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Pennsylvania Finally Reveals 243 Cases Of Drinking Water Contamination By Fracking Chemicals

Environment  (tags: Fracking, Facking Wastes, drinking water contamination, destruction, healthconditions, humans, nature, politics, pollution, science, Sustainabililty, water )

- 1326 days ago -
For the first time, Pennsylvania has made public 243 cases of contamination of private drinking wells from oil and gas drilling operations. Wells in 22 counties effected. Some "accidents" poisoned more than one well, some water "undrinkable".

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Fiona O (566)
Monday September 1, 2014, 11:30 am
The Pennsylvania DEP has been criticized for its poor record of providing information on fracking-related contamination to state residents. In April, a Pennsylvania Superior Court case claimed that due to the way DEP operates and its lack of public record, it’s impossible for citizens to know about cases where private wells, groundwater and springs are contaminated by drilling and fracking.

“The DEP must provide citizens with information about the potential harm coming their way,” John Smith, one of the attorneys representing municipalities in the lawsuit, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “If it doesn’t record and make available the violations records then it is denying the public accurate information, which is unconscionable.”

Thomas Au of the Pennsylvania Sierra Club told the AP that the state DEP’s decision to unveil the 243 cases of water contamination was a “step in the right direction.”

Sheila D (194)
Monday September 1, 2014, 12:06 pm
Think I'll send a copy of this to my state reps and senators, and the governor...couldn't hurt. Thanks Betsy.

Bella F (94)
Monday September 1, 2014, 12:12 pm
I will have to send this to my grandaughters. Thet live in PA

JL A (281)
Monday September 1, 2014, 12:33 pm
Finally! Thanks Betsy for sharing this news

Sandrea S (278)
Monday September 1, 2014, 12:39 pm
Thanks, Betsy! Noted & Tweeted.

Kay M (46)
Monday September 1, 2014, 12:42 pm
Good Afternoon Everyone- Thank you Betsy for this article -- When is everyone going to realize what this disaster of fracking is really doing to us and our suppy of clean fresh water--- We are all going to wake up one morning and see that we are no better then tye 3rd world countries with no clean drinking water and it will be too late to do anything about it ---STOP THE INSANITY RIGHT NOW---NO MORE FRACKING PERIOD ---NO WHERE -NO TIME EVER AGAIN----Families go thru the expense of drilling wells for fresh water and these criminals take all of that away from us---- NO MORE _-----WE WILL NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH MURDER ANYMORE----PERIOD

Gloria picchetti (304)
Monday September 1, 2014, 12:49 pm
It seems as if it's too late.

David C (139)
Monday September 1, 2014, 1:11 pm
fracking *****

michael sullivan (1022)
Monday September 1, 2014, 1:12 pm
fracking is destructive and toxic -- we need to stop fracking in all states now -- let's do it!

Angelika R (143)
Monday September 1, 2014, 1:18 pm
Great, from 2008 until now, and even now ONLY under massive pressure. If you don't read the other pressure between the lines, that to keep it under the rug for years -I should perhaps call it blackmail- , you're naive.
Thx Betsy!

Yvonne White (229)
Monday September 1, 2014, 1:18 pm
The term fracking is recent, the practice is much older.. several years ago Illinois oil drillers even bragged that they'd been fracking for decades, it just wasn't called that! It was supposed to reassure people that the practice was "safe"..I noticed they dropped those ads within a month.

Connie O (44)
Monday September 1, 2014, 1:56 pm
Thank you. Fracking sucks!

Michela M (3964)
Monday September 1, 2014, 2:31 pm

What a BAD WORLD to live on for my 2-months-old-tomorrow GRANDSON !!!!!!!!

Jeannet Bertelink (74)
Monday September 1, 2014, 2:33 pm
Thanks Betsy

Lois Jordan (63)
Monday September 1, 2014, 2:39 pm
Noted. Thanks, Betsy. I agree that we need a nationwide moratorium on fracking.
In fact, fracking has gotten the "bad rap" it deserves only lately because of the Halliburton Loophole. Horizontal fracking is fairly "new." The chemicals used don't have to be known. Tons of money to be made due to this new Loophole. Cheney made sure to get the fix in before he left office.

Autumn S (151)
Monday September 1, 2014, 2:57 pm
Thanks for posting, Betsy. I live in PA for now, but we are getting frustrated with the goings on here :(

Carol French (121)
Monday September 1, 2014, 2:57 pm
Thanks Betsy for putting this down, I tell you it is evil! Oil, gas, bitumen, petroleum all of it stinks!!
243 cases of water contamination in Pennsylvannia, Wow!!
We can relate here in Canada , Alberta to be precise. This one woman fought for over 10years because her water was bad, it was from fracking. I think she finally lost ****
I think of her from time to time..
I really hope that the 243 cases of water contamination don't go on Go that way!!!!**
"Here's. A little something to give us hope :
World's largest oil & gas companies are running out of Cash!
It sounds like they will get desperate, I got this from the Tyee
Just thought I would pass it along.

Past Member (0)
Monday September 1, 2014, 2:59 pm
Unbelievable. Thanks Betsy!

AWAY AWHILE Cal Mendelsohn (1067)
Monday September 1, 2014, 3:56 pm

Eternal G (745)
Monday September 1, 2014, 3:59 pm
243 cases... I wonder how many more they are still hiding :(

Krista Slavin (195)
Monday September 1, 2014, 4:05 pm
This is very scary but not surprising. It's only a matter of time before all our water is contaminated in one way or another.

Judy C (97)
Monday September 1, 2014, 4:14 pm
Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection seriously needs to change its name. It is disgusting that they can operate as they have for this long and get by with it. There should be a full investigation and blow this thing wide open. The more negative publicity about fracking the better. Thanks for this information, Betsy.

Charlene Rush (79)
Monday September 1, 2014, 4:18 pm
Surely Governor Corbett had hoped that this contamination would not develop until after the election, which, of course, he anticipated winning.
Well, you can kiss that idea good-by.

Any idiot that votes for him, needs their contaminated head examined.
Sorry, if I insulted anyone, as it wasn't my intention, or was it?

Freya H (357)
Monday September 1, 2014, 5:26 pm
More proof that fracking is hurtful and dangerous - as well as the power of Big Fossil Fuel. I'm amazed they weren't able to squelch this report.

Birgit W (160)
Monday September 1, 2014, 6:07 pm
Thanks Betsy.

Sheryl G (363)
Monday September 1, 2014, 6:19 pm
This is what happens when money is paid to shut up, turn one's head, so on and so forth. Then with cutbacks to programs that should be protecting us, they become infiltrated and protect those who are doing the damage one sees corruption at every level.

How many lives have been and will be ruined due to this fracking from lowering property values to loss of health. Shameful at all levels. So now what.....will they compensate the people, will a stoppage of fracking happen asap.

Ana MESNER (201)
Monday September 1, 2014, 7:53 pm
Thank you Betsy for posting.

Past Member (0)
Monday September 1, 2014, 8:27 pm
Nothing surprising here, still out for greed and money vs. doing the right thing for people, animals, Earth. I am passing this on to several people I know, we need to keep spreading the word about this and expose these jerks and bring more awareness.

S J (130)
Monday September 1, 2014, 8:52 pm
Thank you Betsy

Carol P (46)
Monday September 1, 2014, 10:10 pm
I used to want to move closer to family in Western Pennsylvania, but one look at the fracking map, and I can't rationalize the risk.

Ulane V (48)
Monday September 1, 2014, 10:25 pm

Steven G (25)
Monday September 1, 2014, 10:29 pm
The truth is is that the DEP isn't unprepared to administer laws and regulations, the DEP is simply another hijacked Federal agency controlled by special interests, in this case, Big Oil and Gas and the results being... innocent victims, those whose lives, health and dreams are being destroyed and the degradation of the environment. And Congress? They're complicit in these crimes.

Giana P (398)
Monday September 1, 2014, 10:33 pm
Thanks Betsy.

Kevin K (23)
Monday September 1, 2014, 10:48 pm
And the British government has granted licences to frack for gas in the UK - it will even allow for drilling under peoples houses and gardens. Governments are the same all over the world - the screw the people.

Dawnie W (250)
Monday September 1, 2014, 10:57 pm
This is totally awful and should not be allowed to happen, the citizens deserve better and should not have to put up with such ineptitude.

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Jana Repova (65)
Monday September 1, 2014, 11:41 pm

Katherine May W (0)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 12:26 am

Past Member (0)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 12:31 am
Fracking is a dirty filthy health destroying activity done for profit and the devil take the hindmost.

mary f (202)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 1:39 am
there seems no way to stop this madness, poisoning our water what next?

BackSoon Fowler (33)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 1:50 am
Noted. Thanks. This is rather worrying as they are planning Fracking in the UK, and probably many more areas, around the world. And yet they continue to say it is safe. There is more and more information coming out in regards to Fracking and the hidden dangers. Most people are not aware and think it is a good thing to get cheap fuel.

I however am not of this opinion, I am hoping that people will start to wise up and realise the dangers that big business and oil companies bring to this planet. It is all about the bottom line, and how much money they can make. And before they even go into business of Fracking, they have contingency plans in place for people who take them to court; or to buy them off and shut them up. If its coming to your area, start fighting against it straight away, because once they are in, its becomes a harder fight.

Arild G (174)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 2:51 am
End fracking now.

Anteater Ants (122)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 3:15 am
Scary. Well said, Eternal Gardener.

Sandra Penna (135)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 4:27 am
thank you for sharing, Betsy.

. (0)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 5:40 am

Arielle S (313)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 6:12 am
And it's not as if they can wave a magic wand and make the water good again - this is a very long-lasting mess that will eventually kill us all.

Terrie Williams (798)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 6:32 am
Well, well, well, not 'harmless' like they wanted us to think it is.....but we knew that already. Especially those of us that have the misfortune of having to survive around these areas already contaminated. Revolting. STOP ALL FRACKING--NOW!!!!

I think people in PA who have access to this nightmare should bottle their water up, by the case, and send a case to every politician, every gas/oil CEO and every proponent of this abomination being perpetrated on human beings AND the earth herself. Let THEM drink IT.

Gene J (290)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 8:26 am
"Thomas Au of the Pennsylvania Sierra Club told the AP that the state DEP’s decision to unveil the 243 cases of water contamination was a “step in the right direction.”

Well, if there have been 243 instances of something the Pennsylvania government really, really doesn't want to acknowledge or report because it will cause consternation and anger amongst their constituents and probably really annoy their corporate masters, then I can see why they'd dawdle over releasing something as jaw-dropping as this report. I would, given my suspicious nature, also suspect this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is coming. Fracking is no friend to the environment anywhere it is practiced and though the industry is loathe to admit it, more problems like this and much more serious ones, in my opinion, are on their way as well.

PlsNoMessage se (588)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 8:27 am

Lady Suki (446)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 9:04 am
We can fix this.

@.@ We have the technology.

It's called an election in November.


Past Member (0)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 9:44 am
Fracking will destroy us--it's just FRIGGIN nasty. Thx Betsy

Anne F (17)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 12:52 pm
Glad to see that information is being revealed - sorry it took so long. We need to fund government inspectors and to regulate extraction (mining, drilling and pumping).

Ch B (21)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 2:08 pm
Hopefully now that people know they are not alone they will start fighting back.

Animae C (514)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 4:52 pm
Thank you for posting Betsy

Kay M (347)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 5:06 pm

Mitchell D (104)
Tuesday September 2, 2014, 6:54 pm
What Charlie and Steven said, Gene, and Eternal Gardener, too.
I LOVE Terrie's idea, can picture pouring this crap down Dick Cheney's throat!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday September 3, 2014, 2:26 am
This is just the ' tip of the iceberg ' coming out into the open - It is an Emerging and Enormous Global Problem - Dire Results or Cause and Effect that We Will All Have to Deal With.!

Ana Lopes (92)
Wednesday September 3, 2014, 4:32 am

Don H (45)
Wednesday September 3, 2014, 4:48 am
Thank you, Betsy.

This is what you get with corporate rule. It started when they dismantled the Fairness Doctrine. That led to the subsequent abuses.

Claudia A (70)
Wednesday September 3, 2014, 6:59 am
They want to do the same in Colombia. How to stop this nightmare when people are not informed and governments are corrupted ...

Margaret G (243)
Thursday September 4, 2014, 7:27 am
Thank you Betsy! I live in Pennsylvania and am very concerned.

Terry's idea of forcing the pro-frackers to drink their fracking fluid is great!

And Gene's thought that the 243 cases are the tip of the iceberg is probably correct. I've heard that the fracking industry buys off people and pushes gag orders on them.

Wolfgang W (235)
Thursday September 4, 2014, 12:33 pm

Ismail Al ahmad (171)
Thursday September 4, 2014, 1:18 pm
Noted, Thank you Betsy

Craig Pittman (52)
Sunday September 7, 2014, 11:32 am
Thanks Betsy for some good news on the Fracking front. Take a look at the companies that are still fracking and you will be in for a surprise. Exxon is out for example.
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