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Care2 gives Peace a chance

Welcome to PEACE DOT on Care2 Care2 is committed to bringing people together to make a difference in the world. Our online community transcends geographical, religious, and political boundaries to further important causes like animal welfare, environmental conservation, and human rights. As part of PEACE DOT, we believe that collaboration across boundaries is an important building block for peace.

What is PEACE DOT? PEACE DOT is an initiative led by Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab that seeks to establish a circle of corporations and universities who are leading the way in building the antecedents to peace.

How to use Care2 for Peace Visit our "peace & non-violence" cause to get informed, take action, and connect.

Share Your Experience on Care2 Have you learned something that shifted your attitude towards peace? Have you developed a meaningful friendship with someone who holds different beliefs? Has Care2 given you hope that peace is possible?
Share your experiences with us!

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