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6 Filthy Facts About the Rich

Society & Culture  (tags: culture of wealth, 1%, wealth inequality, sadness, subsidies )

- 1700 days ago -
First of all, who are they? Mostly the 1%. But the top 2-5% have also done quite well, increasing their inflation-adjusted wealth by 75 percent from 1983 to 2009 while average wealth went down for 80 percent of American households.

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Lynn S (235)
Sunday August 25, 2013, 9:27 pm
Much of this we already know but sometimes it pays to be reminded. But then I got to point 5 where "India just approved a program to spend $4 billion a year to feed 800 million people", the chains began to rankle. The INEQUALITY!

"It's not the obligation of any one of these individuals to feed the world. The disgrace is in the fact that our unregulated capitalist system allows such outrageous extremes to exist."

Sheila D (194)
Sunday August 25, 2013, 10:21 pm
Noted with not much surprise that the top 1% are cheapskates when it comes to helping others. Thanks.
Can't currently give Lynn another star...

P A (117)
Monday August 26, 2013, 1:25 am
Drat - I have just given you a green star for something else, Lynn - and you deserve another one for this article too! The main gist of the article is one that everyone knows - the insanely greedy 1% and their close cousins the 5% are grabbing everything in sight - but the actual figures were scary - the fact that three of the Walton family who own Walmart made 4 billion last year - which is the same that an entire country (India) is giving to their poor in a scheme where financial pundits have been asking if they could afford it is SCARY!!

Giana Peranio-paz (398)
Monday August 26, 2013, 2:07 am
Only by being a cheap skate can you become rich...Ha Ha Ha, if you give your money away to charity and help people around you all the time there is very little chance of becoming filthy rich!

Gloria picchetti (304)
Monday August 26, 2013, 5:31 am
I am so financially depressed I wish someone would shoot me.

Gene J (290)
Monday August 26, 2013, 6:37 am
And these stinking excuses for human beings are the ones the gop wants to give more to. The reason they are blocking virtually everything, so they can make these even richer. It is as if the entire republican party were Marie Antoinette because they have the same attitude toward everyone who is not already rich as she did the poor of her day. It would not make me feel bad if they met her fate as well, though I am not a violent man, these are doing violence to the world in unspeakable ways and their lap dogs, the gop, are as filthy.

Liliana Garcia (200)
Monday August 26, 2013, 8:55 am
Noted and suffered as well. The one per cent lobby so the rules suit them to a tee. The real problem is the so called "American Dream" is precisely to become filthy rich which no one can do w/o exploiting others. Natural resources were there as Earth's heritage, and thru work, some of those things make our lives easier. They shouldn't make anyone that rich. They don't own the sun, oxygen, water, plants, etc Somewhere along the way gullible people came to believe it is otherwise and allowed some people to claim they have the right to owe our destinies. Terrible!
Gloria: A big hug and I hope your mood improves soon!

Liliana Garcia (200)
Monday August 26, 2013, 8:58 am
Sorry about the verb: Next to last line: Somewhere along the way gullible people came to believe it is otherwise and allowed some people to claim they have the right to own our destinies.

Kit B (276)
Monday August 26, 2013, 9:57 am

When the wealthy grub worms get welfare from the government it's called subsidies, and in comes in millions, when the poor get welfare it's called hand outs to the lazy, it comes in pennies and nickels. Which group is really most likely to defraud the system? Yeah, those who have attorney's on contract. A woman getting welfare to feed her children is a welfare queen and stealing from the government. A corporation that pays no taxes and still gains hundreds of millions in subsidies is called smart business. Thanks Lynn, though this article is preaching to the choir. We know the enemy, and they are stealing the life from this country.


divergent r (309)
Monday August 26, 2013, 10:40 am
I just saw a 27million dollar car being advertised.
I Don't care how much money one has, but an expensive car to me is over 30 thousand dollars, who needs a car that could feed a whole country?
What can it do to muster a price tag like that?
All gold machinery, and endangered species for upholstery? ???It's just a flipping car!!symbolism of distortion is undeniable
Thanks Lynn

Sheryl G (363)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 6:24 am
Well stated Kit.

U.S. has the 4th-highest degree of wealth inequality in the world, trailing only Russia, Ukraine, and Lebanon. Yet we are number 37 in the world for providing health care for our citizens.

Yup, just keep passing on that fallacy, I'm sure it helps the top 10% sleep better at night but does nothing to stop growling stomachs or the cold from taking a bite when heat, warm clothes, or even a roof itself is hard to come by.

Gloria, please reach out to someone. Do you have friends nearby? So many are in the same boat and I know it doesn't help to hear that for when it's an individual pain or plight, knowing others are experiencing the same is not helpful to you. However, it is a fact, a reality for many that truly there is more and more who are not doing well at all and barely hanging on. Try to take that pain and instead of turning it onto yourself turn it out and get the education out there to others.

There is no shame in this, we've all been victims of a system that set out to make a few rich beyond measure at the expense of us all. Perhaps if you are able to set up a support group in your home or find one already existing might be beneficial to you and to the others. Perhaps you can all work on ways to trade services or pass along items to each other that are no longer needed by someone else or to come up with ideas on how to change things. The Women's Circle I run has been very helpful to us and now we are starting a community organic garden on one of the women's land. She can't do it alone but she has the land and as a team we can all pitch in our labor and eat healthier and for less cost.

Take back your power........don't let them defeat you. Is why I'm activist, on C2 and off C2, I don't have time to dwell on the what not's because I'm too busy forming the what can's.

Sheryl G (363)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 6:26 am
typo above......

forgot to finish my train of thought....."Just keep on passing that fallacy, we are the #1 in the world." We are getting close to it, but not in the correct way."

James Maynard (84)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 6:41 am
Sad state of affairs which will only be corrected
when we begin electing better representatives.

Phillipa W (199)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 8:04 am
"When the wealthy grub worms get welfare from the government it's called subsidies, and in comes in millions, when the poor get welfare it's called hand outs to the lazy, it comes in pennies and nickels. " yay Kit. Said it exactly how it is. These people aren't just defrauding Governments, but they are sucking the souls of all they touch. And how much do they even NEED these subsidies? Well many are richer than entire nations. I know there are some really poor nations out there, and that's no longer much of an achievement (such is the state of the gap between rich and poor now!) but still. And what of the responsibility to society? Since ancient times civilized societies have always come with the expectation that the rich have responsibilities towards those poorer than them, be it through paying their workers and providing generous gifts and caring for them and families in times of need, providing to the masses through charities, funding public works and the list goes on. Not anymore. Even pay rises when they apply come with higher percentages for higher-ups! And we wonder how this travesty ever came about. And even worse, so many people blame those who are less well-off than themselves for being in such a state. Does money even buy happiness? No. But some sort of ability to live comfortably, eat enough food, and live a comfortable though frugal life should be a basic human right for everyone. And as for those who are working and earning a living they are definitely entitled to be rewarded for their efforts. Not being paid pittances while CEO's can't even measure their own wealth and need to hire accountants etc not only to maximise tax dodging and investments (takes money to make money am i right?) but also simply to keep track of their wealth.

Gina Caracci (219)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 10:39 am
I knew I shouldnt have read this as now Im totally pissed off...Id love to sit in a room with all these rich greedy bastards and get into their heads..but they will all bleat the same GOP rhetoric on how they worked for their money (HA!!) yada yada yada..There has to be a way to dismantle the tax havens, the tax breaks and the wall street scam that is destroying the WORLD....
There is enough on this planet for In AFrica there are STOCKPILES of food, yet the govt wants to let people die so they will have more and more..
Its time to vote out BOTH PARTIES...If you have to write in your dog as a candidate instead of one of those parties DO IT..GET THEM OUT.. or BETTER YET!!! : DANDELION for president!!!
Im gonna go take a nap

Dot A (182)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 12:57 pm
the collapse of society will bring the economic privileged to their knees

those who already know how to survive without big bucks to comfort them will be ahead of the reconstruction

those who cannot make it but for their wealth will have to have a very rough time

i've always been poor, don't have a computer even now, - and have gone through difficulties that would only be depressing to read

and i'm still here

and i have hope that the 'dead souls' who harm humanity will wake up finally, or die

Jan Sam (8)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 1:21 pm

Athena F (131)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 2:23 pm
Sad, sorry human beings made of greed and sociopathic tendencies. Compassion and working together is the only way our species will survive. I hope they figure it out before it is too late for them, or any of us. :(

Edwin M (346)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 2:55 pm
I detest greedy people that think of nothing more than increasing their wealth at the expense of those that are truly in need. Having said that there is equal blame for the way our tax laws are structured and the politicians that write,sponsor and pass these laws. As long as our government is more concerned with protecting the rights of the wealthy and disregarding the needs of the middle class and the poor we will continue to see stagnant wages,and the extreme imbalance of wealth in our Country.

Sheila D (28)
Tuesday August 27, 2013, 8:15 pm
Sad but true. Thanks for the article, Lynn.

Sherri G (128)
Wednesday August 28, 2013, 1:46 am
TY Lynn and all the terrific comments here. I agree with all of you. Gina I know what you mean about these stats continually and consistently pissing me off as well. I typically log on about 1AM and then can't go to sleep when I read about these greedy MFs who take and take until the blood suckers bleed everyone they can. Sent stars to everyone I could and the others I have to wait 24 hours. Noted.

Sheryl G (363)
Wednesday August 28, 2013, 4:49 pm
Well bless your heart Gina but I'm afraid I'd not last among that bunch of cut throats in DC. I'll do what I can in the humble position I find myself in. It only takes on pebble tossed in pond to cause a ripple effect so I will do that. I've often wondered how someone like Bernie Sanders can do it. I have to give him all the credit in the world to be a kind hearted man, intelligent, to not either crumble by the weight of it all or not want to rip their throats out standing next those who are arrogant, greedy, and destroyers.

Gina Caracci (219)
Wednesday August 28, 2013, 7:49 pm
Dandelion, I think if it came to honesty, respect and heart, you would win by a landslide! Its too bad money is all that matters. Still, if you decide to run, let me know! lol You would be incredible!!


SusanAWAY Allen (219)
Thursday August 29, 2013, 6:41 am
I'm so disgusted by this. I mean, you know these facts, but when you see the statistics all together like this, it really infuriates. I just participated in a demonstration outside the Carolina Country Club the other afternoon. The NC GOP was hosting a $10,000 a plate dinner. I'm guessing they give no thought to how many people could be fed for $10K. And on top of that, right here in Raleigh, last weekend, one of the charity groups in the area was stopped from feeding the hungry. Every single weekend for the past 6 years, this group has given out food to the hungry in one of the small parks downtown and they were told to pack it up and get out or be arrested. The police told them they weren't there to debate the issue. This has caused such an uproar, that I believe the city is backing down at least as far as this group goes. I guess we shall see. I'm just so irritated at how the wealthy want to hide the problem of the homeless and hungry in this country. Article noted and shared. Thanks Lynn.

Sheryl G (363)
Thursday August 29, 2013, 8:10 am
That is EXACTLY what the Oligarchy is trying to do Susan, HIDE the suffering. Don't feed the hungry, don't let the homeless sleep in the parks, force them to go ever deeper into the woods. Forgotten. Isn't that what they did to the American Indians? Pushed them onto the waste lands, the barren lands, the areas where most people would not travel to? The old out of sigh and out of mind.

Corporate Media should be doing nightly news on The People who have been affected by all of this greed and exploitation but instead one hardly hears a word on it. A little segment now and again but that hardly covers in depth the scope of what is going on. Instead the arms dealers, the ones who make their monies off of the war machine we find ourselves in are cooking up another conflict to get into. The cry was too loud when Iran was in the sites now it's Syria.

The police, soldiers, and local town and city officials best start to realize that they have more in common with the hungry in the parks than they do with those in their Ivory Towers on Wall Street. Until the people begin to turn their backs on this opulence that a few live in while the masses are chewed up and spit out like garbage we will not get out from under this broken system.

In Solidarity our only chance.
Which Side Are You On

People Have The Power

Relight The Flame of Protest November 5

Martin Luther King had to say a Letter from a Birmingham Jail about the power of non-violent civil disobedience in 1958. I suggest everyone take the time to read it.
Martin Luther King Jr. Letter From Birmingham Jail


Lynn S (235)
Saturday September 7, 2013, 1:10 am
Thanks everyone.

Stars were I could.

The differences in values between those that have much and those that have little is stark. I stand with those that have little but are rich in spirit and love.
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