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Animals  (tags: race track cats, feral cats, padlocked, closing down, welfare of cats, homes, adoptions )

- 3320 days ago -
The Pompano Harness Track is closing on June 15th and the owners have said that the cats there must be out by then or they will be padlocked in and no one will be allowed in to feed them. In other words, they will let them starve to death. Barbara Beeson

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Past Member (0)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:05 pm
Why did the owners leave their cats at this ghastly place? Someone should be leveling some Animal Cruelty charges. Thanks, Simone.

Cynthia Davis (340)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:13 pm
Where is this track at? The artical doesn't say.

Annie Cowling (116)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:16 pm

. (0)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:42 pm
I would like to lock them up with no way out and no food or water and see how they would like it. Why do they not change the law for things like this? We are not doimate over animals at all, the only way is for us to love and care for them and thats it.. Gods eyes see what there doing and yes he will have his revenge on them this he does say. And he does not lie. I hope its on these people here animals are innocent I'm sick of stinken people hurting and abusing animals it would not pay for me to see it, for I would not be held against for what I would do to them for real. Thanks Simone and Kat for the foward

Dee C (23)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:47 pm
Regardless of where this is located..It would be against the law to knowingly lock any animal in any dwelling without provisions for food and water..They can be charged with animal neglect and cruelty..
They should be reported immediately..
Thanks Simone..


Sheryl G (360)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:47 pm
Cynthia, I think maybe Florida. I do not know for certain, but think Pompano is in Florida. Did this race track not know they were closing before now and put out a poster or two at the race track asking if anyone wanted to adopt the cats? Maybe alerted a local radio station to do a human service announcement? Seems like some poor judgement on their part, but if they say they'll lock them in to starve I guess the people didn't really care to "try" to find homes. I am so dismayed by this expendable society we seem to live in...if it doesn't suit our needs at the moment then toss them away, people, animals, environment...does not seem to matter to some. I hope someone can help in that area.

Elm Morrison (357)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 1:58 pm
Pompano Beach is a city in Broward County, Florida, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean just to the north of Fort Lauderdale.

Past Member (0)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 2:47 pm
This is just disgusting- shame on these!!!! How in the world do people get away with this crap? Where are the groups that fight for animals- why have they not stepped in? I don't understand this...

BernadetteP P (72)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 2:58 pm
tthis sad i hope they do somethijg about it

Joycey B (750)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 3:01 pm
Scumbags! They should be the ones padlocked in.

. (0)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 4:22 pm
i wish i can save all of them why dont they bring them to the animal shelter then get them homes from there

Delight S (31)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 4:58 pm
Looked up the track info, here is the location
Pompano Harness Track‎ -
1800 Race Track Rd, Pompano Beach, FL‎ - (954) 734-1228
it is owned by 777 properties, their # is 954.390.7777

I live 3 hours from there, and I will give it my best shot to get down there and get them. I am trying to get non profit status for my rescue farm, and if I can get it, then I will be able to take them...on my own I don't have the money, I have so many animals already that I feed and care for. If anyone lives near there and can meet me in the middle, I can take them now and look for homes...I am willing to do what I can to help these kitties!!!

LaJana P (97)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 8:34 pm
I'm with Delight on this one although I live a lot further away. I'm in Texas but if anyone can help me get them here I will take them and find homes for them. Please if anyone out there can help please let me know.

Past Member (0)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 10:41 pm
Thank-you Delight S.for what you are doing,God speed.

sue M (184)
Sunday May 17, 2009, 11:26 pm
Awesome, so glad you can take them Delight and Lajana.

If nothing else they should be let free so they can get food on their own. At least they would have a chance of survival.
It is very much a neglect case. Good job they are closing they obviously have no responsibility for taking care of animals. Let alone horses. Still should be reported.

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Monday May 18, 2009, 12:44 am
This place needs to be turned into the local authorities for premeditated abuse, neglect and abandonment. This type of action is illegal. By publicizing their action they have opned themselves up to public response and action. I am so far away...I wish I could take them...this is so frustrating. Bless you Delight and Lajana, and all that are trying so hard to do the right thing for these precious innocent babies. This is why I really have a hard time with animal users and abusers....

Judy S (3)
Monday May 18, 2009, 3:00 am
What is this madness? How has it come about some lunatic can publically say they are going to let cats die of starvation and no-one challenges this. There must be something to be done to stop this outrage!

Past Member (0)
Monday May 18, 2009, 3:33 am
Lets shoot whoever did this, who cares if I go to jail?

Debbie L (180)
Monday May 18, 2009, 4:22 am
Shouldn't the local authorities be getting involved here??? What this track is publically proposing is wanton and blatant animal abuse.

greenplanet e (155)
Monday May 18, 2009, 5:08 am
Oh that is so cruel. All the best - I hope someone can save them.

Linda M (40)
Monday May 18, 2009, 5:41 am
Delight - Please send a message/post a comment on how you go. Thank you, thank you for acting

Janice H (10)
Monday May 18, 2009, 6:53 am
I hope and pray someone has gotten there to rescue them! The post did say by June 15th, which was Friday past! If nothing else, maybe they can get the police and humane society involved to help Delight go in and get them! Prayers being said for you all!

Janice H (10)
Monday May 18, 2009, 7:03 am
Ok, my bad...I see it is JUNE 15th, not May 15th!! Sorry! = )

Lori Childers (35)
Monday May 18, 2009, 8:23 am
So then its ok if I want someone that is behind in their house payment for me to padlock them in and starve them to death? Same thing!! they feel everything we do,they just can't voice it!
So this coward is letting the law know that he is about to commit a horrible crime,and no one is acting on it? what a joke,what lazy ,idiotic cowards!! I truly hope that this helps with that cowards little man syndrome,which men like that obviously have,seeing as how they have no problem hurting something that dosen't have a chance at fighting them back!! OOOOOO,I am so impressed BIG MAN!!
The law is just as bad if they allow this to happen! What a joke!! Lori K.

David Gould (155)
Monday May 18, 2009, 9:22 am
I find the notion that this could happen in any country so reprehensible that I sometimes despair of my so-called fellow humankind...I do hope that the law steps in and after saving these little mites then locks up these evil 777 crowd double quick...and for a good long time...they do not deserve to walk the same ground as decent 777 related to 666 perhaps?

Simone D (1462)
Monday May 18, 2009, 9:35 am
Thank you everyone!

Gillian M (218)
Monday May 18, 2009, 9:47 am
I live too far away to be of help but surely this should be reported to the SPCA, local paper, DA and your sheriff or police or whoever your law enforcement office is who would deal with this?

I am deeply concerend that someone can just announce a cruel and illegal intention and nothing happens!

Mandi T (367)
Monday May 18, 2009, 10:11 am
I hope somebody steps in for these cats. Why do people allow their pets to roam anyway. Any that are strays should be captured and apayed and neutered.
This is soooooo terrivly wrong!!
Tx Simone

Cynthia Davis (340)
Monday May 18, 2009, 10:12 am
The reason I ask where the race track was is because if it was close to me maybe I could help. But I live to far from Florida. Thanks for the post Simone.

Ginger Geronimo (438)
Monday May 18, 2009, 12:40 pm
Let's contact some people about this. I'm at work now so here's the website of a local rescue:

Check & see if any of these are close:

I'll do more when I can.

johnnie W (23)
Monday May 18, 2009, 1:30 pm
Get in touch with a local TV show and ask if they will go with you out there to rescue the cats, I would bet you that in hours you have people there to help you and someone to adopt them with good homes. Thank goodness there are some good people left in this world to help care for the animals. you rock delight and let me know how it goes, if you get them. I always foster 9 or I would probably be looking for a way to take them. Always stay on top and keep us informt, Simone, you do a great job and I really do appricate you ihformation.....

Thomas K (2)
Monday May 18, 2009, 3:17 pm
They're talking about a racetrack. What physical facilities do they have that even when padlocked are going to prevent feral cats from looking for food elsewhere?

Sandra Martinho (35)
Monday May 18, 2009, 5:29 pm
I do not understand this behavior! Why do that!?Hope could they find a positive solution for this poor cats!
Txs Simone

Teresa del Castillo (1519)
Monday May 18, 2009, 6:40 pm
noted ans please give us an update my friend.

Lea M (30)
Monday May 18, 2009, 7:36 pm
Dont you think animal control or a cat rescue group would help these cats?

Katie R (38)
Tuesday May 19, 2009, 2:18 am
This should go into the lazy and sadistic hall of fame. What kind of scumbag would allow this? Have they ever heard of such a thing as Animal Rescue Shelters? My God, they are cruel!

Sally D (91)
Tuesday May 19, 2009, 2:41 am
This is abhorrent, cruel and barbaric on every level. No animal on this earth should be locked in and starved to death. How can anybody even suggest this. There must be Animal Shelters that would take these cats in. Or get the media out there. This would cause an outrage & the people responsible for this would get so much negative publicity it would force them to do something about it. THESE CATS MUST BE SAVED.

Sandra Livsey (3)
Tuesday May 19, 2009, 9:46 am
This is absurd! What in God's name is wrong with these people? I hope & pray that these little sweeties find homes or someone steps in and presses charges!

Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Wednesday May 20, 2009, 12:49 pm
Hi everyone. I am not back but here is what is happening in Pompano-Beyond Nine Rescue just got with me and let me know there is activity at PP and they are working on this-I am in traction and under several doctor's care for the latest injury but saw the Pompano Park come through-that was five minutes from my house-please post far and wide-I have trouble sitting- but want to get this out. I know nearly every feral rescue local to PP. Will be in with an update later-working on it.

Hi Raffi,
Would you please post the following for us.I tried and was not successful.

My name is Debbie and I am with Beyond Nine Cat Rescue in Pompano Beach.( along with our partner Noah's Ark are in the process of trapping and relocating some of the healthy feral cats to a All Gods Creatures Sanctuary. There are several cats that are sick and need long term assistance and they are with us being cared for. There are some cats that we rescued (and probably more that we are still trapping) that are very adoptable and we are in the process of "cleaning" them up and making them ready for adoption.
We are in contact with the owners of the property and we are working with them try to get more time so we can get all of the cats out.
If there is anyone willing to help foster or who are willing to take on feral cats please contact us at As you can probably guess this is a very costly undertaking so if you would like to make a donation (which would be greatly appreciated)you can do so on our website noted above.
Thank you

Debbie McDonald
Beyond Nine Cat Rescue

--- On Tue, 5/19/09, Rafael Apollo wrote:

From: Rafael Apollo
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 8:06 PM


I am a former Pompano resident and first let me congratulate you on your good works.

I am in Minnesota now and was wondering if you had heard anything about Pompano Park Racetrack locking in their track cats-there is a huge scandal going on in the web about this but I can't find anything about in the Sentinel or any of the other local papers. I am very confused-it almost does not sound real. There is no reason to lock these feral cats onsite the track--would you please let me know if you know anything about this-I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Raffi Lido

Below is the link and the notice that came out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Race Track Cats
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 , 1:15 PM
This will have to be quick, but I feel the need to put this out to you as soon as possible. The Pompano Harness Track in Florida is closing on June 15th and the owners have said that the cats there must be out by then or they will be padlocked in and no one will be allowed in to feed them. In other words, they will let them starve to death. Barbara Beeson says there are about 20 cats and most of them have been sterilized.. David Aycock from Animal Control has said that they would be willing to humanely euthanize them immediately - without taking them in to be put in cages. If Barbara cant find new locations for them Im afraid thats what will happen.
Sharon T. Fornes Property Manager 777 Properties, Inc. 954.390.7777 phone 954.968.9877 fax (@ 777properties. com)
Posted by Animalrights at 5:21 AM
Labels: Abandoned animals, animal action alerts, cats


Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Wednesday May 20, 2009, 12:51 pm
Yes the story is true and we along with Noah's Ark (our partner) are in the process of getting as many out as we can.
So far we have been successful in getting about 15 out. Some are in horrible shape. They are just skin and bones. We also lost one. I guess the shock was just to much for him. We took him to our shelter and he was dead in the morning.
Hopefully we will be able to get all 30 (if not more) out as we do have a place for the feral cats. Some of them are just incredibly friendly.
We are talking to the "In charge" people to see if we can get some more time.
We do not understand either why they would shut the cats in however it is private property which is why we keep talking.
As you know times are not the greatest so if anyone wants to help, donations would be greatly appreciated. You can donate through our web site,, 100% goes to the cats.
Or if anyone is willing to foster we are in great need in that area also.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Best Regards,
Debbie McDonald
Beyond Nine Cat Rescue

Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Wednesday May 20, 2009, 8:16 pm

I am working on trying to connect with a few other feral groups there too-More later

Shirley Ross (180)
Thursday May 21, 2009, 1:35 pm
is there a petition to sign? the link posted takes me to a defunk yahoo mail account.

Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Thursday May 21, 2009, 1:46 pm
Let me give you this address:

Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Thursday May 21, 2009, 5:13 pm
Here is another one-from Cats Exclusive a spay neuter clinic and feral rescue-they mention that the press has gotten hold of this-I have seen nothing yet local to the track-if anyone reading this does get anything in the way of media getting hold of this story-could you please let us know.

Good afternoon, Raffi,

Thank you for your kind words about our organization. Marge no longer works in the office, but is still on the board and overseeing much of what goes on here at Cats Exclusive. I will send her this email.

As for the Pompano Race Track cats, we do have an update about that. There are two other groups right now who are out there trapping and relocating cats from the property. They have a meeting with the property owner to receive permission to go in and trap the cats for as long as is necessary. Last I heard, that meeting was sometime this week. I have not heard anything since then.

You're welcome to check back next week, and hopefully we'll have an update and the owner is open to the idea, since I know the media has gotten a hold of this story, as well.

Thank you for your continued concern. And congratulations on Care2! What an excellent organization!

Jessica M. Torrence
Director of Adoption
Cats Exclusive

Katie R (38)
Friday May 22, 2009, 3:21 am
I just went to beyond nine and made a contribution and voted for their shelter. Bless you for your quick intervention to save these poor kitties. I could only donate $50.00 but I sure hope that will help a couple of them.

Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Friday May 22, 2009, 11:17 am
Simone-and all I just got this and Katie they called to tell me how much they appreciate what you have done. Here is what I received this morning-Cats Exclusive and some other local shelters toward Palm Beach have gotten in on this-

They want you all to know how much they appreciate CARE2...


Debbie McDonald
Beyond Nine Cat Rescue

--- On Fri, 5/22/09, Debbie McDonald wrote:

From: Debbie McDonald
Subject: Fw: Pompano Harness Track Cats

Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 1:22 PM

We would like to thank everyone for their support of this situation. I know that this got out on the internet and we believe that applying pressure brought about this resolution.
We will keep you updated on the progress.
Take care

Debbie McDonald
Beyond Nine Cat Rescue

--- On Fri, 5/22/09, Deborah McDonald wrote:

From: Deborah McDonald
Subject: Fw: Pompano Harness Track Cats
To: "Beyond Nine"
Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 12:53 PM

--- On Fri, 5/22/09, Fornes, Sharon wrote:

From: Fornes, Sharon
Subject: Pompano Harness Track Cats

Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 12:15 PM

Hi Everyone My meeting with the track ownership and Animal Control this morning went great. The track is giving us unrestricted access to go in and trap the remaining cats on whatever schedule we give them and for however long it takes to get them all. All the horses and trainers are supposed to be gone by June 5th so we will go in right after that and will be allowed to return until weve brought all the cats out. Weve gotten 14 already and by our estimates there are probably another 15 still there, and were hoping to get most of them in the first few days of trapping because after the 5th there will be no one else feeding them. Animal Control can let us use about 10 of their traps and we can supply the rest. Barbara Beeson and I will be doing the actual trapping and Cats Exclusive has agreed to immediately spay/neuter as many as we can catch. And the best news of all, the owners of the track will be giving us money to cover the medical and relocation costs for these cats. The Director of Racing Operations told Barbara and I that they have money set aside from various special events that can be used for situations such as this. I asked him if they would consider this an on-going project because, as we all know, it wont stop with our getting these cats out. He said he would put us on their recurring funding list. Barbara is putting the request in writing and emailing it to him this afternoon.

Gods Creatures in Lake Worth has taken 6 or 7 of the cats already and will take a total of 12 altogether. Weve had one other outdoor shelter agree to take some also, but whether or not they go there will depend on how much money we get from the track.

The only way this all could have gone better would be if the cats could just stay where they are and be cared for, but thats in a perfect world.

Will each of you send this to everyone you sent our original plea to and let them know that weve got the removal of the cats taken care of? Ive removed the general phone and fax number so you have my permission to forward it. Thanks!

Sharon T. Fornes

Property Manager

777 Properties, Inc.


Simone D (1462)
Friday May 22, 2009, 11:43 am

Simone D (1462)
Friday May 22, 2009, 11:45 am
Thank you everyone,this has made my day, the cats are going to be safe. Yes, Yes, Yes!

Sandra Martinho (35)
Friday May 22, 2009, 4:48 pm
Well done Girls!!! ***********

Past Member (0)
Friday May 22, 2009, 5:21 pm
Raffi, thanks so much for this wonderful news. It is so great to win one once in awhile. See how much a bunch of cooperating people can accomplish? Thanks, Simone, for bringing this whole thing to our attention. God bless you both.

Sue Little (135)
Friday May 22, 2009, 6:32 pm
Good job guys! You are all to be commended on this one. And it also sounds like there were some great rescues involved that made this possible. We can alert all we want but without angels like this to step in these lives would have been lost.

Raffi LidoRoiz (301)
Friday May 22, 2009, 6:47 pm
When it's over all the rescues will take a bow-there are several-and they want NO press-until it's over but plenty when it is.AND they really appreciate us!

Lea M (30)
Friday May 22, 2009, 10:12 pm
That is great news!! Nice to see something good has come out of this! :)

Katie R (38)
Saturday May 23, 2009, 12:29 pm
Hi I am a cat. I never asked to be born, will you help me achive what i have been put here for? love devotion trust? Hello i am a dog, can i wag my tail fast enough? Can i pEASE YOU or show my devotion? Guess what? I am here to satisfy domesticated me? Why do you want to discard me now?Didn't you make a commitment?

Delight S (31)
Saturday May 23, 2009, 8:40 pm
I am glad to see they have begun to be rescued! I was coordinating with some of my friends to get together and bring back as many as we could! I am still able to take a few if needed. I haven't been on much this weekend because I just got a new rescue myself! A little duckling was found in the filter of a pool...poor little thing couldn't be more than a week old! It (won't be able to tell if it is a boy or girl til it becomes feathered!) Is doing well, just missing mommy, and brothers and sisters. I stepped in and am now the best mommy substitute I can give the little cutie!! I hold it for a few hours at night, it snuggles against my chest and sleeps :)
If the kitty rescuers need anything, please send me a note!

Leigh B (211)
Sunday May 24, 2009, 8:57 am
AAWESOME NEWS! Thanks Simone and Raffi

Sally D (91)
Sunday May 24, 2009, 6:46 pm
This is brilliant news! I am so pleased for these dear cats. Thank you so much Simone for starting this thread in the first place and bringing it to our attention. Thank you to Raffi too. I have read some harrrowing animal cruelty stories today and this is so refreshing to hear this good news, especially for the beautiful cats.

Sheila J Gibbs (60)
Monday May 25, 2009, 10:04 am
Ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
I'm 100% with Joycey !!
Truly !

Cheree M (46)
Friday May 29, 2009, 12:17 am
Noted . Great News
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