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Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

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- 3999 days ago -
Does Psychiatry Kills? Are we're being mislead as a people by this questionable profession? Please watch this video (5mins) to discover some truths that are being hidden from the American People.

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Sheldon Johnson (4037)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 8:02 pm
My name is Sheldon Johnson, and I'm determined to expose the vast corruption that is ruining our nation. These crimes are destroying a lot of innocent people lives including Kids. Three of my brothers was victimized by this profession when they were kids and now they turn their attention to my mother and my niece. By the grace of God I was able to escape their evil clutches and fight for my family and all the kids without voices. Please share this video with the people you love the most and your friends.

Clifton Jackson (124)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 8:31 pm
Yes!! This is the REAL TRUTH on these guys!! They are out for nothing but MONEY and CONTROL!! They will and have done more damge to people than the Law should allow!! They must be STOPPED!! They spread lies upon lies to get anyone under their control! Everyone should get there hands on a copy of this video and wacth the entire thing! If you can stand it!

Sheldon Johnson (4037)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 10:02 pm
I just want to be clear. There are some GOOD psychiatrist out there and my message is intended to expose the one 's who practices "Black Psychiatry"... That is a term used for those who abused their profession and they need to be exposed as well as their sponsors.

colleen o (200)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 10:08 pm

Ruth S (78)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 11:00 pm
Yes Catman, I agree ....................THAT'S THE TRUTH!!!!! In all countries all over the world!
Thank you Sheldon, for posting this.......

Mara G (411)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 11:40 pm
Thank you SO much Sheldon for posting this "extremely" important video. I've been in the study of Psychology for over 35 years now [ I prefer human behavior ] and noticed this many years ago along with countless other behaviorists who weren't in it for the money. I studied behavior becouse of a passionate interest and never planned to be a paid professional which left me out of the "clinical" loop and its influences and I've always thought "outside the box" ayway. About 10 years ago I became interested in the organization "Mind Freedom" and MAD, and have been an activist/advocate for them ever sense. This organization is at the lead of this awarness movement worldwide. You can find them here and they have more links to other organizations. Thanks for getting the word out. Michael Moor is also comming out with a very important film about this. A MUST SEE.

Jaclin S (230)
Tuesday June 12, 2007, 11:52 pm
Noted. Love & Light Sheldon.

Jennifer Martino (137)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 1:27 am
Sheldon- I worked in the field for many- many years and got so fed up that no longer do I work in this field! Great information and accurate it is! Thank you for sharing! Noted!

Rabbit R (85)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 1:32 am
In all honesty this is just one more off shoot of the pharmaceutical push and there hope of a pill for everything planet. It's been rampant in the medical field for some years and many people have paid the price of wrong diagnoses and the lets spin the wheel and try a cure. This sort of thing will never stop because the pharmaceutical companies have doctors in their back pockets. It's been covered by all types of media about them giving money, free vacations and so on to doctors. Who of us has not spent half a day in waiting rooms, taking tests and so on only to finally see the doctor himself for less than 2 minutes if that long? How does any doctor make a correct diagnoses on that bases? My opinion is it can't be done and they don't wish to do it. It's much easier to glance at everything and push the latest drug company samples before running on to the next billable patient. Health "care" is an industry folks and it's buyer beware. Are there some good doctors out there. Yes, some do still care. Some do take the words "first do no harm" seriously. For the majority it's become the hypocritical oath instead and the good doctors are sadly few and far between. I personally never agreed with a pill for everything. No one is meant to be happy 24/7. If you are sad or depressed or whatever there is a reason for that and until you deal with the underlying cause a pill is only going to mask the symptoms. Are there some people that really have an imbalance? Sure. Illness happens sometimes. I just don't think it's as prevalent as we are sometimes lead to believe. Sorry if I was on the soap box but this is a topic close to my heart and life.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 1:48 am
There is good and bad in anything.
Most anything can kill us.
Sadly this is true.
But...Using a good therapist has helped me many many times. I will surely go if need be and take medication prescribed as needed. But...when I am prescribed a new medication, I watch for "strange" side affects and have friends and family watch me as well...

Dody B (123)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 2:41 am
A personal note. I have seen their torment and torture up close. I was also lucky. I was attractive and bright. I presented myself as eager to "do something" and as such escaped the net virtually unharmed. (sans some trust for the field) As such I will not seek out a psychiatrist ever...if I have my way.

Ramona Gehl (141)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 4:00 am
Thanx Sheldon, someone in my family receives psychiatric care too. They have tried him on drug after drug after drug, and nothing seems to make him feel any less depressed. In fact he seems much worse! He is so depressed and feels like throwing in the towel. The psychiatrists just want to push drugs, not to really find out what is causing depression. Instead of talking to the patient, it's just --- Here try this drug, if it doesn't work, we'll try you on another one until we find the one that is right for you. They seem to have a never ending supply.

EW Modemac (1)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 4:15 am
"Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" is maintained by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR):

the Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a SCIENTOLOGY FRONT FROUP.

EW Modemac (1)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 4:16 am
"Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" is produced by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR):

The Citizens Commission on Human Righjts is a SCIENTOLOGY FRONT GROUP.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 4:53 am
This video did not surprise me. Psychiatry is capitalist industry, they piggy back on the backs of the pharmaceutical industry, who make trillions out of people's suffering. Thanks for posting it though.

RC deWinter (418)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 4:59 am
Thanks for sharing this, Sheldon - it's something people need to know.

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 5:01 am
I am permanetly brain/body damaged because of what they are allowed to get away with, my neurological/immunne disease called physchiatric and depression, I never knew what the black hole of depression was until I was put on the antidepressant, one after the other with other drugs, then electro shock was suggested because I couldn't tolerate the drugs. As it turned out many with my illness can only tolerate small doses, some not at all and I fall into that group. I got repeatedly misdiagnosed, and finaly permantely damaged, they get away it as well because it's a hands off area, and when they put phychatirc on your file lawyers don't want to have much to do with you after unless you have a fortune to sue. They have changed my records to cover their butts, tests gone/'changed, do your research before taking the medications, and also the referrences of the doctor IF POSSIBLE, I am in for the fight of my life because of several of these humans with free rein to damage and prescribe hidious amounts, and cocktails of drugs WITH NO CONSEQUENCES. I saw a new FDA report yesterday or day before that they were upping the SUICIDES FOR ANTIDEPRESSANTS FROM KIDS AND TEENS TO PEOPLE TO THE AGE OF 25.. BULL, MANY ADULTS OLDER GET SUIDIDAL ON THEM, PHYCOSIS, THE LIST OF SIDE EFFECTS FROM THESE DRUGS IS LONG AND I ALREADY WROTE MOST OF THEM ON ANOTHER SUBMIISION AND NOT UP TO COPYING THEM HERE PRESENTLY. THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL ISSUE FOR ME AS I AM STILL SUFFERING SO MUCH DAILY FROM THE DAMAGE DONE, NOT EVEN ON MY MEDICAL RECORDS, THOSE GOT CHANGED AND ALTERED.

Dusty K (1339)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 5:40 am
Just another way to push a pill in my opinion. Good video Sheldon! Thank you

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 7:19 am
Pills, the musical Fruit, you take a whole bunch then they steal your loot. Seriously, they have pills for everything now. As if we are somehow unable to handle life without drugs. If they could they would put us all on mind-control drugs to make us more passive and receptive. Nice video Sheldon.
The entire society of the Psychological World, (or should I say the unethical ones), get kickbacks from the major drug companies for pushing every psychotropic drug, even if you do not need it. And they have side effects on top of the side affects. I have PTSD and I joke about how many drugs they send me for things I have no idea why I should be taking after reading what the medications are for. So, I just don't take them. The VA likes to medicate.

David Cromie (6)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:01 am
Good video, thanks Sheldon. The problem is that when there is no National Health Service, free at the point of use, and paid for out of taxation, then this will always happen.

Thomas Szaz has written on this subject for years, and Ivan Illich's related "Medical Nemesis" is well worth reading too.

Sheldon Johnson (4037)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:36 am
My letter to the New York D.A. & OPMC:

Dear Sir/madam,

I am informing you thru this communication of my concerns that certain Physicians had engaged in questionable medical practices while attending to the care of my siblings.

Ever since Dr. Margaret M. Lawrence of Harlem Hospital deceived my mother into signing my sibling Ward Johnson into Childville back in 1970, my family’s life has been obliterated. During Ward’s stay at Childville, Dr. Jon Block gave my sibling a drug called Thorazine to help him sleep at night (the excuse that they told my mother).

Thorazine was one of the drugs that were used in the Jonestown massacre brainwashing experiments in 1978 and has very harmful side affects. In fact Thorazine has been called a chemical lobotomy because of the similar effects it creates. This dangerous neuroleptic medication is toxic to most brain functions, disrupting nearly all of them; it has a well-documented impact on the dopamine neurotransmitter system. It causes a disruption in the functioning of the frontal lobes that greatly reduces a subject awareness of temperament and surroundings.

In the early part of 1973 my mother informed Childville that she was going to cancel Ward’s enrollment into their “boarding school”, because she saw that there was nothing wrong with Ward. It was then she learnt that she had been deluded and signed him into foster care. That is when Ward’s personality started to change dramatically. On one weekend visit his skin was off his face, hands and arms; she was informed that he had an allergic reaction to something that he ate. And on other occasions, he would just cry, for no reason at all. My mother knew she had to get him out of there, but was denied the right to do so by the staff of Childville.

Daniel A. Pollack the president of Childville had corroborated to my mother what the rest of his staff had told her in saying that she had no more rights to her son and cannot remove him. His staff consisted of Dr. Block, Dr. O’Hagen, Dr. kemker and Dr. Odegan. The social workers were Mr. Proman, Ms. Herring, Ms. Pollack, Ms. Solomon (administrative supervisor) and Richard Altman the director. Nobody would help my mother with her efforts in getting her son out of Childville. It was during that time we experience the frequent vandalism that remain a problem with my mother till today, because of the refusal of the police department to investigate that problem.

On April 11th, 1974 my mother endured a false arrest because she did not return Ward back to Childville. She tried to rescue him from the hands of the Doctors that had given my sibling drugs that had altered his personality; my siblings and I were place into foster care where they had injected us all with medication as a result of her arrest. I was 8 years old at the time, and I can still remember that shot because we couldn’t raise our arms afterward for several days. An order of protection was issue against my mother that prevented her from seeing Ward for 10 months after that. A counselor by the name of Harold Beasley pushed my mother down the stairs when she had return to Childville to see her son.

When her visitation rights were restored in February of ‘75, she took Ward again and warned Childville that they would have to kill her this time if they try to take Ward back. Things never been the same after that, Ward was force to enter into a C.O.H program while attending middle school I. S 158 when his record caught up with him in ‘76, and place under the care of Dr. Lehman. Ward’s condition deteriorated when he entered into that program. He came from school one day saying, “get away from me”, jumping up and down while fighting the air.

Ward started to do strange things while he attended those C.O.H programs thru the board of education. It is in our belief that Ward was medicated and conditioned when he was enrolled into that program. In 1978 Ward disrobe himself at school and the Doctors were able to convince my mother that Ward needed to be medicated in order to get better. My mother hesitantly agreed because she was concern about that incident. She queried Ward as to why he would do such of thing and he did not know why.

Upon further questioning he recalled an occurrence when Mr. Sunshine attempted to hypnotize him while attending I.S.158 and he told my mother how these men in suits would come to his school and take him to an empty room and ask him all types of questions concerning math and calendar calculating.

Ward had incredible savant abilities and it was quite possible he was a prodigious savant. There was nothing wrong with Ward when my mother enrolled him into that “boarding school” to help children interact with other kids sociably at the recommendation of Dr. Lawrence. The problems Ward developed after he was admitted to Childville were man made. Just look at the medications that they had administered to him over the last 30 years.

The Doctors showed gross negligence and incompetence when they administered and prescribe the numerous anti-psychotics, anti-manic, anti-convulsants and anti-depressants medication to my sibling. It is well documented that long-term use of anti-psychotics (neuroleptics) will cause a condition known as Tardive Dyskinesia, and it also reported that treatment of behavioral problems with neuroleptics might cause additional social and physiological problems; therefore, they should be carefully considered before being utilized.

It seems to me; if a patient exhibits some type of mental disorder, a Doctor would do his best to try to preserve the strengths and intelligence of his patient, not destroy it. Doctor’s are warned that patient’s who require chronic treatment, the smallest dose and the shortest duration of treatment producing a satisfactory clinical response should be sought. One can rationalize, was the doctor’s prescribing the medications seeking the therapeutic effects or was they administered to produce the side effects?

Each psychiatric drug, which was originally heralded as the new “safe” wonder drug, was found to have severe harmful side effects, including addiction, withdrawal symptoms, among others. My sibling has been heavily medicated by various Doctor’s for over 30 years now, and has been giving Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Risperdal, Congentin, Zoloft, Navane, Prozac, Lithium, Depakote, Tegretol and Seroquel that we know of. The Doctor’s often mix his medication and prescribed him multiple pills 2 times per day. The side effects of those drugs had a devastating effect on my sibling, and impaired his savant abilities. Long-term use of the injurious medications that were imprudently administered to my sibling, has restricted his intelligence and personality, and is responsible for his current diagnose presently.

The brain disabling principle applies to all of the most potent psychiatric medications - anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-manic and mood stabilizing medications. The foremost psychiatric treatments exert their primary or intended effect by disabling normal brain function. It is in my belief that when these Doctors Lobotomize my sibling intelligence, it was not only the result of a side effect, but rather, the sought after clinical effect. Conversely, none of the foremost psychiatric medications corrects or improve existing brain dysfunction, such as any reputed biochemical imbalance. If my sibling happens to suffer from brain dysfunction, then the medication that was administered to him would exacerbate his condition.

Neuroscientists are now familiar with chemicals, which effect personality traits. If one wants to create raving paranoia, simply provide the brain with too much dopamine in the emotional center of the brain. If you reduce serotonin in an individual, that person will be unable to connect disagreeable consequences with what provoked them. In other words, they can’t protect themselves from danger. It is in my belief that the reason my sibling was administered heavy medication was to take away his humanity and make him more manageable for their sadistic experiments.

Currently today the Doctor’s have my sibling under some type of Mind Control, it appears that they programmed him to leave his home (usually at night when everyone is asleep) and check himself into a hospital to examine his genital area. Then the Doctor’s claims that my sibling displays sexual overtone and should be kept for observation. It is strange to me that every time my sibling exhibits sexual overtone it is always at the hospitals in the presence of the Doctor’s. Can it be that they are trying to condition him to be that way?

Ward has been known to numerous hospitals throughout the City of New York, all had expressed an out of the ordinary interest in him. On several occasions the Doctor’s would refuse to release Ward back into my mother’s custody and often suggested that she should give him up, because it would serve in his best interest. One Doctor noted in his report dated 1/28/83 after all medication was cleared out of his body “Ward is much more calm and responsive in an appropriate way than on admission. He reports fewer hallucinations, both auditory and visual, and has made no comments on wanting to kiss staff members (as earlier) in the last several days. Overall continues to improve off his medication and behaving well under direct supervision.”

That report came from Montefiore Medical Center when my sibling was admitted for an abnormal EEG on 1/21/83. My mother had brought him there because he has been increasingly drowsy, poorly oriented and bumping into walls. In one week’s time my brother was a completely different person when the heavy doses of Haldol were eliminated from his body. So what do the Doctor’s do now that they witness positive results in my sibling behavior off medications?

Montefoire medical center release my sibling free of all meds into my mother’s care, and Ward was a much more responsive individual. My mother sought help from Dr. Jimenez (of the Council Center for Problem of Living) to enroll him into a special program on 2/16/83. Dr. Jimenez insisted that Ward résumé his previous Haldol regiment. He was not interested in the Doctor’s report from MMC, and suggested that she take him back there for a program if she disagreed with his assessment. Shortly after that my sibling was heavily medicated against my mother’s wishes at Mt. Sinai Hospital.
It seems like every Doctor that my mother met after that, emphasized that my sibling needed to be medicated. They did to my sibling what they please; because their actions remain uncheck, despite the hundreds of complaints that my mother wrote against them to various politicians and investigative agencies. They had a feeling of invincibility and felt that they were above the law.

Even when my mother applied for Legal Guardianship for my sibling Ward in November of ‘85 when Metropolitan Hospital informed my mother that she no longer have any rights to my sibling and refused her the right to see her son because he is considered a adult now. Those orders came from Dr. Luigi Marcuzzo; they held him against her wishes until 4/1/86. The Legal Guardianship process was deliberately impeded until 1992. By various Doctor’s and the refusal of services from Legal Aid. It took my mother 7 years to be granted Legal Guardianship and have power of attorney over my sibling’s affairs.

My sibling entire health records needs to be subpoena and reviewed in order to identify the numerous atrocities, human and civil rights violations that have been committed against him and my mother.

This tragedy spread to my other two siblings (Trevis and Sean Johnson) they were unlawfully given hazardous medications at a young age in life through the forced C.O.H programs of the board of education, Hospitals, Children Services Agencies and even Prison. They both were place on unnecessary anti-psychotics without the consent of my mother that altered their personalities, and is responsible for their current diagnose of today. A review of their early health and school records would reveal that they were normal children that were robbed of their innocence by those sadistic Doctor’s that experimented on them.

The persons who is responsible for this is very cunning and evil, and has used various New York city Agencies to assist them in their iniquity. What these Doctor’s are doing is a continuation of the work that Adolph Hitler performed while he was a dictator/brainwasher in Nazi Germany.

When my mother finally realized that my brother was being overly medicated, and his condition was worsening, she verbalized her concerns to the Doctor’s at Terence Cardinal Cooke in January of 2004. The Doctor’s became agitated and insisted that Ward must stay with his prescribe medication. My mother followed her heart and removed the Depakote medication from his prescription. Ward showed amazing improvements and a desire to learn. Even some of his savant abilities had surface again. Three months later she shared the good news with the Doctor’s at TCC and they became furious that she removed the Depakote from his prescription plan.

They had reported my mother to the Department of Social Service APS Division (FOAJM.2139575) because she refuse to follow their entire medication regiment of Risperdal 4mg, Depakote 500mg, Cogentin .5mg and Zoloft 50mg two times a day. My mother stood her ground and eliminated the Depakote from his regiment because she witnessed the positive result in Ward over the last three months.

Later on that year on 12/19/04 my sibling went missing again, and did not surface until the 29th of December under a assume name at ST. Vincent’s hospital. My mother went there to retrieve her son, but the Doctor’s wanted her to except some type of in-house program that they had outlined for her because she was not compliant with their prescription regiment concerning the Depakote.

My mother immediately refused their services, and they in turn, refuse to release my sibling citing the Mental Hygiene Law. My mother fought hard for 3 weeks for the freedom of my sibling from ST. Vincent Hospital and warned them not to give my sibling any Depakote. They violated my mother wishes and administered Ward the Depakote 500mg along with Risperdal 4mg, Congentin .5mg and Zoloft 50mg twice daily. At the orders of Dr. Scott Mcaffe. I respectfully ask for a reply: What section of the Mental Hygiene Law gave ST. Vincent’s Hospital the authority to hold and medicate my sibling without my mother’s consent?

They crossly released him on 1/18/05 after much fighting from my mother. Social Worker Margaret Vaughn of ST. Vincent’s Hospital called the Dept. of Social Service A.P.S Division and made a fictitious claim against my mother and sibling. The case was assign to Robert Griffith an A.P.S agent. He in turn contacted A.C.S and they conspired to destroy my family once in for all with the aid of Supervising Judge Susan Knipps of Family Court. My niece was removed from my mother’s home based on a lie that was told by Angelica Reyes an A.C.S agent. The Judge had shown a personal bias and incompetents in the handling of this case. It feels like I’m sitting inside a Mississippi courtroom in the 1960’s the way this case is conducted. I invite all responsible investigative agencies to look at this Case Docket # N-01301/05 in its entirety, to appreciate the seriousness concerning this matter.

A.C.S and the Judge were more than ready to commit my niece into a DRC Facility at the beginning of that trial. We all know that kids that are referred to that kind of Facility are meant to be stabilized, by way of medication, to ready them for future placement in foster care. Robert Griffith and Elvis Liburd of the Dept. of Social Service filed a fictitious claim against my mother in the EX Parte Motion part of the Supreme Court (index # 400985/05) on 3/24-25/05.

They made clinical accusations against my mother stating that she is suffering from a mental illness and cannot care for herself or my sibling Ward. They intended to use the Kendra Law against my mother, and forcibly commit her to a mental institution to be medicated. In their feeble attempts to medicate my entire family to live up to their rumors of having a family full of psychotics, it exposes them as the ones who are truly in need for mental evaluations.

My niece is innocent, she is 14 years old and the Judge refuses to consider her desires or interests. A.C.S is constantly trying to get my niece to comply with their mental evaluations and the Judge is demanding for my mother to comply with the court’s mental health service. It is so obvious what these demented individuals are trying to achieve. They want to medicate my entire family for the sole purpose of experimentation and mind control.

There are no “safe” psychiatric drugs. Each has numerous harmful short term and largely unknown long-term effects. They can induce Akathisia, a severe restlessness that studies show can cause agitation and psychosis, TD, Lethargy, Confusion, Hallucinations, Severe Depression, Insomnia, Nightmares, Nervousness, Memory problems, Manic Reactions, Sexual Problems, Delusions, Delirium, Seizures, Nausea, Muscle tremors, Epileptic, Fever, Lowered White Blood Cell Count, Liver Damage, and heart attacks and strokes.

Psychiatric drugs obtain their result by causing brain dysfunction. The Doctor’s never once warn my mother about the dangerous side effects of my sibling’s medication. It is very important to them that he remains medicated. I want to know why? The crimes that I am reporting in this communication are that the Doctor’s deliberately medicated my family to obtain the side effects of the drug for their hideous experiments. I respectfully request that my concerns be investigated thoroughly because an innocent young girl is in imminent danger to life and health. You can save what’s left of my family, please investigate!

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:50 am
Excellent letter Sheldon, I can't read it all right now print too small,, I wish I could focus that long for a letter, they are hard for me, short comments are easier most times, not even those always, my brain so messed up. will keep at when able or put on word in larger font, going to post a news artcile i submitted you will be ineterest in after this comment

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:51 am
SSRI Stories visit site
Health & Wellness (tags: ssri antidepressants articles risks, death, sideeffects doctors )
website is a collection of 1600+ news stories with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media or that were part of FDA testimony in either 1991, 2004 or 2006, in which antidepressants are mentioned

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:52 am
These stories have been collected over a period of years by two directors of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness (ICFDA). They experienced firsthand the drugs' power to harm and want to save others from the fate that befell them. Their focus has been on Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), of which Prozac was the first, launched in December 1987. Other SSRIs are Zoloft, Paxil (Seroxat), Celexa, Sarafem (Prozac in a pink pill), Lexapro, and Luvox. These drugs are widely employed as first line treatment for depression. Other antidepressants included in this list are Remeron, Anafranil and the SNRIs Effexor, Serzone and Cymbalta as well as the dopamine reuptake inhibitor antidepressant Wellbutrin (also marketed as Zyban).

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:54 am
What Drug Date Where Additional
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant 2005-03-24 Minnesota **10 Dead: 7 Wounded: Dosage Increased One Week before Rampage
School Shooting Paxil Antidepressant 2001-03-10 Pennsylvania **14 Year Old GIRL Shoots & Wounds Classmate at Catholic School
School Stand-Off Zoloft Antidepressant 1998-04-13 Idaho **14 Year Old in School Holds Police At Bay: Fires Shots
School Shooting Zoloft Antidepressant 1995-10-12 South Carolina **15 Year Old Shoots Two Teachers, Killing One: Then Kills Himself
School Hostage Situation Prozac/ Paxil Antidepressants 2001-01-18 California **17 Year Old Takes Girl Hostage at School: He is Killed by Police
School Shooting Anafranil Antidepressant 1988-05-20 Illinois **29 Year Old WOMAN Kills One Child: Wounds Five: Kills Self
School Threat Antidepressants 2007-04-23 Mississippi **College Student Arrested for Making School Threat Over Internet
School Shooting Luvox/Zoloft Antidepressants 1999-04-20 Colorado **COLUMBINE: 15 Dead: 24 Wounded
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant Withdrawal 1999-11-05 Oregon **Four Dead: Twenty Injured
School Shooting Antidepressant 2006-09-30 Colorado **Man Assaults Girls: Kills One & Self
School Machete Attack Med for Depression 2001-09-26 Pennsylvania **Man Attacks 11 Children & 3 Teachers at Elementary School
School Shooting Antidepressants 1992-09-20 Texas **Man, Angry Over Daughter's Report Card, Shoots 14 Rounds inside Elementary School
School Shooting Threat Med for Depression* 2004-10-19 New Jersey **Over-Medicated Teen Brings Loaded Handguns to School
School Shooting Antidepressant? 2007-04-18 Virginia **Possible SSRI Use: 33 Dead at Virginia Tech
School Shooting Antidepressant? 2002-01-17 Virginia **Possible SSRI Withdrawal Mania: 3 Dead at Law School
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant 1992-01-30 Michigan **School Teacher Shoots & Kills His Superintendent at School
School Shooting Med for Depression 2004-02-18 New York **Student Shoots Teacher in Leg at School
School/Assault Zoloft Antidepressant 2006-02-15 Tennessee **Teen Attacks Teacher at School
School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 1999-04-16 Idaho **Teen Fires Gun in School
School Hostage Situation Paxil & Effexor Antidepressants 2001-04-15 Washington **Teen Holds Classmates Hostage with a Gun
School Hostage Situation Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-11-28 North Carolina **Teen Holds Teacher & Student Hostage with Gun
School Knife Attack Med for Depression 2006-12-06 Indiana **Teen Knife Attacks Fellow Student
School Shooting Celexa & Effexor Antidepressant 2001-04-19 California **Teen Shoots at Classmates in School
School Shooting Celexa Antidepressant 2006-08-30 North Carolina **Teen Shoots at Two Students: Kills his Father: Celexa Found Among his Personal Effects
School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 2003-05-31 Michigan **Teen Threatens School Shooting: Charge is Terrorism
School Violence Antidepressants 2005-02-09 Pennsylvania **Teen Uses Knife to Attack Fellow Classmate
School Threat Wellbutrin 2007-04-24 Tennessee **Young Boy, 12, Threatens to Shoot Others at School
School Shooting Med for Depression? 2006-09-19 Canada **Young Man Kills 1 & Self : Injures 19: Being Teated for Depression
Murder Attempt Wellbutrin* 2006-02-12 Washington *82 Year Old Man Found Not Guilty: Med Defense
Murder-Suicide Paxil* 1997-04-14 California *Asian: Father Drowns Two Children: Kills Self: Lawsuit
Murder-Suicide Paxil* 2001-08-09 Wyoming *Jury Finds Paxil Was Cause of Murder-Suicide
Shooting Antidepressant* 2005-03-05 Florida *Man Acquitted in Gas Station Shooting: Involuntary Intoxication by Med
Robbery/Armed Paxil Withdrawal* 2003-08-10 England *Man Cleared of Charges Due to Paxil Defense
Murder Zoloft* 2001-05-24 Australia *Man Found Not Guilty Using Zoloft Defense
Murder Attempt Zoloft* 2004-04-24 California *Man Found Not Guilty: Used Zoloft Defense
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Effexor & Paxil* 2003-06-17 Australia *Mother Acquitted by Using SSRI Defense
Murder Attempt Antidepressants* 2002-11-04 Arizona *Mother Acquitted of Attempted Child Murder
Murder Paxil & ADHD Drug* 2000-05-18 Washington *Mother Stabs Daughter: Not Guilty by Reason of Drug Induced Insanity
Murder Cymbalta Antidepressant 2007-05-15 Texas *Not Guilty by Reason of Cymbalta Induced Insanity: Man Kills Wife
Embezzlement/Bizarre Behavior Paxil* 2006-11-17 Florida *Not Guilty by Reason of Paxil Induced Insanity
Bank Robbery Prozac* 2002-11-16 Connecticut *Not Guilty by Reason of Prozac Induced Insanity
Murder Prozac* 2003-07-11 Louisiana *Not Guilty by Reason of Prozac Induced Insanity: Mother Kills Daughter
Violence Prozac* 2000-06-30 England *Woman Acquitted in Stabbing Incident
Stabbing Prozac 1998-10-13 Scotland *Woman Stabs Boyfriend: Used Prozac Defense: Placed on Probation
Adverse Reaction SSRIs 2006-12-20 Global +1 Preliminary Study: LSD & SSRIs Share Same Mechanism in Some Ways: U. of Arizona
Adverse Reaction Prozac* 1995-12-10 Colorado +10 Year Old Boy Becomes Like Someone on Heroin, According to Psychologist
Murder Prozac 2004-08-31 Texas +10 Year Old Kills his Father, Who Is a Physician
Violence Zoloft* 2004-09-12 Colorado +15 Year Old Girl 'Knife Attacks' Mother
Suicide Attempt Prozac & Zoloft 2001-07-01 Oregon +17 Year Old Attempts Suicide: Lawsuit Won
Suicide Cymbalta Antidepressant 2004-02-10 Indiana +19 Year Old Healthy, Normal Woman Kills Self During Clinical Trial
Suicides & Murders Antidepressants 2004-02-02 Washington DC +200,000 a Year Enter Hospital Due to Antidepressant- Induced Mania/ Psychosis: FDA Testimony
Mania Antidepressants 2006-11-28 U.S.A. +4.8 Million Person Increase in Bipolar Disorder in Last 11 Years
Deaths Wellbutrin* 2006-08-02 Washington DC +468 Deaths Reported to FDA Thru 2003 : Freedom of Information
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2001-08-06 Nepal +Crown Prince of Nepal Kills 9 Family Members & Self
Road Rage Mania Prozac* 2001-03-29 Paris, France +Dr. Discusses Princess Di's Driver, Henri Paul
Murder Paxil Withdrawal: Prozac* 2006-01-20 North Carolina +Father Murders 5 Year Old Twin Daughters
Workplace Violence/Murder-Suicide Prozac 1989-09-14 Kentucky +Nine Dead: 12 Wounded
Murder Effexor* 2006-07-10 Texas +Postpartum Depression: Mother Retried for Murder of Five Children
Suicide SSRIs* 2006-10-16 Global +SSRIs Can Increase the Number of Serotonin Receptors Linked to Suicide
Arson/Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2002-01-03 Ohio 10 & 11 Year-Old Boy & Girl Attempt Arson & Murder
Violent Behavior Prozac Withdrawal 2006-06-14 England 10 Year Old Becomes Violent
Suicide Effexor 2002-08-14 Texas 10 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-10-24 South Africa 10 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2004-10-12 Illinois 10 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Death Effexor/Psychotropics 2001-04-04 Colorado 10 Year Old Girl Dies During "Rebirthing" Therapy: Meds May Have Been a Factor
Violence Paxil 2004-10-23 Washington DC 10 Year Old Has Violent Incidents at School
Assault/Gun Prozac 1996-03-09 Florida 10 Year Old Uses 3 Year Old Niece as Shield: Aims Gun at Sheriff's Deputy
Violence & Suicide Attempt Paxil 1999-01-05 Michigan 11 Year Old Boy is Violent & Suicidal on Paxil
Suicide Lexapro 2006-07-26 Utah 11 Year Old Girl Hangs Self; Family Sues
Robbery/Shooting Paxil 1996-02-28 New York 11 Year Old Goes On Robbery & Shooting Spree
Suicide Prozac 1997-09-13 Louisiana 11 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Effexor & Zoloft* 2004-10-06 Nebraska 11 Year Old Hangs Himself: Lawsuit
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs 2007-02-27 U.S.A. 118 Deaths Reported in 2005 & 93 Deaths Reported in 2002
Suicide Zoloft 2004-01-15 Virginia 12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft 2000-01-05 Texas 12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Paxil 2004-02-09 Idaho 12 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt & Self-Mutilation Prozac & Zoloft 1988-01-15 Washington DC 12 Year Old Girl Given Meds Deteriorates
Homicidal Ideation Prozac & Paxil 2000-04-18 U.S.A. 12 Year Old Girl Plots to Kill her Mother
Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2004-08-09 Maine 12 Year Old Girl Self-Mutilates & Attempts Suicide
Murder Zoloft 2006-08-11 Arkansas 12 Year Old Kills 11 Year Old Sister
Murder Zoloft* 2001-11-28 South Carolina 12 Year Old Kills His Grandparents
Child Suicide Prozac 2006-03-01 Michigan 12 Year Old Shoots Himself
Injury to Child Paxil 2002-09-24 New York 12-Year-Old Driven Insane By Medicine
Suicide Zoloft 1997-07-28 Kansas 13 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2003-09-17 Arizona 13 Year Old Boy Intends to Commit Suicide at School
Violence Med for Depression 2005-07-12 New York 13 Year Old Girl Attacks Police: Child is Critically Injured
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-03-15 Georgia 13 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Celexa 2002-10-07 Texas 13 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide at School
Suicide Lexapro 2005-04-02 Georgia 13 Year Old Hangs Himself
Murder Prozac 2006-03-24 Washington 13 Year Old Kills Grandmother
Suicide Antidepressants 1998-03-26 California 13 Year Old Kills Himself
Suicide Prozac 2000-06-02 Utah 14 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Murder Antidepressant 2005-04-09 Virginia 14 Year Old Boy Stabs Store Clerk
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2001-05-15 New Jersey 14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Injury to Child Paxil 2003-04-06 New Jersey 14 Year Old Girl Becomes Suicidal & Violent : Lawsuit
Suicide Celexa/SSRIs 2002-06-07 U.S.A. 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Prozac 2000-10-31 Arizona 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Prozac 2007-02-06 Canada 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Effexor 2004-09-27 California 14 Year Old Girl Kill Self: Took 4 SSRIs in One Year
Murder Antidepressant 2006-09-14 Oregon 14 Year Old Girl Kills Friend of Same Age
Suicide Paxil 2005-04-09 Virginia 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Prozac 2005-09-27 Canada 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Arson Antidepressant* 2004-12-04 Ohio 14 Year Old Girl Sets Fires
Murder Prozac 1994-10-23 Iowa 14 Year Old Girl Stabs Great Aunt
Suicidal Behavior Effexor 2005-08-05 Virginia 14 Year Old Girl Suffers Adverse Reaction
Suicide Prozac 2000-12-05 Alabama 14 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Zoloft & Paxil 1995-04-09 New Jersey 14 Year Old Kills Himself
Suicide Zoloft 1997-04-21 Florida 14 Year Old Kills Himself
Murder Paxil 1995-03-11 Illinois 14 Year Old Kills his Mother
Suicide Zoloft & Effexor 2005-07-07 California 14 Year Old Kills Self
Murder Zoloft 2004-05-03 Montana 14 Year Old Murders his Mother & 10 Year Old Brother
Murder Zoloft 2006-01-12 New Mexico 14 Year Old Murders his Parents & Sister
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2005-01-06 Massachusetts 15 & 17 Year Old Brothers Attempt Suicide
Assault Antidepressant 2007-05-03 England 15 Year Old Assaults Police: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2006-01-25 Arkansas 15 Year Old Attempts Suicide at School
Murder Attempt-Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2005-05-16 Nebraska 15 Year Old Attempts to Kill Father: Kills Self
Assault Zoloft, Straterra & Risperdal 2005-01-25 New York 15 Year Old Boy Assaults Neighbor Girl
Suicide Zoloft 2003-12-17 Texas 15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide on Zoloft
Homicidal Thoughts Zoloft, Paxil & Effexor 2004-02-02 Georgia 15 Year Old Boy Injured by Meds
Murder Paxil 1997-10-31 New Jersey 15 Year Old Boy Kills 11 Year Old Boy Who Was Selling Cookies Door-To-Door
Murder Med for Depression 1999-08-25 Illinois 15 Year Old Boy Kills Father: Injures Mother
Murder Zoloft 1997-05-22 New York 15 Year Old Commits Murder in Central Park
Suicide Antidepressants 1998-10-27 North Carolina 15 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft 1997-03-20 Florida 15 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Prozac 1995-02-22 Florida 15 Year Old Deliberately Drives Car into House
Suicide Zoloft 1996-05-19 Missouri 15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-05-05 Colorado 15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-07-21 England 15 Year Old Girl Dies from Overdose
Suicide Zoloft 2004-10-24 Utah 15 Year Old Girl Given Zoloft for 'Warts"
Suicide Zoloft & Accutane 2004-10-28 Australia 15 Year Old Girl Hang Self
Suicide Prozac 1996-07-12 California 15 Year Old Girl Jumps Off Cliff with 14 Year Old Girl
Murder Paxil Withdrawal 2002-11-14 Texas 15 Year Old Girl Kills 6 Year Old Brother
Suicide Prozac 2001-04-15 Idaho 15 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Murder Plans Paxil 2004-09-12 Florida 15 Year Old Girl Plans to Kill Mother, Brother & Self
Self-Mutilation Prozac, Zoloft & Paxil 1997-10-19 Massachusetts 15 Year Old Girl Self-Mutilates
Murder Prozac 2000-11-30 North Carolina 15 Year Old Girl Shoots Grandfather
Suicide Prozac 2006-03-26 Texas 15 Year Old Hangs Himself
Murder Paxil 2000-04-18 Tennessee 15 Year Old Kills his Father
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-06-16 Nebraska 15 Year Old Kills Self
Murder Effexor 2006-06-29 Virginia 15 Year Old Kills Store Clerk
Murder Zoloft 2003-01-19 Florida 15 Year Old Murders His Uncle
Arson Prozac 1999-03-10 Florida 15 Year Old Sets Fires
Suicide Prozac 1992-01-11 Florida 15 Year Old Shoots Self
Suicide Prozac 1999-05-02 California 15 Year Old Shoots Self
Murder Paxil 2000-03-06 California 15 Year Old Stabs his Grandmother
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2006-03-26 Georgia 15 Year Old Tries to Hang Self
Arson & Vandalism Paxil 2002-04-13 Michigan 15-year-old Sets Fire & Vandalizes School
Road Rage Antidepressant 2004-11-09 Minnesota 16 Year Old Boy Causes $45,000 in Damages
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2004-03-17 Tennessee 16 Year Old Boy Kills Deputy Sheriff & Himself
Suicide Zoloft 2004-12-31 U.S.A. 16 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Lexapro & Steroids 2004-07-21 Texas 16 Year Old Commits Suicide
Murder Paxil 2005-01-11 England 16 Year Old Girl Commits Murder: Kills Self in Prison
Suicide by Cop Prozac 1996-11-21 Washington DC 16 Year Old Girl Forces Police to Shoot Her
Missing Teen: 'Amber Alert' Med for Depression 2004-08-19 Indiana 16 Year Old Girl Found Safe & Sound
Suicide Zoloft 2004-02-21 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Girl Hangs Herself
Suicide Antidepressant 2006-09-14 Utah 16 Year Old Girl Hangs Self: Lawsuit
Murder Prozac 2004-05-28 Arkansas 16 Year Old Girl Kills her Father
Murder Wellbutrin 2000-03-11 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Girl Kills her Mother, a Psychiatrist
Murder Zoloft* 2005-03-06 Idaho 16 Year Old Girl Kills her Parents
Suicide Zoloft 2003-03-03 New Jersey 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Prozac & Desipramine 2005-08-12 Washington 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Suicide Effexor 2005-04-13 Florida 16 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Documentary On Meds for Kids
Suicide Attempt & Self-Mutilation Paxil 2005-01-16 Texas 16 Year Old Girl Self Mutilates: Also Attempts Suicide
Suicide Celexa* 2005-07-13 Canada 16 Year Old Girl: Coroner's Inquest
Suicide Zoloft 2004-12-01 Kentucky 16 Year Old Girl: Permanent Injuries: Lawsuit
Suicide Celexa 2004-07-25 Florida 16 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2000-05-31 Tennessee 16 Year Old In Private Detetion Facility Suffers Permanent Brain Damage in Suicide Attempt
Murder Paxil 2005-03-02 California 16 Year Old Kills his 17 Year Old Brother
Murder Antidepressants 2004-09-30 Pennsylvania 16 Year Old Kills his Mother
Murder Med For Depression 2000-06-20 Louisiana 16 Year Old Kills his Neighbor
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2004-09-29 California 16 Year Old Kills Neighbor & Himself
Suicide Paxil & Accutane 2005-05-16 Nebraska 16 Year Old Kills Self
Suicide Zoloft 2001-07-22 Virginia 16 Year Old Kills Self on Zoloft
Murder Prozac 2006-11-26 Maryland 16 Year Old Murders Nurse in Mental Hospital; Gets Life
Suicide Paxil Withdrawal* 2005-02-01 Canada 16 Year Old: Paxil Still in Body 2 Months After Discontinuing Drug
Murder Attempt Paxil 2002-07-05 Canada 16-year-old Attacks A Family
Arson Antidepressant 2005-06-29 Tennessee 17 Year Old Accepts Responsibility for Fire
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2005-12-17 Illinois 17 Year Old and Family Sue Lilly
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2005-01-12 New Hampshire 17 Year Old Attempts Suicide
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2006-06-14 New York 17 Year Old Attempts Suicide in Clinical Trial
Murder Zoloft 1997-03-16 Alabama 17 Year Old Commits Murder: Life Sentence
Suicide Antidepressant 2003-01-31 Oregon 17 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2000-07-30 Florida 17 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Zoloft & Celexa 2003-02-27 Kansas 17 Year Old Commits Suicide on the Internet
Psychosis Antidepressants 2007-05-22 U.S.A. 17 Year Old Driven Crazy by Psych Meds
Suicide Attempt Prozac 1994-01-11 Texas 17 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Joins Group to Petition for Prozac Warning
Suicide Zoloft 2003-07-22 Pennsylvania 17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Self-Mutilation & Rage Paxil & Zoloft 2002-12-15 U.S.A. 17 Year Old Girl Exhibits Bizzare Behavior on Meds
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-10-27 England 17 Year Old Girl Hangs Self
Suicide Lexapro 2004-11-01 Wisconsin 17 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Murder Antidepressant 1996-05-11 Texas 17 Year Old Girl Murders Her Father
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2007-03-18 Nevada 17 Year Old Girl Shoots Step-Mother
Suicide Wellbutrin 2006-06-14 Indiana 17 Year Old Goes Crazy and Dies
Suicide Lexapro 2003-04-16 New York 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Car Crash Zoloft 2004-02-25 New York 17 Year Old Has Car Crash: Kills Teammate
Suicide Effexor 2000-10-31 Arizona 17 Year Old Jumps In Front Of Train
Suicide Antidepressants 2005-07-18 Wisconsin 17 Year Old Kills Himself
Murder Prozac 1996-04-25 New Jersey 17 Year Old Kills his Father
Murder Prozac 2004-01-12 Michigan 17 Year Old Kills his Two Sisters & his Mother
Suicide Prozac 2004-02-26 California 17 Year Old Kills Self in Youth Facility
Murder Prozac 1999-07-27 Michigan 17 Year Old Murders Driver of Van
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2005-07-02 Washington 17 Year Old Murders School Tennis Coach
Suicide Prozac 1997-01-03 Montana 17 Year Old Shoots Himself
Murder Med for Depression 2003-02-03 Colorado 17 Year Old Stabs 91 Year Old Former Mayor
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2006-01-29 Illinois 17 Year Old Tries to Hang Self
Attempted Murder Antidepressants 2002-05-21 Nevada 17-Year-Old Attacks Two Muslim Men
Suicide Antidepressant 2002-05-22 California 17-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide: Was Suspect In Murder Case
Murder Antidepressant 2001-05-18 Florida 17-Year-Old Murders Her Baby
Murder Paxil 2002-03-28 Texas 17-Year-Old Murders His Friend
Suicide Prozac* 1994-06-05 Washington 18 Year Old Asphyxiates Himself
Suicide Med for Depression 2004-11-24 Virginia 18 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicide Paxil 2006-03-17 England 18 Year Old Girl Dies; Mother Campaigns
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1998-01-06 Texas 18 Year Old Girl Kills Boyfriend & Self
Suicide Lexapro 2007-05-08 Texas 18 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Lawsuit Could Be Decisive
Death Zoloft 2004-11-21 Wisconsin 18 Year Old Goes Berserk: Shot by Police
Suicide Prozac 2000-01-06 Hawaii 18 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-10-08 New York 18 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Zoloft/Strattera 2006-03-17 California 18 Year Old Hangs Self in Hospital
Suicide Lexapro 2003-07-23 Virginia 18 Year Old Jumps to his Death
Murder Wellbutrin 1998-12-02 Michigan 18 Year Old Kills 5 Family Members
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2006-07-18 Ohio 18 Year Old Kills Girlfriend, then Self
Suicide Wellbutrin [Zyban] Withdrawal 2003-02-24 England 18 Year Old Kills Himself: Coroner Rules Wellbutrin May Have Been a Factor
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-08-23 California 18 Year Old Kills Mother & Self
Murder Prozac 2000-10-04 Alabama 18 Year Old Kills Parents: Injures 3 Siblings
Murder Prozac 2004-01-25 Florida 18 Year Old Kills U. of Florida Research Analyst
Murder Effexor 2003-01-07 Maryland 18 Year Old Murders His Best Friend
Murder Wellbutrin 2007-02-08 Illinois 18 Year Old Murders His Father
Murder Wellbutrin 1999-08-24 West Virginia 18 Year Old Murders Woman
Robbery Zoloft* 2005-01-06 California 18 Year Old Robs Bank
Suicide By Cop Med For Depression 2007-02-22 Indiana 18 Year Old Shoots at Police: Is Killed During Attack
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2006-10-23 Kansas 18 Year Old Student Attempts Suicide on College Campus
Murder Prozac 2000-01-22 California 19 Year Old a Suspect in Death of Friend's Parents
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-11-02 Illinois 19 Year Old Berkeley Student Steps in Front of Train
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-07-28 England 19 Year Old Chess Champion Falls From 8th Floor
Suicide Paxil 2006-06-29 Ohio 19 Year Old Commits Suicide After Drastic Behavioral Change
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-05-18 England 19 Year Old Gifted Student Kills Self
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-08-19 Canada 19 Year Old Girl Dies from Tylenol Overdose
Suicide Prozac 1990-08-25 California 19 Year Old Girl Shoots Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-02-20 California 19 Year Old Kills Herself Using Methods Learned on Internet
Murder Psychiatric Med Withdrawal 2006-09-19 Washington DC 19 Year Old Kills his Psychiatrist
Suicide Prozac 2004-07-16 Florida 19 Year Old Kills Self: Lawsuit
Suicide Prozac 2007-05-12 California 19 Year Old Kills Self: Tests CA Medical License Law
Vehicular Manslaughter Prozac 2005-10-22 Massachusetts 19 Year Old Runs Down Student and Injures Others
Arson Antidepressants 2003-05-07 Wisconsin 19 Year Old Sets 8 Fires
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2004-01-03 California 19 Year Old Woman Shoots Boyfriend & Self
Violent Attack Effexor 2005-12-17 New York 20 Year Old Attacks Father with Ax
Suicide Effexor 2001-08-24 Mississippi 20 Year Old Commits Suicide
Violent Thoughts & Suicide Attempt Prozac 1990-10-18 Maryland 20 Year Old Honor Student has Adverse Reaction
Violence Med for Depression 2006-11-15 Colorado 20 Year Old in Ax Attack
Suicide Paxil 2003-07-23 New York 20 Year Old Jumps from 24th Floor
Murder Antidepressants 2007-02-12 Iowa 20 Year Old Kills Two 18 Year Old Girl Cousins
Murder Antidepressants 2007-05-28 Washington 20 Year Old Man Kills 18 Year Old Wife
Suicide Antidepressant 2003-09-25 Indiana 20 Year Old Police Officer Commits Suicide
Suicide Paxil 2005-11-28 Tennessee 20 Year Old Shoots Self; Lawsuit Filed
Suicide Antidepressants 2007-01-14 Illinois 21 Year Old College Student Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressant 2004-08-26 Arkansas 21 Year Old Complained of Headaches on Med
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-03-02 England 21 Year Old Given Med for 'Irritable Bowel': Kills Self
Taking Hostages Prozac 1996-03-08 Maryland 21 Year Old Holds 3 Women as Hostages
Suicide Celexa 2005-08-18 California 21 Year Old Niece of State Senator Kills Self
Suicide Prozac 1992-04-14 Maryland 21 Year Old Student at U. of Maryland Kills Self
Suicide Prozac 1989-03-16 Texas 21 Year Old Woman Shoots Herself
Suicide Antidepressant 2007-01-22 England 22 Year Kills Self
Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2005-01-04 South Dakota 22 Year Old Attempts to Drown Self
Suicide Lexapro Withdrawal 2004-08-10 Oregon 22 Year Old Given Med for Back Pain: Kills Self
Suicide Celexa 2006-08-16 U.S.A. 22 Year Old Kills Self after Change in Personality on Med
Murder Zoloft 1999-09-28 Wisconsin 22 Year Old Kills University Freshman
Suicide by Cop Med for Depression 2003-01-27 California 22 Year Old Lunges at Police Officer with Scissors
Arson Med for Depression 2005-05-10 Wisconsin 22 Year Old Sets Fire to Bldg.
Arson Med for Depression 2004-01-17 Canada 22 Year Old Starts Fire at Gas Station
Suicide Attempt Lexapro 2006-06-13 Arkansas 22 Year Old Woman Attempts Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-01-27 England 22 Year Old Woman Burns herself to Death
Suicide Paxil 2003-12-05 Rhode Island 22 Year Old Woman Kills Self
Adverse Reaction Prozac 2007-05-18 U.S.A. 23 Year Old Becomes a Danger to Himself & Others on Prozac
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-11-06 Ohio 23 Year Old College Senior Kills Self
Murder Antidepressants 1999-01-26 Indiana 23 Year Old Kills his Aunt
Murder Zoloft & Prozac 2004-07-30 California 23 Year Old Kills his Grandmother
Violence Antidepressant 2003-11-07 Maine 23 Year Old Woman Becomes Violent: Then Dies of Unknown Cause
Death Zoloft 2004-12-07 Massachusetts 23 Year Old Woman Dies From Complications of Med
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-07-04 California 23 Year Old Woman in Mystery Suicide
Murder Attempt Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-01-20 Michigan 23 Year Old Woman Stabs Boyfriend
Suicide Antidepressant 2004-10-20 Canada 24 Year Old Hangs Himself
Robbery/Suicide Med for Depression 2003-09-25 Montana 24 Year Old Honor's Studen Commits Robbery: Then Suicide
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-03-30 Florida 24 Year Old Kills Self
Suicide Antidepressants 2002-09-14 Kentucky 24 Year Old Kills Self
Suicide Zoloft 2004-03-28 New York 24 Year Old Woman Kills Herself
Death Wellbutrin {Zyban} 2001-03-13 England & Canada 25 Deaths Reported In England & Canada
Violent Behavior Antidepressants 2007-01-23 England 25 Year Old Attacks Man with Hammer
Arson Prozac 1998-12-15 Pennsylvania 26 Year Old Burns Down Church
Murder Effexor 2005-08-30 New York 26 Year Old College Student Kills his Father, a Physician
Suicide Prozac 2004-07-15 U.S.A. 26 Year Old Commits Suicide
Murder Lexapro* 2006-04-17 Oklahoma 26 Year Old Murders 10 Year Old: Plans for Cannabilism
Murder Antidepressants 2006-01-19 Nevada 26 Year Old Shoots Husband
Murder Prozac 1996-01-18 Missouri 27 Year Old Charged with Killing his Brother
Suicide Antidepressant 2004-12-05 Australia 27 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Effexor & Wellbutrin 2004-10-04 New York 27 Year Old Man Overdoses on Meds
Murder Med for Depression 2005-06-07 Pennsylvania 28 Year Old Stabs Girlfriend
Suicide Antidepressants 2004-11-10 California 28 Year Old Woman Playwright Hangs Self
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-07-17 California 29 Year Old Commits Suicide; Mother Believes Med Contributed
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 2006-07-04 Ohio 3 Dead; 2 Injured including Deputy
Suicide-By-Cop Attempt Antidepressants 2007-04-14 California 31 Year Old Man Attempts Suicide By Cop
Affair With Minor Prozac/Wellbutrin 2006-06-22 New Hampshire 32 Year Old Teacher Runs Off with 16 Year Old
Stand-Off with Police Med for Depression 2003-03-07 New Jersey 36 Year Old Man with Gun Barricades Self in House
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-07-27 New Jersey 36 Year Old Mother Hangs Self; Lawsuit
Suicide Zoloft* 2003-08-06 Minnesota 37 Year Old Man Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Stand-Off With Police Med for Depression 2006-02-07 Pennsylvania 38 Year Old Man Barricades Self in House
Death Bipolar Meds 2007-02-08 Massachusetts 4 Year Old Girl Dies From Overdose of Meds
Adverse Reaction Effexor 2006-05-03 England 40 Year Old Dies of Serotonin Syndrome
Suicide Paxil 2006-12-13 U.S.A. 40 Year Old Husband & Father Kills Self
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-05-16 Kansas 40 Year Old Kills Self
Behavioral Change Prozac 2006-07-07 Connecticut 5 year Old Goes from Anxious to Angry
Suicides Psychiatric Meds 2007-02-20 Wisconsin 53% of Teens Who Committed Suicide Had Psychiatric Drugs Mentioned in Toxicology Report
Overdose Remeron, Risperdal & Others 2006-08-06 Washington 6 Year Old Dies on Psych Cocktail
Suicide Antidepressants 2007-03-22 England 61 Year Old Woman Kills Self
Murder Attempt Prozac 2003-05-14 Florida 63 Year Old Woman Shoots Friend
Road Rage Murder Paxil 2004-11-24 Oklahoma 64 Year Old Man Kills One in Road Rage Incident
Suicide Prozac 2003-03-15 England 64 Year Old Woman Stabs Herself
Murder Effexor 2000-06-21 Florida 68 Year Old Man Kills his Girlfriend
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2003-03-14 New Jersey 69 Year Old Widower Murders Friend
Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2005-04-19 Oregon 7 Day Withdrawal: Top Distance Runner Kills Self
Road Rage Med for Depression 2003-03-25 California 70 Year Old Man Strikes & Kicks Pregnant Woman
Battery Med for Depression 2006-05-06 Indiana 70 Year Old Shoots at Policeman
Assault/Hit & Run Med For Depression 2007-03-21 Washington 70 Year Old Woman Drives Almost Two Miles With Woman On Hood of her Car
Robbery Prozac 1996-07-27 California 71 Year Old Grandmother Robs Gas Station
Assault Med for Depression 2006-04-29 Wisconsin 71 Year Old Man Attacks Wife with Hammer
Suicides Prozac 1991-04-29 U.S.A. 73 Calls to Attorney's Office About Prozac Suicides
Murder Antidepressants 2007-04-04 England 75 Year Old Man Kills Wife with Mallet
Suicide Paxil Withdrawal 2005-04-26 Illinois 77 Year Old Kills Self: Lawsuit
Behavioral Change Luvox, Ritalin, etc. 2006-01-29 Illinois 8 Year Old Becomes Zombie
Aggressive Behavior Antidepressant 2005-11-19 Arizona 8 Year Old Girl Handcuffed at School
Assault & Battery Celexa 2002-01-23 Florida 8-Year-Old Arrested At School
Suicide Antidepressants 2005-06-13 England 80 Year Old Man Sets Himself on Fire
Suicide Prozac 2007-05-28 U.S.A. 81 Year Old Man Given Prozac for Chest Pains Commits Suicide
Murder Effexor & Prozac* 2003-08-06 California 81 Year Old Man Kills Wife of 60 Years
Assault Med For Depression 2007-05-16 Indiana 83 Year Old Attacks his Wife with a Pipe
Murder Antidepressants 1994-05-20 Washington 83 Year Old Man Kills Wife
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-04-20 England 86 Year Old Woman Steps in Front of Speeding Train
Suicide Antidepressant 2006-01-12 Massachusetts 87 Year Old Man Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt & Rages Paxil 2002-03-18 Pennsylvania 9 Year Old Girl Becomes Worse on Meds
Mania Antidepressant 2005-06-09 New York 9/11 Widow Spends 5 Million
Suicide Attempt Prozac 1990-02-14 U.S.A. A Prozac Survivor Testifies to FDA
Self-Mutilation Prozac 2000-05-07 Global According To Patent, Prozac, launched in Dec.1987, Caused Self-Mutilation
Assault Prozac 2005-07-14 England Act 'Totally Out of Character' for Perpetrator
Bizarre Behavior Prozac 1994-04-20 California Actress Claims to Have Been Sexually Abused by Both Parents
Suicidal Thoughts Prozac 1994-01-04 New York Actress Has Suicidal Thoughts on Prozac
Air Rage Antidepressant 2006-05-16 Colorado Air Passenger Becomes Delusional and Unruly
Alcohol Abuse Effexor 2007-05-01 Global Alcohol Abuse & "Feeling Drunk" are Listed as Adverse Reactionas to Effexor in the Package Insert
Alcohol Abuse Paxil 2007-05-01 Global Alcohol Abuse is Listed as an Adverse Reaction to Paxil in the Insert
Murder Effexor 2005-12-12 Australia Ambulance Officer Stabs Two After Personality Change
Murder Antidepressant 2005-06-08 Hong Kong American Wife Kills her Banker Husband
Adverse Reactions Lexapro, Zoloft & Methadone 2006-09-27 Bahamas Anna Nicole Smith's son dead: Possible adverse reaction to med
Suicide Paxil 2007-04-25 Georgia Antidepressant Dose Doubled: Man Jumps in Front of Train
Stand-Off with Police Antidepressant 2004-09-29 Nebraska Armed Man Shot by Police
Arson Antidepressants 2006-12-14 Florida Arsonist Sets 3 Churches on Fire
Violence Med For Depression 2007-05-03 England Artist Attacks his Mother: Jailed For Two Years
Behavioral Change Effexor 2006-01-24 Canada Artist Has Manic Reaction
Suicide Prozac 1992-02-26 New Jersey Assistant District Attorney Jumps to His Death
Murder-Suicide Wellbutrin 2007-02-01 Michigan Assistant Principal Murders Two: Kills Self
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2007-03-29 Tennessee Attorney Faces Charges
Adverse Reaction Med for Depression 2006-12-01 Georgia Attorney Found Lying in Parking Lot: Mystery Remains
Fraud Effexor, Paxil & Zoloft 2004-07-09 Kentucky Attorney to Spend Time in Jail
Adverse Side Effects Effexor Withdrawal 2007-05-06 New York Author Endures Agonizing Withdrawal
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-01-29 Illinois Author's Son Dies on Antidepressants
Robbery & Violence Med for Depression 2005-03-03 Canada Axe-Wielding Bandit Also Smashes 5 Cars
Suicide Effexor Withdrawal & Steroids 2004-12-21 California Ballplayer Commits Suicide
Theft Med For Depression 2007-04-20 England Bank Manager Steals Fifty Thousand Pounds
Robbery Antidepressants 1999-04-09 Utah Bank Robbery Suspect Killed by Police
Arson Prozac 2007-04-26 England Before Starting Fire, Man Takes 32 Prozac Tablets
Identity Theft Med for Depression 2002-10-21 New York Biggest Case of Identity Theft in Internet History
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-06-29 Texas Bizarre Behavior Precedes Man's Suicide
Murder Paxil 2004-11-16 New Jersey Blind Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend
Murder Antidepressants 2006-02-18 Ohio Boxer Murders Close Friend
Murder Plot Med For Depression 1998-12-01 Wisconsin Boy Accused of Plotting to Gun Down Students at School
Murder Antidepressant 2005-01-04 Pennsylvania Boy Forced to Shoot Man to Protect Father
Murder Antidepressant 2004-07-25 England Britain's Most Wanted Man
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2007-04-23 England British TV Celebrity Attempts Suicide
Suicide Prozac 1998-04-07 Georgia Broker Of Masters Tournament Kills Self
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2007-03-08 California Brother of Famous Movie Star Involved in Domestic Dispute
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2006-04-19 Canada Canadian General/Author Attempts Suicide in Park
Larceny Med for Depression 2004-03-29 Ohio Cancer Hoax Against 6 Year Old Daughter to Obtain Money
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2002-06-11 Missouri Catholic Monastery: Stranger Kills Two Monks: Injures Two: Kills Self
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2005-11-27 California Celebrity Singer Dumps Girlfriend in Bizarre Way
Murder Antidepressant 2005-01-07 Wisconsin Charges of Murder, Kidnapping & Attempted Murder
Suicide Zoloft 2004-03-26 Kansas Chef Commits Suicide: Widow Meets Additional Zoloft Survivors
Suicide Antidepressant 2002-12-17 England Chief Executive Commits Suicide
Hyperactivity Prozac 2007-05-22 Iowa Child Becomes 'Out Of Control" on Prozac
Suicide Antidepressant 2003-09-03 Arizona Co-Worker of Bomb Victim Commits Suicide
Hostility Zoloft 2004-02-10 Texas Coach Blames Shouting Match on 'Zoloft Malfunction'
Drunk Driving Effexor 2006-02-17 Oklahoma Coach Charged with Aggravated DUI
Mood Swings SSRIs 2007-01-10 U.S.A. College Coed Deteriorates on SSRIs
Attempted Suicide/Mania Prozac 2002-07-08 California College Professor Becomes Suicidal & Manic
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2006-11-02 Alaska College Student Attempts Suicide on Zoloft
Violence Zoloft 2000-03-09 Minnesota College Student Becomes Violent on Zoloft
Suicide Attempt; Fabrication Antidepressants 2005-10-25 Wisconsin College Student Fabricates Attack Story
Stabbing Paxil 2007-01-23 New York College Student Faces Up to 4 Years in Prison
Suicide Prozac 1990-06-11 U.S.A. College Student Hangs Himself: Peoples Pharmacy
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 1996-08-17 New Jersey College Student Kills Girlfriends & Self
Murder Prozac 1997-12-19 Tennessee College Student Murders Two People & Injures Another
Withdrawal Syndrome Prozac 1999-12-20 New York Columnist Reports on Withdrawal Syndrome of Family Member
Murder & Suicide Zoloft/Desipramine 2006-05-06 Texas Convicted Teen Kills Self in Prison
Suicide Paxil 2003-03-12 England Coroner Calls for Drug to be Withdrawn
Suicides SSRIs 2007-02-13 New Zealand Coroner to Investigate SSRI Suicides: Also 20 Year Old Kills Self on Prozac & Paxil
Death Antidepressant 2007-05-02 England Coroner Warns In Woman's Death
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 1996-03-29 Illinois Coroner's Jury Recommends Police Study Further the Influence of Antidepressants on Gunman
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2006-12-14 England Councillor Swears & Lunges at Opponents in Chambers
Assault & DWI Lexapro 2003-11-27 Arizona Country Singer Arrested
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2005-09-27 Tennessee Country Singer Overdoses on Med
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-05-12 England County Official Takes Poison
Suicide Prozac 1995-02-23 South Carolina County Tax Assesssor Commits Suicide on Prozac
Suicide Antidepressants 2004-11-05 England Couple Make Bizarre Suicide Pact
Robbery Prozac 2005-01-14 England Courier Steals Items for Which He Has No Use
Adverse Reactions Antidepressants 2006-08-20 Canada Court Victory for Embattled Depression-Fighting Supplement
Suicide Antidepressant 2006-07-16 Texas D.A.'s Daughter Kills Self
Murder Prozac 2005-07-03 Texas Daughter Murders her Father
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 1997-02-19 Utah Daughter Shoots Mother & Self
Suicide Prozac 1990-09-23 Michigan Daughter Testifies for Father who Killed Himself on Prozac
Murder Prozac 1991-11-06 California Daughter, A College Professor, Bites her 87 Year Old Mother to Death
Child Abuse Prozac 1998-05-09 Colorado Day Care Worker Holds 9 Month Old Baby Under Water
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-04-20 England Dean of Prestigious School Steps in Front of Train
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressant 2006-09-30 Louisiana Death of Teen: Driver Given 7 Years in Prison
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant 2007-01-09 England Deception and Fraud by 22 Year Old Woman
Murder Serzone/Wellbutrin 2006-04-19 Oregon Dentist Stabs Wife to Death
Murder Attempts Paxil 2005-02-09 South Carolina Deputy Deliberately Crashes Car into House of Estranged Wife
Suicide By Cop Prozac 1997-01-07 Washington Deputy Forced To Shoot Man Pointing Rifle at Him
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1992-06-15 California Deputy Sheriff Kills Wife & Self
Murder Paxil 2004-06-26 Tennessee Deputy Shoots Young Man
Felony Zoloft Withdrawal 2006-08-04 Indiana Deputy Waves Firearm at Loved Ones
Violent Behavioral Change Paxil 2006-01-25 England Diplomat Cleared of Drinking Charges
Air Rage Paxil 2006-01-17 England Diplomat Goes Berserk on Plane
Suicide Celexa & Wellbutrin 2004-02-19 North Carolina Director of Non-Profit Agency Commits Suicide
Murder Antidepressants 1995-08-11 Florida Disc Jockey Kills Wife
Murder Prozac 1996-11-09 Florida Disc Jockey Kills Wife: Granted a New Trial
Suicide Antidepressant 2007-04-25 England Discharged RAF Woman Commits Suicide
Hiring Hit Man Prozac 1999-05-28 New Jersey Doctor Accused of Hiring Hit Man
Murder Celexa 2004-11-20 Florida Doctor Murders Wife
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-05-16 California Dose Increased Shortly Before Suicide
Suicide Paxil 2006-05-17 Iowa Drake Freshman Hangs Himself
Road Rage Crash Antidepressants 2006-10-04 England Driver Goes Over 90 MPH: Three Dead: Sentence: 8 Years in Prison
Adverse Effects Paxil Withdrawal 2007-02-16 England Drug Turns Woman's Life into Nightmare
Injury to Pedestrian Antidepressants 2006-11-17 North Carolina DWI Charge: No Alcohol: Overdose of Prescription Antidepressants
Deaths Effexor 2005-08-25 Canada Eighteen Deaths in 10 Years: Not Suicides
Murder Prozac 1992-09-10 Utah Elderly Man Kills Wife & Daughter
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2000-11-14 Utah Elderly Man Kills Wife & Self
Shipwreck Antidepressant 2005-06-29 Oregon Eleven Dead in Fishing Vessel Disaster
Workplace Violence/Murder Paxil 2004-09-23 Utah Employee Kills Supervisor
Suicide Celexa 2003-04-25 Texas Enron CEO Commits Suicide
Suicide Prozac 1993-02-26 New York Entrepeneur Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Murder Antidepressant 2003-10-06 England Eton Educated Man Kills his Grandmother & Aunt
Assault Antidepressant 2007-02-03 Canada Ex-Biker Assaults Police Officer
Arson Antidepressants 2006-10-11 Australia Ex-Firefighter Starts Fires While on Antidepressants
Murder Antidepressants 1999-04-27 Pennsylvania Ex-Marine Murders his Wife
Extortion Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-01-11 Massachusetts Ex-Mayor Charged with Extortion
Assault Med for Depression 2003-02-13 Massachusetts Ex-State Trooper Faces Assault Charges
Hostage Abduction Med for Depression 2006-03-09 France Ex-Teacher Holds 20 Students Hostage
Suicide Prozac 1988-11-27 U.S.A. Extremely High Levels of Med Found During Autopsy
Shoplifting Zoloft 2001-12-15 California Famous Actress Arrested for Shoplifting
Adverse Reaction Prozac 1997-10-07 Colorado Famous Author Says Prozac Put Him "Out Of Business"
Suicide Prozac 1997-10-15 California Famous Author's Son Commits Suicide
Assault Zoloft 2000-05-19 Washington Famous Ice Skater Sent to Jail for Three Days
Suicide Med for Depression 2003-10-23 California Famous Singer Stabs Himself
Child Abuse Zoloft 2003-06-20 Ohio Father Abuses Infant Son
Suicide Antidepressants 2005-02-13 England Father Alarmed at Son's Behavior on Antidepressants
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med for Depression Withdrawal 2005-01-06 Iowa Father Attempts to Shoot Son: Kills Self
Injury to Child Med For Depression 2007-05-23 Texas Father Burns Baby in Microwave
Murder Cymbalta 2005-08-04 Kentucky Father Charged with Murder After Baby Dies of Heatstroke in Car
Murder Effexor & Wellbutrin 2006-07-30 Ohio Father Drowns Son in Bathtub
Murder-Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2006-01-18 Virginia Father Executed for Murder of 3 Year Old Daughter
Kidnapping Antidepressant 2004-12-05 Missouri Father Kidnaps Two Children
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1994-05-28 California Father Kills 3 Children & Wife
Murder Antidepressants 2002-01-15 Iowa Father Kills 3-Year-Old Son
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2004-09-08 Minnesota Father Kills 7 Year Old Daughter & Self
Murder Med For Depression 2000-03-01 Illinois Father Kills 7 Year Old Son
Murder Med for Depression 2004-10-03 California Father Kills his 17 Year Old Son
Murder-Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2004-11-24 New York Father Kills his 2 Children: Attempts Suicide
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2001-11-07 Utah Father Kills His Two Children & Himself
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2000-11-19 Virginia Father Kills his Two Daughers, Wife & Self: Also Arson Involved
Murder Prozac 1995-08-28 California Father Kills his Two Sons
Murder Prozac 1999-01-25 New York Father Kills his Two Sons
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression/Psychiatric 2007-03-20 West Virginia Father Kills his Two Sons at College: Then Kills Self
Murder Antidepressants 1996-06-25 Washington Father Kills his Two Young Sons
Murder Med for Depression 2002-06-22 Wisconsin Father Kills Infant Daughter
Murder Zoloft 2001-07-31 Florida Father Kills Infant Daughter
Suicide & Suicide Attempt Paxil 2000-02-02 Utah Father Kills Self on Paxil: Daughter Attempt Suicide on Paxil
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2005-02-25 Illinois Father Kills Son: Attempts Suicide
Murder Prozac 1992-09-09 Utah Father Kills Wife & Daughter with Hatchet
Murder Antidepressant 2002-12-13 Israel Father Murders 2 Year Old Daughter
Murder Antidepressants 2004-11-05 Canada Father Murders 3 Week Old Baby
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2002-04-14 Illinois Father Murders Children & Himself
Murder Paxil 2005-09-27 Canada Father Murders Epileptic Son
Murder Antidepressants 2003-05-15 Ireland Father Murders Young Son
Murder Prozac 1996-01-21 Florida Father of Singer Kills Wife
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-02-01 England Father of Two Drowns Self
Suicide Antidepressants 2004-05-28 England Father Pleads for Tighter Controls on Antidepressants after Son's Suicide
Murder Antidepressant 2005-12-17 Hawaii Father Shoots 8 Year Old Daughter
Murder Zoloft 2000-02-20 Missouri Father Shoots at his Six Children: Kills Four Children & his Wife
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2003-05-06 California Father Shoots Daughter
Murder Prozac 2000-03-01 Illinois Father Shoots his 7 Year Old Son
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2002-10-20 Florida Father Shoots Son & Himself
Murder Antidepressants 2006-10-27 England Father Suffocates Young Daughter in Bizarre Death
Murder Med for Depression 2006-08-17 Australia Father to Stand Trial in Drowning of Three Sons
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2005-12-14 Florida Father Tries to Kill Self and Son by Driving into Lake
Bio-Weapon Charge Antidepressant 2005-01-14 Florida FBI Involved: Man Faces Bio-Weapon Charge
Check Fraud Prozac 2003-05-24 Kentucky Federal Drug Agent Flees State Amid Check Fraud Conviction
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 1998-12-05 Kansas Federal Judge & Wife Dead in Murder-Suicide
Attempted Murder/Killed By Police Prozac 1995-11-05 Texas Fellow Police Officers Forced To Kill One Of Their Own
Suicide Attempt Prozac 1997-01-28 Virginia Female Soldier Attempts to Kill Self
Murder-For-Hire Zoloft 2007-04-07 Louisiana Fire Chief Pleads Not Guilty in Murder-For-Hire Case
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 1997-03-01 Florida Firefighter Murders Wife & Self
Suicide By Cop Antidepressant 1996-05-03 Kansas Firefighter Shot to Death by Police
Murder Antidepressants 2000-10-11 Washington Fireman Kills Girlfriend
Violent Threats Antidepressant 2003-04-10 Illinois Fireman Makes Violent Threats
Suicide Antidepressant 2003-12-03 New York First Person to Die Violently at the United Nations
Arson Prozac Withdrawal 2007-04-17 Illinois Five Children Die In House Fire Deliberately Set
Murder-Suicide Effexor 2002-01-16 Pennsylvania Five Dead in Murder-Suicide
Workplace Violence/Murder-Suicide Luvox 1998-03-06 Connecticut Five Dead: State Lottery Business Office
Affair With Minor Paxil/Wellbutrin 2004-12-03 Florida Florida Teacher Has Affair with 14 Year Old Boy
Robbery Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-01-23 Idaho Food Store Robber Sentenced to Prison
Nervous Breakdown Antidepressant 2003-07-24 California Football Player Misses Superbowl
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-04-26 England Forensic Lecturer Hangs Self After Break-up
Ineffective Prozac 2007-05-13 Indiana Former CEO of Lilly Admits Prozac was Ineffective for Wife Who Committed Suicide
Murder Paxil 2002-03-02 Wisconsin Former Corrections Officer Murders Girlfriend
Arson Prozac 2000-07-29 New Jersey Former Fire Chief Sets Fires
Assault Antidepressant 2007-01-31 Canada Former Mayor Accused Of Assaulting Wife & Daughter
Murder Prozac 1996-01-18 New Jersey Foster Mother Kills 2 Year Old Child
Murder Attempt Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-03-17 New Mexico Foster Mother Tries to Drown Toddler
Murder-Suicide Zoloft 2004-12-30 Washington Four Dead in Murder-Suicide
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2004-11-30 North Carolina Four Dead: Father Kills Daughter & Friends
Murder-Suicide Possible Antidepressant Use 2002-11-11 North Carolina Four Dead: Father Kills Wife, Two Children & Self
Murder Antidepressants 2005-08-11 Oklahoma Four Dead: Killer Executed
Murder-Suicide Med for Depression 2005-06-07 Pennsylvania Four Dead: Man, Wife, Two Children
Murder & Arson Med for Depression 2000-03-20 Tennessee Four Dead: Two Firemen: a Sheriff & the Perpetrator's Wife
Violence Prozac 1989-04-15 U.S.A. Four People Become Violent on Prozac: Freedom of Information Act
Road Rage Antidepressant Withdrawal 2005-12-12 California Four People Seriously Injured
Deaths [Five] Prozac 1990-05-05 Pennsylvania Four Suicides & One Violence Resulting in Death
Kidnapping & Weapons Prozac 2003-11-19 California Four Taken Hostage at Post Office
Hostile Behavior Prozac 2006-10-16 England Friendship Ends Over Hostility Caused by Prozac
Suicide Antidepressants 2007-02-09 Spain Future Queen's Sister Commits Suicide
Suicide Effexor 2006-02-18 England Gardener Hangs Self From Bannister
Assault Antidepressants & Ambien 2007-03-28 Australia Gentle & Calm Man Knife-Attacks a Friend
Adverse Reaction Effexor 2004-11-03 England Girl Dies after Taking One Effexor Tablet
Adverse Reaction Effexor 2007-03-30 West Virginia Girl Given Wrong Medication at Pharmacy
Suicide Zoloft 2004-11-24 Florida Golf Pro Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 1996-01-13 New Hampshire Grandmother Attempts to Kill Granddaughter & Self
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1998-05-09 Alabama Grandmother Kills Grandson, his Step-Sister & Self
Murder Paxil 2003-01-23 Colorado Grandmother Shakes Baby
Murder Med for Depression 2005-12-13 Nebraska Gulf War Veteran Stabs Man
Murder Antidepressants 2006-02-22 New York Headmistress Murders Doctor
Fraud Antidepressants 2006-12-03 Florida High Roller Sentenced in Tax-Fraud
Suicide Med For Depression 2007-04-04 Massachusetts High School Student Kills Self After One Week on Med
Suicide Antidepressant 2005-08-08 Florida High School Teacher Kills Self
Suicide Prozac 1992-03-28 Florida High School Teacher Kills Self
Murder Med For Depression* 2000-10-21 California High Tech Vice-President Misdiagnosed with Depression: Kills Wife
Hit and Run Fatality Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-10-19 Canada Hit and Run Suspect Has No Memory of Incident
Suicide Prozac 1998-02-22 Washington Hmong Woman Kills Self
Death Antidepressants 2006-11-12 Texas Homeless Vet Dies from Med Cocktail
Violence Prozac 1999-02-21 Florida Husband Beats Wife: She Needs Reconstructive Surgery
Murder Celexa 2006-07-29 Michigan Husband Fatally Stabs Wife
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1994-04-27 New York Husband Kills Wife of 53 Years & Self
Murder Paxil & Effexor 1998-06-16 Australia Husband Murders His Wife
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2006-12-19 Florida Husband Murders his Wife: Kills Self
Death Prozac 1992-10-15 Illinois Husband on Prozac Becomes Violent: Wife Kills in Self-Defense
Murder Attempt Prozac 2003-04-12 Arizona Husband Shoots at Wife
Murder Attempt Paxil* 2004-07-29 Ohio Husband Stabs Wife
Violence Paxil 2003-12-15 Ohio Husband Threatens Wife with Knife
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 1999-08-27 Canada Immigrant Murders 3 Year Old Son & Self
Suicide Med for Depression 2006-02-02 New York Indonesian Kills Self; Bizarre, Out of Character, Violent Death
Adverse Reaction Effexor & Nortriptyline 2006-12-29 England Inmate on Misdemeanor Charges Dies from Cardiac Arrhytmia
Suicide Effexor 2004-07-03 England Inquest Reports Medicine May Have Exacerbated Illness
Murder Antidepressants 2006-06-22 Florida Involuntary Intoxication Defense Allowed in New Trial
Murder Antidepressants 2005-11-08 Michigan Involuntary Intoxication Defense in Murder Trial
Suicide Effexor 2006-05-22 Iraq Iraq Soldier Commits Suicide
Felony Antidepressant 2007-05-01 Iraq/Oregon Iraq Veteran Arrested on Felony Possesion of Explosives
Suicide Antidepressants 2005-07-25 Iraq/Oklahoma Iraq Veteran Shoots Self
Arson, Homicide Attempt Antidepressants 2007-04-05 Pennsylvania Iraq Veteran's Life Unravels After Injuries and Treatment
Insomnia/Alcohol Craving Antidepressants 2006-06-23 Ireland Jazz Singer Experiences Insomnia and Addiction on Meds
Air Rage Antidepressants 2006-02-17 Colorado Jockey Pleads Guilty in Mid-Air Assault
Kick-Back Scheme Antidepressants 2006-08-26 Tennessee Judge Involved in Kick-Back Scheme
Embezzlement Paxil 2006-01-15 Michigan Large Doses Impairs Judgment
Violence Antidepressants 2003-10-22 New Jersey Lawsuit Against Police Goes Federal
Birth Defect Paxil 2006-07-28 Texas Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Child Born with Heart Defects
Suicide Prozac 1990-01-01 Texas Lawsuit: Questions about Medwatch
Impaired Judgment Antidepressants 2006-04-21 England Lawyer Smuggles Drugs Into Prison
Fraud Antidepressant 2006-02-01 Nebraska Lawyer Steals Thousands
Theft Prozac Withdrawal 2003-06-06 Connecticut Library Worker Steals $2M in Rare Books
Murder-Suicide Effexor 2003-07-03 Wisconsin Lieutenant of Detectives Kills Wife & Self
Behavioral Change Zoloft, Wellbutrin & Paxil 2006-02-05 North Carolina Loving Child Turns Violent
Murder-Suicide Serzone/Paxil 2002-05-22 Minnesota Loving Father Murders Family/Self
Murder Prozac 1995-02-24 Canada M.D. Kills his Wife "Suddenly & Impulsively"
Death Antidepressant? 2005-01-03 California Machete-Wielding Man Killed by Police
Bizarre Behavior/Death Med for Depression 2004-11-05 Florida Man Accidentally Killed by Police
Murder Med for Depression 1999-09-03 Kentucky Man Accused of Beating Fellow Soldier
Assault/Sexual Effexor 2005-11-30 Canada Man Acquitted for "Sleep Disorder"
Murder Attempt Antidepressant Withdrawal 2004-05-08 Pennsylvania Man Acquitted of Attempted Homicide
Bizarre Behavior & Death Antidepressant 2005-05-10 California Man Acting Bizarrely on Med is Killed by Police
Bizarre Behavior Wellbutrin 2005-11-19 New Jersey Man Acting Strangely Shot by Police
Assault Med for Depression 2000-07-13 New York Man Admits to Church Attack on Priest
Air Rage Zoloft 2001-06-04 Alaska Man Arrested for Air Rage: Says Combo of Zoloft & Alcohol Made him 'Snap'
Sexual Assault Zoloft 1999-04-14 Illinois Man Arrested for Fondling
Assault Prozac 1993-11-08 Ohio Man Assaults Ex-Wife
Violence Paxil 2000-02-29 Massachusetts Man Assaults Family with Handgun & Knife
Kidnapping & Assault Zoloft 2003-07-17 Kentucky Man Assaults One Girl: Kidnaps Another
Assault Antidepressants 2007-02-14 Massachusetts Man Assaults Two Police Officers
Assault & Battery Antidepressants 2005-11-29 Wisconsin Man Attacks 96 Year Old Woman
Assault Med for Depression 2005-11-30 Canada Man Attacks Bus Driver
Assault & Battery Antidepressant 2006-05-12 England Man Attacks Girlfriend
Violence Prozac 1998-11-24 New York Man Attacks Infant Nephew
Road Rage Prozac 2003-08-26 Arizona Man Attacks Police Officers
Assault Antidepressant 2003-02-28 England Man Attacks Police with a Machete
Violence/Death Prozac 2005-07-13 Kansas Man Attacks Police: Police Forced to Shoot Him
Assault Antidepressants 2004-05-05 Indiana Man Attacks Student on Campus
Stand Off With Police Prozac 2007-04-02 California Man Attacks Woman: Fends Off Police
Murder Attempt/Suicide Paxil 2001-06-20 Texas Man Attempts Murder & Kills Self
Road Rage Antidepressants 2004-11-27 New Jersey Man Attempts Murder During Road Rage Incident
Murder-For-Hire Med For Depression 2007-05-22 Massachusetts Man Attempts Murder-For-Hire of Wife & Daughter
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2003-04-18 U.S.A. Man Attempts Suicide
Suicide Attempt/Arson Antidepressants 1995-12-14 New Jersey Man Attempts Suicide by Setting 7 Fires in his House
Suicide Attempts Prozac 2000-09-28 U.S.A. Man Attempts Suicide Six Times: Peoples Pharmacy
Stand-Off with Police Prozac 1992-08-13 California Man Attempts Suicide: Police Intervene
Bomb Threat Antidepressant 2002-08-26 Florida Man Attempts To Bomb Islamic Mosques
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 1994-11-30 New Jersey Man Attempts to Kill Ex-Wife
Murder Attempt-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2005-05-10 Indiana Man Attempts to Kill his Two Kids & Self; No Memory of Incident
Murder Attempt Zoloft* 2004-01-25 Pennsylvania Man Attempts to Kill Two People
Murder Attempt Med for Depression 1999-02-04 New York Man Attempts to Kill Wife: Had Become Paranoid
Murder Attempt-Suicide Antidepressants 2007-04-18 England Man Attempts to Kill Wife: She Survives: He Kills Self
Murder Attempt Prozac 1991-06-07 Washington Man Attempts to Murder Girlfriend
Murder Attempt Prozac 1997-01-15 Idaho Man Attempts to Murder His Girlfriend & Her Aunt
Murder Attempt Prozac 1998-03-04 England Man Attempts to Murder Wife & Granddaughter
Murder Prozac 2005-12-06 New Jersey Man Bashes 2 Year Old Son with Brick
Murder Med for Depression 2006-10-02 Pennsylvania Man Beats 65 Year Old Shop Owner to Death: Has No Memory of It
Hostility Prozac 1994-10-16 England Man Becomes Hostile & Agitated on Med
Mania & Death Antidepressants 2005-05-10 Washington Man Becomes Manic on Med: Is Killed by Police
Adverse Reaction Wellbutrin 2000-05-07 U.S.A. Man Becomes Mentally & Physically Sick From Wellbutrin
Air Rage Paxil 2001-08-16 Florida Man Becomes Violent at Airport
Violent Behavior Antidepressant 2005-10-31 England Man Becomes Violent with Police
Violence Antidepressants 2007-01-23 England Man Becomes Violent: Later Dies from Beating
Suicide-By-Cop Prozac 1997-11-09 Maine Man Begins Drinking More Heavily on Prozac: Shot by Police
Murder Med For Depression 2001-08-04 Maine Man Bludgeons Elderly Person
Murder Effexor 2000-04-25 Florida Man Bludgeons Girlfriend
Breaking & Entering Antidepressant 2002-12-03 England Man Breaks In to Furniture Store
Arson & Aberrant Behavior Antidepressant 2005-06-29 California Man Burns Down House: Smashes Vehicles
Arson Antidepressant 2006-11-14 Pennsylvania Man Changes Antidepressants: Sets House on Fire
Murder Zoloft* 2002-05-02 New York Man Charged in Shooting Death
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2001-09-07 Florida Man Charged with 15 Counts of Attempted Murder
Stand-Off with Police Antidepressant 2003-09-17 Michigan Man Charged with 4 Felonies in this Incident
Bomb Hoaxes Prozac 2005-12-07 Australia Man Charged with Bomb Hoaxes
Violence Med for Depression 2003-09-16 Oklahoma Man Charged with Domestic Abuse
Assault Prozac 2007-01-23 Vermont Man Charged with Drugging Workers
Fraud Paxil 2007-03-30 Tennessee Man Charged with Wire Fraud
Air Rage Med for Depression 2002-11-07 Alaska Man Charged: Interference With a Flight Crew
Murder Antidepressant 2003-05-28 Texas Man Chokes Young Mother
Shooting Rampage Antidepressant Withdrawal 2004-08-29 Montana Man Claims Withdrawal Fueled Rage
Suicide Med for Depression 2003-06-25 Ireland Man Commits 'Suicide by Cop'
Suicide by Cop Antidepressants 2003-09-17 Washington Man Commits 'Suicide by Cop'
Suicide Prozac 1996-06-24 Massachusetts Man Commits Suicide After Stand-Off With Police
Suicide Prozac 1993-05-25 Maryland Man Commits Suicide in School Administration Office
Suicide Prozac 1991-03-24 New York Man Commits Suicide on Prozac
Suicide Prozac 1995-07-28 Oregon Man Commits Suicide: Given Prozac For Gambling Habit
Suicide Zoloft 2003-01-30 New Jersey Man Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Suicide Prozac 2003-05-16 Tennessee Man Commits Suicide: Physician Believes it was Prozac Induced
Concealing Live Pipe Bombs Med for Depression 2003-06-03 California Man Conceals Live Bombs from Federal Investigators
Road Rage/Assault and Murder Prozac 2006-03-29 England Man Crashes Car and Stabs Three Men
Suicide Attempt Med for Depression 2006-01-26 England Man Cuts and Stabs Self
Murder-Suicide Prozac 1991-01-15 New York Man Cuts Off his Own Arm: Kills Girlfriend: Commits Suicide
Cruelty to Animals Antidepressant 2003-05-31 Florida Man Cuts Tails Off Six Dogs
Suicide Antidepresants 1998-09-09 Florida Man Deliberately Crashes hi Plane: Leaves Suicide Note
Road Rage/Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2004-09-30 Illinois Man Deliberately Crashes into Police Car
Road Rage Antidepressant 2007-02-03 California Man Deliberately Crashes Into Police Cruiser
Road Rage Suicide Prozac 2006-10-11 England Man Deliberately Drives Car into SubStation
Road Rage Med for Depression 2006-06-24 Maine Man Deliberately Drives Car into Truck
Road Rage Murder Lexapro 2004-11-10 Massachusetts Man Deliberately Drives Into Tree: Kills Girlfriend
Suicide Antidepressants 1996-12-01 Texas Man Deliberately Jumps in Front of Car
Road Rage Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2000-04-13 Massachusetts Man Deliberately Rams his Car into Smaller Vehicle
Road Rage Antidepressants 2006-12-03 North Dakota Man Deliberately Rams Police Car
Murder Antidepressant 2007-05-16 Canada Man Deliberately Runs his SUV into Teen
Arson Med for Depression Withdrawal 2004-02-20 Virginia Man Destroys Historic Church
Suicide by Cop Med for Depression 2004-11-11 Michigan Man Detonates Bomb: Is Killed by Police
Death Antidepressants 1998-08-11 California Man Dies in Fiery Stand-Off with Police
Stand-Off with Police Paxil 2001-02-06 Washington Man Dies in Stand-Off with Police
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-09-26 England Man Discharged from Hospital Kills Self
Bank Robbery Paxil 2002-11-13 Canada Man Dressed as Santa Robs Banks
Arson Prozac Withdrawal 1993-03-05 California Man Drives Car into IBM Building: Sets Bldg. on Fire
Bizarre Behavior & Suicide Attempt Prozac 2005-01-25 England Man Drives Freeway at 120 Miles per Hour, Etc.
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-06-29 Oklahoma Man Drives From OK to TX in Middle of Night: Kills Self
Assault Antidepressants 1994-04-13 Florida Man Drives his Car Through Former Wife's House
Road Rage Antidepressant Withdrawal 2002-11-08 Florida Man Drives Truck into Mosque
Road Rage Med for Depression 2003-03-10 Scotland Man Drives Van Through Police Headquarters
Manslaughter Prozac & Wellbutrin 2007-01-24 Oklahoma Man Driving Over Speed Limit: Hits Car: Woman Dies
Death Threat Antidepressant Withdrawal 2004-11-24 Canada Man E-Mails Death Threat to Celebrity
Embezzlement Paxil 2006-11-22 New York Man Embezzles $1.2 Million: Paxil Had Been 'Wrongly Prescribed'
Murder Attempt Med for Depression 2006-11-16 Ohio Man Engages in Knife Attack: Is Killed by Police
Road Rage Paxil 2000-06-24 Nevada Man Engages in Road Rage & Bizarre Behavior on Paxil
Murder Antidepressants 1998-09-24 Virginia Man Executed for Murdering his Wife & Son
Stand-Off with Police Med for Depression* 2003-11-21 Indiana Man Experiences Amnesia During Stand-Off
Violence Antidepressant 2005-07-31 West Virginia Man Faces Federal Charges: 'Weapons of War'
Death Antidepressants 2006-12-06 Washington Man Falls to Death from 9th Floor Hotel Window
Suicide Remeron 2004-06-07 Kentucky Man Feels 'Weird' on Antidepressant
Stand-Off with Police Med for Depression 2004-09-03 Indiana Man Feuds with Neighbors: Police Cautious
Murder Attempts Antidepressants 1994-05-20 New Hampshire Man Fired Five Shots Into Crowd
Murder Threats/Weapon Antidepressants 2006-01-02 Montana Man Fires 150 Rounds in His House
Firing Gun Prozac 2007-04-11 New York Man Fires Gun: Screams at Police
Hit & Run Med for Depression 2006-09-22 England Man Flees Scene of Accident: Other Driver Injured
Stabbing Antidepressants 2000-06-24 Illinois Man Gets 13 Year Sentence for Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend
Assault & Battery Celexa 2002-05-08 Arizona Man Given 15 Years In Prison
Murder Attempt Prozac 2005-12-06 California Man Given Almost 7 Years in Prison for Brutally Assaulting Girlfriend
Violence Antidepressant Withdrawal 2004-08-24 Pennsylvania Man Given Prison Sentence for Domestic Violence
Suicide Prozac 2003-11-04 Tennessee Man Given Prozac for Chest Pain: Kills Himself
Suicide Prozac 2004-05-24 England Man Given Prozac for Insomnia: Not for Depression
Suicide & Psychosis Prozac {Generic} 2001-11-22 Washington Man Given Prozac for Mild Depression
Suicide Prozac Withdrawal 2003-11-04 Michigan Man Given Prozac for Mild Depression: Kills Himself
Vehicular Manslaughter Prozac 1994-07-31 Texas Man Given Ten Years in Prison: Never Drank Liquor Until He Took Prozac
Robbery, Shooting, Car Chase Zoloft 2006-07-26 Texas Man Goes Berserk; Televised Car Chase
Murder Attempt Prozac 2000-11-03 Maine Man Goes on Shooting Spree in Neighborhood
Murder Prozac 2000-12-21 Virginia Man Guns Down Former Boss at his Office
Murder Prozac 2000-12-21 Virginia Man Guns Down His Former Employer
Suicide Antidepressants 2004-10-29 England Man Hang Himself
Death Antidepressants 2006-11-23 England Man Hangs Himself: Open Verdict
Suicide Paxil/Wellbutrin 2006-02-13 California Man Hangs Self 3 Days After Paxil
Suicide Antidepressants 2007-01-10 England Man Hangs Self After Leading Double Life
Suicide Antidepressants 2006-02-17 England Man Hangs Self in Garden
Suicide Zoloft 1999-08-25 Arizona Man Hangs Self: Lawsuit
Stand-Off With Police Med for Depression 2006-08-19 Michigan Man Has Four Hour Stand-Off with Police: Attempts Suicide
Panic Attacks Wellbutrin [Zyban] 2007-05-15 England Man Has Melt Down on Wellbutrin
Bizarre Behavior Effexor Withdrawal 2007-03-28 Canada Man Has Meltdown After Withdrawal from Effexor & Adding Elavil
Violence & Suicidal Thoughts Paxil 2004-02-01 Maryland Man Has Severe Reaction to Paxil
Shoot-Out with Police Prozac 1991-05-14 Florida Man Has Shoot-Out, Then Commits Suicide
Suicide By Cop Attempt Antidepressants 2006-10-16 Massachusetts Man has Stand-Off With Police: Wants Cops to Kill Him
Road Rage/Hit & Runs Med for Depression 2003-04-25 Texas Man Hits Two University Policemen
Assault Plan Med for Depression 2003-06-03 California Man Hoards Large Cache of Weapons
Hostage Situation Prozac 1997-01-01 Illinois Man Holds Girlfriend As Hostage
Assault Antiidepressants 2007-04-24 New Hampshire Man Holds Knife to Paramedic's Throat
Workplace Violence Paxil 2001-10-12 North Carolina Man Holds Three Fellow Employees Hostage at Duke University
Hostage Situation Med for Depression 2006-10-13 Pennsylvania Man Holds Three Hostages: Surrenders to Police
Bank Robbery Prozac 1992-02-29 New Jersey Man Hoped to Die in "Shoot-out" with Cops When He Robbed Bank
Bizarre Behavior Med for Depression 2005-01-06 Ohio Man Impersonates Cop: Pulls Over Real Cop
Suicide Celexa 2002-02-25 Kentucky Man in Jail Commits Suicide While on Celexa
Road Rage Suicidal Impulse Prozac 1990-08-12 Illinois Man Intentionally Crashes his Car into Truck: Prozac Lawsuit
Suicide by Cop Antidepressant 2005-07-18 Texas Man Intentionally Points Gun at Police: Is Killed
Murder Antidepressants 2006-09-28 England Man Jailed for "Sleepwalk" Murder: Appeal Fails
Suicide Med for Depression 2005-08-04 New York Man Jumps From Bridge
Suicide Antidepressants 2007-01-28 England Man Jumps From Bridge
Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2003-12-10 New York Man Ju

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:55 am

Mara G (411)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:38 am
Sadly, the long list of atrocities and countless lives who have been seriously damaged by this heinous industry goes on for many years and is endless!!! This is the most serious "cover up" of our government and medical industry "EVER" witnessed in human history. THIS IS EXTREMELY SERIOUS!!!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:39 am
Dear Sheldon,

When you produce an article or film that shows BOTH sides of the story or if you can prove any of your allegations, I'll listen. I have seen the effects of untreated depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and many other disorders, first hand. The suicide rate without intervention, is much higher than the few reported cases of people taking anti-depressants, and committing suicide. What most lay people do not understand is, first, most pateints are non-compliant with medication or take it the wrong way. They also do not follow up if their symptoms do not improve or if they worsen. It is then, that many patients take tragically take their own lives. Do you also condemn doctors that treat diabetes or high blood pressure, only to have their patients have a myocardial infarction of cerebral vascular accident? No one drug works for everyone and finding the righ one or combination of drugs takes time and it takes the determination of both doctor and patient. It's time for patients to take responsiblilty for their own health and stop looking for others to blame.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:41 am
Open question to Care2: Why am I seeing comments far exceeding the 500 character limit, and yet I was not able to post a rebuttal earlier, the system stating it was over 500 characters. Thank you.

Mara G (411)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:49 am
How important and popular is this news? Copying it took up "58" pages in my office program. This is in "one" day of being posted. That should be a Care2 record.

Linda J (160)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 11:34 am
makes me so sad and scared inside, I hurt for these people who have gotten caught up in this horrible scam mess whatever you want to call it ,it is just for the money they don't give a damn about the person there giving the meds to or there families. or all the people they have killed because of the over meds they give them or the people who have taken there own lives cause there not thinking straight and they think thats there only way out, cause there to medicated to think theres anything else. those poor childern that they make take that shit makes me cry . I feel so bad for them and I feel so bad for you and your family Sheldon God Bless you all......... Love and Hugs Linda J and God Bless Our Troops

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 12:44 pm
If one person sees this "film" and even though they are suffering from severe depression, does not seek help, but instead commits suicide, it is on you. You are not trying to help anyone, you are hate mongering, for your own personal reasons. Sorry, but I've seen too many lives thrown away already.

Are there bad psychiatrists? Yes. Are there bad electricians, contractors, teachers, film makers? YES. Don't paint everyone with the same brush, as you do everyone a disservice. I'm preaching to the deaf. I'm finished.

I wish you and your family peace.

Sheldon Johnson (4037)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 12:49 pm
This is for Tru S... I understand you want to hear from both side of my story. First a little history that received NO press coverage. The Government had an illegal experimentation program called MKULTRA, that involved the use of many leading Psychiatrist in our nation. You should key word MKULTRA in your search engine and see what you discover. It is in my belief that there is a direct link to those illegal experiments and the abuse of this profession today.

That is why no Public Official has in no way dare to respond to my claim or investigate it when I presented them the evidence. If you go to my page and click on the link MKULTRA, or better yet watch an actual video that was taken from the Presidential Advisory committe concearning Mkultra; both of which can be found on my page.

The Government wish to keep us all ignorant to the real truth concerning this matter by darking out the media. President Eisenhower, Once said in his farewell speech to the nation: "that we should be on guard from the Industrial Government complex" and he called for an "Alert Citizentry" to keep fraud and corruption out of our Government.

I'm truly sorry for anyone who takes this video the wrong way, there's good and bad in everything. Right now I'm focusing on the bad so that we can become a better people and a better Nation. This is a message that must be Shared and everyone is at risk if they don't have the knowledge to protect themselves.



Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 1:51 pm
People, please visit Sheldon's page and sign both of his petitions.

The experiments conducted by our government, CIA, etc, on civilians needs exposed and dealt with. The depth of corruption in America needs to be understood, the truth hidden from the public filed away as "classified" is not something we the people approve of. Secrets of National security should be absolutely restricted to protecting our security, not used as a means to hide immoral illegal conduct. Our leaders need to fully understand that we the people will not tolerate injustice and deception, we will prosecute and convict criminals on all levels. The only way to make this message clear is to make it a reality.

Now I ask everyone reading this to stand behind Sheldon Johnson and protect him his family and all of the other victims involved in this. It is a sad reality that we the people have to stand together in order to protect ourselves from our own government.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 2:04 pm
Thankyou for the post Sheldon

Natalie Santiago (9)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 2:05 pm
OMG! this is just wrong!! i cant believe it!!! :O

Cheryl B (375)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 2:50 pm
Nearly Half of Children in Crown Care Are Medicated visit site
Health & Wellness (tags: children, abuse, alert, doctors, drugs, health, healthcare, humans, medicine, prevention, risks, safety, treatment ) Margaret - 13 hours ago - Toronto -- Psychotropic drugs are being prescribed to nearly half the Crown wards in a sample of Ontario children's aid societies, kindling fears that the agencies are overusing medication with the province's most vulnerable children

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 3:04 pm
Well, now you know why I started meditateing on my own, and discontinued consuming the yellow pill the doctor gave me many years ago that only made me feel sleepy all day. They couldn't even decide if I have a.d.h.d. either! Thank you for this video information!

David Cromie (6)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 4:12 pm
Hello Tru, I think you have missed the point: the excesses of the many, greedy, unethical psychiatists has swamped the good done by the caring few, just as in the case of plumbers, electricians, lawyers, etc. If you are concerned about the state of medicine, where it is profit driven, then I would expect that you might examine the case where money is NOT the driving force, as in Great Britain, or Scandanavia. for example I would also refer you to the authors cited by me above, if you are really interested in this aspect of 'medicine'.

Blacktiger P (247)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 5:56 pm
First of all, there is no way a dog, cat, rat, monkey, etc. can show any reason a drug tested on them will ever do me or mine any good. Also there is a BIG difference between Therapy and Physiciatriy , Therapy helps you define the problem and work on answers to avert it. The PHD.'S use people for monatary gain, through the health system, a different breed of conartists.

Bobbie W (113)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 6:12 pm
Thank you, Sheldon. This was worth every minute it took to watch the video and read the posts. There is some frightening stuff here, but we need to be aware, lest some other family be tortured as yours and others have been! Of course it's all about the big pharmaceutical companies and the almighty dollar! Almost everything comes back to that. Just watching Tv and seeing all of the drug ads with their lists of side-effects should wake us up! I have always wondered what kind of sense it makes to push an antidepressant that may cause thoughts of suicide! How assinine is that?? Thanks for fighting for a good cause, Sheldon! Never give up!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 6:55 pm
I don't know how this is in the U.S., but in Canada there is a big difference between a psychiatrist (who can prescribe medicine), and a psychologist (who cannot). Either way, I want to be clear that I agree that these medications should not be used so casually with children who's minds are still developing.

I have seen a few psychiatrists, most of them quacks. However, they are not empowered to make me take any medication they suggest. I see my regular doctor afterwards, and I have input over which medications I do or do not take based on discussions with her. I find they have helped me and I take them of my own adult accord. I am also free to reject a psychiatrist's diagnosis if I think he is incompetent and/or corrupt.

Psychologists are a completely different matter. They offer therapy and I find that they have have had a profoundly positive effect on my life.

There are genuine psychiatric diseases, I myself suffer from deep depression. Without medication and therapy, I would have committed suicide long ago.

I encourage people to completely read the stories of people killing their loved ones, going on killing sprees, or committing suicide. In the majority (not all) of cases, the individual has either suddenly stopped taking their medication, or doubled or tripled their dosage. This causes sudden changes in brain chemistry which destabilize the brain. In these cases, I am of the opinion that the individuals themselves are reponsible for their actions. For example, the Columbine killers made a descision to stop taking their medication some time before their killing spree.

As adults, we either are told, or should inform ourselves of how our medication works, and take them only as prescribed. If the medication is not working or has adverse effects (as did Zoloft and Celexa in my case), one should see our doctor immediately.


Terrie Karr (105)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 8:45 pm
this is alot to take in--I work at a homeless organization in houston-many mental clients-many on meds and off-I am only a Case Manager and Outreach worker--but i wonder how many people i have helped to get assistance either with housing-food-shelter and other things that have been missused by the psy system-how many have been miss diagnosed-how many clients can go to a doct and act a certain way to get meds just to beable to apply for SSI or SSDI benifits-----its wild---I have had street people come to me with at least 10/12 different meds- most everyone has said the doct saiys i have Bi-Polor and depression--just makes me wonder about it all alittle more now
How is your family now Sheldon?

Linda D (41)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 9:06 pm
Very good video. How did psychiatry and their mind altering chemicals become so powerful in this country? Sheldon's story reminds me of others I've seen and read of families torn apart and minds and spirits broken so some mad scientists can experiment on them like lab animals. It's not surprising that the government and CIA would be interested in how to control people and their thoughts. The safest place to start is healthy changes in environment and nutrition and be aware of exposures to toxins or chemicals that can affect how a person feels. It seems that almost everyone in a nursing home is medicated on an antidepressant, as if being sad is a disease. Depresssion has become a national disease that doctors say needs treatment, but the cure is worse than the "disease" or "dis-ease." The meds are toxic and eventually result in less serotonin and dopamine. For what it's worth, I ran across this article on depression treated naturally by cod liver oil. I've been taking it for arthritis. Vitamin A and D are very important, the latter being the sunshine vitamin your body makes if you spend enough time outside. Here's the link:

cynthia m (35)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 9:07 pm
Another load of propaganda from THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!! Consider the source. In his early years L. Ron Hubbard claimed to be able to treat mental illness until he was charged with practicing without a license. That's when Scientology became a "religion". That's also when the war against legitimate mental health practitioners began. Are there some incompetent and/or unethical psychiatrists? Sure, just like there are that sort in every profession. Are most incompetent and/or unethical? No. There is a big difference in saying there is no cure and in saying there is no viable treatment. Is there anyone who wants to go back to The Snake Pit era?

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 9:15 pm

I suppose this is more of a comment on American journalism, but I have trouble with a documentary about mind control that uses a long list of mind control techniques itself.

Much of the information may have some merit, but it presented in a way which does not allow the viewer to make their own determination of the truth. There is fast cut video (not showing the full context), slow motion and other visual effects as well as ominious and frightening audio and musical stings.

While all news and documentaries are biased to some degree, I suggest trying to find either British or Canadian documentaries on these subjects. They may come to the same conclusions, but the information is presented in a way which allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions.



Blacktiger P (247)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 9:35 pm
Another grissle to chew. Every medical class that graduates have their "TOP" of the class, getting their bright and new "sheepskin", and of this section your have very bright people who are ready to start their terms at actual patient care. At the bottom of the class you have also people who are given their sheepskins,BUT more than likely the rest of their life are looking for the best way to use this document as their entrance to the "CON" side of medical business. They more often than not are the ones who become the "pill pushers" as they depend on the "PHARMS" to stay in business and become the sheep of the pharmacitical laboritories for their bonuses. Lucretive yes, right ,no.

Theresa Chartrand (69)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:31 pm
If they want to do testing use convicts that are in there for life not innocent animals!!

Blacktiger P (247)
Wednesday June 13, 2007, 10:46 pm
Cat Woman, hi ! Would that they did! But they have more rights than the animals. There are bleeding hearts out there that actually correspond with the killers and rapists that should take the place of sweet dogs and cats, and these sickos actually fall in love with these "bad boys". These sickos would put up such a howl, it would be heard on MARS.

Lucky Children A (104)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 12:57 am
Really thank you for sharing, Sheldon.

David Cromie (6)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 4:37 am
Francis, amd Cynthia: one could just as aptly substitute 'Religion' for 'Psychiatry' in the title of this news item, with only minor impact on the text.

Diagnosis - 'sinfulness', suggestability, vulnerability
Prescription - conversion to blind 'faith' (brainwashing), through guilt, and promise of rewards later
Prognosis - loss of ability to think objectively, and a large hole in the wallet.

Lisa K (89)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 6:01 am
Thank you for sharing this information. Sheldon, I just feel terrible about your personal tragedy. As stated in an earlier post, there is a good side and a bad side to everything. Psychiatry is no exception. As a Health Care practitioner for close to 30 years, I've seen some shocking things. On a personal note, my aunt had an acute psychotic break at 19 years old, and has been medicated ever since. (Her breakdown was preceipitated by the news that her fiance was MIA in the South Pacific during WWII) Without the medications, she will lose touch with reality. She is a true schitzophrenic (which is NOT split personality-that is a neurosis. Schitzophrenia is a psychosis. People who suffer from neuroses often hold down jobs and live at home. Psychotics are so out of touch with reality that until they are medicated must be hospitalized for their safety, and the safety of others). Schitzophrenia often surfaces in late teen to early twenties. It is a life-long illness that will require treatment for a very long time-usually for the person's lifetime. It does not have a cure at this time; however, neither does diabetes. An insulin-dependent diabetic must take insulin for the rest of his life. Most psychotics will need to take medication forever, too.
That is not to say that all practitioners are infallible. I could tell you stories about some surgeons that would horrify you. Some Endocrinologists, Nephrologists, Urologists, Podiatrists, Cardiologists, Gynecologists, Neurologists, Oncologists, etc. are TOTAL idiots. However, many are very talented and empathetic. Their treatments are effective, and can enhance the lives of their patients.
Psychiatry in the 1940's was horrific, at best. I'm sure yu all saw the movie, A Beautiful Mind. That took place 15 years after my aunt's diagnosis.
I do believe that many psychiatrists are prescribing too many medications. However, they are often pressured to do so by society. Everybody wants a cure for what they perceive as a flaw: obesity, aging, etc. We currently have strains of bacteria that no antibiotic can touch due to antibiotic abuse and practitioner over-prescribing. Patients demand an antibiotic for the sniffles-colds are viruses, antibiotics do nothing for viral infections. Resistant strains emerge-just like the current TB strain, and MRSA.
One other flaw I noted in the clip-Health care is a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR a year business in the United States. Was the two billion spent on psychiatry a reflection of world-wide expenses, the US, inclusive of pharmaceutical industry? I'm cofused about the discrepencies.
I wish all of you good health. May none of you need a doctor of any kind!
I wish thee peace and love, Lisa

Samantha O (374)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 9:10 am
As a human being I find the mind boggling madness of the ruling government in US very frightening.The citizens there seem almost naive and I'm damned if I want to see this sort of horror in Australia.Every day we get a little bit more Americanised and our citiizens are becoming gullible and abused just as Americas citizens are. i for one won't be abused or silenced or have my rights taken away by a criminal government.I hope it can be stopped in America.

Kathleen Hilliker (293)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 10:33 am
Not only have I spend a lifetime of searching out the very best doctors: opthalamologist, dermatologist, kidney, cardiologist, nephrologist, urologist, pediatrist, gynocologist, OB AND psychiatrist & psychologist, but I have spent over half my life sitting in doctor's offices!! I think, in medical schools, nowadays, they teach doctors to not answer your questions, but that YOU come in knowing your problem and being informed about it. Sooo...that teaches me to research out your illness/problem and work it out BEFORE you get there. Sad, but true, huh?

When my daughter was diagnosed...with bipolar truly laid me low. I had no idea how to help her, although I did EVERYTHING within my power...including on going to her college and making sure she was up for the rest of the semester at college.

I have to say, I LEARNED to depend on some psychiatry/meds to get her to respond whatsoever. WE WERE SCARED....IT WAS SERIOUS......AND WE HAD NO CONTROL OVER WHAT HER MIND WAS THINKING/NOT THINKING. She was cycling, and depressed beyond belief. Our otherwise, intelligent all-A student had gone to despondent and barely alive. If we HAD NOT sought out psychiatric help for her....tha day of the actual breakdown would have been the last day of her life. I could go on about the help she's had, but she has since gone on to earn a BS in college (at 3 universities), but is presently working on her Master's Degree. Yes, she sometimes still has cycling days where she's slightly manic and then depressed, but she's learned to deal (with the help of both a psychiatrist & their medicine AND a good therapist) to get through!! Do I think it's an instant cure? No, it's something she'll remain fighting all her life (she's 24), but if mixing around with the chemicals in her brain is a bad thing, I'd challenge the care giver and doctors that work with these patients. We attend a bipolar support group and do whatever non-prescriptive activities to help offset the "blues".....but those medicines ARE a necessity to helping her stay alive!!!

Anyone who says different.....had NOT gone through what my hubby & I have with our beloved & cherished daughter! It isn't a quick or easy "fix" to be on these medicines, but it is DEFINITELY a serious medical field that deserves the respect of any other medical doctor!!!!!!!!

Rachel R (121)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 12:50 pm
Very intersting thank you for submitting this.

Rebecca S (160)
Thursday June 14, 2007, 5:11 pm

There is much horror in the psyciatric and medical "professions" anymore. The vast majority of blame lies with the pharmaceutical companies, our respective governments and vivisectors. There is much to discuss and much to try to change. I think I may have to start a group, if there isn't one already (I have to check) and get your folks on board who are interested.

Anyone who is interested in trying to effect change, particularly as it relates to pharmaceutical regulation, via group effort should please request to link to me so I can include you when I find or make this group. I do have some ideas!

Elizabeth Irving (4)
Friday June 15, 2007, 5:59 pm
Have any of you ever dealt with trying to survive a mental illness? When I hear voices, or suffer from paranoid delusions-- when I see horrors that are not there, will you then tell me I cannot visit a psychiatrist or take an anti-psychotic medication to seek some relief?!? Do you know what it's like being so utterly depressed that suicide seems the only way to escape?
How dare anyone without a mental illness implicate all psychiatrists and psychologists as incompetent or dangerous. If you've ever NEEDED a mood-stabilizer, anti-depressant or anti-psychotic, you just might be willing to endure side-effects or risks--wel often make hard choices about what pills to take.
The disorder I suffer from is genetic: there IS proof-- from brain imaging-- that my brain is damaged. To crucify all psychiatrists implies a desire to stop all medical research for mental illness, and, that's as, FINALLY, some of the treatments and meds. are starting to work... Even so, there is still a crying need for better, and more sophisticated, treatments.
I know that many psychiatrists are lousy. If this so, find a better one! We all need to empower ourselves by learning as much as we can so we can be active partners in our care.
Madness is real, however. My father is schizophrenic, I have a brother who is bipolar, and yet another brother who suffers from psychotic breaks. Without my psychiatrist, I would not be able to function and would very probably be dead.
I suggest some of you viewers who have so blithely applauded this video, check out the credentials of its creator. Research the "facts and statistics" he gives." I'd also like to know from where he got his quotes for the interviews. (I smell a bit of propaganda--what sentences has he used out of context, for example.)
Just remember, there is whole other side to this issue... This film is as lopsided as a broken palm tree in a hurricane.

Vickey P (6)
Friday June 15, 2007, 9:56 pm
I have been stating for years now how ant-depressant drugs should be outlawed. These drugs are more mind controling then any other drug, legal or not. This is linked to more crime and killings not to mention the deaths the drugs cause themselves. They now state that anti-depressants can cause seroius side effects in children and teens, guess what they do not discrimenat they cause the same side effects in adults. Check all the parents killing their own childrena dn you will find anti-depressant drugs have been used. The drug makers should be in jail not the parents. These drugs control your mind and make you do things you would NEVER normally do. I was given Paxil when my mother passed away, I almost killed myself and at 1 point I wanted to kill my car. I was able to get myself off the drugs, it took several months to get out of my system and get control over my mind back to my own control. This is very true and sad that it is allowed to continue.

nh Yaeger (9)
Saturday June 16, 2007, 12:08 am
Good for you. People go for help. They need help. They are told they have genetic disease and given a label and "meds"

Past Member (0)
Saturday June 16, 2007, 2:20 pm
yes,it seems people go for help,and they are labled this and that,and in my opinion,I think its the psycharists that need the help

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 17, 2007, 10:56 am
Let's not forget all those companies like Huntingdon and covance that "test" these drugs on animals and poison us in the process. BIG PHARMA NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine P (9)
Monday June 18, 2007, 12:40 pm
As an adult living with bipolar disorder, which I lived with for many years before it was diagnosed, and then took 4 years to find the appropriate medication combination, I can tell you that without the help of my CURRENT psychiatrist, therapist and meds, I would not be alive now. As the disorder progressed and the cycling got worse, I became completely self-destructive, trying anything to stop the anxiety, depression and mania that had become "normal". I attempted suicide several times and had a few breakdowns. I was medicated for years for depression and I would feel better for a while, (actually going manic) then slide right back down into severe depression. I kept feeling like giving up, that there would be no end to this, but somehow, I kept trying to find an answer. Finally, in 2000, a psychiatrist in a free clinic, diagnosed me as bipolar. It hasn't been an easy ride since then, trying to find what works best for me, but I can happily say that I am functional and stable now. My point is that you, as the patient, have to persevere and stand up for yourself. On the other hand, you may have to accept that you will have to take medication for the rest of your life. As long as you have a psychiatrist that works WITH you and not AT you, you can have a reasonably normal life. I understand about bad psychiatrists, I have run into several. You have to be proactive in your treatment. If you are not able, then God willing you have friends or family who are there to make sure that you don't "blindly" accept psychiatrist's prescriptions.

Past Member (0)
Sunday July 15, 2007, 6:30 am
BEWARE!!! Do not let this happen to your children! I know i was one of those children and my children and my grandchildren are slaves to this practice! i am asking everyone to pass this info please! I pray but it feels like im doing so in vain because the torture does not stop! I am fighting back with all my soul! I called home a few days ago and was told that my two little grandchildren are in the system!!!! HELP!!!!!!! This has been happening for over 35yrs to my family!! WHY ME?? WHAT DID WE DO???? WHAT DID I DO?? WHY?? THANK YOU SHELDON FOR BEING YOU ANJD BEING A FIGHTER FOR JUSTICE!!!

Paul Underwood (11)
Sunday July 22, 2007, 2:43 am
The video is such a powerful example of what is occurring in psychiatric and drug profession and one wonders what the outcome of any investigation would be. It certainly should be dealt with to save lives and broken families. It appears that they are legalised drug pushers and should be brought to account for their actions.

Tylise Farrior (3)
Monday September 10, 2007, 11:10 am
I have to say that this is very informative. These doctors are making people crazy instead of saying lets see what your going through and lets work on these things that are bubbling up in your life and 9 times out of 10 we have self ibought on problems that we have caused ourselves and society has said its okay to be this way and morally it is not okay so these issues escalate and they try to deal with it with drugs hoping it changes but it gets worst because we really have not addressed the issues. Great I will pass this on

No One (0)
Saturday September 29, 2007, 2:57 pm
Did you read up on scientology before you posted the video? They are behind the creation of this video. You know scientology, the so called religion, that Tom Cruise follows. The same man who said "there is no such thing as a mental illness" and then went to jump the couch on Oprah?

I have needed psychiatric help in my life, and the meds have helped me in a crisis. I live in Toronto, and have found wonderful psychiatric, and therapuetic services here. I think I am very lucky to live in a city where we have CAMH. CAMH has been a life saver to me. For those who don't know- CAMH- is the centre for addiction and mental health, and is our central psych hospital in this city.

I have also been hospitalized in the states which is a very different and scary story. American's really do get screwed if they can't afford healthcare. Even then though, the pyschs may have treated me poorly but at least they gave me the right meds.

The thing that bother's me about this video is it makes out psychiatry to be all evil. I have a psychiatrist and she has never forced meds on me. She has made suggestions, but never forced me to take anything. As of now I do not take meds, but I still have a psychiatrist- go figure.

Look up "A Piece of BLue Sky" and read about L Ron Hubbard, who created scientology. You will find references by him, and why he started Scientology. He called scientology a religion so it would make him money. I find it incredibly outrageous that scientologists accuse psychiatrists of giving medication solely for financial gain.

Here is a quote from "A Piece of Blue Sky"

"Up until then, Hubbard was known only to readers of pulp fiction, but now he had an instant best-seller with a book that promised to solve every problem of the human mind, and the cash was pouring in. Hubbard found it easy to create schemes to part his new following from their money. One of the first tasks was to arrange "grades" of membership, offering supposedly greater rewards, at increasingly higher prices. Over thirty years later. an associate wryly remembered Hubbard turning to him and confiding, no doubt with a smile, "Let's sell these people a piece of blue sky."

Now scientology was created by L Ron Hubbard quite obviously for financial gain. Isn't it hypocritical that this so called religion then turn around and damn psychiatry as being for pure financial gain?

At least there is research of methods in the mental health field- there isn't at all in Scientology. Read a little more and you will start to see something very hypocritical about their claims.

John Quartieri (9)
Saturday December 1, 2007, 6:46 pm
This is the American way now. You can't say it's a new thing, because it's been going on for so long. It's always about the money...always. Can you imagine making money off of sick people? Imagine charging elderly people in hospitals hundreds of times the cost of goods. My wish someday is to own a hospital and insurance company so I can do the right thing. Martin Luther King Jr. said "It's always the right time to do the right thing".

sue M (184)
Saturday July 18, 2009, 1:21 pm
Yes, it does kill and it is legal. Psychiatry got it's fame from Natzi Germany. The same torture that was evoked on victims of concentration camps is still being done today only legally. In the DSM (Diagnostic Statistic Manual) they state (not word for word but very close) We will decide what is right and what is wrong. We will nfiltrate the educational system, the medical system, the Judicial system and the Church.
They are now a 350 billion dollar industry that has managed to get courts to order people to Electric Shock, other tortures and drugs. They have managed to get into the school system where teachers are now trained how to talk to parents to get them to sign away their rights to their child unknowingly and are then forced to give their child the mind altering drugs that kill and maime. The hospitals will admit you to the Psych ward if you show any sign of any distress or ensure that a Psychiatrist visits to dish out meds or evaluate if you need to go the mental facility.
They go hand in hand with Big Pharma a 300 billion dollar industry who both are connected with the government. Bush family, Rockefellers are a few who funded Hitler during the war.
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