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Open Thread - 12/13/2013

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Open Thread )

- 1621 days ago -
Personal news, a Jig Zone puzzle, 3 short takes, and a homemade cartoon (shown).

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Terrie Williams (798)
Friday December 13, 2013, 2:55 am
Landrieu is as close to a 'democrat' as one can get in the deep red state of Louisiana. A true democrat or worse, a true Progressive, hasn't got a snowball's chance in Hades of winning in that thoroughly brainwashed and braindead state.

You're right Cat Man, the budget deal is 90% best. The unemployed will continue to be starved right before Christmas....isn't that very 'Christian' (yes, the Fundy Bagger type of Xtianity of course) of Ryan. Kills me that the Dems are going along with this trash.

I hope you are right about Judge Nina Pillard, Cat Man. I would LOVE to see her in the Supremes...making thier Fascist lil lives pure hell on the bench!!!!!

I still have not forgiven Al Gore for caving in 2000, and I doubt I ever will. He should have fought to the bitter, or not so bitter, end of it....since in the end it was found that HE FRIKKEN WON!!!!!!!!! Personally, I feel the Fascist Bast**rds who were on the bench at that time, most still on there and some now deceased, should still be brought up on charges of TREASON since they GAVE the presidency to Elmer Fudd Jr. 'The Decider'....yeah....right....only because the SCROTUMS handed it to him. And No, I will NEVER forgive the Supreme Court for THAT Fascist COUP ... EVER.

Terrie Williams (798)
Friday December 13, 2013, 2:56 am
PS....Yeah, I know, because I cannot find it in my heart to forgive, I will most likely be doing another 2 or 3 lifetimes on this planet......sigh....I never learn. :)

Past Member (0)
Friday December 13, 2013, 4:24 am
Can't say it better than Terrie. I think Gore was a wimp for caving---------those bastards would have had to drag me off in chains before I conceded. Thanks TC.

Lona G (80)
Friday December 13, 2013, 4:57 am
Good to see you slowly easing in the thread again, TomCat. I take it the move wore you out, but it was worth it.
Are you sleeping better now?

Some new names here for me to get used to, and since I'm going walkabout a bit the coming month, I probably won't be able to read up on them. So my comments will be either short or non-existent until I get back.
On the budget deal: when I heard some details on the deal on our news it seemed like your government has been looking at ours for a while and tried the (in)famous Dutch routine: compromise, compromise and then compromise. No winners, all losers but everyone can take something home to show mum and there is a deal. Maybe not the best, but a deal nevertheless. And at this point in time a compromise which lets everyone save face is better than another shutdown.

It's better not to think about what could have happened if Al Gore had become president. Too depressing to think about all the things we missed out on and about all these completely unnecessary deaths.

Arielle S (313)
Friday December 13, 2013, 6:49 am
December 13, 2000 was indeed a dark day ~ I think we all often wonder what if???? What if we'd had a decent president? What if we'd not declared war in Iraq? What if we didn't have this huge budget deficit? So many what if's ... that is some legacy you left, George W and Dick Dumfart...

Carlene V (202)
Friday December 13, 2013, 7:51 am
Tom, hope you can get some much needed rest now that you won't have to listen to guitar man.

Landreu is a very weird Democrat but the best we can expect right now in LA.

The best thing out of the compromise is that the Tea Party got spanked and it's about time. Watching the rest of the party implode is the second best. The worst, of course, is that millions of unemployed will lose their benefits right after Christmas. What a unlike Christian thing for any of them, Dem or Repub to do. I am disgusted with that part. Take away subsidies and give the money to the unemployed but that would go against their corporate masters who are funding their political campaigns.

Avril Lomas (0)
Friday December 13, 2013, 12:54 pm
Imust admit that every time I hear Paul Ryan (he of the funny math,and Ayn Rand!)
mention the TAKERS as opposed to the MAKERS, my blood pressure soars,along side my sense of Irony.
I would posit that the largest concentration of "TAKERS" is in the Congress of the USA.Where else I wonder can one get a salary of $172,000,plus tax payer funded health Care,plus a pension for "working "!!! or being present 126 days /year? and achieving ZERO.(56 minor bills). THAT IS MEGA TAKING!..
I am a TAKER according to Ryan, having worked in health care for 40+ years, and daring to collect S.S.(which I paid into ) and working all hours ,dayand nights.for the better part of 365 days/year.!
LETS tellit like it IS. ( little extra info. The Ryan family recieved government benefits following a death in the family.) I they TOOK THEM! Join the TAKERS MrRyan.

Diane O (194)
Friday December 13, 2013, 2:52 pm
A salary of $175,000 is not a big salary in my neck of the woods just outside of DC where many of these people live. I believe it has been three years since they've had a raise due to the freeze. However I do agree that the benefits are excessive.

May I add here that Al Gore would've been a bad president. I believe he lost the election and let us not forget his lusty sexual appetite...a real buffoon in my book of what a loser looks like and sounds like.


Birgit W (160)
Friday December 13, 2013, 3:10 pm
Noted, thanks.

James Maynard (84)
Friday December 13, 2013, 3:15 pm
Don't know what to "reed" into that
bad puzzle performance.

JL A (281)
Friday December 13, 2013, 3:30 pm
Median household income in Wash DC and the US (half below, half above):
Median household income, 2007-2011 $61,835 $52,762

Three times median is usually considered high income--time for them to start earning it.

Joanne D (38)
Friday December 13, 2013, 5:34 pm
5:10 Too cold and sleepy today.

NY Times - I am not crazy about it myself - I got an email from Bernie that was also not enthusiastic (sorry, I don't still have it - but it was on the order of this was less catastrophic than it might have been) but seemed a little relieved at no shutdown. The Farm Bill is not passed yet - I believe they did a 2-month extension of the current one? - so we can still fight for food stamps.

I haven't had time to look at everything I wanted to either. Hope I can catch up a little tomorrow.

Mitchell D (87)
Friday December 13, 2013, 5:59 pm
Glad to hear, Pat A., at PoliticsPlus, that the Koch Suckers were unhappy.
What is with the imbeciles who constantly re-elect Ryan?
I guess that Ayn Rand's misguided "The Individual Ubber Alles!" really fits with the Koch brothers, and others like them, who simply can not rest until they have still MORE!
One hypothesis about conservatives, is that they are black and white thinkers, who have great anxiety about uncertainties (aka:gray areas), and I recently had an "AHA!" moment: that is why they must always have more, because they fear that billions may just not be enough!
We may think of it as greed (yes, I do!), but they may think of it as a cushion against the bogey man!

Mitchell D (87)
Friday December 13, 2013, 6:36 pm
I do not know what was going through Pres. Gore's mind when he abdicated,, but I will join Terrie with unforgiveness: unforgiveness regarding Bill Clinton's idiocy with Monica smoking his cigar- It cost all of whatever he may otherwise have accomplished in his 2nd term, AND made him radioactive in Gore's campaign.
So, take the "What might have been," one step back, and ask what might have been if Mr. Born Politician had not been frozen out of that campaign?

Past Member (0)
Friday December 13, 2013, 11:29 pm
Thanks for sharing

TomCat S (129)
Friday December 13, 2013, 11:41 pm
Thanks to almost all Have a great weekend!

Gary L (138)
Saturday December 14, 2013, 9:21 am
welcome back TC good to see you are recouping your strength you'll need it to put up with the lying stupid trolls that come here every so often

Katie & Bill D (107)
Sunday December 15, 2013, 3:59 pm
Thank You TomCat
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