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Test Your Sleep Smarts!

Here's how sleep smart our Care2 members are:

How many hours are recommended per night, for adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF)?
  • 7-9 hours (Correct!)
  • 6-8 hours
  • 6-10 hours
  • 5-7 hours
1559 responses
How many hours per night do you think children age 5-12 should be getting (also according to the NSF)?
  • 7-9 hours
  • 6-10 hours
  • 9-11 hours (Correct!)
  • 10-12 hours
1559 responses
According to NSF surveys from 1999-2004, about how many Americans are suffering from sleep disorders?
  • 10 million
  • 40 million (Correct!)
  • 1 million
  • 500,000
1559 responses
About how many of adults experience daytime sleepiness enough to interfere with everyday activities at least a few days per month?
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40% (Correct!)
1559 responses

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Big Brother Can See Your Prescription Records: Make Them Private!

Big Brother Can See Your Prescription Records: Make Them Private!

When you order your prescriptions, Big Brother is watching you. When you pick up medications for cancer, asthma, sexually transmitted diseases -- any prescription, in any pharmacy -- you are being watched. Insurance companies buy your prescription information from pharmacies. And then use it to deny you coverage or raise your rates. Most Americans don't know that their prescriptions are not private, and that providers put profits ahead of individual heath. The fact is that data miners make billions every year from information about you which should be kept confidential. And all 51,000 pharmacies in the U.S. are susceptible to this invasion of privacy. While the U.S. Congress stalls health care reform, many Americans struggle to get health care on their own. Make personal prescription information confidential and end insurance discrimination based on this offensive invasion of privacy. Tell Obama that your health records should NOT be for sale.

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