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science & technology

September 23 is National Plug In Day (an annual event that allows people to test electric cars). Is this a good idea? »

(1,075 votes - closed)

It might soon be possible to do full, noninvasive testing for genetic disorders in fetuses. What do you think? »

(1,847 votes - closed)

Have you ever watched an astronomical event (like an eclipse, planetary transit, or meteor shower)? »

(2,083 votes - closed)

Have you used Google Maps to get walking, bicycling, or public transit directions? »

(1,804 votes - closed)

Should SOPA and PIPA be stopped? »

(1,675 votes - closed)

Do children spend too much time using technology? »

(2,902 votes - closed)

Should we continue with nuclear power or abandon the technology altogether? »

(2,943 votes - closed)

Which do you think is more important to concentrate research on?  »

(3,116 votes - closed)

Are you concerned about radiation from your cell phone? »

(3,628 votes - closed)

What do you do with old electronics? »

(3,261 votes - closed)

Do you consider nuclear power a viable source of energy for the future? »

(3,429 votes - closed)

If you had the opportunity, would you clone your favorite pet? »

(3,730 votes - closed)

Are genetically modified foods always a bad thing? »

(3,664 votes - closed)

Are you for or against stem cell research? »

(3,975 votes - closed)

Would you pay more for greener, long-lasting electronics? »

(3,682 votes - closed)

Should adults be able to post a comment or photo on Facebook without fear of being fired? »

(3,968 votes - closed)

Do you think a male birth control pill is a good idea? »

(4,175 votes - closed)

Do you think technology interferes with or enhances our daily lives? »

(3,703 votes - closed)

Does social media take up too much of your time? »

(3,483 votes - closed)

Do you want an iPad? »

(4,184 votes - closed)

Should NASA and other space programs receive more funding? »

(4,771 votes - closed)

Do you believe some individuals are able to use their mind to move objects without physically touching them? (telekinesis) »

(9,972 votes - closed)

Would you download a pirated movie knowing that it was obtained illegally? »

(8,510 votes - closed)

Do you agree with the steep fines being issued to people who download movies and television shows illegally? »

(8,047 votes - closed)

Do you agree with the statement made by former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, that "we are not alone in the universe?" »

(7,838 votes - closed)

If you could no longer buy paper copies of your favorite books, would you be willing to read a digital version on your computer? »

(8,672 votes - closed)

Are the 3-D street level views of private homes, shown by Google Maps, an invasion of privacy? »

(8,189 votes - closed)

How much time do you spend on your cell phone every day (talking, texting, etc.)? »

(7,960 votes - closed)

Are you a Mac person or a PC person? »

(6,425 votes - closed)

How often do you replace your computer? »

(8,917 votes - closed)

How important is it for everyone to have convenient access to high-speed Internet?  »

(4,379 votes - closed)

Do you think technology has increased or decreased overall happiness? »

(7,952 votes - closed)

What is the desktop picture on your computer? »

(7,957 votes - closed)

Have you ever fallen for a phishing attempt? »

(7,358 votes - closed)

Do use the same password for multiple online accounts despite warnings against doing so? »

(6,016 votes - closed)

Are you looking forward to getting Wi-Fi access on airplanes? »

(6,015 votes - closed)

If it were affordable and safe, would you clone your pet? »

(1,290 votes - closed)

Overall do you think the benefits of developing and growing genetically modified plants and crops outweigh the risks? »

(706 votes - closed)

My next car will be a ... »

(1,536 votes - closed)

Do you use hands-free devices in your car? »

(3,507 votes - closed)

The government should increase funding for embryonic stem cell research. »

(4,805 votes - closed)

When it comes to cars, is safety or fuel efficiency most important? »

(3,288 votes - closed)

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