweet heartwarming story.

Ellen G (325)
Monday September 24, 2012, 6:27 am
Most of society could learn so much from these animals. Watching and hearing of these stories should be mandatory to the non-compassionate in this world.

Patricia W (5)
Monday September 24, 2012, 6:54 am
SO sweet, I don't understand all this cruelty to animals that is skyrocketing when you see such a truly Heartwarming story like this. Dogs are really Man's best friend so loyal.

Debbie Crowe (87)
Monday September 24, 2012, 7:22 am
I read this story on another site and it said that Captain was originally gotten for the son, and that the wife did Not want the dog to begin with. I guess the dad was the one who did most things for and with Captain. They had only had Captain for a year when the father got sick and went into the hospital.

This poor, sweet dog makes my heart hurt for him. He deserves someone to love him and look after him with a warm soft bed and plenty of good food!! I'm praying that he finds someone like that soon!!! God bless him!!

Merv S (5)
Monday September 24, 2012, 7:23 am
Love doesn't belong to humans alone. God is love, God's love is in all His creatures. What a beautiful unselfish soul this Captain dog has. I am so proud of him.

Sara P (57)
Monday September 24, 2012, 7:25 am
I think and I say without problem that humans are the most evil creatures, cruel and sadistic of the universe, against their fellows and against animals. This story is one of many that shows how the animals know love as an unconditional feeling, without distinction.

Carol H (229)
Monday September 24, 2012, 8:02 am
animals are awesome. I love them so much!!!

Linda Owen (49)
Monday September 24, 2012, 7:40 pm
This is so sweet but heartbreaking.

. (7)
Monday September 24, 2012, 9:45 pm
Noted sadly

Elsie Au (259)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 3:01 am
I never have any doubt that animals are intelligent and have pretty much the same feeling as we all do. Their love is so pure. However, sadly, some humans are so dumb and blind not to see it.

Farah Hage Ali (152)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 7:13 am
noted, thank you

Patricia Cannell (825)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 8:32 am
So sad indeed. Hope they will reunite one day.

. (0)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 9:45 am
Thanks Michelle and Philip for the fwd. Just proves how infinitely superior and loyal our animal friends are.

. (0)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 9:46 am
sorry-notes not taking

M B (62)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 12:25 pm
sad and wonderful.

Ingrid A (524)
Tuesday September 25, 2012, 7:05 pm
How very sad and very loyal dog. Its noted.

Klaus Peters (14)
Wednesday September 26, 2012, 5:06 am
Poor thing, he must be suffering badly having lost his best mate. German shepherds are known to be very loyal if well trained.

Yvonne F (181)
Friday September 28, 2012, 1:23 am
How heartbreaking! Thanks for posting

Susan S (187)
Friday September 28, 2012, 12:48 pm
What a loyal dog. Touching story. Thanks.

Linda Jarsky (0)
Friday September 28, 2012, 8:19 pm
And people say animals have no feelings.....

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ---St. Francis of Assisi..."

D Rowe (0)
Friday September 28, 2012, 8:22 pm
Animals are amazing. It happened near me when his/her owner fell down. It ws 3 days before they were found.

Lisa Zarafonetis (168)
Friday September 28, 2012, 8:59 pm
Shared on Facebook.

Helle H (21)
Saturday September 29, 2012, 7:52 am
Dog are very loyal to their family.

Linda M (1748)
Saturday September 29, 2012, 9:39 am
This dog has more decency than most human beings I know. Poor, poor thing.

Maria Papastamatiou (4)
Saturday September 29, 2012, 10:36 am
Touching!!! to say the least.

Stella Nobrega-Garcia (4)
Saturday September 29, 2012, 2:54 pm
Beautiful story but very sad... Thanks for posting.

Jo Ellen H (3)
Saturday September 29, 2012, 4:31 pm
what a touching story.. thank you for sharing

Nancy Davis (0)
Sunday September 30, 2012, 9:11 pm
An animal is your truest friend...Loyal to you all the way,and forever:)


Deborah F (2)
Monday October 1, 2012, 11:47 am

Nan Towle (75)
Wednesday October 10, 2012, 6:43 am
I have always maintained that dogs personify the better parts of our natures.
Poor guy is bereft and mourning his parent. What a devoted, faithful and loving being. We should all be so lucky to have someone like Captain grace our lives. We could all learn from him, the world would be a better place. (Same story with another dog called Hachi years ago).
I hope that Captain is now being cared for by some loving humans who are empathetic to his situation.
Love transcends species and time.

sharon stringer (10)
Saturday November 3, 2012, 4:10 am
I agree with everyone here,i found this story utterly heartbreaking,sad, and so touching.Captain must have loved his master soooo much you can almost hear his heart breaking.I hope for his sake that someone is taking care of him and showing him love and affection and most of all feeding him.Wouldnt we as as a species take a page out of Captains book,if we all could give and receive this sort of love it would be amazing. Yet again it takes a beautiful dog to set the standard and show us all unconditional love.What a wonderful owner that person must have been.Breaks my heart.

Loesje Najoan (15)
Thursday January 24, 2013, 5:22 am
What a loyal dog Captain. Love this story.
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