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What Should Obama Tell the UN?

Here's what other Care2 members thought:

What message should President Obama deliver to the world at the UN General Assembly?
  • Security -- UN peacekeeping missions operate in areas the U.S. cannot and will not go. As the second largest deployed military presence in the world, UN missions are crucial for our national security. President Obama should pledge to support UN peacekeeping and pay our dues to the UN in full and on time throughout his term of office.
  • Climate Change -- President Obama has made passing a domestic climate change bill a priority, while Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has made reaching a global climate change agreement in Copenhagen one of his signature issues. President Obama should pledge to push Congress to pass a bill before December's Copenhagen climate summit and work with the UN to adopt a comprehensive plan in Copenhagen.
  • Millennium Development Goals -- In 2000, 189 countries committed to 8 goals to reduce poverty, combat HIV/AIDS, increase gender equality and ensure universal education -- all by 2015. However, a recent report warns that although tremendous progress has been made to achieve the goals, challenges such as the economic crisis and climate change push us farther away. President Obama should help rally support to reach all 8 goals in the next six years.
  • Ratifying Treaties -- The U.S. negotiated and has signed important international treaties such as the UN Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) -- known as the constitution for the world's oceans -- and the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Our Senate, however, has yet to ratify them. President Obama should encourage the Senate to take action and ratify the treaties this year.
  • Multilateralism -- The Obama Administration rejoined the UN Human Rights Council to advance human rights from the inside and push for changes that will turn it into the effective institution it was designed to be. President Obama should pledge to improve the Human Rights Council by building coalitions across regional groups and ensuring that serious human rights issues, such as Darfur, the rights of women and political and religious freedom, are addressed by the international community.
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End Discriminatory Health Insurance Practices

End Discriminatory Health Insurance Practices

It's time for Congress to put a stop to health insurance companies discriminating based on age! Americans aged 50 to 64 are currently charged five times or more for health insurance than a younger person -- just because of their age. It's a practice called "age rating," which insurance companies use to deliberately make health care more expensive for older Americans, driving up the ranks of the uninsured among them. And it must change. Because people develop health problems as they age, and because people with insurance tend to be healthier, failing to provide affordable health care for people age 50 to 64 will simply mean they'll get sicker and their care will cost more once they become eligible for Medicare. It also means that many Americans won't get the care they need when they need it.

That's why Congress must provide older Americans with a choice of health care plans they can afford. It's simply wrong to discriminate based on someone's age. Sign the petition below to tell Congress to give all Americans access to affordable health care and end discriminatory insurance practices!

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