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Our Dear Friend Helga Is Fighting for Life!!!

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- 14 days ago -
PLEASE pray, send light & love, meditate, light a candle..

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Animae C (514)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 4:33 am
i received this PM from Angela K. ;

my dear friend Antoinette Gonzales has just informed me that our dear Helga S. is very ill.
She is hanging on after having a massive heart attack and is scheduled for a triple bypass heart surgery.
I ask that you pray for our friend, sending her love and light, as doctors inform she may not survive.


i am heartbroken!!!
: ... ((

Angela AWAY K (378)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 4:36 am
Thanks for posting dearest Animae !!!

Sending all my love to you my sweet friend Helga for a successful surgery and quick recovery !
I have light a candle for you this morning in Cologne Cathedral !!!
We all miss YOU !!!

Animae C (514)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 4:39 am
This message is from Antoinette G. left on Helga's page;

"To all of you Helga’s friends I would like to inform you that Helga is very ill at this moment.
She has suffered a very bad heart attack and doctors say it’s a miracle that she survived.
Helga Still has a long way to go, will be going to surgery soon for a triple bypass.
Let’s pray that this beautiful woman with an amazing soul pulls through because Love and faith can conquer a lot more than we could ever imagine.
Helga will be going through surgery soon for a triple bypass surgery."

Ben O (171)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 4:43 am
I wish you the very best, Dear Helga...

Cathy B (426)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 4:44 am
Thank you dear Animae.
Helga, I will hold you in my prayers for successful bypass surgery and a complete recovery.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
We miss you dear friend.
A candle lit for Helga ❤

Anne M (223)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 5:15 am
Meine Liebe Helga, you are in our thoughts!!! We are missing you so much and thinking of you and praying for your soon recovery.
My candle is now among the others.

Pat B (356)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 5:16 am
Prayers up for you, Helga. Godspeed!!

Thanks, Animae for posting this info.

Joan H (160)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 5:21 am
Dear friend, you will know I am holding you in the light and in my heart for a good recovery. Your heart is so full of compassion for our fellow beings, we will all be sending you strength. Bless you.
love peace and light, Joan

Frank S (2)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 5:24 am
May God bless, heal and protect her and Dandelion, Animae.

Allen O (200)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 5:48 am
Thanks Animae - Candle lit and noted

JL A (281)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 5:55 am
Prayers for healing for Helga. Thanks for letting us know Animae.

Derek R (297)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 6:01 am
Sending healing prayers to Helga, stay strong sweetheart. xx
Thanks for letting us know Animae. x

Victoria P (113)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 6:25 am
Sending love, light and healing energy ~♥~

Thank-you dearest Animae

John W (0)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 6:32 am

Spy K (224)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 6:42 am
thanks for sharing this----so many on here having serious health problems----TRULY SAD-----sending feline healing purrs to Helga and all in need

Lucy S (48)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 7:00 am
Tonight I will light a candle at my church for Helga's recovery. I pray for her heart surgeons too.
Helga, you are my Earth Angel. May the forces of Light and great Love be with you, my sweet friend.

Lone F (67)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 7:28 am
Thanks for sharing this sad news, dear Animae!

Prayers and blessings for Helga!

Marco Baracca (41)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 7:59 am

Christeen A (370)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 8:03 am
Prayers are being sent.

Anne No Fwd Pls M (101)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 8:39 am
Helga, I wish you a successful bypass surgery and a complete recovery. We all miss you dear friend. Thanks for sharing Animae.

DerekDeka Richardson (35)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 10:37 am
Thanks, noted.

Lisa N (206)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 11:00 am
I will keep you in my heart and my thoughts dear sweet Helga. You have always been so kind and giving of yourself to others. I'm praying that you can pull through this my friend. Thanks to AniMae and to Angela for making me aware of this , I had been wondering how she was doing, since it had been awhile since I heard from her.

Melania Padilla (122)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 11:15 am
Oh no :-(
We are good friends, we even send postcards/letters to each other. Thank you for posting, please keep us posted if you can. Helga is so kind, I really hope she will be fine, and this is only a bump in the road :-(

Lisa M (17)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 11:56 am
Oh NO! What is going on? Ted, Sheryl and now Helga just in last few days (as to the timing that I have been made aware). This is so awful. I send to her thoughts of healing and love and hope for a successful surgery and complete recovery.

Antoinette G (62)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 11:59 am
Dearest Animae, I am so grateful for this post as I believe in the power of faith and prayer. My dearest Angela thank you for spreading the word for our dearest Helga. To all that post well wishes I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Colleen L (3)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 12:39 pm
I will hold Helga in my prayers for successful bypass surgery and a complete recovery.
Wishing Helga a speedy recovery. Will light a candle for her. Thanks Animae

Nita L (120)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 1:29 pm
I am sending love, light and healing thoughts. I lit a candle. Thank you Barb for letting me know and thank you dear Animae for posting.

Freya H (357)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 1:55 pm
I lit a candle for her here, and will send healing vibes.

Cher C (1430)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 4:46 pm

Thnx for sharing this with us Sweetie! Prayers sent!


fly bird (26)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 6:17 pm
Helga, I just saw the news.
I will light my candle this evening and will be thinking of you.
I'm sorry you are in such a bad way. Helga, hang in there.
Wishing health to return, pain to subside, energy and hope to revive, peace and love to you.

Veronica B (29)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 9:36 pm
I lit a candle for Helga S. with prayers for Successful Surgery and a quick and great recovery.

Dear Helga,Sending on your way Strenght,healing vibes and blessings!!!

Thank you dear Animae and dear Angela for Sharing

Inge B (202)
Wednesday April 11, 2018, 9:51 pm
Thinking of You Helga and sending all my love to You.

Sabine A (24)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 4:35 am
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I lit a candle and wish her a speedy recovery.

Helen A (103)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 7:22 am
A candle lit for Helga

S J (130)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 8:17 am
That's why I haven't seen her recently, usually we exchange stars every day. You are in my thoughts dear Helga. Candle lit up for you and send positive energy directly to you. Stay with us dear friend. Meows Animae and Angela

S J (130)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 8:22 am
Candle lit meoww Freya meoww

Sheila D (28)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 1:23 pm
Candle lit. Praying for her doctors to have wisdom and compassion to help her heal.

Barb K (1687)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 4:11 pm
TYSM for posting Animae. Candle lit with prayers for Helga. I had no idea about Sheryl. Wow. Sad times.

MarietteAWAY G (175)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 4:13 pm
Candle lit, You are in my thoughts and prayers Helga! Thanks Animae for posting!

fly bird (26)
Thursday April 12, 2018, 6:56 pm
Lighting a candle, with hope and warmth.

Anne Haarhoff (52)
Friday April 13, 2018, 2:00 am
Sending love and healing to you, Helga.
Thank you, Animae.

Roberto MARINI (90)
Friday April 13, 2018, 7:46 am
I lit a candle and prayed for Helga

Petra M (259)
Friday April 13, 2018, 10:52 am
Thanks for posting dear Animae!
You are in my thoughts and prayers dear Helga!

Paola Scodellari (15)
Friday April 13, 2018, 12:36 pm
I am praying for you Helga. I lit a candle.
Lisa is right ,very bad period for animals angels , Ted, Sheryl and now Helga.
Last year in April my loved Kat K and Nyack passed away.
I hope they all can recover and send them healing thoughts Much love

Richard A (2)
Friday April 13, 2018, 1:52 pm
Best wishes to Helga and prayers for a speedy recovery and good health.

Angela J (61)
Friday April 13, 2018, 2:31 pm
Good luck.

Lindsay K (6)
Friday April 13, 2018, 3:08 pm
Many thanks for sharing, Animal. I'll be holding Helga in my prayers. I do hope Helga's surgery goes well and she is soon on the road to recovery.

Jim Phillips (3257)
Friday April 13, 2018, 3:20 pm
Helga: I wish you the best in surgery and in recovery.
Hugzzz, Jim.

Joy M (169)
Friday April 13, 2018, 4:47 pm
Thank you Animae. Helga you are in my prayers, God bless you..Hugs..

Joy M (169)
Friday April 13, 2018, 4:57 pm
Lit candle and noted..

Walter F (129)
Friday April 13, 2018, 9:17 pm
Thanks for posting Animae.Helga is in my thoughts and prayers."May the Lord bless her and keep her and make His face to shine upon her"

fly bird (26)
Friday April 13, 2018, 10:14 pm
I hope you are in recovery and resting peacefully Helga.

I hope you will be well, soon!

Janis K (127)
Friday April 13, 2018, 10:56 pm
Healing thoughts on the way

Laura H (964)
Friday April 13, 2018, 11:21 pm
I am sending thoughts and prayers, love and healing light.
I lit a candle...
Thank you Animae.

Massimiliano R (110)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 1:59 am
thanks animae and Angela and Antoinette
Mi dispiace tantissimo ho conosciuto Helga tramite care 2 pochi mesi fa è una persona eccezzionale ci siamo scambiati dei messaggi e mi piaceva molto come ragionava . Portale i miei più cari saluti e che le sono vicino
con il pensiero e con il cuore e di credere sempre in se stessa che andrà tutto bene anche se l'intervento è difficile e che ce la farà che poi ci risentiamo dopo che si sarà rimessa ancora su care 2 grazie un grosso abbraccio ad Helga

Lona G (80)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 12:03 pm
I'm with you in thought, Helga, and hope the surgery is a success.

David C (133)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 12:12 pm
with you in thoughts, candle lit, and hope to well-rested experienced doctors and nurses who will be caring for you in recovery........

Doris F (21)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 12:14 pm
liebe Helga, hoffe alles geht gut, gute Besserung !!!

Maria Papastamatiou (4)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 1:16 pm
All the best dear Helga. Lit a candle for you.

ewoud k (68)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 4:20 pm
Sending good vibes.

May all go well.


Phil P (94)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 6:44 pm
Good vibes, well wishes and hugs.

Ruth R (246)
Saturday April 14, 2018, 7:48 pm
Said a prayer. Thank you for caring.

Fiona O (565)
Sunday April 15, 2018, 10:50 am
Thanks for posting this, Animae.

I am lighting a candle.

Cheryl Sickler (7)
Sunday April 15, 2018, 1:56 pm
Helga, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Heidi Walderra (162)
Monday April 16, 2018, 7:57 am
Thank you Animae. 🔮

wendy k (220)
Thursday April 19, 2018, 4:28 am
I Lit a candle for Helga, please when you hear anything Animae will you update us, thank you for letting us know, sorry i only just saw this , sending millions of healing good vibes, love to you too Animae, x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxx

Animae C (514)
Thursday April 19, 2018, 5:48 pm
i haven't heard anything & i'm worried about Helga!
i have messaged Antoinette Gonzales, Helga's friend who first told us the news but i haven't heard back from her.

fly bird (26)
Saturday April 21, 2018, 9:09 am
I hope Helga is doing well!!

Danny v (39)
Monday April 23, 2018, 1:16 am
I hope she get well soon.
She is my friend too.
We had a lot of contact by mail.
I don't know when she got her operation and hope to hear soon that she is doing fine.
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